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StarWind Software

StarWind Software (founded as a spin off in 2009 but having iSCSI product roots dating back to 2003) is a pioneer of storage virtualization. It keeps innovating and putting into production solutions built with a revolutionary vision years before these ideas get adopted by the rest of the IT world. Many companies claim doing this, but few actually do. The company provides an extensive suite of advanced technologies for storage management in its leading product – StarWind Virtual SAN.

StarWind Software says it "created flash and parity RAID friendly file system designed “from scratch” to run on all-flash and hybrid configurations rather than “port” old code initially written to support spinning hard disk, something that the majority of vendors do."

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StarWind Software in storage history

in February 2009 - StarWind Software announced their spin-of from Rocket Division Software and also investor funding, led by ABRT Venture Fund.
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