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Storage news - 2008, June week 1

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ATTO's SAN Cards at Cannes

Amherst, NY - June 5, 2008 - ATTO Technology, Inc. announced today that its Celerity FC-41XS host adapters were used at the recent Cannes Film Festival.

Celerity FC-41XS is a 4-Gb single-channel Fibre Channel host adapter offering up to 400 MB/sec. performance. ...ATTO profile

Sun Microsystems Announces SSD Product Plans

SANTA CLARA, CA - June 4, 2008 - Sun Microsystems today announced it will ship flash SSD products in its Solaris servers in the 2nd half of the year.

Sun is already shipping Solaris ZFS software optimized for SSD technologies through the OpenSolaris community and is the first major systems vendor to add an end-to-end Flash-based disk product line to its portfolio.

"Flash SSD is the most exciting innovation to happen to system and storage design in over a decade. By mid-2009, it will be in the majority of servers and deliver more capacity than DRAM and far greater overall system performance and energy efficiency," said John Fowler, executive VP, of Sun's Systems Group. "This technology will completely change how server and storage infrastructure is designed and deployed in enterprise data centers."

In the storage industry, 2008 will prove to be a pivotal tipping point for Flash technology, as the performance and reliability along with the price of SSD is expected to be more attractive than Fibre Channel hard drive technology. ...Sun Microsystems profile

Editor's comments:-
No surprises here. Sun has unique opportunities for exploiting SSDs as I explained in my article Why Sun Should Acquire an SSD Company. That was published in 2004 in the SPARC Product Directory - a publication which is read by SPARC processor designers and marketers in Sun.

See also:- SSD software, PCIe SSDs, auto caching SSDs

Seagate Samples 300GB 10K RPM 2.5" HDD

SCOTTS VALLEY, Calif - June 2, 2008 - Seagate announced it is sampling a 300GB 2.5" hard drive - the Savvio 10K.3.

With a 10K RPM spin speed - it has a double speed SAS 2.0 6Gbps SAS interface and optional self-encrypting technology. General product availability is planned for the 2nd half of calendar year 2008. ...Seagate profile

1U StorageLoader LTO Aims at Entry Level Tape Backup

Oslo Norway - June 2, 2008 - Tandberg Data announced the availability of its StorageLoader LTO.

The 1U tape library offers compressed storage capacities up to 12TB and transfer rates up to 576GB/hr and is available with LVD SCSI or SAS connectivity. The StorageLoader has 2x 4-slot removable magazines. ESP for the StorageLoader LTO-4 HH is $4,499. ...Tandberg Data profile

ProStor Expands RDX Capacity

BOULDER, Colo. - June 2, 2008 - ProStor Systems today announced that its RDX removable disks are now available with upto 500GB native capacity.

(Previously the maximum capacity was 300GB.) With a current installed base of more than 75,000 end users worldwide, ProStor says its RDX backup solutions have captured 90% of the removable disk market for business server and workstation backup. Unlike tape drives which introduce incompatibility with each new generation and require the purchase of a new system, RDX docks and cartridge capacities are fully compatible and interchangeable. ...ProStor profile, Removable Storage

InnoDisk Announces Smallest SATA Storage

Taiwan - June 2, 2008 - InnoDisk announced the world's physically smallest SATA SSD - the SATADOM - measuring 39mm by 20.5mm by 8mm.

Capacity ranges from 128MB to 8GB. The SLC flash SSD has a sustainable read speed of 24MB/sec and write speed of 14MB/sec. ...InnoDisk profile, Record Breaking Storage, Miniaiture SSDs

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