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Fusion-io acquires Microsoft's server business

Editor:- October 3, 2021 - following rumors last week on Twitter and Facebook - Fusion-io today confirmed that it has signed a definitive agreement to acquire the server IP and related business assets of Microsoft.

Details of the financial settlement haven't been disclosed.

Editor's comments:- despite the dominance in the enterprise server OS market of Google's Chrome-server, Amazon's AWS-cubed and Cloud-Linux there are still tens of millions of servers around the world which run apps on various versions of Microsoft's server OS - a market legacy which goes back to the days when the company dominated the computer systems software market over a decade ago.

It's been several years since there has been a major update of the Windoss OS which is the result of Microsoft refocusing its business away from declining old style technology platforms and onto the much bigger and more profitable modern markets of games, apps and content.

Fusion-io's acquisition of Microsoft's server business and related IP is good news for the millions of businesses which haven't yet migrated legacy apps to new platforms - because they can now look forward to performance upgrades and maybe another 3-5 years of viable operating life.

On a technical note over 90% of the data systems software which enables apps to work is now tied up in the SSD layers - so the old traditional OS's have become a much smaller and less critical part of the software (and budget). But having access to source code of those old OS's can still make a difference to how fast the SSD layers run.

Why is Fusion-io interested in this small segment of today's internet?

"Because we want to be everywhere there's data which can be apped faster" - said a company spokesperson from Fusion-io's phone division. "And we see an opportunity for embedding some much needed API tweaks deep in the kernel of the Windoss VM market."

It's funny to think that back in the old days of the SSD market most of the talk which revolved around acquisitions and SSDs assumed that it was the SSD companies which were being acquired by traditional computer, rotating storage and chip companies rather than the other way around.

Now it's the SSD companies who are the dominant players in data infrastructure - because the money is in the data. And without SSDs - you can't get at the data or do anything useful with it in the short time which the market demands.

The many acquisitions and SSD oriented rebrandings we've seen in the market recently fit into an established pattern of vendors abandoning old style computer identities in favor of the new solid state storage enabled data content economy.

footnotes re - future SSD news? - a new series by Zsolt Kerekes, editor

When this story originally appeared on the SSD news page of (in October 2012) I inserted some deliberate signals to readers to indicate that it was a spoof. These were:-
  • the date - October 32, 2021. October normally only has 31 days. However the year at which I've set the story - 2021 was chosen to represent a time when I anticipate this kind of thing might happen in real life.
  • the misspelling of Microsoft to Microsloft. Although I have replaced this back to Microsoft in this standalone archived edition - where there isn't any possible room for misinterpretation - due to the phrase - "future news" - being in the title of the document.
My new series - future SSD news? - will stories like this to illustrate the long term destination of current strands in the SSD market.

It's not the first time I've used this technique.

A few years ago I did something similar to illustrate the distant future convergence of several complex technology and business factors in my article - this way to the Petabyte SSD.

The new series - which is intended to make you think more about what could happen - will be updated monthly - and may appear in some unexpected places.

correction to - FIO acquires Microsloft's server business

3 weeks after posting this spoof article I mentioned it to Rick White - who is the real co-founder and CMO of Fusion-io.

Rick said - "We would probably buy EMC first (similar to how the little PC company called Compaq eventually bought DEC)."

Rick went on to say that whichever way - if it did happen - he'd be happy to for me to interview him about it for the readers of
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