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RocketDisk - (2008)

RocketDisk Inc. is a privately held corporation that specializes in distribution, consulting & marketing services based around SSDs. Headquartered in Los Angeles, California, RocketDisk is the largest authorized distributor in North America for the top 2 manufacturers in the SSD industry, Mtron (South Korea) & MemoRight (China). RocketDisk holds the largest inventory of SSDs in North America. We stock a fully comprehensive range of Form Factors, Capacities, & Interfaces of the highest performing SSD's on the market today. Our SSD's are used in Application & Database Servers, Enterprise SAN & NAS appliances, Notebook & Desktop Computers, as well as Ultra-Mobile PC's & Portable Electronic Devices.

Our client list includes many Fortune 500 companies, all four branches of the United States Armed Forces, Defense, Military, & Aerospace Government Agencies, as well as some of the most prestigious Universities & Research Centers in the world.

Our extensive experience in the IT environment, together with our premier customer service, & partnerships with Mtron & MemoRight, brings proven IT management solutions to the dynamic SSD environment. This unparalleled combination enables RocketDisk to lead the way in the delivery of a seamless storage device in North America."

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by Zsolt Kerekes, editor -

When I spoke to Jonny Brownleader at RocketDisk in 2008 I said - I'm sure there are some other companies or products already in the storage market with the word "Rocket" in their name. A quick storage search showed I was right. The old ideas are still the best. But the SSD reseller market has been tough. RocketDisk's website had gone when I looked 2 years later.

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Many of the important and sometimes mysterious behavioral aspects of SSDs which predetermine their application limitations and usable market roles can only be understood when you look at how well the designer has dealt with managing the symmetries and asymmetries which are implicit in the underlying technologies which are contained within the SSD.
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