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IEI Technology

IEI Technology Corp. is one of the world's leading industrial computer providers. IEI has gained the reputation of being fully customer orientation from every aspect, including technology research, product design and development, flexible production, marketing, sales and customer service. Over the last few years, IEI has successfully launched more than 400 products including single board computers, servers, industrial PC chassis, workstations, panel PC, fl ash disk, PC/104 products, power supply and backplanes. IEI's products are now applied in thousands of computer-based applications such as factory automation, computer telephony integration, Networking Appliance, security system, POS system, in fields like national defense, police administration, transportation, communication base station, and medical instrument.

See also:- IEI editor mentions on and QSAN which was spun out of IEI in 2004.

the SSD story - market survival of the fittest?
The emerging size of the flash SSD market as you see it today was by no means inevitable. It owes a lot to 3 competing storage media competitors which failed to evolve fast enough in the Darwinian jungle of the storage market in the past decade.

One of these 3 contenders is definitely on the road to extinction - but could one of the other 2 still emerge to threaten flash SSDs?

A recently published article - SSD's past phantom demons explores the latent market threats which hovered around the flash SSD market in the past decade. They seemed real and solid enough at the time.
SSD past phantom demons image - click to read the article Getting a realistic perspective of flash SSD's past demons (which seemed very threatening at the time) may help you better judge the so-called "new" generation of nv memory contenders - which are also discussed in the article. the article
What's the best way to design a flash SSD?
and other questions which divide SSD opinion

More than 10 key areas of fundamental disagreement within the SSD industry are discussed in an article here on called the the SSD Heresies.
click to read the article - the SSD Heresies ... Why can't SSD's true believers agree upon a single coherent vision for the future of solid state storage? the article

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