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editor's comments from SSD Market History.

Below the line here you can see archived details of the SiliconDrive USB Blade
as featured here on in January 2009.

The product was launched in October 2007 - but is no longer available for new designs.

miniature SSDs - 1.0" approx and under

SiliconDrive USB Blade
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SiliconSystems SiliconDrive USB Blade

SiliconDrive USB Blade is a postage-stamp sized USB solid-state drive designed for embedded storage applications where board space, shock, vibration, temperature and multi-year product lifecycles are mandatory design considerations.

Historically, many OEM designers have dismissed USB-based storage because they associated the entire product category with the retail-grade thumb drive form factor which does not meet the rigorous requirements of embedded system applications.

The new SiliconDrive includes SiliconSystems' patented PowerArmor, SiSMART and Secure technologies that deliver the high performance, high reliability and multi-year product lifecycles embedded storage applications demand.

  • Integrated PowerArmor, SiSMART, and SiSecure technology
  • Capacity range: 512MB to 4GB
  • MTBF >4,000,000 hours

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