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Dynamic Network Factory

Founded in 1989, Dynamic Network Factory, Inc. (DNF) is a privately held company based in the Silicon Valley (Hayward, Ca.). DNF carries a variety of products, ranging from network attached storage, direct attached storage solutions and IP SAN solutions, to assist companies in meeting their mission-critical storage needs with cost-effective, high performance storage equipment. DNF started as a U.S. subsidiary of the publicly-traded Japanese IT conglomerate, CSK Electronics, in 1989. In 1998, the company refined its strategy and began to focus the hardware group on storage solutions. Within a year, DNF’s rapid growth resulted in its emergence as an independent, privately-held spin-off. In 2006, DNF completed its acquisition of StoneFly Networks, an iSCSI storage pioneer and developer of complete, turnkey IP SAN solutions. Now a wholly owned subsidiary of DNF Corporation, StoneFly, Inc. ( is headquartered in San Diego.

  • editor's note:- in January 2007 - Dynamic Network Factory launched a 3.5" SATA compatible hybrid (battery backed RAM cached) hard drive.
hybrid drives
hybrid drives
Megabyte was playing with the latest
generation of DIY hybrid drives.
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Nibbles from Storage History

We started selling online ads for RAID systems in 1997 - and the first company to take it up was DEC (before they got acquired by Compaq).

Due to the popularity of storage in our Sun SPARC publication - we spun off as a separate brand in 1998. That was a good move because 3 years later - in 2001 - the Sun market stalled.

The banner ad on the right, is one which Dynamic Network Factory ran here on the mouse site in March 1999.

See also:- banner ad archive, Pre Millenium SPARC Banner Ads
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