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San Jose, Calif. - August 14, 2000 - At the Linux World Conference & Expo Show today, Knox Software Corp. announced that it has released a free version of its Arkeia® network backup software for Linux users. The Southern California based developer of enterprise network backup tools has posted a free version of its Linux application, the Arkeia Free Version, for immediate download from its Web site and through a selection of partners, such as SuSE and Mandrake. Designed to provide Linux-based PCs and small networks with enterprise-caliber backup functionality, the Arkeia Free Version provides full support for one Linux-based server to back up and restore itself and two Linux, Windows 95/98, or Windows NT Workstation client PCs over a network. The Free Version license permits both commercial and non-commercial use, making Arkeia an inexpensive means to reliably safeguard data for home users, small companies and organizations.

"We've found that personal users of Arkeia on Linux have been effective in promoting the adoption of Arkeia on a larger scale within their companies and organizations," said Phillip Roussel, CEO of Knox Software. " From personal experience, these users know that Arkeia delivers sophisticated backup functionality that takes full advantage of the power and flexibility of Linux. Offering a free version of Arkeia for both commercial and non-commercial use will encourage even more organizations to test Arkeia on Linux and discover how Linux can handle network backup chores more cost effectively than competing Microsoft-centric packages."

The Arkeia Free Version replaces the discontinued shareware version of Arkeia. It differs from the shareware version in the fact that the Arkeia Free Version has added support for scheduled backups as well as interactive backups. Further, the license for the Arkeia Free Version now allows the use of Arkeia free of cost in small commercial environments. The Arkeia Free Version supports the following configurations:

  • One Linux-based backup server (or stand-alone Linux PC)
  • Two Linux, Microsoft Windows 95/98 or Windows NT Workstation clients
  • A single-tape SCSI tape drive
As a proven solution for enterprise network backup requirements, Arkeia provides incremental and full backups (scheduled or on demand) and preserves directory structure, registry, symbolic links and special attributes. Arkeia utilizes an exclusive multi-flow technology to back up multiple clients simultaneously, delivering throughput across the network that is 200 to 300 percent faster than rival software packages. Arkeia's Java-based user interface enables the system administrator to manage multiple remote backup servers through the Internet as if they were local backups. The professional version of Arkeia supports eight server hardware-OS configurations and provides client support for over 30 hardware-OS configurations. This also includes support for over a hundred tape drives and tape libraries from all leading vendors, as well as the recently announced Oracle RMAN based hot backup agent for Oracle8i on Linux, which has been tested for compatibility by Oracle Corp. The latest release of Arkeia, Version 4.2, provides several powerful enhancements such as a job queuing facility, a new command line interface, a virtual backup server facility and e-mail notification upon completion of backups.

Pricing and Availability The Arkeia Free Version is immediately available for download from the Arkeia FTP and Web servers. For backup of multiple network clients or for support of other server platforms, an evaluation copy of the professional version of Arkeia 4.2 is available via download at for a 30-day trial period. Pricing for the professional version of Arkeia starts at under $700 U.S. and is based on client count and optional features. For more detailed pricing information, Knox Software Sales can be contacted at ...Knox Software profile

St. Paul Minnesota, August 14, 2000…A major new software product to improve speed, access and manageability of very large files, was announced by LSC Incorporated. SAM-Segment is immediately available. Called SAM-Segment, this new segmented file system software provides users with an intelligent system that will copy only the segment of a file that has changed. File segmentation dramatically improves performance over storage management programs that copy an entire file whenever a change is made. SAM-Segment will be sold as a separate product option for SAM-FS V3.5.0 customers.

"A segmented file system allows systems administrators to choose attribute options that automatically segment files of a certain size or an individual file or directory. Because file segmentation is flexible, it allows file size and segment size to be different for each file, type of file or subdirectory, and attributes can be switched on and off at will," explains Harriet Coverston, vice president of technology for LSC, Incorporated. During the software field test, Hans-Juergen Wolf, archive manager of the German Remote Sensing Data Center, a division of DLR (the German equivalent of NASA) said,

"SAM-Segment increases our ability to receive, process and archive remote sensing data for the scientific community and our government users by improving the performance of our storage configuration. It also reduces the cost of growing our database of satellite images."

SAM-Segment also allows users to stripe single files across multiple tape drives for reading and writing, drastically improving read and write performance. With this feature, a user can employ a single drive to read an individual file segment, freeing the rest of the drives for other uses, even if the file is striped across multiple drives. "By segmenting very large image files, our users can search and retrieve data faster because segmented files can be read back from multiple drives simultaneously," Wolf added.

Priced $37,000 (U.S. suggested retail) SAM-Segment is available through authorized distributors worldwide to SAM-FS V3.5.0 users. Licenses for SAM-FS begin at $6000 U.S. suggested retail. ...LSC profile

MILPITAS, Calif., - August 14, 2000 - Adaptec, Inc. today announced that Compaq Computer Corp. will be shipping the company's SmartRAID® V Millennium RAID controller as qualified equipment in Compaq's DS10 and ES40 AlphaServer lines of 64-bit NonStop servers operating with Tru64 UNIX. This RAID controller will be offered as the Compaq StorageWorks KZPCC 3-Channel Backplane RAID Controller (P/N: DS-KZPCC-CE) with 64-MByte cache and battery backup as the standard configuration, supporting 9- and 18-GByte Ultra2 drives on Compaq StorageWorks Enclosure Model 4254 Ultra2/LVD device shelf.

The Millennium PM3755U2B controller includes a dedicated RAID processor and supplies 264 MBytes/second bus mastering performance. Data protection and speed are achieved through an easily scalable cache memory array (up to 256 MBytes of ECC memory) and support for RAID levels 0, 1, 5, 0+1, and 0+5. Other features include flash-upgradable firmware and BIOS, BIOS-based setup and RAID configuration utility, and full-featured GUI configuration and storage management software. Operating system compatibility includes Windows® NT®, Windows 2000 Windows 95/98, Tru64 UNIX, Novell NetWare®, SCO® OpenServer 5, SCO, SCO UnixWare® 7, UnixWare, OS/2®, and Linux.

"We are pleased that Compaq has selected the Adaptec SmartRAID V Millenium RAID Controller to provide reliable storage protection for these high-performance servers," said Lee Caswell, vice president of Adaptec's OEM Solutions Group. "We have worked closely with Compaq to ensure that our RAID controllers are integrated into their server solutions. Because these servers are designed for high-end environments, customers will benefit from the man-years of testing we've invested to provide the total solution." ...Adaptec profile, ...Compaq profile

San Jose, Calif. – LinuxWorld Conference & Expo - August 14, 2000 - VERITAS Software Corporation, and Cobalt Networks, Inc. today announced the Companies are collaborating to accelerate the availability of enterprise-class VERITAS Software application storage management solutions on Cobalt's primary server appliance products. The alliance allows Cobalt's customers to deploy open source solutions with industry-standard availability of business-critical data.

"The integration of VERITAS Software's data availability solutions with Cobalt's full line of server appliances will give Cobalt customers a distinct advantage in terms of ease of ownership, high-performance backup and restore, and the reliability VERITAS Software and Cobalt customers have come to depend on," said Mark Orr, vice president, business development and co-founder, Cobalt. "The clients provide the ability to back up the Cobalt server appliances to a VERITAS NetBackup server on the network, enabling continuous data availability for Cobalt's server appliances."

Under this agreement, the VERITAS NetBackup client and VERITAS Backup Exec client will ship with Cobalt's RaQ 3 and RaQ 4 server appliances. ...Cobalt Networks profile, ...VERITAS profile

San Ramon, CA, August 10, 2000 - Pegasus Disk Technologies, a leading provider of storage management software solutions for archiving and managing critical user data on removable optical storage devices today announced compatibility with Microsoft's latest operating system - Windows® 2000. Early adopters of Microsoft's newly released operating system can immediately benefit from full support for a wide range of industry standard file formats on optical, CD-ROM and DVD media devices from the leading industry manufacturers.

InveStore provides drive letter or a developer API access to storage devices connected to workstations or servers running Windows 2000 Professional Server, Advanced Server, Datacenter Server or Internet Information Server.

"Microsoft provides the scalable platform, and Pegasus delivers the storage control necessary to give unequaled security and reliability for the archival of data," explained Roy Slicker, Pegasus President and CEO. He added, "Specifically in this new release, users will find compatibility with MO, CD-ROM and DVD-ROM drives and jukebox libraries, support for the new Plasmon 12" 30GB optical media and devices, and added support for the Joliet file format on CD media all running under the various configurations of Windows 2000."

InveStore 3.40 began shipping August 10th. ...Pegasus Disk Technologies profile

PHOENIX - Aug. 9, 2000 - SanOne today announced that it will be the official host of the FCTC SAN Interoperability Lab at the Fibre Channel Technology Conference (FCTC) 2000, to be held in San Jose, Calif., Oct. 10-12. SanOne will run the SAN HOT Demo, an on-site lab that will showcase the latest SAN hardware and software implemented across heterogeneous environments, including NT, SUN, AIX, HP-UX and Linux. Serverless and LAN-free backup, virtual storage, data consolidation and SAN monitoring and management will all be profiled during this exclusive event.

``For SANs to deliver a viable solution for current and future storage needs, a verifiable `best-fit' proof of concept must exist,'' said Michael Flannery, SanOne's general manager. ``We at SanOne are proud to host the Interoperability Lab at a prestigious conference such as the FCTC2000. Our goal is to present users the opportunity to view interoperating SAN products in a real-world environment.''

``SanOne will be providing a valuable service for all members of the SAN community,'' said conference Chairman Dr. Lance Leventhal. ``This FCTC-exclusive Interoperability Lab will give end users the opportunity to see what products are certified to work together, thus ensuring well-architected storage systems.'' ...SanOne profile

SAN DIEGO, California - August 8, 2000 - Overland Data, Inc. (NASDAQ/NMS:OVRL) today reported record revenue for the fourth quarter and fiscal year ended June 30, 2000, up 79% and 33%, respectively, over last year, due largely to continued strong OEM demand for the Company's core DLT-based LibraryXpress™ product line. Net income for the fourth quarter and fiscal year 2000 were significantly impacted, however, by losses at Overland's Tecmar subsidiary, and by charges related to the Company's decision to discontinue the Tecmar line of Ditto products for the desktop tape backup market.

For the fourth quarter of fiscal year 2000, Overland reported revenue of $38.3 million, compared to $21.4 million in the fourth quarter of the prior fiscal year. After a $1.0 million, or $.10 per share after-tax charge for discontinued Ditto inventory, net income for the fourth quarter of fiscal year 2000 totaled $258,000, or $.02 per share, compared to $583,000, or $.05 per share, in the fourth quarter of fiscal year 1999. Without the write down of Ditto inventory, Overland would have reported net income of $.12 per share for the fourth quarter of 2000. Also included in net income for the fourth quarter of fiscal year 2000 net income was an operating loss, excluding the Ditto write down, of approximately $900,000, or $.08 per share, attributable to the Tecmar subsidiary. ...Overland profile, article:- The Cost of Owning and Storing Data - by Overland Data

SAN JOSE, Calif. - August 8, 2000 - TrueSAN Networks today announced enhancements to SANdesigner, the company's exclusive web-based SAN configuration and management tool. SANdesigner simplifies the complexities of implementing a storage network with intuitive Internet software that enables end-users to rapidly design complete storage-area network solutions online in minutes. SANdesigner, which received sensational user acceptance since its introduction earlier this year, allows users to visually prototype storage-area network implementations on the Web. After indicating the current applications and existing network environment, the user can drag and drop SAN components in a graphical user interface to form a visual diagram of the storage network. SANdesigner assists the user throughout the process by intelligently configuring the SAN in real-time based on storage networking principles. The enhanced version of SANdesigner, available immediately at, adds several new features for automating robust SAN implementation design. These features include:
  • High-availability predictive configuration algorithms, including support for clustering and fabric meshing topologies to augment SAN resiliency.
  • Support for additional server operating systems on the SAN, expanding the applications for heterogeneous open storage networking.
  • Enhanced visualization tools that build the physical representation of your storage-area network in real-time with cabling schematics, power requirements, and rack usage data.

"SANdesigner helps enterprise customers design comprehensive storage networks on the Internet while mitigating excessive professional services fees associated with the storage assessment process," stated Thomas Isakovich, President and CEO. "SANdesigner helps show users the value of SANs while accelerating their integration into a variety of real-world environments. The continued evolution of SANdesigner, based on extensive customer feedback, provides the cornerstone of a complete web-based user interface which will revolutionize SAN acquisition and management."

SANdesigner intelligently determines the precise hardware and software components necessary to implement an end-to-end solution, from the server to the storage subsystem. Before finalizing the SANdesigner configuration, prospective customers may indicate the levels of service and support which best fit their needs. Upon completion of a storage network topology, SANdesigner stores the information in an advanced database, making the SAN design readily available for the user to edit at any time. This revolutionary, patent-pending storage-area network configuration tool is accessible via the asp page on STORAGEsearch. ...TrueSAN Networks profile

MOUNT LAUREL, NJ, AUGUST 7, 2000 - INRANGE Technologies Announces Purchase Of VARCOM Corporation. Today's enterprise networks are increasing in complexity and scale, with a growth in distributed sites and numerous types of Wide Area Network (WAN) and Local Area Network (LAN) platforms. The ability to verify the Quality of Service (QoS) levels for these types of networks is a growing challenge for today's IT management. To further address this industry trend, INRANGE Technologies announced today that it has acquired Fairfax, VA-based VARCOM Corporation, a provider of network management hardware, software, and services.

INRANGE and VARCOM have maintained a business relationship since 1992. Two of VARCOM's key network management offerings, the VC 1000 Management Console and Remote Test Manager, are integrated into INRANGE's Universal TouchPoint Architecture (UTA) -- a management system used to monitor and assess Quality of Service (QoS) levels across the span of enterprise data networks. Based on INRANGE's 2800 and 2700 TouchPoint High Speed Switching Platforms, UTA provides operators located anywhere in a network with circuit-level access to equipment within the network infrastructure, and lets them attach industry-standard test devices to monitor the network's availability and performance in real-time. VARCOM recently announced the NetLook Application Performance Monitoring System - a series of management probes that can monitor a variety of applications within network traffic. NetLook is currently being integrated into the INRANGE Universal TouchPoint Architecture. ...INRANGE Technologies profile

COSTA MESA, Calif, August 3, 2000 - Emulex Corporation announced today that the LightPulse™ LP9000, LP8000 and LP7000E PCI-based host adapters have been awarded the 'Solaris™ Ready' certification from Sun Microsystems, Inc. for Enterprise™ servers running the highly reliable and scalable Solaris™ Operating Environment.

"The Solaris Ready logo ensures Emulex's customers that the product has been verified to operate in Sun's Solaris™ Operating Environment SPARC Platform Edition" said Nicola Krest, Solaris Ready I/O marketing manager, Sun Microsystems, Inc. ...Emulex profile

Ithaca, NY. August 3, 2000— Unique Digital Inc., a major global provider of data storage solutions based in Houston, TX has signed an OEM agreement with Pathlight Technology Inc., the leading provider of complete SAN solutions to OEMs and Enterprise Developers. UDI will immediately begin offering Pathlight's SAN Gateway™ and SAN Router™ intelligent SAN solutions as key components of its SAN infrastructure. UDI will leverage the Pathlight products to deliver high-availability data solutions for small and mid-size workgroup environments. UDI expects these new workgroup-oriented SAN solutions to appeal to many of its customers, including the insurance and accounting companies that are a key segment of its business.

Andy Pratt, President of UDI, said, "Pathlight's products offer a powerful unified approach for delivering reliable SAN solutions to the small enterprise. Their products combine a high level of intelligence and functionality in a compact package that addresses the unique needs of smaller enterprises without limiting their capability. The products' seamless Fibre Channel to SCSI bridging also enables UDI to deliver complete backup solutions using a single device. The high reliability and availability of SAN solutions based on Pathlight products will also enable customers to completely outsource their heterogeneous IT solutions with UDI."

UDI will integrate the Pathlight devices with storage systems including DLT and AIT tape libraries from ADIC and Overland Data, and MetaStor Fibre Channel RAID products from LSI Logic, as well as SAN software from Veritas Software. SAN Gateway and SAN Router will also provide connectivity for the Sun and HP servers UDI sells. "Pathlight's products were designed to provide the broadest range of SAN capabilities to every customer, regardless of the size of the enterprise," said Pathlight Executive Vice President Said Rahmani. "With the SAN Gateway and SAN Router, we have resolved all the issues that an enterprise developer would ordinarily have to confront individually – such as connectivity, heterogeneous support, SAN management, access control and scalability – in a single high performance device. We look forward to providing UDI's customers with the smoothest path to reaping the benefits heterogeneous storage solutions have to offer."

Pathlight's SAN Gateway and SAN Router each provide UDI customers with a complete high-speed, high-reliability SAN infrastructure in a single device. Both feature connectivity for multiple independently configured Fibre Channel and SCSI channels, and simultaneous interoperable support for heterogeneous systems, storage devices and operating systems via both Fibre Channel and SCSI. SAN Gateway and SAN Router support exclusive technologies including Pathlight's Virtual Private SAN™ (VPS™) - a powerful access security control solution that provides protected connections between multiple heterogeneous hosts and multiple heterogeneous storage devices for reliable resource sharing. The devices are highly scalable and feature support for third-party value add functions such as server-free backup. Pathlight's SAN Director™ software is a comprehensive, JAVA-based management solution that provides system administrators with a single point of control, remote or local, to maintain, monitor and configure the entire SAN network from end-to-end. ...Pathlight profile, ...Unique Digital profile

BOULDER, Colo., Aug. 2 - Exabyte Corporation today announced its partnership with Spectra Logic, which will feature the Mammoth-2 (M2(TM)) tape drives in its new Spectra 12000 and Spectra 64000 tape libraries. With this announcement, Exabyte increases its market adoption through M2's leading performance, capacity, automation-ready, small form factor and SmartClean(TM) technology in Spectra Logic's tape libraries.

The Spectra 12000 and Spectra 64000 tape libraries meet the needs of midrange to high-end data centers, and deliver centralized backup and restore operations across heterogeneous platforms, software applications, tape drives, media and interface technologies. The Spectra 12000 library can support up to 120 cartridges and eight drives, while the Spectra 64000 can manage up to 640 cartridges and 32 drives in a single rack. M2's SmartClean AME media eliminates the need for cleaning cartridges in libraries and opens room for an additional 150 GB (compressed*) media cartridge to increase capacity. ...Exabyte profile, ...Spectra Logic profile

OKLAHOMA CITY, Aug. 2 - Seagate Technology, Inc. today announced that it has received a special "Pioneer Award" from Compaq Computer Corp. in recognition of Seagate's "outstanding contribution" to Compaq's supply chain optimization in 1998 and 1999. "Seagate has been a key partner to Compaq for enterprise-class hard drives for a very long time," said Jack Baikie, Compaq Director of Enterprise Solutions and Services Group Procurement. "Recently, they extended their commitment to Compaq by playing a key role in the redesign of the supply chain for our enterprise hard drive business."

As part of this award-winning effort, Seagate worked closely with Banta, a third-party supplier to Compaq, to establish and improve its supply chain management capabilities. Together, they fulfilled Compaq's needs by streamlining the company's kitted-assembly disc drive supply in the Americas, Europe and the Pacific Rim. Their efforts reduced the number of global supply points from fifteen to three. ...Seagate profile, ...Compaq profile

Princeton, NJ—August 2, 2000— Dataram Corporation today announces immediate availability of memory products for IBM's rack-mounted Netfinity 5600 server. Packed into a 5U rack, the Netfinity 5600 features up to two 933 MHz or 866 MHz Intel Pentium III processors and 133MHz front-side bus architecture with up to 4GB ECC SDRAM memory. Dataram is enhancing the performance of the Netfinity 5600 by offering 133MHz memory in 256MB, 512MB and 1GB capacities. Maximized with Dataram memory, this high-performance, two-way server delivers excellent levels of power and scalability creating a perfect foundation for networked business-critical applications. List Prices are as follows:

Capacity Dataram Memory IBM Product List Price
256MB DRI5600/256 33L3060 $632
512MB DRI5600/512 33L3062 $1369
1GB DRI5600/1024 33L3064 $3567 ...Dataram profile

IRVINE, Calif., August 1, 2000 - Toshiba America Electronic Components, Inc. (TAEC) today announced that Toshiba Corporation has developed the world's first 2.1-inch reflective LTPS LCD with integrated static random access memory (SRAM) within every red, green and blue (RGB) dot of the TFT LCD array. By integrating SRAM into every dot, the LCD's power consumption in standby mode is half that of current cellular phone LCDs, an advance that considerably extends overall standby time. The new LTPS LCD is ideal for the cellular phone market due to its significant improvement in the display's performance. Toshiba will initially apply this breakthrough technology to LCDs design for next-generation cellular phones.

Toshiba's SRAM integration technology embeds multiple SRAM cells within each RGB dot in the LCD array (see attachment), an approach utilizing the higher electron mobility of LTPS technology. The SRAM cells integrated in the LCD can hold one bit of data per RGB, allowing users to view e-mail and other stored data, including eight-color photographs, without any need to access the display's peripheral circuitry or to send information to the LCD dot. As a result, power consumption of the LCD in standby mode is cut by approximately 50 percent to lower than 1.4 milliwatts (mW) when displaying still pictures with eight colors. ...TAEC profile

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