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Solid State Disks (SSD) User Groups
Solid State Disks (SSD) User Groups
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Editor:- September 23, 2008 - believes that the SSD market has reached the size and complexity where many enterprise users could benefit from SSD User Groups.

SSD User Groups can help users share information and views about the risks and benefits of SSD technology in forums which are not dominated by any particular vendor or technology.

If you're interested in setting up an SSD User Group in your own state or city and would like some free publicity on this site to help you achieve this goal - email me with the subject line "SSD User Groups."

Please include in your email some publishable details of who you are, where you are, what you're try to do and an email address or web page for others to find you.

Eventually I hope this page will evolve into a directory of websites for such user organizations.

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