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Cisco Announces Agreement to Acquire Andiamo Systems

Dantz Announces First Channel Program

Portlock Releases Storage Manager Version 3.0

FCIA Announces New Board of Directors

Procom Increases Scalability of NetFORCE 1750

Infineon and LSI Cooperate on Development of HDD SoCs

QLogic Complements Cisco MDS 9000

Fujitsu Softek Guarantees 25% Increase in Storage Utilization

Astute Networks Names New President and CEO

Rakersoft Releases Powerful Disc Space Monitoring Package

Pegasus Announces DVD-Archive

Alacritech Introduces New Products

InfiniCon Demonstrates Next-Generation I/O System

Verity introduces ultimate CD/DVD duplicator & printer

MTI Announces Trading On The Nasdaq SmallCap Market

BT Selects Princeton Softech's Active Archiving

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Hard Disk Duplicators
Hard disk duplicators
Spellabyte's disk duplicating process worked OK, but he wondered if in future, he should color code the barrels to avoid getting them mixed up. Color could be part of his added value
View from the Hill

A Better Windows than Windows...

A Better Linux than Linux?

For some quirky reason Sun Microsystems' launch of their Linux for Intel architecture systems at LinuxWorld in mid August, put me in mind of IBM's marketing push to get their OS/2 into PC's back in the mid 1990's, long after everyone in the PC world realised that the PC OS race was already over, and had been won by Microsoft.

IBM's phrase "A Better Windows than Windows" sounded good, and was relatively harmless. Less harmless, however, was the realization that if you bought a low cost IBM PC with Windows, then the disk also came packed with OS/2 and a bunch of other stuff which IBM thought you might find useful, just in case you changed your mind about which operating system you really wanted to boot up AFTER you had placed your order. Removing the OS/2 crud to free up disk space, was something you only did once. Next time you didn't make the mistake of buying an IBM PC. IBM's marketers at the time padded their "market share" data with millions of these dual boot, never used copies of the ill fated OS/2.

A recent Sun press release says that in keynote address to Linux enthusiasts at LinuxWorld, Sun Microsystems CEO Scott McNealy said Sun is redefining value in the low-cost, entry server market with one of the first pre-integrated enterprise-class systems running Linux.

"There is no reason not to go to Sun for Linux - we've got the Sun ONE stack, price performance, support and services, scalability and an upgrade path," Sun CEO Scott McNealy said. "We are part of the Linux community and will stay committed through sponsorships, donations, and product deliveries. We're leveraging the Linux opportunity and helping customers at the same time by bringing enterprise-level support to the open source community."

Sun's entry level x86 server, the Sun LX50, launched a few days earlier comes preconfigured to run either Solaris or Linux, and the tone of Sun's statements about their entry into the Linux market are very much along the lines that you'll get a Better Linux than Linux from Sun.

I didn't attend LinuxWorld so I don't know if McNealy had his fingers crossed behind his back, or choked whenever he said something positive about Linux. From Sun's point of view, this is the operating system which brought rivals HP and IBM back into the Unix mainframe market long after Sun thought they had already won that race with Solaris. Sun hoped that Linux would go away, or stay a hobbyist market, but it didn't. They hoped that Intel, IBM and HP would always stay behind Sun in the race to produce the fastest processors, but that that didn't happen either. Then within less than a year of killing Solaris x86 off, and saying many rude things about Linux, and Intel, Sun has now eaten humble pie and launched a dual boot Linux/Solaris x86 server.

Who would believe it?

Well... the words "humble" and "Sun" don't fit together comfortably in the same sentence. No, instead, of eating humble pie, Sun has decided that it is going to ship a version of Linux which has lots of proprietary Sun add ons which will make it "better". If you see the light and change your mind about the Linux thing after placing your order, then not to worry. You can boot Solaris x86 instead. Somehow, I'm not sure that users will find it comforting.

Sun's Linux may be "better", but it's not Linux. Remember the fuss that Sun kicked up in the courts a few years back? When Microsoft tried to make Java better, by adding Windows and Visual basic extensions? I think Linux users will be distrustful of Sun's improvements which are designed to make applications less portable, unless you want to port over to Solaris. They've already been there with AIX and HP-UX. No thanks.

From the outside world, Sun's x86 Linux strategy today looks very similar to IBM's OS/2 strategy in the mid 1990's. Sun would have done better launching these products a few years ago when its marketing power carried more weight in the wider computer community. I suspect that most users would feel more comfortable buying a no-name brand PC installed with Red Hat Linux than a Sun LX50. A Linux box from Dell will cost less and scale upwards from day one. Or maybe I'm wrong and should stick to talking about hardware...

Readers who want to contribute their views to an expanded version of this article can email me upto August 30.
ICS is the leader in hard drive duplication with headquarters in California, USA and offices in Georgia, USA and Brussels, Europe.
SAN JOSE, Calif. - August 20, 2002 - Cisco Systems, Inc., today announced a definitive agreement to acquire privately held Andiamo Systems, Inc. of San Jose, California.

Andiamo is a developer of intelligent storage switching products for the SAN market. This acquisition represents Cisco's entry into the large, high-growth Fibre Channel SAN switching market, which according to market research firm Gartner Group, is expected to grow from approximately $1.2 billion in 2002 to $4.3 billion in 2006. Cisco's right to acquire Andiamo, and a summary of the transaction's basic terms, were disclosed in Cisco's 10-Q filed in March of this year.

This acquisition will enable Cisco to extend its data networking expertise into the SAN switching market to deliver new innovations that meet customers' evolving business needs. With Andiamo's technology, Cisco customers will for the first time, be able to consolidate disparate storage networks to an integrated SAN infrastructure. In addition, Andiamo's technology introduces new intelligent services that significantly reduce the costs associated with sharing and managing critical data across a company's storage network. These innovations will enable customers to reduce the total cost of ownership of their SAN infrastructure with improved operational efficiencies. ...Andiamo Systems profile, ...Cisco Systems profile

Editor's comments:-
watching Cisco's foray into the storage market over the past few years has been like watching a lost dog ambling in slow motion. Part of the reason for this slow progress has been the company's depressed share price after the dotcom crash, which has reduced their ammunition for attacks into new technology owned by startups.

ORINDA, CA - Aug 20, 2002 - Dantz Development Corporation today announced the launch of its global partner program. The Dantz Global Partner Network supports solution providers in selling Dantz Retrospect to small and midsize businesses (SMBs). Partner Network members receive access to an array of sales, marketing, training, and support resources, generating opportunities and ensuring sales success. Now solution providers focused on the SMB market segment can broaden their existing storage solution portfolio, or enter a new market, by offering Retrospect, the best-in-class backup solution for SMB.

"Channel partners are the key to SMB market penetration. Vendors must seek out and leverage the existing, trusted advisor relationships SMBs rely upon to help make their strategic and tactical IT investments," stated Mika Yamamoto Krammer of Gartner's Small to Midsize Business product group. The introduction of the Global Partner Network represents Dantz's strong focus and commitment to its partners." ...Dantz Development profile

Basingstoke, UK – August 20, 2002 – Portlock Software announces a product update. The release of version 3 adds support for NetWare 6. Storage Manager is the only storage management product supporting NetWare 6. Storage Manager is one of a very small number of products on the market that can completely backup or image a NetWare server including the DOS partitions, Traditional NetWare volumes and NSS volumes. Storage Manager's total support for NetWare allows for very fast system recovery or server duplication. When a disaster strikes, a complete system can be restored from tape. Nothing needs to be installed on the server to begin a system recovery. Performance is very high; using SDLT tape drives, 40 GB of data can be restored per hour.

Storage Manager allows administrators to easily manage storage on NetWare servers. Storage Manager is designed to minimise the management, setup, installation, and reconfiguration time for Novell NetWare 3.x, 4.x, 5.x and 6.x servers. Functions include: Copy, Create, Clone, Image, Restore, Resize of DOS, NetWare and NSS partitions and volumes. Other functions include: Recover deleted partitions and volumes, Server migration, Extremely fast and easy disaster recovery. Storage Manager is the best selling storage management product for NetWare. It is recommended by Novell for NetWare version 3 through 6 servers. ...Portlock Software profile

San Francisco - August 20, 2002 - The Fibre Channel Industry Association (FCIA) today announced the results of the 2002 board of directors election. The board is the governing body of the FCIA, responsible for the creation of programs to increase awareness of the multiple benefits of Fibre Channel. The FCIA is also responsible for driving hardware device interoperability through testing programs such as the SANmark(TM) Qualification Program and Plugfest. The new board of directors is as follows: The 2002 FCIA Board of Directors
  • Tony Di Cenzo, Brocade
  • Mark Hamel, Hewlett Packard
  • Michael Hoard, IBM
  • Ed von Adelung, Infinity I/O
  • Dave Allen, LSI Logic
  • Bob Williamsen, McDATA
  • Skip Jones, Q-Logic
  • Gordy Lutz, Seagate
  • Tom Hammond-Doel, Vixel
The twelve-member board is comprised of nine elected directors from member companies, one from FCIA-Europe, one from FCIA-Japan and the executive director charged with managing the organization. Of the nine elected directors, seven are incumbents from the 2001 board. The new board officers are as follows: The 2002 FCIA Officers
  • Chairman - Tony Di Cenzo, Brocade
  • President - Ed von Adelung, Infinity I/O
  • Treasurer - Tom Hammond-Doel, Vixel
  • Secretary - Gordy Lutz, Seagate
...FCIA profile

IRVINE, Calif. - August 20, 2002 - Addressing the demand for value-priced, flexible storage that scales when needed, Procom Technology has introduced an expansion module for its NetFORCE 1750 NAS filer, providing modular scalability to four Terabytes (4TB). The new expansion module is built for fault tolerance and centralized management of environmental alerts such as unexpected changes in temperature, fan speed, power supply or performance. All drives are hot-swappable for simple replacement by the user.

"Manageability and scalability are key requirements in today's business environment" said John Hamrick, Procom's director of marketing. "By enabling a modular expansion path for the NetFORCE 1750, our customers can dynamically and cost-effectively add manageable storage capacity as their business grows."

The new expansion module is priced at $5,092 MSRP, with the NetFORCE 1750 itself starting at $16,876 MSRP. The NetFORCE 1750 is designed for companies and departments that need to rapidly deploy cost-effective, high-performance NAS solutions. Like all NetFORCE series solutions, it provides checkpoints, UPS monitoring, a journaling file system, browser-based management, SNMP and NDMP support, and an internal local backup utility. Coupled with its compatibility with Windows NT domains, UNIX and Windows 2000s Active Directory, these features make the NetFORCE 1750 easy to integrate into a wide array of networked data environments. ...Procom Technology profile

Munich, Germany and Milpitas, Calif. – August 20, 2002 - Infineon Technologies and LSI Logic Corporationtoday announced they have entered into a joint development agreement (JDA) to share existing intellectual property (IP), to jointly develop new IP and to collaborate on the design of integrated circuits for hard disk drive (HDD) applications. The agreement, which allows each company to market System-on-Chip ICs developed individually or jointly, gives Infineon and LSI Logic access to all of the advanced functionality needed to meet requirements for desktop and mobile HDD products. Infineon and LSI Logic expect that initial products resulting from the JDA will be available beginning in second half 2003.

"The LSI Logic-Infineon R&D cost-sharing agreement is expected to expand the market opportunities for both companies in the hard-disk drive space, while bringing time-to-market advantages to customers," said Dave Reinsel, Research Manager, Storage, Hard Disk Drives and Components, IDC. "The agreement also enhances the competitive position of both companies in this global market and provides their customers with the benefits of the combined intellectual property strengths of these two technology leaders."

These technologies include Infineon's recently-announced 1.6 Gb/sec read channel, SERIAL-ATA™ and Fibre Channel interfaces based on LSI Logic's proven GigaBlaze® transceiver core technology, 10 bit Error Correction Code and processor subsystem IP. ...Infineon Technologies profile, ...LSI Logic profile

ALISO VIEJO, Calif.- August 20, 2002 - QLogic Corp. announced plans to certify its SANblade™ iSCSI and Fibre Channel HBAs and SANbox2® Fibre Channel switches with the new Cisco MDS 9000 Family of Multilayer Intelligent Storage Switches launched today. Certification of QLogic products with this comprehensive family of intelligent, multi-protocol switches and Directors means servers and storage systems powered by QLogic iSCSI and Fibre Channel technology will be able to interoperate with storage networks based on Cisco MDS 9000 storage networks.

"Our goal is to combine the best aspects of current and emerging standards-based technologies to deliver the most practical and effective solutions for customers," said Soni Jiandani, vice president of Marketing in the Cisco Storage Technology Group. "By working with key companies like QLogic, to deliver open, interoperable products, we can leverage each others' core competencies to advance storage networking to another level and give our customers greater flexibility and manageability."

The Cisco MDS 9000 Family delivers a number of storage networking innovations to customers. Both series of switches offer multi-layer intelligence, which includes multi-protocol (iSCSI, Fibre Channel and Fibre Channel over IP) support, intelligent network services, intelligent storage services, and unified management. These services are essential to increase SAN scalability and to allow customers to realize the significant financial and operational benefits of delivering storage as a utility. ...Cisco Systems profile, ...QLogic profile

SUNNYVALE, Calif - August 19, 2002 - Fujitsu Softek today announced a storage utilization guarantee. By utilizing Softek storage management software, Softek guarantees that it can show customers a way to improve enterprise storage utilization by at least 25 percent, resulting in dramatic cost savings and deferred capital expenses. By deploying Softek Storage Manager™ or in combination with one of its other multi- vendor storage management software products, Softek will guarantee 25 percent improved utilization of the storage infrastructure or it will supply a free license of Softek Storage Manager software for one year. ...Fujitsu Software Technology profile

SAN DIEGO - August 19, 2002 – Astute Networks, an emerging silicon storage networking company, has named Tom Sennhauser its new President & CEO. Sennhauser joins the company as it begins to emerge from stealth mode and moves toward launch later this year. Sennhauser has more than 20 years of experience in the semiconductor industry, building business units within large companies as well as launching young companies with breakthrough technologies into emerging markets.

Irwin Federman, Astute board member and general partner of co-lead investor US Venture Partners (USVP), said, "Tom brings his silicon vision and proven management experience to Astute at the company's critical pre-launch stage, and we look forward to his building Astute into an elite company in the silicon storage networking market."

"Astute is developing silicon technology that will have an immediate and profound impact on the storage network market," Sennhauser said. "For the first time, storage area network OEMs will have the capability to program new protocols and applications onto existing and next-generation platforms."

Prior to joining Astute, Sennhauser was President and CEO of Tioga Technologies, a fabless communications chip company with design centers in Israel and California. Tioga went public in June 2000. Before Tioga, Sennhauser was COO at GlobeSpan, a DSL semiconductor company that went public in 1999; Vice President at Siemens Microelectronics (now Infineon); and more than eight years at Intel Corporation in various senior positions in marketing and operations.

"Tom's extensive semiconductor experience adds a critical component to our management portfolio," said Roger Moyers, Astute's co-founder. "He will have an immediate impact on Astute's upcoming launch and future growth." ...Astute Networks profile

Ashford, County Wicklow, Ireland - August 19, 2002 - SpaceTrack from Rakersoft is a new disc space monitoring package for tracking, monitoring and recording disc space usage on a continual basis. Suited to both small and larger companies, using Windows or Novell networks, it is capable of tracking and monitoring disc space globally, for multi-site based companies. Some of its benefits include: Reduced downtime due to disc space issues and supply of key information for weekly and monthly reports. A unique advantage is its ability to record disc space usage over time. It provides IT Managers and Systems Administrators with an automatic and highly visual daily monitoring system, to help forecast and pre-empt serious space problems or abnormal surges before they occur.

Very easy to install, SpaceTrack can be up and running in 20 minutes. It is a stand alone system, requiring no further discs or servers for monitoring. Running on Windows 98/NT/2000, it monitors drives on 98/NT/2000/Novell Systems. Drive set up for monitoring is simple, requiring only Drive Name, address( i.e. C:\ or <\\OurServer\D> or \\server\sys), warning limit in MB and type of system to be monitored (i.e. NT or Novell).

Other significant features include, the capacity to e-mail System Administrators nightly on disc space status or a visual screen alert for a more regular or critical update, the ability to bypass 'SpaceTracks' screens and export data to Excel for further in-house analysis or link to SpaceTrack's own Access Database where systems details are stored. SpaceTrack costs $399 with no limit to the number of drives that can be monitored. ...Rakersoft profile

San Ramon, CA - August 19, 2002 - Pegasus announced today that its InveStore Microsoft Windows NT®, 2000 and XP-based Storage Management Software now provides DVD-Archive™ support for DVD-RAM technology. Pegasus supplies major OEMs, ISV developers and integrators that incorporate the InveStore software into archive and back-up system solutions for users in the medical, financial, insurance, law enforcement, e-mail storage, storage migration, and web-based mass storage markets.

In light of recent economic disasters and fueled by regulatory or self-imposed requirements, the management of corporate assets is being driven online virtually across all industries. Pegasus provides an economical secure means of managing those assets with InveStore DVD-Archive™. It provides cost effective write-once support, transparent drive letter access, and a developer API for DVD-RAM products under Windows Professional Server, Advanced Server and Datacenter Server. With the average cost of 5 TBs of DVD-RAM hardware listing at about $89,000 including media and InveStore storage management software, this becomes a very economical archival system when compared to alternative hard drive solutions that can require more than $100,000 for just the API.

"DVD-Archive™ delivers write-once functionality for sector based rewritable DVD-RAM media on the Microsoft Windows operating platform. By using its Archive File System (AFS), Pegasus is able to manage DVD-RAM, write-once or rewritable magneto optical, CD-ROM and DVD-ROM all from a single access point. This provides for much higher performance and a more robust archive medium than CD-R or DVD-R. The result is unequaled ease of use, security and reliability for archival, backup, and Web-based storage applications," explained Roy Slicker, Pegasus President and CEO.

Unlike more typical file systems, the Pegasus-AFS provides no method of overwriting data or directory entries. The Pegasus-AFS, by design, provides no ability to reclaim space. It is a fully historical file system that provides a complete transaction based audit trail of any and all changes to either the data or meta-data. It incorporates highly specialized meta-data structures that allow changes to be seen as well as know when data has been changed. The user can determine if the attributes of a given file have changed, whether a file has been renamed or not (the user can quickly see both the old path/name and the new path/name) and what sections of the file data have been changed. ...Pegasus Disk Technologies profile

San Jose, Calif. - August 19, 2002 - Alacritech, Inc. today announced that the company is broadening product lines and introducing new products to provide all segments of storage and networking markets with the industry's first TCP/IP offload engine (TOE) and acceleration software. Extending its full line of server and storage accelerators, Alacritech today makes available TOE-ready Gigabit Ethernet server adapters, SLICware™ Acceleration Suite, and the Gigabit Ethernet Internet Protocol Processor (IPP) ASIC. Alacritech now addresses customer needs in the low to high end of the server, storage and networking markets with targeted solutions and a cost-effective upgrade strategy.

"Alacritech's high-performance TCP acceleration technology has enjoyed great success in the network-attached storage and digital media production areas," said Larry Boucher, president and CEO, Alacritech, Inc. "Alacritech is extending its leadership position with the availability of its acceleration software and TOE-ready hardware products. These new products address the broad needs of our customers in the server, storage and networking markets. We believe that at Gigabit and faster speeds, TCP acceleration is required everywhere. Now our customers can enable TCP acceleration and iSCSI today or in the future. That is really powerful."

Alacritech's new TOE-ready Gigabit Ethernet server adapters, the 1000x1 Copper Gigabit Adapter and the 1000x1F Fiber Gigabit Adapter, are available now starting at $375 U.S. list price. Alacritech's new SLICware iSCSI Acceleration software is available for $249 U.S. list price. The SLICware Network Acceleration software is available for $649 U.S. list price. The Alacritech 1000x1 IPP ASIC is also available for $80 for volume purchases. Alacritech's entire product family is Microsoft Windows Hardware Quality Labs (WHQL) qualified, and supports Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000 and Linux. The SLICware Toolkit is available for other environments. Alacritech's new products are available now to OEMs. The company will release the products to its channel partners and end users in the first quarter of 2003. ...Alacritech profile

King of Prussia, PA - August 19, 2002 - InfiniCon Systems will showcase a live demonstration at Storage World Conference 2002 tomorrow which marries a distributed Oracle database application with InfiniCon's Shared I/O System to attain higher throughput and availability than that provided by current systems. The demonstration will feature standard commodity servers communicating over a high-speed, InfiniBand network.

InfiniCon's Shared I/O architecture is a versatile, multi-protocol networking system that provides shared I/O functionality along with integrated InfiniBand switching. The system dynamically allocates I/O resources - or connections - that InfiniBand-capable servers can share for accessing existing Fibre Channel and Ethernet infrastructures, as well as communicating directly over native InfiniBand fabrics. InfiniCon's shared I/O approach makes it far less costly and complex to deploy, manage, and scale server farms – enabling data centers to reduce traditional, dedicated I/O costs by as much as 70 percent and to realize immediate ROI from InfiniBand investments.

"A key aspect to InfiniCon's value proposition is enabling existing applications and networks to be combined with InfiniBand connectivity on the server side in a non-disruptive manner," stated Bill King, InfiniCon vice president of sales and marketing. "InfiniCon's shared I/O architecture is complementary to Oracle 9i's RAC offering. It provides the highest speed server-to-server switching communications available, while also complementing RAC's ability to dynamically add new server capacity. InfiniCon's offering provides true plug-and-play, allowing servers to have instant access to existing Fibre Channel, Ethernet, and InfiniBand resources."

In addition to its product demonstration at SWC 2002, InfiniCon's Chief Technology Officer Todd Matters will participate in a CTO Roundtable (Tuesday, 2:00 to 3:15 pm PDT) in which leading technologists will discuss networking challenges and trends. ...InfiniCon Systems profile, ...Storage World Conference 2002

Aldershot, Hants, UK - August 19, 2002 - Verity Systems have launched the new and improved CopyDisc 7P, Series II, the automated duplication and thermal printing system which includes a number of enhanced features, offering unsurpassed technology for the on-demand CD-R and DVD-R duplicator. This versatile, second generation duplicator and printer can be fitted with up to seven 24x CD-R drives enabling seven full 650 Mb CD's to be duplicated simultaneously in just over 6 minutes. In addition, a total of seven Pioneer A04 DVD drives can now be fitted for fast, reliable duplication of DVD's at 2x speed. The Series II CopyDisc 7P also has a unique mix and match drive facility which means that a combination of CD and DVD drives can be fitted, providing maximum flexibility for your CD and DVD production.

Fitted with the acclaimed Rimage thermal printer, full-color, high resolution text and graphics can be applied to CDs and DVDs after duplication to complete the professional CD/DVD production process.

The CopyDisc 7P is a standalone unit, but can also be incorporated into a network using CopyDiscNET, an easy to use yet sophisticated CD-R/DVD-R duplicator management software system. This provides multiple users with access to one or more CopyDisc duplicators, for on-demand CD & DVD production at the touch of a button.

The Series II CopyDisc 7P utilizes the proven integrity and reliability of the Verity Systems firmware for automatic format recognition, failsafe operation and consistent high quality CD/DVD duplicates. With a large 220 disc capacity and the world's fastest robotic loader, the Series II CopyDisc 7P is the ultimate in automated CD and DVD publishing. ...Verity Systems profile

ANAHEIM, Calif – August 15, 2002 – MTI Technology Corp. (Nasdaq:MTIC) today announced that its common stock will begin trading on The Nasdaq SmallCap Market, effective at the opening of the market on Aug. 16, 2002. MTI has been advised by Nasdaq that it will retain the ticker symbol "MTIC" and that investors should experience no material differences in how they obtain stock price quotes resulting from the transfer to the SmallCap Market. ...MTI Technology profile

LONDON, ENGLAND – August 15, 2002 – Princeton Softech, Inc today announced that BT, a global telecommunications provider, has selected Princeton Softech's Archive™ for Servers Clarify™ Edition to reduce costs and resolve the problem of accelerating database growth for the long term. Immediate benefits include improved availability and faster response time to significantly improve customer service and support. BT manages customer relationships and support using Amdocs Clarify Clear Support™, a leading CRM application. One such use, known internally as "Bridge," is essential for managing BT's business operations and its IT infrastructure.

At BT, up to 5,000 users support over 140,000 customers on the Bridge application, generating more than 1 million cases per year, and the volume is expected to increase significantly over the next 12 months. As the business continues to grow, the number of closed cases also increases, adding more than 20,000 cases per week to a database that already contains more than 1.2 million closed cases. This accelerating database growth was degrading performance, limiting availability and increasing costs, as more expensive hardware capacity was needed to maintain service levels.

"In order to reduce database volume, we used a purging tool," noted Mr. David Harley, chief designer at BT's CRM Solutions Centre. "However, the tool was only capable of removing 600 cases per day, far too few compared to the large number of closed cases being added daily."

In searching for an effective solution, BT learned about Archive for Servers Clarify Edition, and after initial discussions, agreed to participate as a European Beta test site for the new active archiving technology. Harley continued, "Using Archive for Servers Clarify Edition, we were able to archive approximately 50,000 cases an hour and save the data to Archive Files, where the data can be easily researched and restored when needed." Harley concluded, "We see the implementation of Princeton Softech's Archive for Servers Clarify Edition as essential for the continued operation of Bridge, given the levels of data we are generating." ...Princeton Softech profile

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