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Amplio Technology Group

Amplio Technology Group Ltd., based in Swindon UK, is best known for the Memory Plus brand established 1989. Amplio is focused on the sourcing of new technology through long standing supplier relationships and the ability to deliver the technology to market.

  • editor's comments:- this company has joined the gone away list.
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24x7 Guide to Data Recovery..................................................
Editor:- there's one kind of storage event which you can't plan for...

...When disaster strikes and you need a data recovery company. ASAP!

Our Data Recovery page includes profiles for over 50 companies, articles and news about the market.

In more than decade covering the data recovery market I've learned they can fix products ranging from a single drive to every critical disk in an affected area.

Damage can be due to many accidental causes - including physical shock, fire, flood, chemical attack etc.

One thing which may surprise you is it's possible to make things even worse. So it's important to read some of these articles before you try any remedial action yourself - and that includes how you handle the affected drives.
Data Recovery Depending on their competency, DR companies can recover data from hard disks, tapes, optical drives and even some flash memory devices and mobile phones.

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