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SSD & storage news - February 2009, week 2

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ZoneLoc Prevents flash SSD Data Walking into the Wrong Hands
Phoenix, Arizona - February 12, 2009 - White Electronic Designs Corp announced a new technology - ZoneLoc - which automatically sanitizes a flash SSD to military standards - when the device is moved outside a specified operating zone - to prevent data falling into enemy hands.

The boundary can be tied to a fixed location or made to be portable for mobile applications. ZoneLoc has configurable features and options, including audible warnings, programmable response times, wireless remote purging and sensitivity modes. By combining ZoneLoc with encryption and/or physical protection technology, data protection is maximized. Because the protected device takes its own action, autonomously, security is guaranteed. ...White Electronic Designs profile, Storage Security, Disk Sanitizers

...Later:- A few years later when I was talking to Jack Bogdanski - Microsemi's Director of New Product Development about some of their new SSDs - I asked - what happened to the ZoneLoc idea?

He said that his company WEDC (which was acquired by Microsemi) did a lot of testing of the ZoneLoc but he decided not to carry it forward as a standard product because they found that users in difficult situations could sometimes get into a situation where a false positive alarm was activated thereby destroying the data. So the problem wasn't in having a technology which destroyed data but being able to ensure that users would never do something which would unintentionally trigger the data purge.

A-DATA's New 2.5" SSD

Editor:- February 12, 2009 -A-DATA says it will show a new 384GB 2.5" SSD next month at CeBIT.

If ultimate 2.5" SSD capacity is your thing - pureSilicon and STEC offer bigger.

Scott Cleland - New Director of Marketing at Adaptec

MILPITAS, Calif. - February 11, 2009 - Adaptec, Inc. today announced the appointment of Scott Cleland as Director of Marketing.

With nearly 25 years of storage experience Cleland will lead Adaptec's global marketing activities.

Prior to joining Adaptec, Cleland served as the director of worldwide marketing for AMCC 3ware. And before that Cleland was director of product marketing and technical marketing for IBM's Mylex storage division, and previously held marketing positions at Archive, Exabyte, BusLogic, and Conner Peripherals. ...Adaptec profile, RAID controllers, Storage People

cc: Notebook Hard Disk Team - Please Clear Your Desks

ISSCC, San Francisco, Calif - February 10, 2009 - SanDisk Corp today announced that it will begin mass-production of the world's first 4-bits-per-cell (X4) flash memory.

Using 43nm process technology, this breakthrough enables 64Gb memory in a single die - the highest capacity in the industry. ...SanDisk profile, Unveiling XLC Flash SSD Technology - spoof article on X4 MLC

Editor's comments:-
X4 technology will enable SanDisk to offer MLC SSDs which are about 5x cheaper than SLC (X1) SSDs. Although the X4 memory array offers 8x the capacity of SLC - the memory controllers to make it work are more complicated.

Consumer SSDs (by which I mean MLC flash) operate in a "control-alt-delete" environment - where rock steady data reliability may be part of the dream - but not the reality.

If there are problems due to the flaky nature of having so many more charge levels to discriminate in those floating gates - then so be it. It won't be the biggest cause of glitches or aggravation in a typical notebook. And consumer hard disks haven't exactly earned themselves a loving respected role by their reliability either. So when the price of the X4 SSD looks right - the notebook HDD sales teams will have to clear out their desks.

Will X4 find its way into servers too? Endurance is the least of the problems with MLC vs SLC - simply the most publicly known. Add into the mix greater sensitivity to Read disturb, Erase disturb and worsening long term Data Retention as a result of increased writes... For more about this see - Are MLC SSDs Ever Safe in Enterprise Apps?

The House Always Wins - with Greener Storage

Palo Alto, Calif. - February 10, 2009 - Pivot3, Inc today announced that 3 casinos in Oklahoma have chosen its IP SAN storage for a large-scale video surveillance expansion project.

By making this switch to Pivot3's Serverless Computing the Stringtown, McAlester, and Grant casinos stripped out approximately 90 Dell servers from the project. In addition to the green benefits of nearly 70kW saved, the casino saved more than $300,000 in lower acquisition costs, lower surveillance data center build-out costs, and reduced power and cooling. ...Pivot3 profile, NAS, surveillance - editor mentions

Nimbus Offers Drive Agnostic NAS

San Francisco, CA - February 9, 2009 - Nimbus Data Systems today announced the H-class RH100 quad port 10GbE unified storage system.

It offers up to 60x hot-swappable SATA (terabyte HDDs supported), SAS (450GB HDDs), or SSD drives (7.7TB capacity if populated by supported 128GB SSDs). Drives can be mixed within the same enclosure. The RH100 includes no-additional-charge snapshot, cloning, and replication software, built-in iSCSI SAN and NAS capabilities. The RH100 has a 4GB cache and 60Gbps internal bandwidth. Nimbus says it can be up and running in just 20 minutes. ...Nimbus profile, rackmount SSDs

Nanometer Storage Announces VP of Engineering

SAN JOSE, Calif. - February 9, 2009 - Nanometer Storage announced the hiring of Mr. Ove Dunder as its Senior VP of Engineering and Research.

Mr. Dunder, 60, a mechanical engineer, is a multiple patent holder and comes to Nanometer Storage having directed the successful development of technology solutions for other venture backed organizations. ...Nanometer Storage profile, Storage People

Editor's comments:-
this stealth mode company says they're working on 3.5" form factor storage devices that will offer more capacity than anything else currently available. They'd better get a move on - because that's a form factor which is slipping down the storage charts.

earlier storage news

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for RPM storage - so SAS SSDs were a breeze.
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Flashbacks from Storage History........................................................

1 year ago - Feb 2008 - HD DVD Retires Early - Toshiba pulled the plug on its HD DVD standard conceding the removable optical disk platform war to Blu-ray.

But as I said many years earlier - web downloads of video content will eventually make Blu-ray's victory irrelevant

2 years ago - Feb 2007 - STEC Divests RAM Business to Focus on SSDs - it seemed like a good move at the time, and looks even better now, as commodity memory businesses (both RAM and flash) are struggling to survive.

3 years ago - Feb 2006 - HP Ousts Fiorina - (HP effectively sacked its CEO). I commented that HP's marketing was rubbish - for which she had to take full share of the blame.

...Later:- in March 2008 I read Carly Fiorina's book - Tough Choices - and became more sympathetic to the problems she had faced shaking up the neanderthals in HP's caves / tribal business units.

5 years ago - Feb 2004 - Cornice Secures $51 Million in Venture Funding - that was the start of a doomed effort to create a new miniature hard disk company.

...Later:- Cornice was slammed by patent suits from the hard disk barons.

But even without those setbacks - they were barking up the wrong tree. This segment of the hard disk market was the 1st to surrender to flash.

6 years ago - Feb 2003 - world's first terabyte class SSDs announced

Concurrent announcements from Imperial Technology and Texas Memory Systems that you could buy such things (for around $2 million) were of great interest to a small hard core of our readers who actually went out and bought them.

...Later:- in January 2009 - pureSilicon said it's sampling a terabyte flash SSD in 2.5" form factor. Nevertheless the performance of those 2003 vintage SSDs (2 million IOPS) is still hard to beat today.

8 years ago - Feb 2001 - 1st Mention ofSerial ATA /SATA

A whole bunch of new storage interfaces were being launched at around that time. SATA was the fastest to get adopted, and became the most successful in the market.
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