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This (below) is an archived page which shows details, below, of the MFT Storage Appliance - featured here on as it looked in Q1 2010.

The MFT Storage Appliance was launched in 2007.
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EasyCo MFT Storage Appliances EasyCo offers a family of high performance flash SSD arrays which use the company's patent pending Managed Flash Technology.

MFT can deliver 100x faster write speeds in flash-SSD arrays, built from commercial off the shelf PATA or SATA flash SSDs than the intrinsic speed of an individual flash drive without using MFT.

Systems are available as 1U, 2U and 3U RAID protected rackmount configurations upto 3 terabytes.

IOPS performance (4kb):- 65,000 read, 60,000 write.

Online pricing is available for unpopulated SSD systems aimed at integrators who want to install their own brand of supported flash SSDs. Fully populated systems are also available.

pricing & more info (pdf)

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