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Storage History - 2002, July week 2

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Princetown, NJ - July 12, 2002 - K-PAR Archiving Software has appointed Cranel Imaging as a new US distributor. The agreement will expand the potential market for K-PAR's Archimedia data management software by enabling Cranel to offer a complete archiving solution. Cranel Imaging offers a full range of scanners, MO and CD / DVD from well-established manufacturers. The company's primary customer base is comprised of VARs who develop and implement document imaging solutions for their customer base.

Scott Slack, Vice President of Marketing at Cranel Imaging comments:"We see K-PAR as a leader in optical storage software, and as Cranel Imaging's policy is to work with best of breed ISVs, partnering with K-PAR seemed the obvious choice."

Neal Aronson, sales and marketing director for The Americas at K-PAR adds: "In North America, Cranel is considered to be a leading and well respected distributor of storage and imaging products/services and we are delighted to be working with the organisation. Cranel has a strong presence selling storage solutions in the high end UNIX market place, and this compliments K-PAR's product line which is available for Solaris as well as Windows NT/2000. The partnership between the two companies will help raise awareness of K-PAR and increase the market opportunities for Archimedia." ...Cranel Imaging profile, ...K-PAR Systems profile

NASHUA, New Hampshire - July 12, 2002 - Storage Computer Corporation (AMEX:SOS) announced today it has instituted an employee stock participation program. As additional financing for the Company, employees have opted to accept stock in lieu of cash income. Employees are taking up to 75% of their income in the form of Storage Computer stock. The Company estimates the value of this investment to be approximately $1.5 million for the balance of the year.

"We are extremely pleased with the participation within the program", said Peter Hood, Chief Financial Officer. "We have full participation in the program and it is being received with strong enthusiasm".

"During a period of growth and market adoption of our new products, this program allows our employees to participate in not only contributing to the core of the company, but personally benefiting from its success," stated Ted Goodlander, Chairman and CEO. "Our employee's investment shows confidence in our product market positioning, intellectual property value and the future of the organization." ...Storage Computer profile

Editor's comments:- that's one way to conserve company cash, and very brave in today's bear market. At we adopted a cheesy salary structure for the editor way back in 1998. But have you seen the price of Parmesan lately?

SCOTTSDALE, Arizona, and NEW ORLEANS, Louisiana - July 11, 2002 - The TOLIS Group, Inc and Blanchard Systems, Inc., today jointly announce the TOLIS Group's BRU™ data backup and recovery technology has been certified and chosen to supply critical data protection services within Blanchard's Vortex™ branded Storage Solutions used in the digital pre-press market.

"As digital advertising and computer-to-plate and direct-to-press workflows become increasingly prevalent, the ability to recover critical data quickly and easily is essential in pre-press environments," says Charles Blanchard, president and CEO of Blanchard Systems. "With fast deadlines and the amount of labor invested in graphics files, the last thing a prepress department wants to do is rebuild its work. That's why we chose the proven reliability and broad feature set of the BRU technology for our Vortex Storage Solution."

The unique format of the BRU technology audits every bit archived to deliver unsurpassed reliability by assuring that each backup is accurate, and the data can be successfully recovered whenever needed. In addition to the reliability requirement, the characteristics of the graphics-laden data in the prepress industry tax backup software's capabilities. The image files are exceptionally large in size, and are usually created in a format that is not software compressible.

BRU is ideally suited to Blanchard's needs because its architecture does not limit the size of files that can be backed-up - an imperative issue for exceptionally large graphics files. When backing up non-compressible files, BRU's exceptionally low overhead allows for faster backup times. ...Blanchard Systems profile, ...TOLIS profile

SOMERS, NY - Jul 10, 2002 - the new IBM TotalStorage NAS 100 announced today is a thin appliance often referred to as a "pizza box" because of its shape. It is designed and packaged for customers with little or no on-site IT support, such as medium-sized businesses or branch locations in large enterprises, for example banks or retail outlets. It allows customers to easily implement cost-saving solutions, such as email archiving or server consolidation.

Starting at just $4,420 and capable of being deployed in 30 minutes or less, the NAS 100 is priced for medium-sized customers and offers "enterprise-class" reliability and manageability that is the hallmark of IBM. For example, the NAS 100 is equipped with hot-swappable hard disk drives to support non-disruptive replacement of the drives, resulting in less down time for customers. Other self-healing, self-managing features include automatic temperature monitoring of processors and fans, as well as automatic fail over capabilities for the operating system and local area network connections. ...IBM profile

San Jose, Calif., July 10, 2002 - Hitachi Semiconductor (America) Inc. today announced a 1-Gbit AND-type monolithic flash memory device that achieves a 10-MBytes/sec write speed, a new industry record for this cell type and five times faster than previous Hitachi products.

The new flash device, HN29V1G91, is the first product to be based on Hitachi's proprietary Assist-Gate AND-type (AG-AND), multi-level cell flash memory technology introduced at the 2001 International Electron Devices Meeting in Washington, DC last December. The memory chip is capable of recording 128 MBytes of data, equivalent to two hours worth of CD-quality MP3 music, in about 13 seconds. Samples of the 1-Gbit AND-type flash devices will be available in October 2002 at $65.00 ...Hitachi Semiconductor profile

BOULDER, CO - July 10, 2002 - Exabyte Corp. today announced ADTX, a Japan-based manufacturer of large-scale storage systems, will incorporate Exabyte's VXA-1 drive in its newest line of Fibre Channel RAID systems.

"Acceptance of VXA technology, which offers greater speed and capacity with a lower cost of ownership, continues to grow," said Tom Ward, President and CEO at Exabyte. "Use of our VXA-1 drive in ADTX's RAID package is a great combination for enterprise-wide, high-speed storage."

"We are very pleased to choose Exabyte tape backup systems for our RAID/SAN storage products", said Naresh Chadha, Senior Vice President of ADTX US/ Europe Operations.

Over the past eight years ADTX has installed over 50,000 RAID systems. ...ADTX profile, ...Exabyte profile

King of Prussia, PA - July 10, 2002 - InfiniCon Systems today announced the ISIS Starter Kit Program to provide its ISIS Shared I/O System – packaged with a complete host environment – to systems integrators, OEMs, and early adopters of InfiniBand-enabled networks. Scheduled for August 2002 shipment, InfiniCon's ISIS Starter Kit is expected to be the first commercially available shared I/O system based on InfiniBand architecture, a new high-speed I/O switching fabric. InfiniCon's ISIS architecture is a multi-protocol connectivity system that uses InfiniBand as an enabling technology. It provides an external pool of I/O resources that Infiniband-capable servers can share to gain improved levels of connectivity and throughput to/from storage and LAN/WAN networks, as well native InfiniBand fabrics.

InfiniCon's ISIS Starter Kit equips OEMS, software and hardware developers, and early adopters with a full function InfiniBand, Ethernet, and Fibre Channel I/O system that will make it simpler and more cost-effective to engineer and exercise InfiniBand-based offerings for the next generation of servers and peripherals. Each ISIS Starter Kit configuration provides access to a fully-integrated 4x InfiniBand switched fabric, multiple 1Gigabit Ethernet and 2 Gigabit Fibre Channel ports, and a suite of advanced software features that enable port sharing, diagnostics, and other capabilities to facilitate product development and testing. In addition, Host Channel Adapters (HCAs) and associated host environment support are being provided to ensure a complete end-to-end solution for rapid deployment....InfiniCon Systems profile

ELMSFORD, NY - July 10, 2002 - the Computer Products Division of Fuji Photo Film U.S.A., Inc. today expands its complete line of data storage products with the introduction of its new USB Drive, Fujifilm's new driverless, portable storage device. Operating without AC or battery power, the new Fujifilm USB Drive product is currently available in 8, 16, 32, 64, 128 and 256 MB storage capacities. Fujifilm will ship the USB Drive in a 512 MB capacity in the fall. The USB Drive can store current Windows and Macintosh files together with ease, while allowing users the flexibility to move the product through different day-to-day situations and business applications.

The Fujifilm USB Drive contains no moving parts, enabling it to be lightweight and smaller than the size of your palm. It offers an onboard CPU for driverless operation via a computer's USB port. By incorporating a powerful 32-bit processor, the Fujifilm USB Drive is capable of running additional applications and includes Win logon as well as automatic boot functionality.

The Fujifilm USB Drive is shipping this month. The USB Drive, which weighs less than 1 ounce, will be available in different storage capacities, and priced based on capacity. The 128 MB USB Drive will list for $149.99. ...Fujifilm profile

POOLE, UK - July 10, 2002 - BakBone Software announced today that it has entered into a distribution agreement with Dupaco Distribution BV who will distribute BakBone's award-winning backup and recovery software, NetVault, throughout the Netherlands/Benelux area.

"We felt that our NetVault product would make an admirable fit into Dupaco's storage product portfolio and we look forward to working closely with Dupaco and their resellers to continue to develop the NetVault brand in the Netherlands/Benelux area." commented Martin van Pijkeren, sales manager for Benelux at BakBone.

"One of Dupaco's greatest advantages is its thorough understanding of its vendors and their products." explains Laurens ten Hagen, sales manager at Dupaco. "We see BakBone as a great product to complement Dupaco's current offerings and are excited to be able to offer NetVault to our reseller base who will be able to generate new areas of business, as companies seek to grow their data storage capabilities."

NetVault is immediately available from newly BakBone-certified distributor, Dupaco, and their network of resellers in a variety of modular and packaged solutions with configurations to satisfy virtually every network storage requirement, from the workgroup to the enterprise. Pricing begins at begins at $395 for an NT or Linux server package and at $695 for a similar package running on UNIX. ...BakBone Software profile, ...Dupaco

See also:- Sun VARs in The Netherlands

Editor - July 10, 2002 - UK readers may be interested to know that the mouse site,, is once again a media sponsor for this year's main storage focused event in Europe - Storage Expo 2002, which be held at the NEC, Birmingham on October 16 - 17. This year's event is expected to be bigger and attract thousands of new visitors. You can register for free tickets and info here.

Last year, because many US storage shows got cancelled or rescheduled after the terrorist attacks on 9/11, many new products from the US got their debut at Storage Expo. So UK visitors to the NEC got a chance to see new storage products before buyers in the US. Makes a change dunnit. Anyway, let's hope we get a few more days of sunshine between now and then, or do you think we're going to skip the summer altogether this year? ...Storage Expo

SAN JOSE, CA - Jul 9, 2002 - IBM today delivers an industrial-strength server hard disk drive to take on the most intensive business environments. The Ultrastar 146Z10 is a rock-solid hard drive, backed by rigorous quality-assurance testing. It also debuts with new anti-vibration technology called Rotational Vibration Safeguard (RVS) to improve performance in large disk arrays. Available today, the new Ultrastar 146Z10 is the first 10,000 RPM hard drive of its generation to ship in volume and has a top capacity of 146GB.
K-PAR Appoints Cranel Imaging as US Distributor

Storage Computer Employees Take Payment in Stock

Blanchard Systems Chooses BRU

IBM Does "Pizza Box" NAS

Flash Gets Faster

ADTX Integrates VXA in RAID Applications

InfiniCon Systems Launches InfiniBand Starter Kits

Fujifilm Introduces its USB Drive

Dupaco to distibute for BakBone Software in Benelux is a Media Sponsor for Storage Expo

IBM Says "No!" to Rock and Roll in Server Disk Arrays

Qualstar Gets Bolder in Boulder

ADIC Announces New Software Business Unit Leader

Dot Hill Reports Sequential Revenue Growth

3ware Delivers New 12-Port Controllers

CENATEK Awarded Export Achievement Certificate

Merlin Launches Version 3.0 of EssentialServer

Silverback Systems Debuts Storage Network Processors

Intel Begins Shipping Itanium® 2 Processors

QLogic Delivers SAN Support for Itanium 2

earlier news (archive)
scsi cards
SCSI adapter cards
on STORAGEsearch
Megabyte found that SCSI was a safe and reliable way to connect between storage systems.

When the Bean Counters Can't be Trusted Any More

s if we didn't have enough financial scandals already in the stock market. Enron, Worldcom and now we hear that blue chip pharmaceuticals company Merck may have counted $14B of revenue which it didn't really bill. Unfortunately the fallout from these accounting irregularities has hit all kinds of companies.

On July 8th when Intel announced that it was shipping its newest Itanium 2 processor in volume, which you would have thought was a good thing, its share price actually dropped 5%.


Now overstating things to make them look better only works until someone takes the time to look carefully. In my youth I can remember having many interesting discussions with some memory board suppliers whose bus interface speed was only about a third of what they claimed, and on the other hand being pleasantly surprised by some disk drives which were actually faster than suggested in their spec sheets. (It may have helped I was in a beta test site for a new very fast disk controller card at the time. Faster than the disk manufacturer had in mind when they specced their product.)

But here's a worrying thought... What would happen if the malaise which has infected the financial reporting community started to work its way down into the other markets, like gulp! - storage?

How do you know that the RAID system you've got really has got as much capacity as claimed? It should be easy enough to check by writing some simple code, but with everyone being so busy nowadays who really does have time to check all these little details?

How do you know that the UPS in your SAN really is rated for 4 hours, and that the manufacturer hasn't cut corners by leaving out a few batteries?

Last year Sun Microsystems got stung by applying some short cuts and omitting to put ECC checks into a cache controller for its high end processors. That problem cost them and their customers plenty. It shouldn't have mattered if everything worked as per the simulations, but it did matter in real-life because some of the memory devices had a susceptibility to alpha particles and sometimes flipped a bit. That old alpha particle problem hadn't been seen in the industry for about 20 years but nevertheless the ECC would have fixed it. The result? IBM sold a lot more mainframes than expected that year, and Sun lost its reputation for reliable crash proof systems.

As we move even further down the food chain what would happen if a manufacturer of GBICs were tempted to change their testing regime to increase the yield which passed noise and jitter tests? That could be a way to make more money. Users wouldn't lose out too much because their SAN protocols would just redeliver the data if it didn't look right first time. There might be a speed degradation. Not much to worry about there. Most systems don't run at full speed anyway. Who's to know?

Or a tape manufacturer, knowing that most people only do weekly backups, could specify a different coating from a cheaper source. Only problem... which wouldn't show for a year or so, is that the tape wouldn't last so long for the small percentage of users who do daily backups. By then who cares? The recession is over.

The scope for these kinds of bottom line "improvements" is massive in every field of life. Let's hope that the inflatable bean counters stay out of the storage market.

ActionFront Data Recovery
ActionFront Data Recovery's sole business activity is recovering data files and lost information from downed or inaccessible storage devices (including RAID systems) and network servers.
RVS addresses a problem inherent to multi-drive systems. As rotational speeds have increased and multiple drives are housed in powerful disk arrays, vibration is exacerbated and results in performance degradation. RVS represents advanced servo technology that autonomically compensates for vibration caused by multiple disk drives operating simultaneously. It intelligently identifies the direction and intensity of the vibration and cancels out the deleterious effects of the vibration. IBM is the first to implement the technology for mass production.

The Ultrastar 146Z10 shows more than a 15% increase in sustained data throughput and 10% improvement in WinBench metrics over previous generation drives. IBM's new server drive is available at the industry's broadest range of capacity points: 18, 36, 73 and 146 GB.
Cock's karaoke from
IBM Says "No!" to Rock and Roll in Server Disk Arrays
The drive also delivers low acoustics and continues IBM's focus on power efficiency. With industry-leading glass media and load/unload technology, the 146Z10 also provides outstanding shock tolerance. IBM's new server hard drive supports the industry's leading interfaces, including Ultra 320 SCSI and 2 Gb Fibre Channel. ...IBM profile

Editor's comments:- seriously folks, if your target environment is subject to a LOT of vibration, then you may have to look at solid state disks. See also:- article:- Rugged & Reliable Data Storage: Solid-State Flash Disks overview - by M-Systems

SIMI VALLEY, Calif. - July 9, 2002 - Qualstar Corp. today announced that it has established an advanced development center in Boulder, Colo. The new facility, for which the company has obtained a long-term lease, is already operational.

"Boulder is the ideal location for setting up a storage engineering group," said Tim Studebaker, vice president of advanced development. "We are pleased by the number of really talented people in this area who want to become part of our team."

"We have launched our new Advanced Development Group to reduce the time-to-market on important new products," said William Gervais, Qualstar president and CEO. "Our success depends on attracting the best people we possibly can to continue to deliver the innovative storage products that we are known for." ...Qualstar profile

Redmond, Washington - July 9, 2002 - ADIC announced today the appointment of William Yaman as Vice President and Business Line Manager of ADIC's storage management software business unit. Most recently, Mr. Yaman held the position of President and CEO at Holistix, Inc., a provider of systems management solutions for business-critical Web applications.

"Bill Yaman brings an impressive combination of customer focus, technical expertise, and proven business management skills to our software business, and we are pleased to welcome him to the ADIC team," said ADIC President Chuck Stonecipher. "He will help ADIC expand our software business by rigorously focusing on how we solve fundamental productivity and management issues for customers grappling with data that doubles every year." ...ADIC profile

CARLSBAD, Calif. - July 9, 2002 - Dot Hill Systems Corp. (NYSE:HIL), today confirmed previous guidance that it expects sequential revenue growth for the second quarter 2002. It also estimates second quarter 2002 revenue to be between $11.0 and $11.2 million with a net loss per share between $0.32 and $0.38 inclusive of the following adjustments:
  • A non-cash charge of $3.6 million related to a warrant granted to Sun Microsystems in association with the OEM Agreement signed May 24, 2002.
  • A non-cash increase to inventory reserves of $2.5 million related to excess SANnet inventory given the continued slowness of the economy and planned product migration.
  • An income tax benefit of $3.3 million related to tax refunds made available by recent tax law changes.
"In light of our current backlog of approximately $10.9 million, we expect to achieve sequential revenue growth for the remainder of this year and next year," said Preston Romm, Dot Hill's chief financial officer. "Looking ahead, we are projecting 2002 revenues to be in the range of $40 to $50 million and 2003 revenues in the range of $125 to $175 million. A return to profitability is expected by the second quarter of 2003."

"We have never been more excited about the company's prospects for the future. During the second quarter, we signed major OEM deals and announced an agreement with Solectron, which will manufacture Dot Hill's new products developed under the OpenAxis Intelligence™ initiative," said Jim Lambert, Dot Hill's chief executive officer. "Our OEM revenues for the past year have accounted for almost half our revenue. We will continue to focus on the indirect sales channels that fit well with our product set and manufacturing strategy." ...Dot Hill profile

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., July 8, 2002 - 3ware®, Inc. today announced the latest entry in its popular series of ATA RAID controller cards-the Escalade™ 7500-12. With the ability to attach up to 12 inexpensive ATA drives on a single RAID controller, it is the only ATA RAID solution that can match the storage capacity and performance levels of a SCSI controller for applications that require terabytes of reliable storage. The Escalade 7500-12 card enables customers to deliver almost two terabytes of fault tolerant data storage at a quarter of the price of a comparable SCSI system.

3ware's StorSwitch™ architecture applies network packet switching principles to storage, giving each drive its own dedicated port and cable. This reduces the need for expensive on-board cache, eliminates shared-bus arbitration and dramatically decreases host CPU loading. The result is improved I/O throughput, complete fault isolation and an optimized hardware platform for 3ware's innovative firmware, which further enhances the system's RAID 5 features and performance.

The SCSI specification includes features that deliver higher performance and reliability levels than normally provided by standard ATA controller and drive. 3ware has closed the gap between SCSI and ATA RAID by incorporating these features into the RAID controller. The Escalade 7500-12 SCSI feature set includes tag command queuing, scatter/gather, command re-ordering, parallel seek, dynamic sector repair and more. Combined with 3ware's switched architecture, the result is a RAID controller that matches the reliability and performance of SCSI at a fraction of the cost. The 3ware 7500-12 ATA RAID controller card is available now through distribution at an MSRP of $699. ...3ware profile

San Jose, Calif. - July 09, 2002 - CENATEK, Inc. has been recognized by the US Department of Commerce for successful entry into foreign markets. Exports are big business for small and mid-sized Silicon Valley companies. That was the message from Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren, who last week presented three local companies, including CENATEK, with the Commerce Department's Export Achievement Certificate.

"Silicon Valley knows the importance of exports," said Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren. "When small and mid-size companies export their products, jobs are created and companies expand. The United States government must continue to help companies gain access to foreign markets."

"Most jobs in America are created by small companies. Small and mid-size companies like these comprise almost 97% of U.S. exporters," said Commerce Department Deputy Assistant Secretary Bruce Blakeman, who was also present to honor the companies.

CENATEK, Inc, based in Morgan Hill, CA, is the designer and manufacturer of the new "Rocket Drive" solid-state disk (SSD). The Rocket Drive functions as a hard drive, storing data using memory chips rather than magnetic media and has no moving parts. Through advice provided by the Export Assistance Center, CENATEK was able to quickly respond to inquiries that came through their new e-commerce website. One of their initial sales was for several thousand dollars to a buyer in Korea; they also established two European distributors within five months of shipping product.

The U.S. Department of Commerce's Export Achievement Certificate recognizes companies that are business clients of the Commerce Department's U.S. Commercial Service, and that have used their services to make their first export sale or open new foreign markets. The U.S. Commercial Service is a Commerce Department agency that helps small and midsized U.S. businesses sell their products and services globally. The Silicon Valley U.S. Export Assistance Center is part of the agency's worldwide network. Last year, the agency helped U.S. companies generate $34 billion in export sales. ...Cenatek profile

Burnaby, BC - July 8, 2002 - Merlin Technologies today announced that is has released Version 3.0 of its innovative EssentialServer - a fast and economical way to add NAS or integrated data backup, recovery and storage to a LAN. Through the addition of a number of important features and enhancements to make the product even more robust, functional and easy to use, Merlin's EssentialServer 3.0 has gained an important competitive edge in the dynamic network storage market. Version 3.0 includes a number of new features and enhancements including:
  • Enhanced NT domain integration for fast setup
  • Powerful user and group management with full Access Control List (ACL) support
  • Advanced journaling file system for fast reboot in case of power failure
  • Enhanced back-up and recovery engine with support for XFS file system
  • UPS integration with automatic soft shut-down in the event of power loss
  • Enhanced system monitoring tools, administrator alerts and notifications; and
  • Enhanced security with improved password protection and encrypted browser connection
"I've been using the EssentialServer 3.0 for the past few weeks and have been extremely pleased with the way that it has performed in our office," said Gary Richardson, IT administrator of Internet Marketing Center, a Vancouver-based Internet marketing and promotions company. "We were able to install it within minutes and it has really streamlined our storage and backup requirements. We now feel more secure and confident knowing that our data is safe." ...Merlin Software Technologies profile

Campbell, Calif. - July 8, 2002 - Accelerating the design and adoption of IP based storage networks, Silverback Systems is now introducing its storage network access processor family, called iSNAP™. The iSNAP™ family provides high performance IP network connectivity and storage network protocol processing. The first product in the family, the iSNAP™ 2100, is suited for a variety of applications in IP-based SANs including servers, storage arrays and fabric devices such as virtualization boxes and storage-aware routers, and specific implementations like HBAs.

"Leveraging the current TCP/IP and Ethernet infrastructure, a ubiquitous technology that systems and network administrators already understand, creates tremendous value as they don't have to undergo an extensive learning curve, like they do with FibreChannel," said Danny Biran, president and CEO of Silverback Systems.

"By leveraging current TCP/IP and Ethernet infrastructures, Silverback offers a simplified approach to IP network storage. Silverback's iSNAP™ is to IP storage what email was to the Internet - transparent application - as IT professionals don't require extensive learning curves found in other storage configurations," said Dianne McAdam, senior analyst with Illuminata, Inc.

iSNAP™ is a turnkey solution in hardware and software allowing customers to focus on applications and proprietary value added. The iSNAP™ family supports demanding storage traffic profiles such as those generated by online transaction processing applications. It processes packets, full TCP/IP connections as well as ULPs (upper layer protocols) such as iSCSI, providing protocol processing, bookkeeping and management for all layers of the OSI networking model. The iSNAP™ 2100 provides optimized implementation of TCP/IP and ULP through selectively mapping the protocol into hardware, programmable state machines and firmware. Data center robustness is provided by fail over support, data and storage network separation and patented memory protection algorithms.

The iSNAP™ 2100 will sample this quarter. Packaging is 927-pin BGA. Volume pricing is expected to be $150 in quantity. ...Silverback Systems profile

SANTA CLARA, Calif. - July 8, 2002 - Intel Corporation today announced that it has begun initial commercial shipment of Itanium® 2 processors and that systems and software based on the new processors are expected to be available beginning this quarter. Over the next year, a broad base of OEMs are expected to offer a range of server and workstation models with support from leading enterprise software and operating system vendors, the company said.

The Itanium processor family enables a broad choice of reliable platforms and software for high-end servers and workstations. Taking advantage of the Itanium 2 processor's outstanding scalability (the ability to link processors together to create multi-processor systems) and headroom for growth, several OEMs plan to deliver large-scale Itanium 2-based systems with eight to 64 or more processors over the next year. The Itanium 2 processor is socket-compatible with two future generations of Itanium family processors to allow them to be easily swapped into existing Itanium 2-based systems. This extends the value and longevity of OEM and customer investments in Itanium 2-based platforms. In addition, Intel has five future Itanium processor family products in development, with designs already underway that reach into the second half of the decade.

The Itanium processor family is supported by more operating systems than any other high-end enterprise platform. ...Intel profile

Editor's notes:- Like the Death Star in Star Wars, Itanium 2 based servers running Linux have the potential to be "Sun killers", potentially providing 50% higher performance than Sun's top of the range 1.05GHz SPARC processors. However, Sun's skills at OS tweaks could cut into that theoretical hardware advantage. Intel, meanwhile will have to rely on Red Hat and other 3rd party OS developers to extract the most performance from its 64 bit hardware.

See also my recent article - How Long Can Sun Stand the Heat in the Server Benchmark Wars?

ALISO VIEJO, Calif.- July 8, 2002 - QLogic Corp. today announced full support for the new Intel® Itanium® 2 processor and architecture in Windows and Linux environments. Drivers are available for QLogic Fibre Channel and SCSI controller chips and HBAs, including QLogic's new ISP2312 Fibre Channel chip. The ISP2312 is the processor platform that powers "Fibre Down" (Fibre Channel connectivity integrated into server system motherboards) applications and the new QLogic SANblade QLA2340 family of high-performance HBAs. QLogic has been involved since the early development of the Intel Itanium architecture, supplying hardware and software during design and testing. ...QLogic profile

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