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IT Brand Pulse

IT Brand Pulse, founded in 2009 and heaquartered in San Diego, CA, is a trusted source of data and analysis about IT infrastructure, including servers, storage and networking.

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who's who in SSD? - IT Brand Pulse

by Zsolt Kerekes, editor - - May 26, 2016

Among other things IT Brand Pulse is active in these market segments:- The company first came to my attention in June 2010 in a story about the SAN market. At that time it didn't look to me like they offered any specific reports about SSDs. But they soon after reappeared in my radar in August 2012 with an announcement launching their SSD Brand Reports and a related paper at the Flash Memory Summit (2012).

At around that time and for the next few years there was a surge of companies entering the SSD and enterprise flash report market.

But since then there has been heavy attrition with over half the companies from the peak (of 2014) having ceased regular heavyweight SSD market report publication due to consolidation trends in the markets being covered, competition within the data services industry and insufficient added value compared to free information from trade publications and bloggers.

In this context Market research companies are becoming more like publications (for example IT Brand Pulse's web site now includes ads and offers PR agency services) while publications are branding their market research content (the world's best known example being the Fortune 500).

I liked IT Brand Pulse's style of operation because it met some interim gaps in the market which leveraged social media modes of research. (Although like all research that has its weaknesses.)

At the time of writing this note it looks as though IT Brand Pulse is still in the storage market data game and conducts a small number of public surveys each year which intersect with the enterprise flash market.
Some IT Brand Pulse Milestones from SSD Market History

In August 2012 IT Brand Pulse launched its SSD Brand Leader Survey Report based on datacenter surveys. The scope ranges from controllers, drives and PCIe SSD cards through to various types of SSD systems.

In August 2013 - IT Brand Pulse was added to the shortlist of recommended SSD market analysts companies on
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especially if it's wrong
Editor:- August 22, 2013 - In a confusing market like enterprise SSDs where the accepted wisdom of what makes good technology keeps changing - and the interpretation of market trends depends on who's looking at the same data - what can vendors do to try and make sure they're aiming in the right direction and doing things which will sell?

Getting closer to their customers is one way - and most leading vendors do that already. But it's not infallible.

How about customers they're not reaching yet? What are they thinking? - Especially if it's wrong or based on perceptions which are out of date. Vendors need to understand how users tick so they can adapt their own product plans and the way they talk about them.

About a year ago I was contacted by Frank Berry, CEO of IT Brand Pulse who told me about the new way they were doing market research into the SSD market:- surveying enterprise users and asking them what they think about brands, technology decisions and other key issues.

That sounded like a good idea - but in recent years I've heard from a great many companies which said they wanted to do more reports in the SSD market - and although I've been happy to mention some of them on this and similar news pages I've reserved my short list of special SSD market research companies for those who - in my opinion - have invested the resources to create valuable SSD insights over a period of many years. I thought it might be years before I added IT Brand Pulse to that list (if ever).

Turns out I was wrong.

And while I was aware that Frank Berry and his team have been doing more work in the enterprise SSD area in the past year - it was only when I got a summary of their recent presentation at the Flash Memory Summit - SSD Adoption Trends (pdf) in my email this morning - that I realized the scale of what they have already achieved.

There's some really useful information here about SSD user decision points and current usage preferences as well as brand data and market perceptions. (You have to skip through the early parts of the document to get to the interesting bits.)

Some of the feedback from these survey participants...
  • SSDs will be approximately 3x the current percentage of their organizations combined SSD and HDD disk capacity within 2 years
  • Virtualized servers are the biggest driver for SSD adoption (above database servers)
  • Nearly as many organizations have already deployed SSDs in some of their servers as those who have not deployed any type of SSDs at all. (A list of participating surveyed organizations is included in the paper.)
This free version of the paper includes unscaled graphs - and charts without numbers. But it makes a good read as it is. For those who need the raw data and numbers - the cost is $1,500. the article (pdf)

Editor's comments:- IT Brand Pulse has demonstrated its commitment and ability to enhance our understanding of the enterprise SSD market. So I've fast tracked them by several years into my recommended SSD analysts list.