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Aupera Technologies

Aupera Technologies Inc., founded in 2014 and headquartered in Vancouver, Canada, is a storage innovator which provides total solutions for enterprise All Flash Array systems. With its proprietary distributed computing and storage architecture, coupling with its acceleration engine, Aupera storage system achieves flexible configuration and customer desired performance for dedicated applications.

Editor's comments:- August 2015 - Aupera is a newcomer to the rackmount SSD market with a range of systems which the company says are optimized for video surveillance applications.

Among the technology assets which are integrated in these flash arrays are some SSDs which are also available as separate products:-
  • an M.2 form factor MRAM SSD (Aup M001) , and
90% of enterprise SSD companies have no good reasons to survive
In one of the most highly read articles on in recent years - I looked at drivers, mechanisms and routes towards consolidation in the enterprise SSD systems market along with some other outrageous and dangerous ideas. The conclusion?

"90% of the enterprise SSD companies which you know have no good reasons to survive."

Before publication - I discussed these ideas with various readers for about 3 months and since publication you won't be surprised when I tell you it has been at the core of many conversations since. the article

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world's first M.2 MRAM SSD
Editor:- August 13, 2015 - Everspin Technologies and Aupera Technologies today announced the launch of the world’s first all MRAM storage module in the M.2 form factor.

The AupM001 is equipped with Everspin’s non-volatile, high endurance, 64 Mb DDR3 ST-MRAM devices and a PCIe backhaul interface. AupM001's capacity is 32MB and among other uses is used in Aupera’s all Flash Array system for parity check and as a hardware accelerated engine for specific applications that require low latency and high performance.
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