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Megabyte thought it's that time of year when they make me wear that silly hat again.
SAN JOSE, Calif. - December 22, 2003 - Cypress Semiconductor Corporation today announced that it has reached volume production of the world's highest-density and highest-bandwidth dual-port RAM. The FLEx72 18-Mbit DP RAM is a synchronous, pipelined dual-port memory that provides 72-bit wide ports enabling up to 19.2 Gbps of bandwidth - 60% more than alternative devices. The FLEx72 DP RAM provides simultaneous access to any location in the memory - either port can write and read data into and out of any memory location at the same time. This feature, combined with the ability to run both ports in two independent clock domains, enables the buffering of large packets of data between two processing elements in a system. It also eliminates bus contention issues by enabling system architects to create a distributed bus architecture.

Configured as a 256K x 72 device, the FLEx72 DP RAM operates up to 133 MHz and provides synchronous SRAM interface to processors, DSPs, FPGAs and ASICs. Production quantities are available today and are priced as low as $105 in quantities of 10,000 units per year . ...Cypress Semiconductor profile

SAN JOSE, Calif. - December 22, 2003 - MaXXan Systems, Inc. today announced a significant enhancement of its intelligent fabric systems with the availability of FalconStor's IPStor software suite. MaXXan solutions enable storage on demand and provide customers with a comprehensive set of advanced storage services for disaster recovery, file serving, data protection and storage consolidation.

"Instead of buying a variety of systems from a number of vendors, customers are switching to this new paradigm of intelligent fabrics to simplify the implementation of computing on demand, where processing, connectivity and services are added to a heterogeneous environment as the needs grow," said Vic Mahadevan, president and chief executive officer of MaXXan Systems. "With MaXXan's intelligent fabric solutions, IT departments can serve their users the same way a utility company does: by scaling when the demand goes up."

"The combination of MaXXan's revolutionary intelligent fabric technology with the IPStor 4.0 and its centralized management tools can serve as the storage backbone of an on-demand computing environment," said ReiJane Huai, chairman and chief executive officer of FalconStor Software. "IPStor delivers a broad range of innovative storage services. In addition to SAN and NAS, mirroring and virtualization services, IPStor offers advanced replication services with compression and encryption, real-time virus scanning, capacity on demand, backup and our BareMetal Recovery." ...FalconStor profile, ...MaXXa profile

SCOTTS VALLEY, Calif. - December 22, 2003 - Gary Gentry, Seagate VPof Strategic Marketing and Planning, will deliver the opening keynote speech at the 2004 Storage Visions and Home Gateway Conference at CES, on January 6, 2004 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. This annual event is a venue for the discussion of critical technology and market issues for the implementation of a completely digital entertainment industry. Gentry's keynote speech will launch the conference by challenging the industry to look beyond the next few years to meet the technology requirements of rapidly changing applications for content creation, content distribution and home and mobile entertainment consumption.

On day two of the conference, Rob Pait, Seagate director of Global Consumer Electronics Marketing, will speak about how and why storage is becoming embedded in our daily lives, and will address the rate of storage integration into consumer devices and requirements for storage architectures. Also on January 7, Jeremy Tennenbaum, Seagate executive vice president of Business Development and Strategic Planning, will talk about the challenges facing content storage companies trying to attract venture funding. ...Seagate profile, ...Storage Visions 2004

MILPITAS, Calif. - December 22, 2003 - Adaptec, Inc. today announced the completion of its offering of $225 million of 3/4% convertible notes and repurchase of $125 million of outstanding 3% convertible notes, reducing the net cost of debt to the company.

"The success of the convertible debt offering bolsters Adaptec's strong financial position, providing a stable foundation as we deliver new technologies as part of our end-to-end product suite early next year," said Marshall Mohr, vice president and chief financial officer for Adaptec. ...Adaptec profile

Editor:- December 19, 2003 - this is the season when a lot of cards and calendars come into the office. The most memorable calendar, from ActionFront Data Recovery, has pictures of their people doing stuff and some good scripts about the seasonal disasters which can affect your system. A calendar or post-it note with data recovery phone numbers on it is useful to have around when your laptop or pc or Unix server is down and going to the web is no longer a simple option. I said thanks - and they said they've got a few thousand left. So if you want to cover a space on your wall with something useful - contact them and they will snailmail it to you.

RALEIGH, NC - December 18, 2003 - Red Hat, Inc. today announced that it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Sistina Software. The acquisition will provide Enterprise Linux customers a path to virtualization and vendor-independent storage solutions.

"The acquisition of the Sistina technology and world class development team, in close collaboration with the open source community, will greatly accelerate the availability and advancement of open source storage solutions for the enterprise," said Paul Cormier, Executive vice president of Engineering at Red Hat.

Sistina's engineering team, consisting of industry experts in clustering and virtualization, will augment Red Hat's development efforts. The integrated team will work to make all of Sistina's technologies open source and available as a part of a subscription in the first half of 2004. Red Hat's acquisition of Sistina is expected to be completed in early January at a purchase price of approximately $31M to be paid through issuance of Red Hat common stock. ...Red Hat profile, ...Sistina Software profile

San Jose, CA - December 18, 2003 - Peripheral Concepts, Inc. today announced that the submission deadline for award nominations for the Network Storage Conference has been extended beyond the 2003 Holiday season. The new deadline is January 12, 2004, with the finalists being chosen on February 9, 2004. The Network Storage award program recognizes outstanding achievements made by pioneering companies within the network storage industry.

The awards program includes four categories:- Complete storage systems, Management software, Interconnect products (such as switches, hubs, adapters, routers, etc.) and Innovative storage products. Any company, whether exhibiting or not, with a product that is in general availability with at least two users (available for interview), and is related to storage networking, may submit a product for consideration. Companies are to include a one to two page description of the features, a comparison with similar existing products, and specific reasons why the product deserves this special recognition. All submissions should be sent to - ...NSC 2004, ...Peripheral Concepts profile

Poole, UK - December 18, 2003 - BakBone Software today announced that it has ranked 1st place in's 2003 poll of storage software companies, beating rivals Veritas, Legato and Computer Associates. The #1 position reflects the amount of interest STORAGEsearch's readership has taken in the various storage companies listed on In another article published this month BakBone was ranked #4 during the year out of more than a thousand storage companies in all categories.

"Making the top five out of more than a thousand storage companies is quite an achievement," commented Zsolt Kerekes, editor of "It clearly shows just how much interest there is in BakBone and its products."

STORAGEsearch also identified BakBone as one of the fastest growing storage companies in 2003, having reported 82% year-on-year revenue growth.

"2003 has proven to be yet another excellent year of growth for BakBone," commented Andrew Unsworth, managing director EMEA for BakBone Software. "We remain committed to providing customers with the best data backup and recovery solution for networked storage environments, and naturally, we are pleased to see our efforts rewarded by's readership". ... top software companies, ... top storage companies, ...BakBone Software profile

SIMI VALLEY, Calif. - December 18, 2003 - NovaStor Corp today launched a marketing campaign targeting ISPs with a partnership initiative that enables them to offer premium services to their subscribers using NovaNet-WEB online backup software. NovaStor is implementing a 17-phase marketing program to reach over 5,000 Service Providers worldwide using web-based advertising, multiple e-mailings to key executives, online presentations, trade shows and a months-long PR campaign. The program will delineate how Service Providers can use NovaNet-WEB to grow their revenues by offering premium online backup services. ...NovaStor profile

WOODLAND HILLS, Calif. - December 17, 2003 - Nexsan Technologies and SANRAD Inc. today announced they will jointly market a complete, turnkey automated storage solution incorporating Nexsan's advanced disk-based storage systems and SANRAD's iSCSI V-Switch. With this agreement, SANRAD has become the newest member of Nexsan's Strategic Solutions Program. The SANRAD/Nexsan partnership will result in a product ideal for resellers that deliver complete iSCSI data management solutions, and will carry a "Nexsan certified" designation as an indication of its quality when it joins Nexsan's award-winning family of products. ...Nexsan Technologies profile, ...SANRAD profile

Redmond, Washington - December 17, 2003 - ADIC announced today that it has begun shipping production units of its integrated disk-to-tape backup solution, the ADIC Pathlight VX. Pathlight VX gives enterprise IT departments disk performance and RAID reliability without requiring changes in how they backup, restore, and preserve their data. ...ADIC profile

Albuquerque, NM - December 17, 2003 - SBS Technologies announced the addition of two new products to its growing InfiniBand product line. The EIS-4024-1U is a 1U rackmount 24-port robust low-latency InfiniBand switch with independent 4x ports supporting bit rates of up to 10 Gb/s in each direction. The second product, (IB4X-LPCIX-2 HCA) provides two 4x InfiniBand ports on a low-profile PCI form factor card. A Linux driver for RedHat Linux 7.3 is included with the HCA. The IB4X-LPCIX-2 is priced at $1,200. The EIS-4024-1U is priced at $7,500. Both products are available now. ...SBS Technologies profile

SAN JOSE, Calif. - December 17, 2003 - Snap Appliance introduces SnapOS Version 4.0, the latest version of its award-winning NAS operating system. SnapOS Version 4.0 is compatible with Windows Server 2003, providing customers with secure participation of Snap Server NAS systems with Windows Server 2003 Active Directory Service environments.

"The release of SnapOS Version 4.0 with Windows Server 2003 interoperability is significant, allowing our customers to protect their investment in existing hardware resources," said Drew Meyer, Product Manager for the SnapOS product line at Snap Appliance. "Snap Appliance continues to deliver value to our customers by offering new features and software upgrades to all existing SnapOS-based Snap Server platforms."

SnapOS is the dominant NAS operating system in the workgroup NAS category, with more units shipped than all of the competition combined. New Snap Servers will begin shipping with Version 4.0 in January 2004. Version 4.0 is backward compatible with all past workgroup Snap Server products that use the SnapOS operating system and will be available for existing customers to purchase and download beginning today or by purchasing a support contract from a Snap Appliance channel partner. The Version 4 release will be available as a free upgrade to all registered end users under service contract, and to those end users who have purchased a new product within the last 60 days. ...Snap Appliance profile

Moscow - December 17, 2003 - StarForce Technologies announced today the opening of its Beijing Office to expand its software protection solutions in the Asia Pacific region. The new business unit will not only serve as a hub for existing clients and new customers but will also provide technical assistance with local support staff. StarForce copy protection systems have already secured over 3 million CD-ROM/CD-R discs containing PC games and educational software throughout and around Asia.

StarForce APAC regional manager, Alexander Mamaev, says: "Asian countries have recently been paying a lot of attention to the piracy issues due to the growth of the domestic entertainment software industry. StarForce was among the first copy protection companies to provide its services in Asia, to challenge software pirates and prove the effectiveness of its superior technology. That was the beginning of when we established very strong and successful business relationships in the region and that is why a move closer to our clients was the next logical step in StarForce's expansion." ...StarForce Technologies profile

SCOTTS VALLEY, Calif. - December 17, 2003 - Seagate today announced that Dr. Roy Chantrell, a Research Director at Seagate Technology, was elected a Fellow by the American Physical Society (APS). Representing more than 42,000 members from all around the world, the APS promotes the advancement and diffusion of the knowledge of physics in the belief that an understanding of the nature of the physical universe will be of benefit to all humanity. The Society also publishes the world's most prestigious and widely read physics research journals. Dr. Chantrell was nominated by the APS Topical Group on Magnetism and its Applications. The APS citation honors Dr. Chantrell: "For contributions to the theory of nanoparticle magnetism and the development of theoretical and computational approaches to the problem of thermally activated magnetization reversal." ...Seagate profile

London, UK - December 17, 2003 - SGI has been selected by Cap Gemini Ernst & Young UK plc in a project to roll-out a Storage Area Backup and Recovery Engine (SABRE), to optimise the back-up and recovery of data within CGE&Y's outsourcing delivery infrastructure. Partners working on the SABRE project include SGI, Atempo and StorageTek who will provide the underpinning technology, including an SGI Origin 350 server and TP9500, RAID storage array designed to significantly reduce back-up times. Three centres are already live in the UK with the new Storage Area Backup and Recovery Engine, which allows CGE&Y to centrally manage its assets and leverage the economies of scale through a common management platform. ...SGI profile

SUNNYVALE, Calif. - December 16, 2003 - Silicon Image today announced Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. has licensed its SATA intellectual property for both its ASIC library and its own product development efforts. Samsung is porting Silicon Image's market-leading SATALink core to its 0.18-micron and 0.13-micron processes, as well as leveraging Silicon Image's SATA Link/Transport logic and PHY to manufacture Samsung-branded integrated SATA drive controllers.

Kim Kwang Hyun, vice president of system LSI division, Samsung Electronics, noted, "Samsung is committed to providing world-best device solutions. Silicon Image has established a solid reputation as a leading provider of SATA ICs, and we are pleased to make their silicon-proven SATA technology available in our ASIC core library. Samsung is the first ASIC company to offer SATA cores to chip and system designers throughout the world. It was straightforward porting their industry-leading technology to our 0.18 and 0.13-micron processes, and by licensing Silicon Image's SATALink core, we will be able to bring integrated SATA drive controller solutions to market far more quickly." ...Samsung Electronics profile, ...Silicon Image profile

WOODLAND HILLS, Calif - December 16, 2003 - Nexsan Technologies today announced that it has secured $17 million in venture capital funding, led by VantagePoint Venture Partners. RRE Ventures, Gesfid First Gen-e and a syndicate of individual investors formed by Beechtree Capital also participated in the round. Nexsan will use funds to continue to expand its rapidly growing global business.

"Nexsan's continued success in the storage marketplace necessitated further investment to help us expand our business to keep up with the unprecedented volume of orders from customers around the world," said Martin Boddy, CEO of Nexsan Technologies. "Our investment partners share the same belief in our ability to continue designing and developing innovative storage solutions at the cost-correct prices customers desire." ...Nexsan Technologies profile

PALO ALTO, Calif. - December 16, 2003 - Data Domain, Inc. today announced that it has secured $17 million in Series B funding. The new round of funding led by Palo Alto-based Sutter Hill Ventures and joined by original investors Greylock and New Enterprise Associates, brings Data Domain's total funding to $26 million. Data Domain will employ the funds to accelerate its technology roadmap and expand global distribution for its products.

"Data Domain is rapidly emerging as the leader in next-generation data protection solutions," said Ron Bernal, venture partner with Sutter Hill Ventures. "Sutter Hill has been party to many successful ventures in the enterprise storage space, and we are excited to be involved with such a clear market leader. This financing is a strong validation of the company's experienced management team, the technology and outstanding potential."

"We are very pleased to receive this impressive vote of confidence from the premier venture firms in the industry, said Frank Slootman, CEO of Data Domain. With this new round of funding, all the prerequisites for the company's rapid evolution are in place." ...Data Domain profile

SAN JOSE, Calif. - December 16, 2003 - BlueArc announced today that Columbia University, Princeton University's Center for the Study of Brain, Mind and Behavior and Stanford University School of Medicine have selected the SiliconServer. Researchers at Columbia, Princeton and Stanford are deploying BlueArc systems to integrate UNIX and Windows platforms, enabling them to use a single, high-performance centralized file system.

BlueArc SiliconServers simplify system administration by enabling users to utilize and access a shared central pool of storage. Because BlueArc's storage products map security across UNIX and Windows effortlessly, users of both platforms are given equal access rights and the ability to view storage as if it were on local disk native to their environments, without compatibility issues. As a result, customers can achieve the optimal blend of performance, capacity and cost without having to acquire and maintain multiple storage systems. ...BlueArc profile

CAMPBELL, Calif. - December 16, 2003 - OuterBay today introduced its Outsourcing Partner Program to enable partners to provide its industry-leading software to customers as a hosted or managed service. Through the Outsourcing Partner Program, OuterBay offers greater customer choice in establishing an application data management best practice. Participating OuterBay partners include AdvizeX, Appshop, Data Intensity and NEC. OuterBay's Outsourcing Partners will offer the full OuterBay ADM Suite. Customers will benefit from expert management of their ADM solution at lower cost.

By implementing application data management best practices based on OuterBay, enterprises have benefited from ERP application performance improvements of over 70%, reductions in production database size of up to 60%, reductions in upgrade outage windows of 42%, and annual storage cost savings in the millions of dollars. ...OuterBay profile

BOULDER, CO - December 15, 2003 - Exabyte Corporation announced today that Acer Inc. has selected Exabyte's VXA-2 tape storage technology for its Altos 300, 500, 700 and 900 Series servers and workstations. Altos servers are particularly popular in medical and POS applications and in the SMB market. Acer customers can now select VXA-2 as an internal storage option on these servers. This announcement marks the 10th OEM win for Exabyte's VXA-2 Packet Drive in the last year. ...Exabyte profile

Woodcliff Lake, New Jersey - December 15, 2003 - Backup Express, the backup and restore solution for heterogeneous networks from Syncsort Incorporated, has been certified for NetApp Data ONTAP 6.4.2 from Network Appliance, Inc. This certification allows customers using Backup Express software to have full confidence in working with NetApp enterprise storage solutions running the latest Data ONTAP software and can seamlessly integrate NetApp's NearStore and Filer platforms into their backup planning. The combination of Backup Express and NetApp delivers a highly scalable data and storage management solution that is easy to deploy and manage, while less expensive to operate.

Backup Express is an enterprise-wide backup and restore solution designed for UNIX, Linux, Windows, and NetWare environments and provides support for the broadest range of technologies and platforms. Backup Express is the only solution that supports any combination of UNIX, Linux, Windows, Netware, and NDMP/NAS in a SAN, performs backup of all data directly across the fibre network, dynamically shares all tape drives, and controls this single enterprise environment with a single catalog and easy-to-use GUI. ...Network Appliance profile, ...Syncsort profile

SAN DIEGO - December 15, 2003 - Iomega Corporation today announced the availability of the new Iomega Micro Mini USB drive, which the company claims is the smallest solid state USB drive in the market and the first to be designed and priced for the active lifestyle. The Micro Mini USB drive is cool to look at, convenient to carry, and easy to customize and measures just 40 x 18 x 8 mm, making it the smallest and easiest-to-carry drive ever from Iomega. The Iomega 128MB capacity Micro Mini USB 1.1 drive will be available in limited quantities in mid-December; in mid-January, Iomega will offer faster USB 2.0 models in 64 MB and 128 MB capacities. ...Iomega profile

Santa Clara, Calif. - December 15, 2003 - CATC today announced the expanded capabilities of the CATC SASTracer, making it the first commercially available protocol analyzer to support SAS 4-Wide analysis. Included in this release are software enhancements that simplify testing of "expander attached" storage. For the early adopters working on 1.5 and 3Gps Serial Attached SCSI, SASTracer delivers all the "must have" features needed to accelerate SAS device and storage system development.

"LSI Logic's leadership in developing the building blocks for SAS demands that we use test and verification tools that fulfill our requirements today, and support us in the future", stated David Steele, director of product planning and management for the LSI Logic Storage Standard Product Division. "By providing a flexible analysis platform that addresses both narrow and wide SAS links, CATC is enabling us to accelerate our protocol verification efforts for our SAS storage technologies."

The 4-Wide SASTracer can simultaneously probe 1, 2, 3, or 4 links and supports cooperative triggering and filtering across multiple links. CATC's SASTracer analyzer is now available. ...CATC profile

Atlanta, GA, Toronto, ON and Waltham, MA - December 15, 2003 - Agility Recovery Solutions today announced that they have added online data backup capability to their portfolio of service offerings. The new service, which is the result of a strategic agreement with AmeriVault Corp., synchronizes online data backup, off-site storage and physical recovery equipment to mitigate business interruption due to data loss or disaster.

"As the acceptable window for recovery continues to shrink for businesses, it was imperative to Agility that we provide a solution that would provide our customers with state of the art, cost effective and reliable backup options that would smoothly transition into a recovery plan if the situation warranted," said Robert Miano, President and CEO of Agility Recovery Solutions. "We often see customers plagued with out of date or corrupted data at the time of disaster – this partnership ensures that their data is available and accurate, speeding up the entire recovery process, and significantly reducing this prevalent problem."

With Mass Storage Vaults located in the Boston and Philadelphia areas, AmeriVault is well positioned to provide reliable, secure and automated server backup to Agility's customers. This new capability joins Agility's portfolio, which includes comprehensive recovery Consulting services, Mobile Recovery Facilities, Portable Quick-Ship Technology, and Satellite Recovery for Voice functionality. Online backup is available to Agility customers immediately. ...Agility Recovery Solutions profile, ...AmeriVault profile

Hopkinton, Mass., and Palo Alto, Calif.- December 15, 2003 - EMC Corporation today announced that it has signed a definitive agreement to acquire Palo Alto-based VMware, Inc. in a cash transaction valued at approximately $635 million. The acquisition is subject to customary closing conditions and regulatory approvals, and is expected to be completed early in the first quarter of 2004. The acquisition of VMware will play a key role in EMC's strategy to help customers lower their costs and simplify their operations by deploying virtualization technologies across their heterogeneous IT infrastructure to create a single pool of available storage and computing resources.

VMware's technology enables multiple operating systems - including Microsoft Windows, Linux and NetWare - to run simultaneously and independently on the same Intel-based server or workstation and dynamically move live applications across systems with no business disruption. These "virtual machines" integrate seamlessly into existing physical infrastructures and management frameworks, allowing users to see resources as if they were dedicated to them, while administrators manage and optimize those resources globally across the enterprise. ...EMC profile, ...VMware profile

Burlington, MA - December 15, 2003 - XOsoft today announced that it has enhanced its WANSync business continuity platform. The company's new WANSyncHA boosts information infrastructure high availability with application-aware automatic failover on a global scale, even across multiple IP networks. Based on XOsoft's acclaimed WANSync business continuity platform, WANSyncHA provides enhanced high availability with application-aware automatic failover over LAN or WAN. WANSyncHA maintains identical replicas of complete database and application servers through continuous real-time replication. Should a server fail or have to be shut down for maintenance, a synchronized replica, whether in the same office or halfway around the globe, will instantaneously and automatically take its place to maintain high service availability.

"WANSyncHA surpasses traditional failover solutions by breaking through geographical, technical and network topology-imposed barriers," says Leonid Shtilman, CEO and Chairman of XOsoft. "WANSyncHA's seamless failover functionality ensures that should a server fail or have to be brought down, service will automatically and instantaneously be picked up by a LAN or WAN-based replica, even if it resides on a different IP network. Businesses retain continued, uninterrupted access to their information resources and employees are able to just keep working." ...XOsoft profile

Geneva - December 15, 2003 - STMicroelectronics has announced a new semiconductor technology that virtually eliminates a potential problem that has been increasingly haunting electronic equipment manufacturers in recent years: the growing vulnerability of silicon chips to so-called "soft errors". These soft errors are caused by ever-present nuclear particles that make up the earth's low intensity background radiation. Originating from the cosmic rays from space or from tiny traces of radioactive elements that occur in all materials, the particles are not dangerous by themselves but they can potentially disrupt the operation of silicon chips and the electronic equipment that depends on them. ST's new technology, called rSRAM, developed at the Company's Central R&D site at Crolles, France, delivers greatly increased immunity to the effects of stray atomic particles without incurring significant cost or performance penalties.

The smaller that transistors are made, the more susceptible they become to the effects of stray ionizing particles. A nuclear particle such as a neutron or an alpha particle passing through the silicon chip can change the charge stored on a nearby transistor. Changes to the charge caused by a ionizing particle gives rise to a "soft error" i.e. the chip is not physically damaged but may temporarily contain erroneous data. This soft error may cause the device to malfunction temporarily, even though subsequent testing will show a perfectly working device.

Dr. Jean-Pierre Schoellkopf, Director, Advanced Design and Tools, in ST's Central R&D Group said, "The issue for electronic equipment manufacturers is that the continuing trend towards smaller transistors and larger on-chip SRAM memories, which they need in order to maintain their market momentum, make it inevitable that worst-case scenarios such as computer crashes or lost or misrouted data would happen with increasing frequency. We therefore decided to develop a more robust embedded SRAM technology, one that could provide immunity to background radiation without incurring significant cost or performance penalties." ...STMicroelectronics profile

Editor's comments:- in large DRAM systems - the problem is tolerated by error detection and correction at the board level. A couple of years ago Sun Microsystems lost their reputaion for server reliability and billions of dollars of revenue when an inexperienced design team forgot about soft errors and designed their SPARC processor cache using IBM SRAM without adding in error detection. See article:- Unsafe At Any Speed?

WESTBOROUGH, MA - December 15, 2003 - ExaGrid Systems today announced the appointment of Mark Kaufman as Vice President of Engineering. Kaufman brings 20 years of experience and expertise in shaping a long-term product vision, and in building and managing highly productive teams. Kaufman will lead the development, testing and quality assurance teams for ExaGrid's Grid Protected Storage solutions, and will play a key role in setting strategic technology directions for the company. He will report directly to ExaGrid President and Co-Founder, Jim Pownell.

Kaufman joins ExaGrid from Bayesiant, a company he co-founded to create an intelligent management tool for the enterprise data center. Prior to Bayesiant, he was the Director of Engineering for EMC's Cambridge Software Center, where he grew his team from 20 to more than 150 employees across four locations. Kaufman joined EMC through the acquisition of Conley Corporation, where he served as Vice President of Engineering. Previously, he was VP of Software for Dolphin Interconnect Solutions and also held numerous management positions for organizations including Kendall Square Research and ETA Systems. Kaufman is the holder of eight patents on data management and movement, and is an author of numerous technical papers. ...ExaGrid Systems profile

MILPITAS, Calif. - December 15, 2003 - LSI Logic Storage Systems announced today that the company's storage management features can now be integrated with the HP OpenView Storage Area Manager (SAM) 3.1. As a Developer Partner, HP OpenView SAM now has the ability to execute advanced management functions of the LSI Logic Storage Systems SANtricity Storage Management software, which is designed to simplify administrative tasks by consolidating multiple management functions.

"LSI Logic Storage Systems has long been committed to delivering storage technology that eases today's management issues," said Julie Ryan, manager of alliances, LSI Logic Storage Systems. "The latest version of HP OpenView SAM allows LSI Logic Storage Systems partners to deliver a solution that reduces management complexity while protecting users' current investments." ...LSI Logic Storage Systems profile

CARY, NC - December 15, 2003 - Arsenal Digital Solutions today announced that it is bringing its data protection and business continuity services to hosting centers in Amsterdam, Frankfurt, London, Hong Kong, Sydney and Tokyo. Arsenal is live today in Hong Kong and expects to be fully operational in all six new markets by mid-2004. Through partnerships with major hosting, telco and network service providers, Arsenal provides a complete suite of fully managed, on demand data protection and business continuity services, including backup and restore and SAN services and its new remote, network-based data protection service. With this latest expansion, Arsenal's services are now available through its partners in 25 hosting centers in 19 cities across the globe.

"Arsenal has experienced strong demand in the U.S. for data protection and business continuity services, as attested by the explosive growth in our customer base. We are now seeing similar demand around the world as companies focus on ensuring business continuance," said Frank Brick, chairman and CEO, Arsenal Digital Solutions. "Expanding Arsenal's footprint into Europe and Asia enables our partners to deliver reliable data protection services to new markets as well as establish a global network for those services. Customers can now extend their data protection and business continuity planning beyond international boundaries." ...Arsenal Digital Solutions profile

December 15, 2003 - Overland Storage today announced a series of Internet-based tutorials that discusses iSCSI benefits and uses, and guides attendees through an actual construction of an IP/iSCSI SAN. The tutorial will be presented by John Matze, co-architect and co-author of the iSCSI standard and CTO of Overland Storage. In the presentation, he explains iSCSI and describes the applications best served by this exciting new technology. The tutorial is followed by an interactive how to" session in which an IP/iSCSI SAN is built and configured and includes an opportunity for a Q&A session with an iSCSI pioneer. ...Overland Storage profile

Editor:- December 15, 2003 - the STORAGEsearch annual list of the Top 10 most important Storage Software Companies is published today. This is the 3rd year for this list, which is based on reader pageviews on the website. This article has always been very popular with our readers. There were more contenders in this category (143) than in previous years. So the top 10 placement is significant. For the first time since compiling these lists VERITAS has lost its crown and is no longer #1. See who is, and the 4 new companies which made the list... the article

HOUSTON - December 15, 2003 - BMC Software, Inc. today announced that it has agreed to acquire the assets of Magic Solutions from Network Associates for approximately $47 million in cash. Magic Solutions provides help desk software and related solutions targeted at small- to mid-sized organizations. The acquisition will further strengthen BMC Software's leadership position in the IT Service Management market by increasing BMC Software's reach to small- and mid-market sized organizations, as Magic has more than 4,000 customers using its service desk solutions. The acquisition, which is expected to close within 60 days, will add approximately 200 Magic Solutions employees to BMC Software. Magic Solutions' assets, which include Magic Service Desk and Magic Help DeskIQ, will become part of BMC Software's Remedy business unit.

"As the economy offers positive signals for growth, vendors of consolidated IT service management technologies will look for acquisition opportunities to expand their presence in the marketplace," said Kris Brittain, research director at Gartner. "Enterprises should anticipate more consolidations as vendors improve their market penetration, from small- to enterprise-level, and build on their industry expertise." ...BMC Software profile

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5 Easy Tips to Properly Store Tape Media Cartridges by Sony

The portability of tape data storage media has made tape-based storage systems a perennial favorite for disaster recovery applications. Tapes can easily and, more importantly, inexpensively be duplicated and stored offsite in case a disaster causes data outages on the primary storage system. Improper storage of the offsite tape cartridges, however, often furthers the disaster by corrupting the stored data or causing the backup tapes to fail altogether. Here are five easy, but often overlooked, tips to ensure that your backup tapes are stored properly and are fully functional when you truly need them.

  1. Stay away from all stray magnetic fields

    Tape storage has a tempestuous love/hate relationship with magnetic fields. The recording process for tape storage media is dependent on the active magnetic material. Unfortunately, magnetic materials are also used to erase and write over previously recorded information. As a precaution, always keep tape cartridges away from stray magnetic fields because even small magnetic sources can compromise the data stored on tape. If you're storing backup tapes offsite for disaster recovery purposes, make sure you thoroughly test your tape storage locations for magnetic fields. A tape's magnetic fields, and thus its content, can be corrupted by something as innocent as an industrial floor cleaner. When in doubt, test first.
  2. Store tapes at recommended temperatures and humidity

    Most manufacturers recommend storing tape cartridges at a temperature between 59°F and 77°F, and between 40% and 60% humidity. A good rule of thumb is to check your own comfort level. If you're comfortable, chances are your tapes are comfortable too. Also make sure to avoid sudden temperature changes, even within the recommended range, because tape can expand or contract. If a sudden temperature change is expected, try to give the tape 24 hours to adjust to the new climate before use. If condensation occurs, wipe off any dew from the shell or reel and allow the tape to dry naturally. Make a working copy when the tape is dry.
  3. Rewind or forward tape every three years

    Over time, long periods of inactivity can cause the tape layers within stored cartridges to stick together. To prevent this from happening, "exercise" tapes every three years by fully rewinding or forwarding the tape. Rewind or forward the tapes at slower speeds whenever possible to maintain high performance.
  4. Store tapes upright and in the case

    Stacking tape cartridges on top of each other can warp their shells, so always store tapes upright on either their sides or ends. Whenever possible, make sure to keep the cartridges in their original cases.
  5. Put the labels on correctly

    Only apply labels where they belong on the tape. This may seem obvious, but it often causes unnecessary tape failures. Improperly placed labels can interfere with cassette loading, degrade the tape alignment or even peel off inside the recording mechanism.

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