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SalvationDATA is a data recovery tools and technology company headquartered in Sichuan, China.

Since entering the data recovery market in 2002 SalvationDATA have developed in-house technologies for recovering data - even from severely damaged hard drives.

SalvationDATA has been researching unique new ways to recover data from flash SSDs which may be available in the 2nd half of 2009.

SalvationDATA numbered over 45 full- time employees in 2008, over 80% of whom were technicians and engineers. SalvationDATA markets their products and services worldwide.

  • editor's comments:- February 2010 - SalvationDATA has copied an entire article of mine onto its website - without permission. Here's my original. Here's their spammy copy.

    Although many bloggers do similar things with personal web sites - it's a more serious matter when a vendor - who should know better - violates copyright.

    The reason vendors do this - especially in the data recovery market - is they hope that by creating a bigger web site (from stolen content) they make their own web sites score higher with Google. If they read the articles on Marketing Views - they would find more ethical ways to get better web marketing results.

    Are you going to be happy doing business with a company which doesn't respect fundamental copyright laws? That's up to you.

SalvationDATA mentions in SSD market history

I didn't think that Data Recovery for flash SSDs would be feasible. But in February 2009 - SalvationDATA announced it has developed a new new technology for flash SSD data recovery will work with all commercial devices (excluding military and industrial SSDs which have inbuilt secure erase). The new tool is expected to launch in May 2009 - and will be priced at about $1,300.

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