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Technology Advancement Group

TAG is a Veteran-Owned Small Business (VOSB) and a Small Disadvantaged (Hispanic) Business (SDB) that has served as a leading provider of mission-critical computer systems and Information Technology (IT) services to solve the toughest challenges by delivering advanced systems engineering, custom-designed rugged computer systems, state-of-the-art manufacturing, and tactical systems integration services to the Federal Government and to the commercial sector for over 30 years. TAG's strength is our adaptability in meeting unique military program requirements. Our rugged computer systems are built to survive the full range of harsh military environments. TAG gets it done when others fail. Designed and manufactured in Dulles, Virginia, for Technology on the Move™. For more information, visit TAG on the Internet at
If you're one of those who suffered from the memory shortages in 2017 it may seem unfair that despite their miscalculations and over optimimism the very companies which caused the shortages of memory and higher prices - the major manufacturers of nand flash and DRAM - have been among the greatest beneficiaries.
consequences of the 2017 memory shortages

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Size weight and power (swap) savings are some of the consequences of Skyera's relentless pursuit of the ultimate efficiency in SSD array design.
skyHawk FS and the mobile data center (October 2014)
Targa removable storage module for avionics with 3 interfaces  ethernet   USB and RS-422 for SWAP  under 5W
fits in the palm of your hand
removable 128GB rugged military storage
all in one Ethernet+USB+RS-422 < 5W power
from Targa Systems
zero seconds? or 3 seconds? How much hold up time do you need to make a 2.5" military SSD reliable? This article examines 2 different extremes of thought as implemented in current products.
hold up capacitors in 2.5" MIL SSDs
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