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Shining Technology

Founded in 1992, Shining Technology, Inc. ( is a Cypress, Calif.-based provider of cost-effective, high-performance and highly reliable computer peripherals. The company is moving to become a dominant player, with a primary focus on the data storage marketplace and has consistently been one of the leading suppliers of add-on storage products to the broadcast, video editing, portable and desktop computing markets.

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  • editor's notes:- in April 2008 - Shining Technology entered the flash SSD market with the launch of its 32GB CitiDISK SSD aimed at the digital video camera market.

    In December 2009 - Maxell announced imminent availability of a new digital video camera adapter ( $1,500) - the iVDR VC102 designed to operate with its Firewire compatible 250GB iVDR EX rugged hard drive ($289).

    Operating off a rechargeable, internal battery, it will operate for up to 90 minutes of nonstop recording.

    The drive technology comes from Shining Technology.
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