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PriMetrica is a leading provider of customized solutions to the telecommunications, technology, financial, and utilities industries, with over 450 clients in 20 countries. The company's focus is on accelerating profitability for businesses being impacted by the convergence of telecommunications and information technology. PriMetrica's differentiated approach combines unique business and end-user content, proprietary analytics, world-class consulting expertise, and customized delivery solutions. The company's main offices are in San Diego, CA and Exeter, U.K. More information about PriMetrica can be found on the company's web site,

  • editor's comments:- October 2009 - this company now better known as TeleGeography .

    Although it had launched a storage related market service, called, in 2002 - the company is no longer directly involved in the storage market.
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It had been a very long wait!
Spellerbyte had predicted today's buzzing
SSD market way back in the 1750s before
most homes had PCs (or even electricity).
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