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Storage news - 2002, December weeks 3 - 4

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SCOTTS VALLEY, Calif. - December 31, 2002 - Dr. Mark Kryder, senior vice president and director of research at Seagate Technology, was recently elected as a Fellow by the American Physical Society (APS) upon the recommendation of the Forum on Industrial and Applied Physics. The APS citation honors Dr. Kryder, "for outstanding contributions to the understanding of magnetic domain behavior, and leadership in the technologies of information storage."

The APS Fellowship Program was created to recognize members who have made advances in knowledge through original research and publication or made significant and innovative contributions in the application of physics to science and technology. Each year, no more than one-half of one percent of the current membership of the Society are recognized by their peers for election to the status of Fellow in The American Physical Society.

"Dr. Kryder's experience in magnetics research spans over 30 years with a myriad of achievements that are clearly deserving of recognition for driving technological innovation in the field," said Gordon Thomas, Fellow of the American Physical Society (APS), Chair of the APS Forum on Industrial and Applied Physics, and Professor of Physics at the New Jersey Institute of Technology. "Both personally and on behalf of the APS, I congratulate Dr. Kryder for his accomplishments and on his election as a Fellow. This honor is intended to convey our judgment that Dr. Kryder is among the top scientists in the United States and in the world. To be precise, as we have a tendency to be, we think he's in the top 0.5% of physicists in America."

Dr. Mark Kryder holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University and a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering and Physics from the California Institute of Technology. He has authored over 300 publications and holds 16 patents. ...Seagate profile

December 30, 2002 - Zack Weisfeld, director of marketing of M-Systems' DiskOnChip Division, will speak at Storage Visions 2003, a technical conference focused on emerging technologies for entertainment and consumer electronics industries and their storage needs. Storage Visions is a two-day conference coinciding with CES, with attendance expected to include technical, marketing and management personnel from the data storage, content creation, content distribution and consumer electronics industries. Weisfeld will be one of several industry experts discussing the future of data storage for mobile devices on the Mobile Storage panel moderated by Gerry Purdy, President of MobileTrax. On the panel, Weisfeld will be joined by executives from PortalPlayer, SanDisk, IBM and CMS.

Continuously seeking future-proof solutions to meet the growing demands of storage-hungry devices, the wireless phone industry is in a state of transition. Faced with a daunting new set of duties, yesterday's adequate storage components now pose a business risk. In a session titled "Flash - The True Enabler for Wireless: Overcoming Inherent Barriers," Weisfeld will discuss the mobile memory challenge and improving the mobile memory architecture. This presentation will discuss flash storage evolution, next generation storage necessities and how a combination of performance-enhancing inventions and flash management capabilities can truly enable wireless applications and successful designs. Case studies and cost benefit analysis will be discussed. ...M-Systems profile, ...Storage Visions 2003

CHATSWORTH, Calif. - December 23, 2002 - Optical Communication Products, Inc. announced the resignations of John Lemasters and Masao Konomi as Chairman of the Board and director, respectively, and the election of Hobart Birmingham and David Warnes as directors of the Company. John Lemasters stepped down from his position as Chairman of the Board but will continue to remain a member of the board, including his position on the audit committee. The board of directors has unanimously re-appointed Dr. Muoi Van Tran, OCP's Chief Executive Officer, as chairman of the board.

"Although John's tenure as chairman of the board was brief, he made important contributions to OCP's strategic planning and business initiatives. I look forward to continuing the work begun by John to strengthen OCP's market position and shape OCP's vision for the future." Dr. Tran added, "We are very grateful to Mr. Konomi for his hard work and support as a director over the past year, and appreciate his contribution to our company. We wish Mr. Konomi well in his future endeavors."

OCP today also announced that its board, pursuant to its authority under its certificate of incorporation and bylaws, amended its bylaws to increase the range of the size of the board from three to seven directors to five to nine directors, and set the size of the current board at eight directors. To fill the vacancies created by the expanded board, Hobart Birmingham and David Warnes have been elected to the newly expanded board, and have been appointed to the company's audit committee. Mr. Birmingham has also been appointed to serve on the compensation and special stock option committees. A total of eight directors now serve on OCP's board, including four independent directors. ...Optical Communication Products profile

Editor:- December 23, 2002 - I'd like to wish all our readers a Happy Holiday and a Prosperous New Year. January is a busy month in the events calendar with MacWorld (San Francisco) and Storage Visions 2003 (Las Vegas) both starting in the first week. What changes will the new year bring to the storage market? Well, 2003 will be the year that high-end servers drop in price as manufacturers switch from proprietary backplans to the open standard InfiniBand connection. My guess is that Dell will continue increasing market share in storage, while EMC continues losing percentage points, and HP will do well to stay where it is. It could be the year in which demands from the growing consumer entertainment market start to have more influence on the shape of future hard drives than the flat and possibly falling unit demands from the data processing market. Security will have a bigger role to play as users understand better the increased risks and vulnerabilities from networked storage. We've got a whole new bunch of subject features and articles planned (which give us an excuse to create some more Megabyte graphics). But the most interesting developments of all will be those which no one can predict today. So I hope you'll join me again on these news pages after the holidays to watch the storage saga as it continues to unfold, and we continue our long term mission:- "remapping the enterprise storage frontier".

MILPITAS, Calif. - December 19, 2002 - LSI Logic Corporation today announced an agreement to supply its high-performance Ultra320 PCI RAID storage adapters to NEC Corporation, solidifying its position as the premier provider of RAID technology for Japan's market leading server manufacturers.

Building on LSI Logic's long-standing relationship with NEC, LSI Logic's first-to-market MegaRAID® SCSI 320-1 and MegaRAID SCSI 320-2 storage adapters will now be available across NEC's server lines, including its award-winning Express5800 server family. Designed with a low-profile form factor for tight enclosure environments, the MegaRAID SCSI 320-1 incorporates high-performance I/O processor-based technology, and is ideal for high-density server environments. The half-size, dual-channel MegaRAID SCSI 320-2, featuring the LSI Logic LSI53C1030 dual-channel Ultra320 SCSI controller, targets high-performance, mid-range servers and intensive I/O environments requiring dual-channel RAID configurations.

"NEC servers require proven and robust RAID capabilities to meet our customers' requirements for critical data protection," said Shigeru Oshima, Senior manager of CAS division, NEC. "MegaRAID solutions from LSI Logic offer unequalled data reliability and availability, requirements for today's data-intensive server environments." ...LSI Logic profile

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - December 19, 2002 - In spite of the economy slump, the past 18 months have seen a surge of innovations in storage networking with more than 100 well funded start-up companies identified in a report issued by Peripheral Concepts, Inc. New technological advances are about to completely change the landscape of SAN and NAS. No vendor can ignore this movement.

The most significant technological advances emerge in three fields that are about to merge. First, is a family of new hybrid devices offering multi-protocol low latency routing and switching capability. Data acceleration techniques form the second field, involving parallel processing often combined with grand scale silicon implementation, in products dubbed "Storage servers." Thirdly, come virtualization and aggregation engines which overcome some of the most serious shortcomings of NAS and SAN.

The report highlights and analyzes ten major areas in SAN and NAS evolution, quantifying the market through 2004, and identifying the major players. These areas are: interfaces and interconnects, fabric components, management software, devices and arrays, storage servers, data accelerators, virtualization, Content Delivery Networking, Data security, and SAN and NAS convergence

The result of an extensive end user survey is summarized in the report. It reveals that SAN and NAS have enjoyed wide acceptance in the past 18 months. Storage capacity is distributed in the enterprise between storage internal and external to the server, with a distinct trend toward external storage. External capacity connected to SANs represents on the average 60% of the total installed disk capacity of a site. A significant percentage of the surveyed sites (45%) own more than one SAN and remain cautious in their consolidation plans. NAS is not as widely deployed as SAN in the population interviewed, but its growth rate will surpass SAN. ...Peripheral Concepts profile

SANTA CLARA, Calif. - December 19, 2002 - Sun Microsystems, Inc. today announced its intention to leverage InfiniBand technology in the build out of next-generation data center infrastructure. Sun plans to leverage InfiniBand technology in future server platforms, application environments, switches and storage. Future InfiniBand-based platforms are expected to include Sun's next-generation horizontally scalable blade servers expected in 2004 and future vertically scalable enterprise servers. Sun expects applications (such as databases, directories, applicaton servers, J2EE environments, ERP and CRM) running on these systems to show significantly improved performance. Sun also plans to integrate InfiniBand into storage virtualization and aggregation products and controllers. ...Sun Microsystems profile

See also:- InfiniBand, Sun VARs in the USA

POOLE, UK - December 19, 2002 - BakBone Software announced today that its flagship backup and recovery software NetVault has been chosen by Denmark's employer confederation, Dansk Arbejdsgiverforening, to backup over 65 Windows 2000 servers running several MS Exchange systems and MS SQL and Oracle databases because of its inherent support for disk staging.

The trade union was offered NetVault by local system integrator, Skandinavisk Computer (SCT), as an alternative to their previous installation of Veritas Backup Exec 8.5, which proved to be too complex for their new system configuration. Dansk Arbejdsgiverforening chose to centralize their backups from their seven regional offices throughout Denmark to their head office based in Copenhagen but insisted on high performance throughout the backup process. The trade union therefore chose to install NetVault and make use of its inherent Virtual Disk Library (VDL) feature which allows them to send their data backups across ADSL lines to a 1.2TB Fibrenetic RAID subsystem and then onto tape via two Overland Storage Neo2000 tape libraries, each containing two SDLT320 drives and twenty-six slots. The head office can collect the data from the regional offices without compromising performance on the larger backups taking place at the head office.

"We chose NetVault primarily because it supported virtual disk libraries and network compression," comments Fini Forchhammer from Dansk Arbejdsgiverforening. "We required a software solution that could allow us to stage our data backups to disk using our leased ADSL lines. Moreover, NetVault's support for network compression means that we can shrink the size of data being transferred between the local offices and the head office. In fact, we can now increase our backups from two jobs to eight jobs at the same time, meaning a faster backup for the local offices. It's certainly made our backup process a whole lot simpler." ...BakBone Software profile

SCOTTS VALLEY, Calif. - December 19, 2002 - Seagate Technology today announced that its third-generation Cheetah 15K.3 disc drive has been qualified and adopted for industry-standard HP ProLiant servers and HP StorageWorks solutions. Shipping now, the award-winning Cheetah 15K.3 disc drive is Seagate's flagship enterprise drive, offering high performance and IOPS with unmatched reliability that comes with being the world's only third-generation 15K disc drive. New HP 146GB 10K U320 and 72GB 15K U320 Universal Hard Drives for the HP ProLiant servers and HP StorageWorks product families will utilize the Ultra320 SCSI Cheetah 15K.3 - the first enterprise products in the industry to do so - to meet the demands of data-intensive online transaction processing for enterprise environments. ...Seagate profile

Sunnyvale, CA - December 18, 2002 - Network Appliance, Inc. has provided Wellington, New Zealand-based Weta Digital Effects powerful NetApp storage solutions used in the making of New Line Cinema's The Two Towers, the sequel to the Academy Award® winning film The Lord of The Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring. The three-film production is based on J.R.R Tolkien's popular trilogy.

Directed by Peter Jackson, the trilogy represents an unprecedented undertaking—three films made simultaneously over a year and a half of production. The first film in the trilogy, The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring, was released December 19, 2001 to widespread critical acclaim and was the recipient of four Academy Awards. The entire trilogy has been shot completely in New Zealand and Weta Limited's Weta Digital Effects and Weta Workshop divisions have been responsible for the special effects. To support this vital undertaking, Weta Digital Effects has deployed NetApp storage systems.

"This three-year project called for state-of-the-art storage capability and, especially, scalability and speed of data delivery that we found only NetApp could provide," said Scott Houston, Weta's chief information officer. "We have scanned millions of images for the films and these are being worked on by our 143 graphic artists. The images have to be scanned and stored for manipulation and with a single frame representing anything up to 12 megabytes, we are talking about a lot of storage." ...Network Appliance profile

Editor's comments:- everyone from the company that supplied the disk drives to the company which supplied the pizzas appears to be trying to get out a press release about their involvement in this movie. I'm hoping to see it Friday if I can get a seat. You can see a different sort of goblin on

CARLSBAD, Calif. - December 18, 2002 - Dot Hill Systems Corp. (AMEX: HIL) today announced it has raised $6 million in gross proceeds from the sale of 6,000 shares of preferred stock in a private placement led by Omicron Master Trust. The proceeds will be used primarily for working capital and product development.

"We are very pleased with the terms of this deal and our relationship with Omicron. This deal was priced to include a conversion rate that is at a premium to the recent market price of our common stock," said Preston Romm, Dot Hill's chief financial officer. "Further, the deal includes several favorable provisions, including under varying circumstances redemption at our option utilizing cash or common stock, forced conversion, or allowing the preferred stock to remain outstanding." ...Dot Hill profile

Mountain View, Calif. and Paris, France - December 17, 2002 – Atempo today announced the availability of Time Navigator for IBM DB2. The new module provides fast, online backup and recovery of DB2 database information. Time Navigator for IBM DB2 enables online backup and recovery for DB2 while ensuring continuous operation of mission-critical databases. All DB2 backup and recovery activities across the enterprise can be managed through a unique and central administration console. The module supports SANs and uses DB2-supported backup methods and API.

"With the release of Time Navigator for IBM DB2, the fastest-growing and second-largest UNIX database, Atempo continues to expand its support for the leading databases on the market," said Philippe Boyon, vice president, marketing for Atempo. "Our customers can rely on Time Navigator to protect their business applications running on the major databases such as Oracle, Informix, Sybase, Microsoft SQL Server and now IBM DB2."

Availability:- Shipping now, Time Navigator for IBM DB2 is available on most major platforms including IBM® AIX , Sun® Solaris®, Linux, Windows NT and Windows 2000. Time Navigator for IBM DB2 can be purchased from Atempo's worldwide network of distributors and VARs. ...Atempo profile

SAN DIEGO - December 17, 2002 - Hacking tools used by employees within organizations may be the biggest security threat to emerge this year, leading to increased vulnerabilities, lost data, and wasted time and resources, reports Websense Inc. Websense reports that the number of hacking Web sites has increased 45% in the last 12 months, now totaling approximately 6,000 Web sites, encompassing more than 1 million pages of content. The dramatic spike may signal an increasing internal security risk for organizations worldwide. Nearly 90% of U.S. businesses and government agencies suffered hacker attacks in the last year, according to Newsbytes, while 80% of network security managers claim their biggest security threat comes from their own employees, according to a survey conducted at this year's Gartner Information Security Conference. ...Websense

See also:- STORAGE Security

Redmond, Washington - December 17, 2002 - ADIC announced today that is has been named as a "Preferred Supplier" to Fujitsu Siemens Computers, Europe's leading computer company. The award is the highest possible rating given in Fujitsu Siemens Computers' supplier rating program. Currently, only two of Fujitsu Siemens Computers' storage suppliers, and 15 of all the company's suppliers, have been awarded Preferred Supplier status.

"It is a pleasure to award ADIC our highest supplier evaluation" commented Dr. Helmut Beck, Vice President Storage at Fujitsu Siemens Computers. "The ADIC-Fujitsu Siemens Computers relationship supplies innovative tools which help our customers manage and protect their network data more effectively and more efficiently. These concerns are key for our enterprise customers, and we consider ADIC an important strategic partner." ...ADIC profile, ...Fujitsu Siemens Computers profile

MILPITAS, Calif. - December 17, 2002 - LSI Logic Corporation today announced that Lite-On Information Technology Corporation is using the DVD&MORE™ (DVD and Multimedia Optical Recording Entertainment) manufacturing kit as the basis for its newest DVD & PLUS Combo Series product, LVR-1001. With DVD&MORE, Lite-On IT is able to quickly and effectively develop feature-rich home entertainment systems like the LVR-1001, which is not only a DVD player, but a high-speed CD burner, photo browser and AV recorder with a user-friendly graphical interface, all in one. The Lite-On IT LVR-1001 will be available to consumers in early 2003 and demonstrated at LSI Logic's booth #15744 at CES 2003 in Las Vegas. ...Lite-On IT, ...LSI Logic profile

CHATSWORTH, CA - December 17, 2002 - Globalstor Data Corporation today announced an OEM partnership with FPC, Inc. the premier supplier of post-production products and services to the motion picture industry in Hollywood and a subsidiary of Eastman Kodak Entertainment Imaging Group. The agreement is part of a strategic initiative by Globalstor to expand support for TransPro for DVD, their latest solution for the motion picture and post- production industries. Globalstor Data's TransPro is a complete dailies mastering system, capable of producing quality DVD discs with features to rival discs created by expensive service bureaus. Automatically-generated DVD menus and scene/take chapter-points give directors, producers and actors clear and immediate access to the day's shoot. These discs can then be used to assess even fine details including camera angles, make-up and lighting, which can then be revised in the next shoot. The end result is greater artistic control over the entire movie making process, considerable budget savings and a better quality final product.

"The ability to quickly create DVD formatted discs with scene/take menu chapter points is a significant step forward," said Keith Watanabe, Sales Manager for FPC, Inc. "As the industry migrates to random access and computer friendly formats, this system provides a robust, speed-efficient solution."

Through its partnership with FPC, Globalstor designed TransPro with the needs of the Motion Picture community in mind. Advanced automation features for quickly and accurately importing scene and take information allow studio facilities to create fully-featured DVD Dalies discs without spending the time to custom-master each disc from scratch. The TransPro is available now through FPC, Inc. or direct from Globalstor with a two-year factory warranty. ...FPC , ...Globalstor Data profile

Carlsbad, Calif. - December 17, 2002 - Arkeia Corporation today announced the release of Arkeia Light, a fully enabled free version of the company's award-winning Arkeia V5 enterprise software for open source environments. Arkeia Light is designed to provide Linux-based PCs and small networks with enterprise-calibre backup capability at no cost for personal or commercial use. Arkeia is the most widely used professional backup solution in the Linux environment with more than 90,000 networks worldwide protected by either the Light or the full version. This new version of Arkeia Light features the Arkeia V5 user interface, including a calendar interface for periodic backup and exception management. Arkeia Light adds support for OpenBSD and NetBSD clients and many new Linux distributions, including the recently announced UnitedLinux.

Arkeia Corp. believes that diversity and choice promote a healthy, robust and dynamic software industry. "Our offer of a free version for Linux backup servers acknowledges the voluntary work by thousands of Linux users who have donated time and expertise toward making Linux a viable alternative OS," said Phil Roussel, Arkeia CEO. "Open source solutions have significantly contributed to the software industry by creating free, high-quality software such as Linux."

Arkeia Light is a complete version of the Arkeia solution (no time limit) for 1 Linux backup server attached to a SCSI single-tape tape drive and 2 desktop-class client machines (i.e. Linux, FreeBSD, BSD/OS, OpenBSD, NetBSD and/or a MS-Windows workstation - MacOS X support scheduled for early next year). ...Arkeia profile

LEXINGTON, Massachusetts - December 17, 2002 - Buyers of large-scale IT storage solutions think first of EMC, IBM, and Hewlett-Packard, according to ITSMA, a global advisor to companies that market and sell technology services. ITSMA's study of market positioning and brand knowledge in the fiercely competitive storage market showed that EMC is clearly top-of-mind for buyers interested in purchasing storage solutions. More than one-third of storage decision makers mentioned EMC without prompting, and more than one-quarter said EMC is the firm they would most likely call for storage services and solutions. IBM and Hewlett-Packard were the only other firms mentioned by more than 10% of decision makers in ITSMA's survey of 300 IT executives from large enterprises and government agencies.

"Brand recognition is a critical advantage in today's storage solutions market," according to Lori Weiner, Senior Director of Research at ITSMA and author of Storage Solutions: 2002 Market Positioning and Brand Awareness Study. "Buyers are skeptical of new technologies and extremely conservative in investing in new solutions, yet performance requirements for storage systems continue to increase. The answer is often to consider offers only from the most prominent and credible players."

In addition to the overall brand leaders, buyers gave high marks to a number of other firms for strength in specific categories. Buyers relying exclusively on network-attached storage rate Network Appliance and Dell highest. Brocade Communications received the highest overall favorability rating of any company rated in the study. Hitachi Data Systems showed strength in categories such as storage consulting and SAN solutions. CNT and Veritas received high marks for expertise in business continuity and disaster recovery.

Another finding of the study was that buyers show a modest but clear preference for bringing together best-of-breed specialists over relying on single firms that can provide one-stop-shopping for all their storage products and services. ...ITSMA profile

Editor's comments:- although the top 3 companies mentioned in this report have consistently appeared in our top 10 lists measured by storage revenue, only one of the three actually appears in our recently published list of the top 5 storage companies in 2002 measured by hundreds of thousands of reader pageviews. That's another way of measuring "brand strength". As a dotcom publisher since 1996 I've found this method gives useful predictions and insights into who's going up, and who's going down in future market share.

Munich, Germany / Fountain Valley CA, USA – December 17, 2002 - Infineon Technologies AG and Kingston Technology Company, Inc., today announced that they have signed a Long-Term Agreement (LTA) and a non-binding Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to strengthen each company's position in the worldwide memory products market. Under the LTA, Infineon will supply Kingston with leading edge DRAM components, with potential cumulative revenue estimated at up to US $2.5 billion over the next five years. Infineon and Kingston are expanding their existing longstanding business relationship to improve each company's ability to supply memory components and modules to computer system manufacturers and after market customers. In addition to the LTA, the companies have signed a MoU with the intention for Kingston to provide contract manufacturing and back-end engineering services to Infineon.

Infineon, which is ranked by the market research firm iSuppli as the world's third largest manufacturer of memory ICs for the second quarter of calendar 2002, will provide Kingston with DRAM from its worldwide network of fabrication plants.

Kingston, ranked by market researchers as the world's largest independent memory module manufacturer, designs, assembles, and tests memory modules in its multiple regional manufacturing facilities (China, Malaysia, Taiwan, and the Unites States) for its customers. Kingston will also provide engineering services to Infineon in the form of component and module validation at its fully owned subsidiary Advanced Validation Labs Inc., an Intel approved test lab that can support OEM test requirements for acceptance of new die shrinks and module designs. These services will help Infineon to secure access to new computer systems and accelerate qualification and time-to-market of Infineon DRAM products. ...Infineon Technologies profile, ...Kingston Technology profile

Hauppauge, NY - December 16, 2002 - Peer Software, Inc. today announces the release of PeerSync, the company's flagship enterprise-grade data synchronization and backup software, featuring open file data protection provided through an integration of St. Bernard's Embedded Open File Manager software.

Most backup and synchronization tools were not designed to support and sustain the fast, fluid nature of today's digitally-driven business communications. Open and/or locked files – MS Outlook PST files, SQL and other database files, etc. - are typically skipped during backup and synchronization, leaving a broad swathe of critical data unprotected and vulnerable. PeerSync now provides organizations with a reliable and seamless means of protecting files even while they are locked or in use. In addition to using PeerSync to backup and synchronize standard business documents - spreadsheets, presentation files, Word documents, etc. - users can continue working without interruption as open files are unobtrusively synchronized, protected – and left "unharmed"."

"Assuring business continuity and sustaining timely communications are arguably the most important challenges facing all organizations, from Fortune 500 to small business," said Paul Marsala, President of Peer Software. "Integrating St. Bernard's Embedded Open File Manager into PeerSync now provides customers with another layer of around-the-clock data protection, eliminating the drags on productivity caused by lost or corrupted files. This announcement further underscores our commitment to evolving our technology to meet the demands of organizations competing in today's digitally-driven world."

St. Bernard's Embedded Open File Manager is a partner utility integrated with PeerSync to help consistently capture open and in-use files, even if they are changing during the backup – all without locking users out of applications or forcing them to log off the network. PeerSync is Peer Software's flagship, industrial-strength backup/synchronization solution which runs under MS Windows 9x/ME/NT4/2000/XP. ...Peer Software profile, ...St. Bernard SoftwareP

Hopkinton, Mass.- December 16, 2002 - EMC Corporation announced today that the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) implemented an additional 90 terabytes of EMC Automated Networked Storage systems to support the agency's transition to E-Government. In the spirit of President Bush's management agenda, the USPTO's E-Government strategy strives to help intellectual property practitioners interact electronically with the government, saving time and money. For example, during September 2002 the USPTO received more electronically filed applications than paper filings for the registration of trademarks for the first time.

As part of its E-Government strategy, the USPTO is migrating to electronic tools for more efficient handling of patent and trademark application files. Based in Arlington, Va., the USPTO has standardized on 300 terabytes of EMC networked storage and open management software from EMC's AutoIS strategy to better manage and protect a database of patent grants and trademark registrations issued by the USPTO over the last 200 years, as well as image-based files and other visual material associated with patent and trademark applications. Additionally, a large amount of historical information dating back to 1790 has been converted to EMC networked storage for management and protection.

Last year, the USPTO issued 175,000 patents and 100,000 trademarks, more than double the volume the agency processed in the late 1980s. As the volumes continue to grow, it is increasingly challenging to efficiently and effectively manages the massive data growth. ...EMC profile

San Jose, Calif. - December 16, 2002 - Alacritech today announced an OEM and integration partnership with INLINE Corporation. INLINE will integrate Alacritech's 1000x1 Single-port Gigabit Ethernet Server and Storage Accelerator in its FileStorm 4000 and 8000 lines of NAS devices targeted for mid-range and high-end markets. The NAS appliances running with Alacritech accelerators will provide scalability, reliability and 150% better performance to INLINE's customers in the commercial, higher-education and government sectors.

"INLINE's high-performance storage solutions have long focused on eliminating single-points-of-failure to ensure reliability and availability in our customer's storage environments," said Jim Fernandez, vice president of engineering, INLINE Corporation. "By incorporating Alacritech's Gigabit Ethernet TOE cards with failover and link aggregation capabilities in our NAS appliance lines, we're able to guarantee the uptime we strive to provide. In addition, we're achieving 150% greater performance than with conventional adapters, which is critical to increasing data transactions, throughput and scalability within our product line." ...Alacritech profile, ...INLINE profile

BELLEVUE, WA - December 16, 2002 ­ TeraCloud announced today it is joining the SNIA. By joining the industry's leading association and supporting the Association's Storage Management Initiative (SMI, formerly Bluefin), TeraCloud is demonstrating its commitment to the ongoing development of world-class enterprise-wide storage solutions and ensuring that its leading SRM software will continue to be the industry's standard in interconnectivity. ...SNIA profile, ...TeraCloud profile

Editor:- December 16, 2002 ­ the UK's leading storage event, Storage Expo announced this week that it will be changing venue when it runs for the 3rd time next year on October 15 - 16. Instead of running at the NEC Birmingham, Storage Expo will be moving to Olympia in London. ...Storage Expo 2003
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When Cheaperbyte's sales manager said he had to accelerate sales in 2003, he knew just the right way to do it.
Nibble: Is the External Disk Market Heading for a Crash?

wo recent market research reports got me questioning the validity of my own assumptions about the long term prospects for the that part of the storage industry which supplies disk based storage such as RAID, NAS, SAN etc. And I'm starting to feel a cold chill which has nothing to do with the seasonal weather.

First it was the December 6 news from IDC saying that worldwide disk storage systems factory revenue in the third quarter of 2002 was down 3% compared with the second quarter. "The failure to gain revenue momentum in Q3 is yet another indication that a rebound in the disk storage systems market is not imminent," said Charlotte Rancourt, research director of IDC's Disk Storage Systems program. "The third quarter is consistent with an emerging trend whereby growth in gigabyte per unit does not offset the unrelenting decline in dollar per gigabyte."

Then there was the December 10 report from Peripheral Research Corp saying that the demand for critical components for rigid disk drives hit a five-year low in 2002. "The industry has been on a 60-100% per year increase in areal densities, which by nature reduces the number of Magnetic Heads and Disks in each drive... The demand for Rigid Disk Drives has flattened out to about 195 million units per year for the past three years." This report went onto say that growth in demand for disk drives in consumer products would eventually lead to growth in overall disk shipments, but that doesn't affect the computer market which we're discussing here.

Let's recap on the two main reasons that so many computer companies flocked into the storage market in 2000 and 2001 during the recession in the PC and server market.

The first, was a widely held belief supported by direct experience, and codified in a widely publicised EMC sponsored research study saying that the demand for storage capacity would double every year. The second factor was the growth and profitability of EMC back in 2000. Both factors, taken together suggested to many oems, that here was a market which was ripe and growing, and in which there plenty of opportunity for efficient low cost producers to make higher profits than in the PC market by undercutting the fat dumb and happy market leaders. News travels fast in this wired world. So hundreds of companies had exactly the same idea.

But what if these assumptions are wrong? Or don't give the whole picture? What if an annual doubling in demand for disk storage doesn't actually lead to any increase in storage revenue? And what if an overcrowded market of EMC wannabes leads to the same fierce competition and pricing models seen in the PC market? That's good for users but spells ruin for many storage oems.

In the semiconductor world Moore's Law has reliably predicted the shrinking geometry of chip and the growing density of memory for 3 decades. There isn't an equivalent in the disk storage world. But looking back at the last 10 years, disk drive capacity has increased by a factor of 1,000, which means that on average it's doubled every year. So even if demand for storage is doubling, there's no compelling reason for the market to increase in value. In fact, if you take into account the new wave of intelligent archiving software from companies like Princeton Softech there are optimistic grounds for believing that users will be able to keep a lid on runaway storage growth by using more compression and faster intelligent archiving based on data usage patterns.

If disk storage technology keeps improving, users could end up paying less for their storage networks in the long term, instead of more. Now there's an interesting thing to think about as we ponder what the new year may bring.

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