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Storage news - 2008, July week 2

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ATTO Launches 16 Port SAS RAID PCIe HBA

Amherst, NY - July 14, 2008 - ATTO Technology, Inc. today introduced the ExpressSAS R30F.

The R30F provides 16 internal ports of SAS/SATA II connectivity in a half-height PCIe form factor.

Ed Tierney, director of marketing at ATTO Technology said "By providing blazing-fast throughput, ATTO ExpressSAS products are the ideal solution for transactional database applications, e-mail servers and large server farms, in addition to demanding video environments." ...ATTO profile, RAID controllers, PCIe SSDs

Sun Launches Terabyte Tape Drive

SANTA CLARA, CA - July 14, 2008 - Sun Microsystems, Inc. today announced imminent availability of its first terabyte tape drive.

The T10000B tape drive offers 1TB of native storage capacity on a single cartridge with 120MB/sec throughput. It uses the same physical tape drive for FICON and Fibre Channel, allowing users to switch media between SAN and mainframe environments. The new drive supports WORM capability and encryption. Pricing starts at $37,000. ...Sun profile, Tape drives, Tape Libraries

Article Rounds Up State of the Market Opinions re SSDs

Editor:- July 11, 2008 - in an article published today on, editor Mary Brandel, asks and answers the question - when will the SSD market go mainstream?

It includes inputs from various SSD market analysts - including yours truly here at the mouse site. the article

ULINK Announces PATA / SATA Flash SSD Test Suite

Santa Clara, CA - July 10, 2008 - ULINK Technology, Inc. has developed an SSD quality and compliance test suite for SSD oems and integrators.

ULINK's software is used as a quality verification testing tool by major flash SSD developers worldwide. ULINK has a series of SSD specific tests including:- SSD wear leveling test and SSD garbage collection test.

DM 2008 software also provides scripts for PATA / SATA protocol, performance, regression and reliability tests, and it enables SSD chipset or product vendors to perform benchmark simulation tests, power management tests, power interrupt and integrity tests, power cycling testing and device ready timing measurement. ...ULINK profile, Storage Testers , Can you trust your flash SSD's specs?

Seagate Plans to Ship 1.5TB HDDs Next Month

SCOTTS VALLEY, Calif - July 10, 2008 - Seagate said it plans to ship 1.5TB 3.5" SATA hard drives in August.
The world's highest capacity disk drive - the Barracuda 7200.11 - spins at 7,200 RPM and has 4 platters. It has a sustained data rate of up to 120MB/S. ...Seagate profile, Hard disk drives , Record Breaking Storage

Editor's comments:-
with 4 platters - there's a lot more mechanical stuff to go wrong than with single platter drives.

But this is aimed at the desktop PC market where low cost is more important than reliability.
Seagate's  first  1.5TB hard drive

SiliconSystems Names New VP Marketing

ALISO VIEJO, Calif - July 10, 2008 - SiliconSystems, Inc. today announced that Robert Fan has joined the company as VP of marketing.

Fan brings to SiliconSystems more than 22 years of technology industry experience in marketing, sales and product development. In his new role, Fan will lead SiliconSystems' global marketing and business development efforts to further accelerate the company's growth.

Prior to joining SiliconSystems, Fan was VP of corporate marketing and business development of Entorian Technologies. Fan has also held senior management positions at Intel where he focused on the mobile computing and storage markets. Fan holds a Master of Science degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences) from Santa Clara University. ...SiliconSystems profile, Storage People

Can You Trust Your Flash SSD's Specs?

Editor:- July 9, 2008 - today published a new article which asks - Can you trust your flash SSD specs?

The flash SSD market opens up tremendous opportunities for systems integrators to leverage solid state disk technology. But due to the diversity of products in the market and lack of industry standards - it's got tremendous risks as well. The product which you carefully qualified may not be identical to the one that's going into your production line for a variety of reasons... the article

ProStor InfiniVault now Available to Government Entities on SEWP

BOULDER, Colo. - July 8, 2008 - ProStor Systems today announced that its InfiniVault family is now available on the NASA SEWP/GWAC contract through its partner, Alvarez & Associates.

Alvarez & Associates is 1 of only 6 Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small businesses who have been selected by NASA in the SEWP (Scientific Engineering Workstation Procurement) program. ...ProStor profile, Disk to disk backup, Military & Rugged Storage
Megabyte's selection of storage news
10 years editing the storage news on hadn't aged
Megabyte one little bit.

. 1" and smaller storage drives
SSDs & HDDs - 1.0" and under
"He's probably just as scared of us"
said Megabyte, not very convincingly.
Solid Data Launches
Editor:- July 14, 2008 - the technical team at Solid Data Systems have recently started a blog called - SSD Gurus.

It's focused on "Why, When, How and Where" to use RAM based SSDs.

I can't see any topics there that haven't already been discussed in's own pages. But the new SSD blog is worth a look.

Solid Data Systems has a 14 year track record in the enterprise SSD market - so they can hardly be accused of jumping on the SSD bandwagon. But you're going to see a lot of new companies and websites calling themselves by cleverly designed original names such as ""

Some examples from my "gone away & renamed" storage companies list show examples of this naming fashion from the past. I chose examples from the SAN market to illustrate the point - but there are plenty of others I could have picked too.

In the SAN category we no longer have, Elipsan, SANcastle Technologies, Sanera Systems, SANavigator, Sanrise, SanOne, SANZ, TrueSAN Networks

Some of the few prevailing "" companies:- include Nexsan Technologies and SanDisk. SanDisk of course, has nothing to do with SANs. It was originally called SunDisk - but quickly changed its name to something which looked similar - presumably to avoid confusion with Sun Microsystems. I doubt that SanDisk will now rename itself to SSDDisk.

But this brief tour through storage history shows that companies which choose fashionable technology inspired names are less likely to last the distance than those which don't. Marketing Nomenclature, and the Naming of Names is a complicated business.

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