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COSTA MESA, Calif., December 7, 2000 - Emulex Corporation today announced a definitive agreement to acquire privately-held Giganet, Inc. of Concord, Mass., a leading developer of Virtual Interface (VI)-based IP networking solutions. Upon completion of the transaction, Giganet will become the IP Networking Group of Emulex, and Neil Ferris, Giganet President and CEO, will assume a seat on Emulex's board of directors. The combined companies will offer the industry a wide range of storage networking technologies, enabling OEM customers to go to one source for Fibre Channel and IP-based storage networking host bus adapters (HBAs).

"The acquisition of Giganet extends Emulex's leadership position in storage networking host bus adapters from Fibre Channel into the IP arena," said Paul Folino, President and CEO of Emulex. "As a result of this acquisition, SAN and NAS OEMs will be able to obtain best-of-breed storage networking host bus adapters spanning both Fibre Channel and Ethernet, all from a single supplier. Furthermore, we expect Giganet's technology leadership in VI architectures to provide critical time-to-market benefits for Emulex customers, as VI emerges as a core enabling technology for higher speed gigabit networking architectures." ...Emulex profile

Wilmington, MA, December 7, 2000 - Kentron Technologies announced "The Gig", the lowest profile solution for 1U servers and platforms in the marketplace. "The Gig" is a 1.25" high, PC133, Registered, ECC, 1GB, 168-pin memory module developed utilizing its patented FEMMA technology. FEMMA is a proven cost effective, non-stacking approach to high-density memory. With this new design, Kentron has accomplished the design of a module with the highest density (1GB) and the lowest height (1.25") available in the market place today. Through a unique layout of the components that compose a memory module (TSSOP device SDRAM, registers, PLL, etc.), Kentron's team of design engineers reduced the height of the module by 26% from the industry standard 1.7" to 1.25", while still maintaining all industry standards for PC133. The 1.25", 1GB FEMMA module is the latest innovation in Kentron's family of high density, high-speed 1GB memory platforms better known as "The Gig". "The Gig" has been especially designed to work in 1U server platforms, which require ultra-low profile memory modules to fit in these tighter spaces.

The 1.25" high, PC133, registered, ECC, 1GB, 168-pin FEMMA memory module will be available for sampling in January 2001. ...Kentron Technologies profile

McLEAN, VA - December 6, 2000 - Geneva Technology Inc, a leading provider of convergent billing solutions to the telecommunications, e-commerce, utilities and on-line marketplaces, today announced a multi-million dollar agreement with Arsenal Digital Solutions. Fast-growing Arsenal offers its customers a full suite of managed storage solutions and provides innovative information management applications that help its customers derive incremental value from their data. The Geneva billing system enables Arsenal to offer robust billing capabilities and more easily and accurately charge customers for the storage and related services it offers. Using Geneva's convergent billing solutions, Arsenal creates "pay per use" service packages, is able to roll out innovative new services quickly, and can perform sophisticated customer relationship management and marketing functions. Additionally, Geneva Technology offers Arsenal the on-line billing and payments system for its customers.

"As an emerging leader in a fast growing market, Arsenal requires a billing solution that can handle its complex customer hierarchies and support its tremendous growth," said Geoff Sinn, President and Chief Operating Officer of Arsenal. "Within the year, Arsenal expects to process more than 300 million events per month for customers, a huge surge requiring a scalable billing solution. After a thorough evaluation of leading billing choices, Geneva stood tall as a market leader and the one solution that could meet our needs." ...Arsenal Digital Solutions profile

San Jose, Calif., December 06, 2000 - Spruce Technologies, Inc has made SpruceUp, the world's only web-enabled Personal DVD Authoring software, available for immediate download via its web site. SpruceUp is the first product to combine ease-of-use, a powerful feature set, creative freedom, and the affordable price point that makes DVD authoring viable at the personal level. Delivery of SpruceUp has been eagerly anticipated since it received tremendous response from both the video professionals at DVExpo and from the broader market of PC users at the recent Comdex show.

Not only does SpruceUp bring the power of DVD-Video to the Personal user, but it also includes the hottest new trend – WebDVD. With Spruce's patent-pending ConvergenceTM technology, adding Web links to productions is as simple as typing a URL. When the disc is played back on a Web-connected PC using Spruce's supplied redistributable player, pages will come up automatically in sync with the program! With control of the latest DVD Recordable drives, SpruceUp supports making discs directly, and can even write out to DLT tape for those wanting to replicate discs. Many users will choose to use CD-R for shorter duration material however, so SpruceUp fully supports this with Spruce's DVDonCD technology. With a single click the user can place a player application on the CD that will allow the disc to play exactly like a DVD when placed in most recent PCs.

SpruceUp incorporates key product innovations that have helped Spruce become the dominant supplier to the high end DVD Production community. Built on an industrial strength authoring core, market-proven on thousands of professional titles, SpruceUp offers extensive real-time preview and simulation tools, intuitive text handling, context sensitive help and many other features to make using the product fast and enjoyable. SpruceUp is the first full-featured personal DVD authoring software priced at just $129. Leading manufacturers of capture cards, editing software, and other complementary products will be bundling SpruceUp, either in the full or full featured trial versions. It is also available for immediate download. ...Spruce Technologies profile

BOSTON, MA, December 6, 2000 - Astrum Software today announced that it is offering a free Snap Server with the purchase of Astrum's StorCast software suite. Together, Astrum Software and Snap Appliances Inc provide a cost-effective, turnkey solution for Windows® 2000/NT/9X based environments.

"The StorCast/Snap Server combination is giving our customers a scalable, easy to use storage solution. With this program, Astrum is providing a solution for IT staff looking to increase storage capacity and efficiently manage their complex storage infrastructure, including existing RAID, SAN and NAS from a central location," remarked Robert Infantino, Astrum Software's President.

"We are happy to support Astrum Software's storage management solution that combines our award-winning Snap Server with the easily-manageable StorCast software suite," said Jim Simon, Director of Channel Marketing for Snap Appliances, Inc. "By partnering through our Snap Access reseller program, companies such as Astrum are able to maximize our number of value-added incentives.

The StorCast/Snap Server combination can be purchased by contacting Astrum Software a certified Snap Appliances reseller. ...Astrum Software profile, ...Snap Appliances profile

ARMONK, NY, December 5, 2000 - IBM announced today a new technology initiative, code-named Storage Tank, that will deliver the promise of storage networking - a universal storage system capable of sharing data across any storage hardware, platform or operating system. Clearing the next major hurdle for e-business, this technology addresses the need to simplify complexity created by the explosive growth of the e-business infrastructure. With an ever increasing number of diverse storage and host computer systems on a network, Storage Tank will act as the common language that enables them to freely communicate, regardless of file format.

"The e-business infrastructure is built upon a variety of applications running on different platforms across different networking protocols -- and they all need to share data," said Linda Sanford, senior vice president and group executive, IBM Storage Systems Group. "Universal access to data is a quantum leap towards the industry's goal of interoperability."

Storage Tank is a software management technology that unleashes the flow of information across a storage area network, providing universal access to storage devices seamlessly, transparently and dynamically. Currently, disk and tape storage subsystems are designed to work with specific host systems, logical volumes or file systems. This fragmented arrangement results in an inefficient usage of storage resources on a network. By using Storage Tank to create a consolidated storage environment,the power of each storage subsystem can be leveraged across the network, enhancing performance and data availability. This new technology, three years in the making, was developed by researchers at IBM's Almaden Research Center in California and further developed by IBM subsidiary,Tivoli Systems. ...IBM profile

Northampton, UK - 5th Dec 2000 - UK storage VAR, Kingswell announce the release of Veritas Backup Exec for NT Version 8.5 . Backup Exec is the first storage solution certified for both Windows NT and Windows 2000 operating systems. The new version of Backup Exec provides built in wizards to simplify common operations, whilst also providing complex backup and recovery tool for power administrators. Exclusive features of Backup Exec include:
  • The first Microsoft Certified backup solution for Windows 2000.
  • The only solution which reads and writes to the Microsoft backup utility.
  • Device sharing among both Windows NT and Novell NetWare.
  • Centralised Management – The Backup Exec Network Storage Executive option centrally manages multiple Backup Exec servers from one console utilising backup policies and backup server pooling.
  • Only Windows NT and Windows 2000 disaster recovery option which restores servers to the most recent backup.
  • Online database protection for Microsoft Exchange 2000 and SQL Server 2000.
...Kingswell Computer Company profile

London, December 5th 2000 – Recent research co-sponsored by SevenMountains Software reveals that many IT departments are looking at Application Service Providers to form part or all of their disaster recovery policy. The survey, shows that 67% of IT manager respondents would use as ASP as part of a disaster recovery policy. Patrick Coates, Managing Director at SevenMountains Software expands:

"With increasing pressure to provide 24x7 computing, regardless of what disasters may take place, the ASP model has two roles to play. Firstly, companies see the ASP model as a good disaster recovery model in itself. Alternatively, those who have not embraced the ASP model for the first level of application provision can see it playing a secondary back-up style role. Either way normal service to end users is resumed in a timely and controlled manner. This emphasis on up-time may also indicate why 63% of respondents saw reliability as a most important factor when choosing as ASP."

The research survey was conducted in November 2000 by The ASP Community. Over 350 IT Managers across industry were surveyed. An Executive Summary of the full research results will available in late January. ...SevenMountains Software profile

Editor's comment:- in a disaster you should also contact your primary industry portal. As part of our advertiser care package we have, during the last few years put notes on the profiles of our advertisers on the days or weeks when their web site or telecommunications was down or while they were moving office. If your company is a storage vendor we can also use news and other methods to convey to your customers who use our site that your business is not dead, but just temporarily unavailable. The same principle applies to portals in other market segments - for end-user organizations. If your building has gone up in smoke or is flooded - ask your sales people to use their portables to email this news to your industry portal.

DALLAS, Texas, December 4, 2000 - Interphase Corporation, has been selected by Ingram Micro Inc. to provide Fibre Channel host bus adapters (HBAs) to Ingram Micro's high end storage group. Ingram announced the creation of the high-end storage business unit in April in direct response to research projecting exponential growth in the SAN market over the next two years. The high-end storage market covers Network Attached Storage solutions, optical and tape storage systems, drive arrays, tape libraries and other solutions for SANs.

"The idea behind our high end storage group is to provide ready and reliable products and services," said Jodi Honore, vice president, general manager, high-end storage group, Ingram Micro U.S. "Interphase's PowerSAN family of adapters has proven performance, reliability and scalability and they are a welcome addition to our solution team." ...Ingram Micro profile, ...Interphase profile

Minneapolis, Minnesota, December 4, 2000 - Plasmon today announced plans to incorporate the new multi-functional 9.1GB, 14X Magneto Optical (MO) drives from long-time technology partner SONY Corporation into its M-Series 5.25-inch optical libraries and future optical automation products. To ensure maximum integrity, Plasmon will offer certified ISO standard double-sided media in both rewritable and WORM formats with the new MOD 910 MO disk drives. The new 9.1 GB capacity drive will increase Plasmon's 5.25-inch automation capacity range to:- 182 GB for 20 slots, and 4.55 TB for 500 slots, respectively.

"These new drives will increase the capacity of all M-Series libraries by 75 percent. The capacity increase will be very attractive to new markets such as E-commerce, E-mail, and Video archiving applications as well as in traditional markets such as Medical Imaging, Financial, and Document Imaging" according to Tom Ferguson, Vice President of Marketing for Plasmon.

Plasmon M-Series customers with libraries that want to upgrade existing libraries to the new 14X, 9.1 GB drive technology should contact their Plasmon representative or visit the Plasmon web site. ...Plasmon profile

Hamm, Germany - December 4, 2000 - EKF Elektronik has added two new SCSI adapters to its range of CompactPCI cards. The products are:
  • CS4-SAX - is a CompactPCI® based Dual Ultra2 SCSI hostadapter, suitable for attachment of LVD/SE 16-bit peripherals as Raid-systems, high performance hard disks and streamer tape drives. Provided with two independent ports, both channels can be dedicated to LVD devices, or alternatively one channel can be used to support mixed performance SE devices. The CS4-SAX provides up to 160MBps aggregate SCSI throughput. Optimum performance therefore is achieved when the SAX is operated in a 64-bit CPCI backplane, but 32-bit legacy systems also profit from the power of this SCSI controller.
  • CS5-HORN - EKF is a CompactPCI® based Dual Ultra160 SCSI hostadapter, suitable for attachment of LVD/SE 16-bit peripherals as Raid-systems, high performance hard disks and streamer tape drives. Provided with two independent ports, both channels can be dedicated to LVD devices, or alternatively one channel can be used to support mixed performance SE devices. The CS5-HORN provides up to 320MBps aggregate SCSI throughput. Optimum performance therefore is achieved when the HORN is operated in a 64-bit CPCI backplane, but 32-bit legacy systems also profit from the power of this high-end SCSI controller.
...EKF Elektronik profile

PALO ALTO, Calif - December 4, 2000 - Sun Microsystems, Inc. and HighGround Systems, Inc., today announced that Sun will acquire HighGround Systems. HighGround, a privately held company based in Marlborough, Mass., is a recognized leader in storage resource management solutions for distributed open systems environments. This acquisition complements Sun's existing product line, enabling Sun to extend its strategy of providing easily managed, scalable storage networks.

Under the terms of the merger agreement, Sun will acquire HighGround in a stock-for-stock transaction worth approximately $400 million. This acquisition is expected to close in the third quarter which ends March 30, 2001, of Sun's fiscal year 2001. This acquisition is subject to governmental approvals, Highground stockholder approval and customary closing conditions. Following completion of the acquisition, HighGround will become a part of Sun's Network Storage organization, which reports into Executive Vice President Janpieter Scheerder.

"The Net Effect will require storage networks that are easy-to-manage, highly available and infinitely scalable. With the acquisition of HighGround Systems, Sun is taking the next step in making that vision a reality and liberating system administrators from the daunting task of managing these complex storage environments," said Ed Zander, President and Chief Operating Officer, Sun Microsystems, Inc. "The HighGround team brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to Sun and will be instrumental in helping build on our strategy of delivering easy-to-manage storage networks." ...HighGround Systems profile, ...Sun Microsystems profile

Editor's note:- this acquisition addresses some of the weaknesses which I identified in last month's Squeak article, in particular the lack of NT support. However, Sun's biggest weakness in storage remains its lack of adequate marketing, where much catching up work still remains to be done.

Reston, VA - December 1, 2000 - W. Quinn Associates, Inc. announces the general availability of SpaceMaXX SRM™ , a family of storage resource management reporting tools for desktops, server-attached storage, storage-attached networks, and network-attached storage devices. SpaceMaXX SRM monitors disk space consumption at the partition level; enables usage thresholds to be set on specific drives; triggers web-based "best practice" reports at scheduled times, as requested, or as disk utilization thresholds are reached; and takes any pre-determined action to regain wasted disk space. The product family includes SpaceMaXX SRM Server, which runs on Windows NT/2000, 9x servers and NAS devices; and SpaceMaXX SRM Professional, which runs on single Windows NT/2000, 95, 98, or Millennium Edition ("ME") desktop computers.

By running SpaceMaXX SRM's automated "best practice" reports, IT professionals can immediately identify the reason for explosive storage growth and determine how best to control it. These reports can specifically highlight non-business Web downloads, such as MP3 music files; unused or stale files to be archived or deleted; duplicates; old desktop backups; or voluminous e-mail attachments. Excess files can cause a server outage, increase the backup window, halt productivity or require the addition of more disks to expensive RAID subsystems.

SpaceMaXX SRM Server is priced at $149 per server. SpaceMaXX SRM Professional is priced at $29 per workstation, purchased at a minimum quantity of 100 units. SpaceMaXX SRM can be purchased directly from a WQuinn representative or purchased directly online at A free trial version is available for downloading immediately. ...W. Quinn Associates profile
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