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Taipei, Taiwan - September 16, 2002 - VIA Technologies, Inc today announced that the VIA VT8235 South Bridge of the market leading VIA Apollo P4X400 and VIA Apollo KT400 chipsets has been awarded Hi-Speed USB 2.0 certification by the USB Implementers Forum.

The VT8235 South Bridge enhances system performance by using an 8X V-Link connection to the North Bridge with a total bandwidth of 533MB/s, enabling PC systems to take advantage of the integrated support for six USB 2.0 ports, as well as ATA-133, the fastest available IDE interface. Additional features include integrated VIA MAC for 10/100Mbps Fast Ethernet, integrated PCI support, 6-channel Surround Sound AC'97 audio interface and MC'97 modem. ...USB Implementers Forum, ...VIA Technologies profile

MILPITAS, Calif. - September 16, 2002 - Adaptec, Inc. (Nasdaq: ADPT) today announced staff reductions of approximately 200 people through job elimination (approximately 11% of employees). The company expects to record one-time charges this quarter of approximately $7 million associated with employee severance, closure of its facility in Nashua, NH and related expenses. Looking forward, Adaptec expects approximately $16 million in annualized savings from the restructuring.

Adaptec also announced that continuing worldwide market softness could impact revenues in the last month of the quarter ending September 30. The company now anticipates revenues for the period will be down approximately 15-20 percent from the prior quarter's $107.8 million. Adaptec also expects pro forma earnings for the quarter to be in the range of approximately break-even to a per-share loss of four cents. The company reiterated its revenue guidance for the full 2003 fiscal year as flat to up five percent compared to 2002. ...Adaptec profile

San Ramon, CA, - September 16, 2002 - Pegasus announced today that its InveStore Microsoft Windows NT®, Windows 2000 and Windows XP-based Storage Management Software is now compatible with the JVC MC-8000U Series DVD-RAM Libraries. Pegasus' support of the MC-8000U Series Library is within the current shipping version of InveStore v4. InveStore provides both transparent drive letter access and a developer API for JVC's complete line of 4.7 GB and 9.4 GB-based DVD-RAM products under Windows 2000 Professional, Server, Advanced Server, and Datacenter Server. Combined with the JVC MC-8000U Series libraries this solution provides up to 5.6 TB of removable optical storage. Paired with applications such as email archiving, medical records retention, workflow, COLD, records management, digital assets management, medical imaging, voice data recording and document imaging, InveStore Storage Management Software gives users the power to share, organize and safeguard vital corporate knowledge.

"The added functionality of write-once provided by Pegasus' InveStore, and its fast, reliable and easy-to-integrate solution for storing and accessing information, offers customers an unparalleled archive management investment," said Doug Arnold, National Sales Manger of the Data Storage Systems Division of JVC. ...JVC Digital Storage Systems profile, ...Pegasus Disk Technologies profile

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA - September 16, 2002 - BakBone Software today announced the availability of MagnaVault 2.3.0 for UNIX/Linux-based optical storage. MagnaVault 2.3.0 offers new global caching for faster data storage and retrieval on optical media and expanded platform support. Among the enhancements featured in MagnaVault 2.3.0:-
  • Global Caching for faster access to data stored on optical media. The caching feature needs little or no configuration. In many cases, directory contents are accessible to the user without media being present in the drive.
  • Support for Linux 2.4 and Tru64.
  • Improvement in UDF write performance from earlier versions.
  • Enhanced device support for newer DVD and MO libraries and drives, with features such as media pack management and bar code support.
Pricing for BakBone's MagnaVault 2.3.0 begins at US$3,495. The software will be available on September 23. ...BakBone Software profile

FREMONT, Calif. - September 16, 2002 - Panasas, Inc. announced today that it has secured $32 million in additional funding from six leading investment and technology firms. Centennial Ventures, a major investor in the communications industry, leads the round. Intel Capital, Intel's strategic investment program and Novak-Biddle Venture Partners are also new investors. Previous investors participating include Carlyle Venture Partners, Evercore Ventures and Mohr, Davidow Ventures, a third-time investor in Panasas. Steve Halstedt, managing director and co-founder of Centennial Ventures, has joined Panasas's board of directors.

"This new financing is a significant milestone for our company as we develop one of the industry's leading next generation storage networks," said Rod Schrock, Panasas president and CEO. "At Panasas, we intend to build a world class product with a satisfied customer base before publicly launching our system next year." ...Panasas profile

King of Prussia, PA - September 16, 2002 - InfiniCon Systems today announced General Availability of its InfinIO 7000 Shared I/O Systems. The InfinIO 7000 is the first commercially available I/O system that employs the new InfiniBand networking standard, off-loading I/O functions from servers and marking the advent of new data center deployment architectures. Commodity servers can connect to the InfinIO architecture over a single, high-speed 10Gb/s InfiniBand link for seamless integration into existing Fibre Channel and Ethernet networks - eliminating the complexity and administrative burden that typify server deployments in enterprise environments today. Additionally, the InfinIO 7000's integrated InfiniBand fabric permits servers to communicate directly with each other at rates up to 1,000% faster than current networks allow, providing significant benefit for clustered databases, High Performance Computing Clusters, and parallel computing environments.

Lead-time for new InfinIO 7000 orders placed at time of announcement ranges from four to six weeks, depending upon configuration. List pricing for configurations ranges from $26,740 to $84,320. ...InfiniCon Systems profile

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London - September 16, 2002 - e expo Storage is an online 24-7-365 event developed with senior-level management in mind, offering them interactive desktop access to the latest business-critical information from the world's leading technology suppliers and solutions providers. The format of e expo Storage mirrors a traditional ground event. There is free registration at the Welcome Desk, a choice of exhibition halls - with exhibitors occupying virtual stands - and the e-learn conference centre. Launching soon will also be a cyber-bar and recruitment centre. An important feature of the show is that visitors can link with participating companies at any time to establish direct communication.

The expo is billed as "delivering world-class e-business solutions to your desktop" and among the global companies taking part are Bull, Hitachi and IBM. The initiative is supported by the Council of Europe as well as a range of international industry bodies, such as the FCIA, the SNIA and the International Commerce Exchange (ICX). e expo Storage is one of a series of virtual events developed by e centre europe, the online marketing arm of Global Times, publisher of the pan-European business publication European Commerce. ...e expo Storage

Editor's comments:- unfortunately getting into this online event was about as quick as driving down the M4 motorway towards London during the rush hour. Four pages into the web site I was still being asked for log-in data and hadn't yet seen any useful information. I didn't proceed any further, so you'll have to judge for yourself how useful it is. I think the designers could have benefitted from a focus group here. Industry research shows that if a surfer can't find useful information in 3 clicks or less, they mostly ggive up.

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SEOUL, South Korea - September 16, 2002 – Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. today announced that it has begun sampling the industry's first 2Gbit NAND Flash memory device utilizing 90-nanometer process technology. This high-density, non-volatile memory device supports increased memory capacity, allowing consumers to store larger amounts of data on their favorite handheld devices, including digital cameras, PDAs and digital audio players.

Samsung's 2Gbit device neatly placed in a Quad Die Package instantly generates an 8Gbit-capacity device that can store 80minutes of DVD quality video data. Thus, making the ultra-high-density NAND Flash memory a potential replacement for small-capacity hard disk drives and magnetic tapes, which are the main storage medium for digital camcorders and digital audio players. Using NAND Flash memory to store data allows manufacturers to design smaller, more lightweight products with extended battery life and enhanced performance. ...Samsung Electronics profile

SAN JOSE, Calif. - September 16, 2002 – Cypress Semiconductor Corporation,Infineon Technologies AG and Micron Technology, Inc. today announced that Cypress signed a co-development agreement with Micron and Infineon to collaborate in the development of the specifications for CellularRAM™ memory, a new multi-generation family of low-power Pseudo Static RAM (PSRAM) for wireless handsets. CellularRAM memory is designed to meet the growing memory and bandwidth demands of future 2.5G and 3G handset designs. In addition to offering a lower cost/bit ratio than current solutions, this new type of Pseudo SRAM features SRAM-pin compatibility, external refresh-free operation and a low-power design. CellularRAM memory is a drop-in replacement for asynchronous low-power SRAM used currently in cell phone designs. The purpose of this co-development effort is to provide customers with pin- and function-compatible products from multiple sources, based on a jointly developed specification for CellularRAM memory. Each company will design and manufacture the products using their own design and process technology.

Based on a one-transistor DRAM cell, CellularRAM memory provides significant advances over traditional SRAM and a six-transistor (6T) SRAM cell, leveraging the technology and reduced size of a DRAM cell. These products operate at up to 108 MHz clock rates; run at an initial latency of 60 ns; and can achieve up to 216 MB/s (1.6 Gb/s) of peak bandwidth. CellularRAM memory also features a burst read and write mode that emulates an Intel® W18 and Micron Flash Burst compatible protocol with various I/O voltage options. Infineon and Micron plan to make several CellularRAM devices available in the next 12 months....Cypress Semiconductor profile, ...Infineon Technologies profile, ...Micron Technology profile
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Nibble Re: Storage Service Companies
The myth of a commodity storage services market, which appeared in many dotcom venture capital business plans in the late 1990s never materialised into reality.

Most of the companies which sprang up offering vanilla web storage to consumers and business with the dream of being funded by advertising went bust at the start of the dotcom meltdown. Users were confused by the first generation of storage service providers which seemed to offer little more than they could obtain from their web hosting ISP.

It's not that companies don't want that kind of technology, but instead their needs are a lot more complicated. The range of user needs for storage connected via the internet covers the whole spectrum of business needs from simple incremental data protection using IP based offsite backup to complex delivery of services such as webcasts for publishers. And what about the data bloat which is being generated every day from automatic processes such as CRM analystics? It would be nice to have some of that capacity purchased on demand as needed over the web?

Recent market reports suggest that the "service" which users want from their "storage services" goes far beyond the simple ideas marketed by the SSP pioneers.

Today storage and data management, protection and leverage is a complicated business. Users want what they have always wanted whenever they have been faced with technical complexity. They want help in integrating different old and new technologies in the various locations in which they run their business operations. They want the service to make these disparate parts look and interoperate like a simple interconnected whole. That's not much to ask, but takes a lot of know how and investment to deliver.

Eventually, as with all computer architecture innovations in the past, it will get easier for service companies to provide these services. And the vanilla products will taste quite nice. But the number of companies which can truly deliver the promise of that technology today is severely limited.

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