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FREMONT, Calif., Nov 30, 2000 - Unigen today announced the introduction of a new 1 Gigabyte PC133 stacked SDRAM DIMM with register and PLL (part no. UG5128T75Q4LR-PL). The new 1 GB module replaces Unigen's 512 MB module, now offering twice the system memory in the same slot without requiring major changes to the system architecture. The new plug-n-play module is ideal for use with the new generation of Internet servers that employ a large amount of memory to handle heavier user traffic, multi-tasking, and greater demand for downloads. The 1 GB module is also well-suited for industrial workstations designed for heavy workloads.

"As the Internet continues to grow and the increase in users taxes the capabilities of Internet servers, adding more memory is the natural solution. Unigen continues to lead the industry with high capacity solutions like our new 1 GB memory module," stated Paul W. Heng, CEO of Unigen.

Unigen offers the 1 GB SDRAM DIMM in a standard height module and a Lo-Fi module with a lower PCB height for applications with height restrictions, such as embedded computer applications with RAC mount enclosure 1U. ...Unigen profile

Howell, NJ — November 30, 2000 - Syred Data Systems announces its storage protocol for iSCSI, SBP is a storage protocol running over Gigabit Ethernet, which transports the data in block mode at very high throughput, taking full advantage of the Gigabit bandwidth. It adds security and scalability features required in all storage environment. SBP is the first protocol that allows operating a true SAN using Gigabit instead of Fibre Channel. It makes a remote disk on the network seen as a local disk allowing for SCSI packets to be sent over the IP (iSCSI).

NAS deals with data files, but SBP-based SAN deals with data blocks. Both can co-exist over the same IP network. The SBP task is to transfer data blocks over IP based networks specificall:- Ethernet. Some applications such as database managers prefer dealing with raw blocks rather than files. Generally in the current architectures, block transfer is faster than file transfer. Ethernet based storage solutions, which enable block data calls over existing IP networks, eliminate the need to create a complex and costly secondary storage networks, like a Fibre Channel SAN. By using SBP, a remote disk drive on an Ethernet network is seen on a server, as a local SCSI device. That way, several remote disks can be assigned to servers with low disk space or even diskless. Servers can put any file system on these disks or use it as raw disks. Whenever the host wants to read or write to the network device, it sends a request over TCP to the target disks, which will reply with the data read or receive data to write.

To avoid the potential decrease in throughput using vanilla TCP for all block transfers Syred is designing a storage-oriented protocol, tailored to optimize storage performance that offloads some of the LAN processing overhead and avoids duplicating data integrity functions which are already performed by the storage software such as computing packet headers or checksums. This new code is necessary to enable fast RAID performance over TCP. Some commands will not be performed by the TCP but rather by the SBP. The SBP software will be released Q1 2001. ...Syred Data Systems profile

San Jose, CA, November 30, 2000 - DataZONE Corporation announced today that it has signed a reseller agreement with Computacenter in the U.K. Under the terms of the agreement, Computacenter will resell DataZONE products under the PROJECT brand name to European corporate and public sector companies.

"Computacenter 's expertise in supporting large corporations with all stages of the technology life-cycle and its pan-European network of sales and support staff make it the perfect partner for DataZONE to penetrate the European marketplace," said John Everett, Executive V.P. at DataZONE.

"DataZONE products are ideal for our customers who require a solid, high capacity portable storage solution for transferring large amounts of data or simply need to implement an easy-to-use backup system," explained Alex Sizeland, PROJECT Product Manager at Computacenter. "And, because the DataBook product is so versatile, we anticipate many new applications and opportunities to arise especially in the telecommuting and home worker markets." ...Computacenter profile, ...DataZone profile

BETHESDA, MD, November 29, 2000 – OTG Software, Inc announced today that its DiskXtender™ 2000 storage solution is fully certified and supports Spectra Logic's enterprise-class automated tape libraries – the Spectra 12000 and the Spectra 64000. The combination of DiskXtender and Spectra Logic's tape library systems creates a fully integrated hardware and software solution that delivers enhanced system performance and storage management within heterogeneous computing environments. Spectra Logic's enterprise-class tape library family, which utilizes the GatorTM architecture, is SAN-ready, enabling OTG to provide server-less data management and protection solutions, relieve enterprise servers of burdensome traffic and better manage business critical information and applications.

OTG Software's DiskXtender 2000 provides intelligent, automated storage management and access to enterprise data and is certified with over 600 hardware devices from stand-alone disks to automated libraries. Spectra Logic's tape library extends all the way up to the Spectra 64000 which offers a storage capacity over 80 Terabytes and 32 tape drives in a single 72-inch rack mount enclosure. ...OTG Software profile, ...Spectra Logic profile

HOPKINTON, Mass. - November 28, 2000 - Articulent Inc. today announced its partnership with HighGround® Systems. The agreement equips Articulent consulting and analysis practices with Surveyor™ SRM™, a member of HighGround's Storage Resource Manager ™ (SRM) product family and the first Web-based storage assessment tool targeted at storage consultancies.

Surveyor SRM provides a complete storage infrastructure assessment solution by automating the discovery of enterprise-wide storage resources while collecting key capacity utilization and availability statistics. Surveyor SRM will help Articulent manage the increasing complexities associated with planning and deploying storage network infrastructures, specifically storage area networks (SANs) and network-attached storage (NAS), furthering the breadth and quality of Articulent's storage management offering.

"Articulent is always looking for ways to improve our excellent client service, and HighGround's Surveyor SRM offers precisely that opportunity," said Tom Martin, director ofbusiness development, Articulent. "Surveyor SRM gives Articulent a more accurate picture of the storage environment, allowing for the very best assessment of storage needs for any company."

"We're pleased to be partnering with Articulent in their efforts to deliver increasingly valuable consulting services to their customer base," said Geoff Hogan, director of channel partner management at HighGround. "The combination of HighGround's Surveyor SRM assessment tool and Articulent's solid consulting experience demystifies the SAN/NAS planning, migration and implementation dilemma and offers an unprecedented level of expertise to the storage marketplace." ...Articulent profile , ...HighGround® Systems profile

SANTA CLARA, Calif., Nov. 27, 2000 - Intel Online Services, Inc. today announced that it is teaming with EMC Corporation to provide EMC storage solutions to the growing number of e-Businesses using Intel Online Services' managed hosting environment. As part of this relationship, Intel Online Services has joined the EMC Proven™ Program at the highest level and is participating in EMC's xSPerience™ Provider Program. According to the agreement, Intel Online Services will use EMC storage solutions as part of the managed hosting services that are architected, tested and validated in Intel Online Services' research and development facility. These services are then deployed in Intel Online Services' data centers in the United States and Europe. Using these services, growing e-Businesses can be assured of predictability and reliability of service, and the ability to maintain optimal performance as they quickly scale from as little as 100 GB to multiple terabytes of storage.

"Our job is to provide integrated hosting services -- encompassing best-of-breed hardware, software, storage and more -- that can free our customers from many of the complexities of running an e-Business," said Mike Aymar, president, Intel Online Services, Inc. "We've been integrating EMC solutions into our managed hosting services for almost a year and today's announcement represents a deepening of the relationship." ...EMC profile, ...Intel profile

Editor's note:- see also Intel's E-Business Case Studies which are quite interesting reading.

November 27, 2000 - Raidtec Corporation today announced the release of FlashLinux 1.1 the complete software environment powering the RAIDserver V12 midrange NAS file server. Designed to fill the void between Enterprise NAS File servers and entry-level EIDE solutions, the RAIDserver V12 offers powerful, scaleable, simultaneous access network file sharing services for both NT and UNIX clients. Up to 24 SCSI drives are supported providing up to 1.7 TB of fault tolerant storage for the most demanding capacity requirements. The RAIDserver V12 offers superior performance, ease of installation and operation with enhanced options including RAID 0,1,10 and 5 data protection, as well as full featured web based network backup services for a fraction of the cost of comparably equipped general purpose servers.

FlashLinux 1.1 features significant software improvements including:
  • Windows 2000 Client Support
  • Enhances Windows Performance by more than 25%
  • Adds Scheduled Back-up to the onboard Tape Software
FlashLinux 1.1 is available starting in December and is compatible with the installed RAIDserver V 12. Field upgrades are fully supported and will be coordinated through Raidtec Technical Support. ...Raidtec profile

Minneapolis, Minnesota, November 27, 2000 Rimage Corporation has announced mass shipping for the most sophisticated, highest-production-throughput automated CD-R/DVD-R publishing system in the industry. Producer Prostar was designed for volume production environments and will be available through Rimage distribution channels for immediate shipment. Priced starting at $41,000 for a fully configured eight 12X CD-R drive model with one printer.

The Rimage Producer Prostar allows users to create up to 35 unique CDs every ten minutes in an unattended environment and offers a 500 CD-R capacity for true "lights-out" high volume production. An "intelligent" system with dual picker robotics, the Prostar uses Rimage's Perfect Imageâ Producer Software Suite to automate the process seamlessly. Prostar uses a patented architecture to support up to eight unique data streams for simultaneous imaging, network downloading and recording. The system can accommodate two Rimage Prism printers to keep pace with system productivity. The Prism, a full-color thermal printer, is the fastest and most cost-effective in the industry. Among the markets where on-demand CD-R and DVD-R publishing has grown dramatically are banks, telephone and credit card companies (for billing statements and check imaging), internet (for music and content providers), shared network resource (for distribution, software testing, marketing etc.), photo imaging, medical imaging, publishing and high-volume duplication.

"The sophistication of the producer software ends redundant hard disk storage and slashes network traffic," said Dave Suden, chief technology office for Rimage. The Prostar is the top of Producer line of automated publishing systems. "We've created the most impressive publishing system to date with input from our customers, who demanded maximum capacity with the highest throughput possible. These make the Prostar the most advanced publishing system on the market." ...Rimage profile

MINNEAPOLIS and HOPKINTON, Mass. - November 27, 2000 - In a landmark development that redefines the business value of information, CNT and EMC Corporation today announced the world's first implementation of true data mirroring between the United States and Europe. P&O Nedlloyd Container Line Limited, one of the world's three largest container carriers, achieved this milestone by moving data between its U.S.- and U.K.-based data centers over the firm's private IP network using EMC Symmetrix Remote Data Facility (SRDF) software and groundbreaking IP networking technology from CNT.

The SRDF over IP data replication solution is a hardware-software-networking offering developed jointly by EMC and CNT. Unlike conventional data copying solutions, which require the use of host-based computing resources, SRDF over IP requires no host involvement in the mirroring operation, making it the world's most efficient data replication and information protection solution.

Taking advantage of the P&O Nedlloyd's existing IP-based intranet, the EMC/CNT SRDF over IP solution electronically mirrors data and applications from P&O Nedlloyd's East Rutherford, N.J., site to its London site, lowering the cost and complexity of sharing and protecting information around the globe. The SRDF over IP capability combines EMC's market-leading SRDF software with CNT's UltraNet Storage Director storage networking solution. It enables the automatic mirroring of files, databases and applications between geographically separated EMC Symmetrix enterprise storage systems over secure, but frequently underutilized, private IP networks. By tapping into the existing IP-based networking infrastructure, which today is used in virtually every large enterprise, SRDF over IP helps customers accelerate, simplify and optimize business-critical information processes and resources in innovative, cost-effective ways.

"P&O Nedlloyd is pioneering a trend that transcends oceans and continents," said Mike Ruffolo, EMC's Executive Vice President of Global Sales, Services and Marketing. "As EMC and CNT help change the economics and reach of bandwidth, we'll enable our joint customers to find new ways to build information systems geared to worldwide use. In the end, far-away resources will seem near. Data centers on the other side of the country -- or planet for that matter -- will perform like they're in the cubicle next door."

The EMC/CNT SRDF over IP solution is ideally suited for applications requiring localized processing, speedy information access and remote data replication. For example, when customers need to deploy mirrored Web sites, refresh data warehouses or migrate entire suites of applications and databases, SRDF over IP creates copies of the data and, using innovative encapsulation/decapsulation technology from CNT, securely transmits the copies over the high-bandwidth IP network to the remote Symmetrix system. There, the data can be leveraged to generate additional revenue based on local business opportunities, as well as protect vital enterprise applications from planned and unplanned outages. ...CNT profile, ...EMC profile

FREMONT, Calif., November 27, 2000 - Maxoptix, Corp. today announced that it has completed a second round of funding, totaling more than $18 million. The company has now secured more than $30 million in two rounds of funding. The lead investors for this round of funding include Smart Technology Ventures III SBIC with $4 million, Hunt Ventures L.P with nearly $1 million, Vahit Yazici with $2.6 million, H.T. Ardinger Jr. with $7 million, and Lafe Holdings Limited with $2 million.

Perhaps most significant on the list, said Gary D. Potts, Maxoptix President and CEO, is the investment from Hong Kong-based Lafe Holdings, a development partner with Maxoptix on the new Optical Super Density (OSD) technology. Lafe is the leading supplier of recording heads for Super DLT tape drives, and is producing the innovative new Far Field Recording head technology for the OSD drives. Further demonstrating Lafe's support for the technology is the fact that Lafe is funding the development of the new optical head technology internally.

"The investment community has sent a strong signal of endorsement of the outstanding executive team we have assembled, as well as the technology roadmap we have established with OSD," said Potts. "The investment by Lafe is especially meaningful, as it demonstrates their absolute commitment to Maxoptix and OSD." According to Potts, the new investments will be used to complete the final development phase of OSD technology, which is scheduled for first customer shipments in the third quarter of 2001, more than 18 months ahead of the schedule announced by others for ultra-high capacity optical formats....Maxoptix profile

November 27, 2000 - RSNA, Chicago, IL — InSiteOne, a provider of online and nearline digital imaging storage and archiving services, today announced 7 new radiology and imaging services dealers to its DealerOne channel partner program. New dealers include:
  • A & B Technologies, Ft. Lauderdale, FL: An independent dealer representative offering a number of products and services for the medical and radiology field.
  • File Source, St. Orange, CA: An independent company offering medical filing solutions throughout the country.
  • First Source, Charlotte, NC: A national, independent company providing PACS and mini-PACS, project planning, system network integration, and consultation to the medical imaging community.
  • Fulcher Imaging Group, North Carolina: An independent dealer representative offering innovative products and services for the radiology field throughout the Southeast.
  • Kalamazoo X-Ray Sales, Portage, MI: An experienced X-ray and radiology imaging distributor for Western Michigan specializing in a full line of X-ray film, equipment, consumables and service.
  • National Imaging Consultants, Rochester, NY: A radiology consulting firm for photographic chemicals and imaging related products and now focusing on digital image storage and retrieval products and services.
  • Spartan X-Ray, Mt. Morris, MI: An Eastern Michigan X-ray distributor offering a wide range of radiology equipment, consumables and quality services.
InSiteOne's DealerOne program is a commission-based dealer program aimed at regional suppliers of radiology and imaging products and services. InSiteOne's InDex provides a cost-effective and flexible way to securely store and retrieve DICOM images. InDex's open architecture integrates with any DICOM-compliant (Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine) PACS modality as well as hospital networks and information systems. It complements the functionality, performance and economy of an enterprise PACS by enabling hospitals to cost-effectively outsource the PACS storage and archiving component. ...InSiteOne profile

TOKYO, November 27, 2000 - Internet Initiative Japan Inc. announced that it has launched a new value added service named "IIJ Backup4U" effective today. The new data storage service will automatically back up hard disk data of individual and corporate users to IIJ's data centers via the Internet. During the trial period that extends to March 31, 2001, the service is provided free of charge, and then will be provided on to a commercial basis. Utilizing Connected's award-winning online backup solution, the new service is delivered through a three-company collaboration - IIJ's broadband network and facilities, NCL Communications' product support as a distributor for Connected in Japan and Kaga Electronics Co., Ltd.'s marketing capability. IIJ will continue to develop the project together with these partners, expanding and improving services. ...IIJ profile
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Scope IIJ4U users Corporate users
Name IIJ Backup4U IIJ Backup4U Enterprise
Capacity Up to 100MB (*) Up to 100MB per user (up to 50 users per contract) (*)
Trial service duration From November 27, 2000 to March 31, 2001
Service fee Free of charge during the trial period
(Details on commercial service will be announced when ready)
  • Windows 95/98/NT4 Workstation/2000 Professional
  • Internet connection environment
  • At least 5MB of hard disk space

Crawley/Nottingham-November 23, 2000 - TRIMM Technologies and Microtest announced an OEM partnership to provide NAS appliance - enclosure combinations for the storage VAR and integrator channels. The new NAS platform enables VARs and integrators to quickly configure RAID storage solutions for specific customer applications, directly attached to the Ethernet LAN. The partnership entails the development of the latest TRIMM NAUT4R™ storage enclosure incorporating an embedded Microtest FileZerver RAID appliance. This plug-and-play solution will reduce installation and support overhead costs for VARs and integrators.

"Our NAS development partnership with TRIMM Technologies, one of the leading storage subsystem manufacturers in the world, will further develop the emerging network appliance market," said Klaus Romanek, Microtest Vice President and Managing Director European Operations. "As a result of this partnership, our storage integrators and VARs will enjoy the benefits of shorter time to market, attractive, high performance appliances, access to cross-trained technical support teams and increased sales opportunities." ...TRIMM Technologies profile, ...Microtest profile
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