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Special report from Hanover, Germany

by Jean-Jacques Maleval, Editor of


Less major technological innovation, fewer booths and a lot fewer people. For the first time since 1975, the number of exhibitors shrank at CeBIT.

Why? No need for panic among the owners of this major event. CeBIT, extended from 7 to 8 days, is still far and away the largest computer show in the world. Nevertheless, overall participation shrank, notwithstanding organizers' projections of a record 8316 booths and 810,000 visitors. This year, in fact, there were 131 or 2% fewer booths compared to the previous year. From 2001 to 2002, attendance figures fell significantly, by 18% to roughly 700,000. The trams, the restaurants, the city streets, parking lots, press room and expo floor were decidedly less crowded than last year (much to the relief of those wondering how CeBIT could possibly handle more people).

CeBIT's growth from 1993 to 2002
booths (1)
booths (2)
thousands (2)
1993 190 5,752 661
1994 171 5,845 682
1995 175 6,111 755
1996 131 6,549 607
1997 172 6,909 606
1998 149 7,239 679
1999 237 7,412 698
2000 178 7,892 782
2001 161 8,093 849
2002 187 7,962 700*
(1) Source: StorageNewsletter, (2) Source: CeBIT, * estimated

Several possible reasons

All major general computer expos have been hurt this year, and CeBIT was perhaps the least hit. Many are beginning to ask themselves why bother to travel when all the information is a click away on the Internet. It doesn't help, furthermore, that the worldwide IT economy is shrinking. Nor is the city of Hanover the best-suited to welcome such an event (and no doubt past visitors have vivid and unpleasant memories of the crowds and the inconvenience).

One journalist we know was staying at a hotel 150km from the event, obliged to commute one and a half hours each way daily. For those who choose to board with a local, there's no telling what they'll end up with, and prices have risen sharply. What's more, it costs 34 Euros per day just to enter the expo hall, not to mention 25 Euros for a catalog, which at a weight of 3kg, is no longer really portable (CeBIT's one area of positive growth). With the addition of another expo hall, the event has become, in recent years, almost impossible to see in its entirety. There's also evidence of less promotion and publicity of the show this year.

Almost all major storage players present

We counted 16% growth in the number of storage booths compared to last year. Notable among the companies that did not host booths, or at least set up on a distribution partner's display: American Megatrends, Atempo, Auspex, Benchmark, DataCore, Dot Hill, Ecrix/Exabyte, FalconStor, Iomega, Maxoptix, Procom, Qualstar, Quantum, StorageNetworks and Verbatim.

Featured stars: Quantum with the SDLT 320 (160/12) ...

We've chosen to showcase two remarkable products announced for the first time in Hanover: Quantum's SDLT 320 and a 60GB-per-platter hard disk drive from Samsung.

Even if Quantum didn't have its own booth, it rented space on the roof of Hall 1 to premiere its SDLT 320 (native 160/12). This is the first mid-range tape drive that doesn't lag behind HDDs in terms of capacity. With its native 160GB, it has reached the level of the best that HDDs currently have to offer, 180GB. Quantum, which boasts of "tens of thousands of Super DLT drives shipped to date," without giving any further details, clearly had trouble mounting a challenge to LTO, but its new drive may be just the weapon it needs to stage a comeback, particularly since, according to Brad Renfree, Seagate's director of LTO product line management, we shouldn't expect the jump from LTO-1 (100GB) to LTO- 2 (200GB) before 4Q02.

Quantum, meanwhile, has been faithful to its roadmap, rare among tape makers, with this new model expected to increase capacity and transfer rates on the SDLT 220 (110/11) by 45%, while maintaining the same number of tracks on the tape, although linear density is also increased. The tape speed has also risen. The new unit uses the same SDLT cartridges and the drive is read/write compatible with cartridges taken from the SDLT 220, although only read-compatible with DLT4000/7000/8000/DLT1 (DLT2000 fall by the wayside). In theory, the arrival of the SDLT 640 (320/32) is expected for the end of next year.

Quantum reports that the new 320 has already been delivered for qualification with a general availability slated for 2Q02. A specific price has yet to be cited, but it should be "slightly" higher than its predecessor, which will be reduced. Quantum's manufacturing partner for Europe, Tandberg Data, has announced the same unit, as well as the same autoloader for the unit, the 8-cartridge SDLT3520, manufactured by Quantum and available mid-2Q02.

... and Samsung with the first 60GB-per-platter disk drive

One of the smallest HDD makers is now the first to jump ahead of the pack with the announcement of 60GB-per-platter drives, while all competitors lag behind at 40GB per disk. The V60 series (see graph) contains only one or two platters rotating at 5,400rpm, with one to four heads. Officially, they should be available beginning next May. Samsung already offered 40GB-per-disk units at 5,400rpm (SN 9/01). It has also just launched a 7,200rpm line, the P40, supposedly already available.

With these units, the company has implemented dual DSP technology to perform parallel and distributed operation control of critical tasks. Non-operating shock is 350G and acoustic noise 3.3bel in read/write mode. The two new lines, now available in AT/100 interface, should subsequently integrate serial ATA interface.

...Jean-Jacques Maleval is the Editor of StorageNewsletter

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storage news - 2002, April week 1

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Peak 10 Secures Additional $9.2 Million in Funding

CHARLOTTE, N.C. - April 5, 2002 - Peak 10, Inc.- a leading regional Data Center Services provider - closed a $9.2 million Series C round of funding this week, led by existing investors Seaport Capital of New York and Frontier Capital of Charlotte.

Proceeds from the offering will fund the operations of Peak 10's existing Data Centers through break-even and will finance the build-out of additional Data Centers.

"The difficult economic environment continues to have an impact on the Venture Capital Markets," says Peak 10's CFO Brian Noonan. "Venture Capital Firms are scrutinizing the prospects for new and existing investments more than ever and are only funding solid business models like Peak 10 which will generate positive cash flow over a short time horizon." ...Peak 10 profile

Granite Digital Announces the new Aluminum Ultra Cool Series of FireWire 1394 Storage Enclosures

NAB, LAS VEGAS - April 5, 2002 - Granite Digital today announced its new Aluminum Ultra Cool Series of FireWire enclosures.

The Aluminum Ultra Cool Series includes external FireWire 1394 storage enclosures with one to nine removable drive bays. Each removable drive bay uses a Granite Digital FireVue 1394-IDE bridge controller. Customers can order removable drive trays without drives or pre-configured with 3.5" ATA hard disks with capacities up to the largest 160GB drives currently available. FireVue 1394-IDE bridge controllers are based on the industry-leading Oxford Semiconductor OXFW911 and use Granite Digital's proprietary firmware and hardware enhancements to enable unique features like ATA-6 compatibility for hard drives larger than 137GB.

"These products address two primary market segments, removable storage for dataintensive applications like video editing and fault-tolerant RAID systems," said Frank Gabrielli, President of Granite Digital. "At shows like NAB, customers see huge advantages in being able to edit their video on high-speed external FireWire disks using tools like Final Cut Pro 3. When they finish one project, they swap out the drive bay and put in a new one so they can work on another project." ...Granite Digital profile

New LSI Logic Fibre Channel controller exceeds 100,000 I/O per second performance barrier

MILPITAS, Calif. - April 4, 2002 - LSI Logic Corporation today announced its most advanced dual-channel Fibre Channel controller to date, the LSIFC929X, accompanied by a full line of PCI-X to Fibre Channel HBAs.

The LSI7202XP-LC HBA uses the single-chip LSIFC929X, a 2 Gigabit per second PCI-X to Fibre Channel controller, to achieve up to 120,000 I/Os per second for host connections and up to 85,000 I/Os per second for target connections. The products are engineered using LSI Logic's Fusion-MPT™ (Message Passing Technology) architecture.

"Our new Fibre Channel controller, combined with the single, dual and quad-channel Fibre Channel HBAs, delivers the most powerful and cost-effective I/O solution in the market today," said Dave Steele, director of product planning and management for LSI Logic's storage standard products division. "System designers gain the advantage of unparalleled flexibility, unprecedented performance, higher integration and substantial savings in circuit board real estate and power consumption with our 929X solution."

The LSIFC929X controller includes three embedded ARM® processors and advanced performance features, such as adaptive interrupt coalescing and native PCI-X. The LSIFC929X is the industry's first true multifunctional device to support Fibre Channel Protocol (FCP) and IP simultaneously on two channels, allowing system designers greater flexibility in system configuration.

Two next-generation 2 Gigabit per second PCI-X Fibre Channel HBAs use LSI Logic's dual-channel LSIFC929X controller. These PCI-X to Fibre Channel solutions include the dual-channel LSI7202XP-LC HBA and quad-channel LSI7402XP-LC HBA, which reach optimal speeds of up to 400 megabytes per second per channel in full duplex mode and 1066 megabytes per second bus throughput at 2 Gigabit per second data rates. ...LSI Logic profile, SSD controllers

Arkeia and Consensys Ltd Announce Strategic Partnership

Carlsbad, CA - April 4, 2002 - Arkeia Corp. today announced a partnership with Consensys Ltd, the European supplier of Raidzone OpenNAS terabyte fileservers for enterprise network configurations.

The two firms concluded a strategic alliance to integrate Arkeia's solution into the OpenNAS product line in Europe. Arkeia is an award winning enterprise network backup solution utilised worldwide by companies needing solid protection of their data. Raidzone produces a line of internal, external and rack mount disk arrays and OpenNAS servers, available in a range of capacities from 200 GB up to 3.6 Terabytes or more.

"Complex heterogeneous networks and NAS technology make it essential for system administrators to have fast fileservers with reliable data protection," stated Philippe Roussel, CEO of Arkeia Corporation. "The combination of Arkeia and Raidzone provide security and speed with an unbeatable price/performance ratio." ...Arkeia profile, ...Consensys profile

Dataram Announces 512MB and 1GB DDR Memory for Compaq EVO Workstation W4000

Princeton, NJ - April 3, 2002 - Dataram Corporation today announced the immediate availability of two new memory upgrades for Compaq's Evo Workstation W4000 DDR, aimed at engineers, artists and producers of digital content creations.

Dataram is offering high-performance ECC Double Data Rate (DDR) SDRAM DIMMs in capacities of 512MB and 1GB for the Evo Workstation W4000. DDR is the latest generation of SDRAM that provides up to twice the bandwidth of standard SDRAM.

The 1GB upgrade enables customers to double the maximum memory capacity of the W4000 to 2GB. With Compaq's current memory offering, workstation users are limited to a maximum memory capacity of only 1GB. This is a unique offering not available from the system vendor or any other memory manufacturer, at this time.

Dataram's focus on memory provides its customers with substantial savings when compared to Compaq's memory. All Dataram memory products for Compaq systems are guaranteed to be 100% compatible with Compaq's hardware and software, and are backed by a lifetime warranty and free technical support. Contact your local sales representative for a free 30-day, no obligation test-drive. ...Dataram profile

Western Digital Ships 8 million Drives This Quarter

LAKE FOREST, Calif - April 3, 2002 - Western Digital Corp. today announced that revenue, unit shipments, and earnings per share are expected to exceed earlier guidance for its third fiscal quarter ended March 29, 2002.

The Company will report its final results for the quarter and provide guidance for its fourth fiscal quarter after the market closes on April 25, 2002. Revenue and unit shipments in the third fiscal quarter are expected to be approximately $590 million and 8.0 million, respectively. Earnings per share, excluding non-recurring items, are expected to be $.08, including an operating profit exceeding $20 million in the Company's hard drive business and total gross margins of approximately 13.5 percent. Including non-recurring tax benefits and investment gains, total earnings per share are expected to be $.10.

"The solid demand we experienced in our PC sales channels in January and February continued in the month of March, accounting for the strong volume upside," said Matt Massengill, chairman and chief executive officer. "Crisp execution resulted in better yields and cost efficiencies than planned. We continue to benefit from offering the desktop hard drive industry's broadest product set and from our participation in the emerging gaming console business for hard drives." ...Western Digital profile

Neartek, Inc. Launches Virtual Storage Engine 2 Software

PALM DESERT, CA - April 3, 2002 – Neartek, Inc. today announced the launch of its Virtual Storage Engine 2 (VSE2) software product.

With this announcement, Neartek expands its leadership role in tape storage virtualization. VSE2 uniquely provides customers with the ability to reduce costs of tape storage typically associated with managing and backing up multiple server platforms, including mainframe, midrange, and open systems. VSE2 allows IT organizations to maximize the value of their current tape media and management software, as it is integrated with the leading tape management, backup, and recovery software products. Platform independent, VSE2 optimizes tape back up, tape management and tape storage device usage by employing state of the art virtualization technology, which minimizes the need for costly dedicated drives and libraries for each computing platform. Corporations that implement VSE2 will realize significant economic and productivity gains as a result of its consolidated data storage infrastructure and platform/vendor independent design.

"With VSE2, companies are able to realize considerable benefits in system performance, reliability and manageability, by moving to an architecture where tape storage management occurs on the network," said Peter Smith, CEO, Neartek, Inc. "Unlike point products that lock customers into proprietary hardware, Neartek is providing a solution that enables them to optimize, integrate and consolidate existing hardware and backup software, from multiple vendors. VSE2 also provides the framework for easily expanding their heterogeneous environments in the future."

VSE2 is compatible with leading mainframe, midrange, and open systems, as well as with all major disk drives, cache disks, and tape libraries. VSE2 is available in the second quarter of 2002. ...Neartek profile

EMC Drives Multi-Vendor Storage Management Standards

Palm Desert, CA - April 3, 2002 - EMC today reaffirmed its full support of cooperative industry activities to develop robust standards for open storage management.

In doing so, EMC joined a number of storage-focused vendors, the SNIA and the Distributed Management Task Force in promoting the Common Information Model (CIM) and Web-Based Enterprise Management technologies designed to create a standard interface for the management of multi-vendor storage networks.

Speaking at the Storage Networking World Spring 2002 Conference in Palm Desert, Chuck Hollis, EMC Vice President of Markets and Products, said, "CIM presents a great opportunity for our customers and the industry. By reducing the effort associated with achieving full management interoperability, everyone wins—software vendors, storage vendors, and most importantly, the customers who rely on us. Every customer should be demanding that their vendors actively support all relevant standards—whether industry-driven or vendor-specific. The payoff is too great to delay." ...EMC profile

Astrum Software First to Market with Automated Intelligent Storage Policies

Boston, Mass. - April 3, 2002 - Astrum Software today announced major enhancements to its StorCast® for the Enterprise solution.

StorCast v4.6 is the first SRM solution to offer intelligent storage policies that use rules to automate the movement and removal of specific data across the enterprise. Astrum also introduces the StorCast Enterprise Storage Summary™, a self-assessment report that helps IT managers obtain a consolidated, enterprise-wide view of their current storage utilization and areas of potential savings as well as enhanced support for HP-UX 11.x and Red Hat Linux 7.1, 7.2 operating systems.

StorCast's policy-based approach to SRM enables clients to create automated and manual policies from a single console. These policies will move data to client-selected areas for backup, archival, or deletion across multiple systems. StorCast's policies can remove unwanted data either immediately or according to a preset schedule. With the manual policy feature, IT staff members can ease into storage policy management by viewing the result of a policy before invoking it. Turning manual policies into automated policies is a simple, one-step process.

"Astrum Software continues to deliver on the promise of helping customers automate the management of their storage environment," said Nancy Marrone, Senior Analyst, Enterprise Storage Group. "By providing policy based intelligent actions within their SRM solution, Astrum is enabling users to streamline management activities and develop consistent management practices. With policy-based intelligent actions, Astrum has moved beyond SRM reporting to the proactive storage management space." ...Astrum Software profile

Quantum Announces DLTtape Technology Drives Out Shipped LTO Technology Drives By Over 4-to-1 Ratio

MILPITAS, Calif. - April 2 - Quantum Corp. today announced that according to numbers recently released by Gartner Dataquest for 2001 tape drives based on DLTtape technology out shipped drives based on LTO technology by over a 4-to-1 ratio.

Tape drives used to backup midrange servers include half-inch cartridge drives and 8mm drives. These technologies include DLTtape technology, LTO technology, Sony AIT technology, Exabyte 8mm and Exabyte MammothTape technology. Among this group, the DLTtape technology share was 67% in 2001 according to the Gartner Dataquest year-end report titled, "Significant Shifts Affect the Tape Drive Market in 2001.''

Quantum is one of three companies that manufacture tape drives based on DLTtape technology along with Tandberg Data ASA and Benchmark Storage Innovations, Inc. The second largest technology group was LTO technology at 15 percent. Sony AIT technology and Exabyte's 8 mm and MammothTape technology each represented about 9 percent share.

Additionally, numbers recently released by Quantum's DLTtape Group reveal that shipments of DLTtape and Super DLTtape I media cartridges exceeded 75 million units through 2001, reinforcing the company's position as the industry's leading supplier of half-inch tape. ...Quantum profile

Network Appliance Enhances Business Application Performance with New Storage Solutions

Sunnyvale, CA - April 2, 2002 - Network Appliance, Inc. today announced new storage solutions that dramatically increase speed and performance for business applications including databases and the ERP, CRM, and SCM solutions powered by them.

In two separate press releases issued today, the company unveiled the industry's first Direct Access File System (DAFS) storage solution as well as a powerful new business application acceleration solution. These new solutions increase performance and data availability for business applications in the data center as well as in remote offices, enhancing employee and enterprise productivity and providing a higher ROI for global enterprise applications.

The chief customer benefit from both DAFS and business application acceleration solutions is increased productivity through increased performance, at the data center where IT demands are incredibly rigorous, and at remote offices and branch offices, where geographically distributed employees need instant access to data center information that drives their business decisions. Today's announcements demonstrate precisely how Network Appliance focuses on enhancing customers' mission- and business-critical applications, and represent the leading role Network Appliance is taking in improving customer technology investment returns in a variety of enterprise application areas.

"Enterprise data management is increasingly distributed and geographically dispersed," said Mark Santora, senior vice president of marketing for Network Appliance. "All parts of a global company must be interconnected and highly communicative. The natural evolution of storage networking is to extend it from the campus LAN to the enterprise WAN. Network Appliance is driving this evolution by offering enterprise customers robust and high-performance storage for the data center and faster access and lower latency for remote office users of business-critical applications."

Network Appliance is now shipping the DAFS Database Accelerator, the world's first DAFS storage subsystem. DAFS is a high performance, industry-standard protocol that significantly improves data transaction performance within a data center, radically accelerating enterprise database performance. DAFS is one of the many next-generation protocols and high performance options Network Appliance is bringing to market to accelerate customers' business applications. ...DAFS Collaborative , ...Network Appliance profile

iQstor Launches the Foundation Series of Networked Storage Solutions at Storage Networking World

NEWBURY PARK, Calif - April 2, 2002 - iQstor, (launched in February 2002 by the founders of the SPARC systems company - Integrix) is debuting its Foundation Series of Storage Solutions this week at Storage Networking World at Booth #G20.

The R1800/J1800 Storage Appliance and iQ2000 High Availability Storage System provide enterprise-level features, performance, and reliability for the mid-tier market. By embedding expertise into the storage subsystem, iQstor optimizes storage administrator resources, increases productivity and reduces operating costs. The iQstor storage solutions are targeted at the mid-tier market.

Jason Lo, president and CEO of iQstor remarked, "The explosive growth of the Internet and networked business applications created an urgent need to store and manage mission critical data. Mid-tier operations face the same set of IT challenges as their larger counterparts and have the same storage requirements, but not often the same resources."

The Foundation Series balances storage functionality requirements with the mid-tier market's need for affordable initial acquisition costs, recurring management costs and ease of use. The Foundation Series ensures high availability by utilizing fully redundant, hot-swappable components. In addition, full environmental monitoring and remote support services complement the technology solution. Through embedded intelligence, iQstor automates many of the processes that tax storage administrative resources, such as capacity planning and storage provisioning. Policy based "plug and play" features enable additional storage capacity to be easily integrated with minimal storage expertise and no disruption. The Foundation Series is available with a variety of Storage Services Software Options. These include: - Storage Virtualization Services, Managed Snapshot Services, Remote Replication Services, Intelligent Capacity Management, Enhanced Caching Services, Data Networking Software and Backup Services.

The iQstor Foundation Series initially supports Microsoft Windows 2000, Windows NT and Sun Solaris, with other operating environments to follow. ...iQstor Networks profile

Precise Helps Companies Develop and Implement Storage Usage Procedures to Significantly Reduce Storage Management Costs

Storage Networking World, Palm Desert, CA - April 2, 2002 - Precise Software Solutions today announced the availability of the first SRM Policy Development Program.

Companies can leverage Precise's storage expertise to create a customized storage usage policy with automated monitoring and enforcement, rapidly reducing storage management costs. Gartner Group estimates that storage management constitutes 80% of storage TCO, an expense that can be dramatically reduced through automated enforcement of storage usage policies.

The SRM Policy Development Program is designed to provide companies with the resources needed to maximize the effectiveness of a customized policy-based SRM implementation in the fastest possible time frame. This comprehensive program includes: an on-site storage usage analysis; a storage usage policy tailored to the specific business needs of each company; training on best-practices SRM usage; a customized storage policy roll-out plan; an ROI analysis of the company's SRM program; and 50 licenses of Precise/StorageCentral SRM and Precise/SiteStor SRM software.

"As the heart of the corporate enterprise, data storage is one of the costliest components of the entire IT infrastructure," said Nancy Marone, senior storage analyst with Enterprise Storage Group. "At the same time, it's one of the most underutilized and abused. Precise's SRM Policy Development Program will help companies get a handle on how their data storage resources are used, leading to reduced TCO and improved fulfillment of service level agreements."

"Companies are now realizing that operating without a corporate storage resource management policy in place is like flying a plane without a flight plan," says Najaf Husain, Managing Director, WQuinn Group, Precise Software Solutions. "Our customers have found that as much as 80% of their storage is being used inefficiently. Without any means to communicate how a company's storage is to be used, and to monitor and enforce its usage in real time, it's no wonder the need for storage space is growing at such an exponential rate. Our SRM Policy Development Program gets the policy in place quickly and effectively, ending storage misuse and significantly reducing storage management costs." ...Precise Software Solutions profile

PNY Technologies Earns "Best Retail Memory Module Manufacturer" Award

PARSIPPANY, N.J. - April 1, 2002 - PNY Technologies is pleased to announce that CMTL (Computer Memory Test Labs), the industry's leading independent memory module compatibility test lab, has selected PNY to receive the "Best Retail Memory Module Manufacturer Award" for 2001.

PNY's Optima™-brand DDR Memory Module line received the distinction for successfully passing Intel Advanced Testing and achieving the best overall record for total tests and passes performed in 2001

To pass these stringent standards, each PNY DDR memory module had to maintain the highest quality performance standards and pass an exacting battery of compatibility and reliability tests to be validated on a specific motherboard. In addition, PNY's PC 133 modules also performed well in server test applications.

"Because PNY's memory modules are CMTL tested and certified, consumers can be confident that our Optima-brand memory has demonstrated the highest compatibility and performance in both Intel-based systems and other motherboard manufacturers' systems," said Robert Stone, vice president for manufacturing and engineering for PNY.

According to John Deters, president of CMTL, "PNY's Optima memory line has received the highest award for quality, compatibility, reliability and performance in the retail industry. Retailers and consumers alike can be assured that PNY's Optima memory module line will significantly reduce memory related system reliability or performance issues. PNY should be very proud of this achievement". ...PNY Technologies profile

VERITAS Software Announces First Integrated Data Protection for Windows Powered Server Appliances

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif.- April 1, 2002 - VERITAS Software today announced the first integrated backup and recovery solution for "Windows Powered" server appliances, including NAS appliances used by companies to manage the business-critical information contained in large, file-sharing applications.

VERITAS Backup Exec™ for Windows Powered Server Appliances is the first data protection solution to leverage the Web-based management user interface (UI) in Windows Powered server appliances, resulting in an easy-to-use backup and recovery solution. Dell will be the first company to integrate this new edition of VERITAS Backup Exec with its PowerVault NAS servers.

The incorporation of VERITAS Backup Exec into the Web-based management UI in Windows Powered devices makes it easier and quicker to deploy and manage self-contained data protection solutions for Windows Powered server appliances, including NAS devices. The UI framework enables administrators to easily back up and recover NAS data via high-performance disk, direct attached tape devices, or even shared tape devices deployed within a SAN, all from a centralized console.

"As part of our commitment to our PowerVault NAS products, Dell continues to look for ways to expand the range of NAS solutions we can offer to our customers," said Brett McAnally, senior manager of PowerVault product management at Dell. "We look forward to offering the Server Appliance edition of VERITAS Backup Exec across our entire PowerVault NAS family to help our customers around the world better consolidate, manage and protect their data." ...VERITAS Software profile

HP Unveils Global Storage Virtualization Strategy

PALO ALTO - April 1, 2002 - HP today unveiled its storage virtualization strategy and announced the midrange HP StorageApps sv3000 appliance, which extends customer access to virtualization with a variety of new features.

HP's strategy focuses on two primary elements: increasing storage efficiency by optimizing the way storage is used and the importance of the combined role that management and virtualization play within storage architectures. When customers fuse management with virtualization, they are then free to use storage from multiple vendors and manage complex storage environments through one "pane of glass." The strategy also emphasizes HP's ongoing efforts to develop its investment in fabric-based storage appliances, which complement existing array-based virtualization technology. The HP StorageApps sv3000 appliance enables customers to pool, view and manage legacy and newly added physical storage resources from different vendors and then share those resources across different servers. Customers may scale their storage, upgrade functions and add services as needed.

"Virtualization without management is useless. By giving our customers a logical way to view and manage their data - and by freeing them from having to invest in software from each array vendor - we're taking storage management to a new level," said Nora Denzel, vice president and general manager, HP Network Storage Solutions Organization. "This is the key to our FSAM, or Federated Storage Area Management, strategy to allow customers to increase the efficiency of their storage environment without adding more people."

New features in the HP StorageApps sv3000 include:
  • Enhanced data protection through improved replication and failover protection;
  • Improved data use from compacted point-in-time imaging;
  • Linux operating system support;
  • Support for Compaq StorageWorks, EMC Symmetrix, Hitachi Data Systems and Dell storage arrays;
  • N-way fibre channel and many-to-one mirroring; and iSCSI ready.
Base features include: heterogeneous host support; support for Microsoft® Windows® 2000 and NT®, Sun Solaris and HP-UX; storage virtualization of HP arrays; local fibre channel mirroring; LUN access control; 14 available fibre channel ports; 2 GB/sec fibre channel support; and remote monitoring. Point-in-time imaging, remote IP replication and heterogeneous storage support are optional features. The HP StorageApps sv3000 is expected to be available in May. Estimated U.S. pricing starts at $125,500 ...HP profile

Nexsan Welcomes Competitors Into Its D2D Space

WOODLAND HILLS, Calif. - April 1, 2002 - Nexsan Technologies, the industry leader in disk-based backup technology, today acknowledged such companies as Maxtor, Network Appliance and Quantum for adding disk-to-disk (D2D) backup technologies to their product offerings after Nexsan successfully opened the market space with its innovative line of InfiniSAN™ storage solutions.

"We appreciate those suppliers that have seen the value in the D2D backup model and have joined us in offering this technology to organizations facing the zero backup window," said Diamond Lauffin, Nexsan's Senior Executive Vice President. "And while we still set the standard and price point in D2D solutions, our overwhelming success along with the competitive offerings verify that this is a technology whose time has definitely come."

Nexsan was the first vendor to recognize the compelling business case for affordable D2D backup. Nexsan's InfiniSAN D2D solution virtually eliminates downtime with a hot database snapshot capability for real-time, on-line protection. In the event of a server crash or a virus attack, an administrator can immediately redirect the data path to the last known best version. This provides the ability to be up and running immediately allowing for an off-line server restore or rebuild.

"While we welcome the arrival of our competitors to an exciting and dynamic market, we remain convinced that the performance, reliability and scalability of the InfiniSAN platform will continue to keep Nexsan at the forefront by offering the best D2D solution for entry-level to the most demanding mid-range and enterprise-class applications," said Lauffin. "At some point in the future, we expect these new competitors to offer D2D products that satisfy the performance, availability and scalability requirements of enterprise storage customers, just like our first-generation InfiniSAN solutions. Even then, with the high reliability and exceptional data availability for less than 1 cent per megabyte from Nexsan, we'll be a tough act to follow." ...Nexsan Technologies profile

PC Card Drive Replaces Discontinued Jaz Drive

PHOENIX, AZ. - 1 April 2002 - Adtron Corporation now offers a PC Card drive as a replacement for the popular and recently discontinued Iomega® Jaz® Drive.

The versatile Adtron SCSI connected PC Card drives use hot swappable flash or disk PC Card media offering the same SCSI read / write removable media functionality as the Jaz drive. Internal 3.5-inch floppy drive bay mounted versions and external desktop versions are available. Adtron¹s SCSI PC Card drives operate just like Jaz drives with the added benefit of a wide selection of PC Card manufacturers, capacities, performance and prices. Compatible PC Cards include ATA flash cards up to 2GBytes from SanDisk, Hitachi, SimpleTech and others; and hard disk cards up to 5GBytes from Toshiba; and IBM microdrives with a CompactFlash-to-PC Card adapter.

OEM pricing for the internal SCSI PC Card drive (SDDS-03) is $225.00 and the external drive (ASPC) is $195.00. Adtron also offers PC Card drives with VME, cPCI, PCI and serial RS232 interfaces. ...Adtron profile

TrueSAN Partners with McDATA to Deliver Advanced SAN Management to Enterprise Storage Environments

San Jose, CA - April 1, 2002 - TrueSAN Networks, Inc. today announced that the company has partnered with McDATA Corp. to bring the advanced SAN management capabilities of its Cloudbreak Storage Operating System to storage network infrastructures based on McDATA Fibre Channel Switches and Directors.

As a McDATA OpenReady Developer, TrueSAN gains access to McDATA's recently announced Connectors - McDATA's comprehensive API initiative.

"This alliance enables customers with McDATA-based SAN infrastructures to use TrueSAN's Cloudbreak Storage Operating System to simplify information management, reduce cost, and maximize the ROI potential of their storage infrastructure," stated Tom Isakovich, President and CEO of TrueSAN. "Our partnership with McDATA is representative of TrueSAN's commitment to providing an open platform for managing heterogeneous SANs across all types of storage networking environments." ...McDATA profile, ...TrueSAN Networks profile


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