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Fibrenetix is Europe’s 2nd largest manufacturer of RAID subsystems. It exports to more than 30 countries. Fibrenetix's European HQ is in the UK, manufacturing takes place in Spain while R&D is centred in Ireland. The plastic and metal parts are manufactured via subcontractors in Asia, offering competitive pricing.

Fibrenetix was the first company to ship IDE/ATA RAID in 1996 The company's largest single installation is currently 1 Petabyte of storage for a power utility corporation. Fibrenetix is dedicated to providing new cutting edge products, customer support and reliability, to meet the ever-growing demand for data storage. For more information visit:

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Terrorbyte liked to test out hot new
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March 2009

week 1 - Pretec Samples Highest Capacity ExpressCard SSD
week 2 - Viking Launches SATA Cube SSD

February 2009

week 1 - SalvationDATA Unveils Data Recovery for flash SSDs
week 2 - SanDisk Announces Imminent X4 Flash
week 3 - Viking Launches SSD Backup Module for RAID Cache
week 4 - Hitachi GST Buys Desktop SSD Company

January 2009

week 1 - EMC Aims to Cut 2,400 Positions
week 2 - pureSilicon Unveils Terabyte 2.5" SSD
week 3 - Thousands of USB Sticks Left at Dry Cleaners
week 4 - World's 1st 2 Terabyte Hard Drive

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