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Vembu Technologies

Founded in 2004, and headquartered in Chennai, India, Vembu Technologies is a leader in providing cost effective, network based, disk to disk backup software solutions. Vembu's flagship product StoreGrid, which backs up desktops and servers, comes in three editions. StoreGrid Service Provider Edition powers the managed online backup services business of thousands of MSPs, VARs, ISPs and Managed Hosting Providers. StoreGrid Professional and Education Editions are trusted by thousands of SMBs and educational institutions worldwide for on-premise and centralized backups for their geographically distributed and heterogeneous environments. Vembu's solutions also work with leading cloud computing platforms including Amazon, Parascale, Caringo & Nirvanix. Vembu has won many awards and has been recognized by various leading industry bodies. For more information, please visit

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