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Megabyte loved reading news stories about the storage market
SAN DIEGO - Jan. 18, 2001 - Overland Data, Inc. (Nasdaq: OVRL) today reported that its net income for the second fiscal quarter ended December 31, 2000 increased to $1,847,000, or $.17 per diluted share, a three-fold increase over $609,000, or $.06 per share, in the second quarter of the prior fiscal year. Revenues for the second quarter were a record $43,586,000, a 59% increase over revenues of $27,469,000 in the second quarter of the prior fiscal year.

Net income for the six month period ended December 31, 2000 amounted to $3,152,000, or $.29 per diluted share, a 386% increase over income of $648,000, or $.06 per share, for the first six months of the prior fiscal year. Revenues for the six-month period of the current fiscal year were $81,313,000, a 62% increase over revenues of $50,314,000 during the same period of the prior fiscal year.

Scott McClendon, President & CEO of Overland Data, said, "Our second-quarter results reflect continued strong OEM sales of DLT-based products as well as growing shipments of AIT-based products." McClendon added that the Company's growth continues to be driven in large part by its strong relationship with Compaq, the world's largest storage distributor. In December, Overland began supplying Compaq with its tape libraries incorporating DLT8000 drives and is working with Compaq on future product designs. ...Compaq profile, ...Overland Data profile

Editor's note:- in March my Squeak! column will list the top 10 fastest growing (profitable) storage companies in the US. The next 2 years will see a major shake up in this industry, and we'll be helping readers by providing more info about the financial strengths of prospective suppliers.

New York, N.Y. - January 18, 2001 - Neartek, Inc., announced today that it has selected Emulex Corporation's LightPulse TM LP8000 TM Fibre Channel PCI host bus adapters for use with its Virtual Storage Engine (VSE). Neartek chose Emulex, the world's leading supplier of Fibre Channel host bus adapters, for its LP8000's exceptional performance as well as its wide variety of Fibre Channel connectivity and compatibility.

Neartek's VSE technology is the only true enterprise-wide, virtual near-online storage solution in the market place. The VSE's unique open architecture delivers unrivaled performance (up to 800 MB/s), connectivity and scalability to customers willing to consolidate their storage resources and management among mainframe, midrange and open systems.VSE technology is already deployed in more than 50 sites throughout Europe and is currently being introduced to North American markets. ...Neartek profile

Hopkinton, MA - January 17, 2001 EMC Corporation today announced a succession plan designed to enable the company to continue its rapid growth and market leadership and extend its track record of superior execution, at a time when the opportunities ahead are expanding beyond previous expectations. Mike Ruettgers, EMC's Chief Executive Officer for the past nine years, has been promoted to Executive Chairman. Ruettgers succeeds founder Dick Egan, who assumes the role of Founder and Chairman Emeritus and remains on EMC's Board. Joe Tucci has been promoted to President and CEO, and elected to EMC's Board of Directors. Also today, Maureen Egan announced her retirement from the Board.

"The two guys at the top of the company took a step up and I took a step back," said Egan, EMC's founder and Chairman since 1988. "The last time I gave Mike Ruettgers a promotion, it turned out to be a pretty good move. I trust that he will once again exceed my expectations and drive EMC to even greater heights as Executive Chairman."

Ruettgers said, "EMC is the place to be at this historic time. I do not believe there is a company with a better opportunity in a more promising market than EMC and information storage in 2001. With our revenues doubling from 1997 to 1999 and the expectation that they will nearly double again from 1999 to 2001, the depth of our senior executive team is critically important. We anticipated the management challenge and spent much of 1999 searching for a President and COO. We used the experiences of several other large, successful IT companies with two-person senior executive models to shape our objectives for succession planning and future leadership. It's clear that Joe Tucci has made our goal a reality by stepping in, getting things done and raising the bar. I look forward to continuing to work side by side with him as we lead EMC into a future that's even more promising than anything we have achieved to date." ...EMC profile

Editor's note:- EMC is a top 10 storage company! - STORAGEsearch predicts this will be one of the top 10 biggest storage companies (measured by revenue) at the end of 2003. Click here to see the other 9.

January 17, 2001 - Redmond, Washington. Advanced Digital Information Corporation (NASDAQ:ADIC) announced today that it has been awarded a contract to provide automated tape libraries for over 40 United States Marine Corps (USMC) network centers around the world. The contract, valued at nearly $1,000,000, is for three different models of the company's Scalar series libraries, all integrating AIT2 recording technology. Designed to handle a wide range of networking storage needs, the libraries cover capacities from one TB for the smallest models up to 16.6 TB for the largest.

"In an age of smart weapons and globally coordinated tactical planning, the security achieved by military preparedness is inextricably linked to the security provided for network data," commented Chuck Stonecipher, ADIC president and COO. "We believe this selection continues a trend-an increasingly large number of geographically distributed enterprises are standardizing on single solutions providers who can both deliver a range of product options to match their diverse installations and a worldwide logistics and service team to support them. ADIC is proud to be acknowledged as one of the very few able to provide this range of integrated products and service."

The AIT2 tape technology selected for the USMC data protection installations provides a powerful combination of capacity, transfer rates, density, and reliability. Its unique on-cartridge memory-in-cassette feature also provides faster access to stored data that competitive technologies-average time to access any file on a 100GB tape is less than 30 seconds. ...ADIC profile

SAN JOSE, Calif. - Jan. 17, 2001 - TrueSAN Networks, Inc. today announced the completion of a $30M second round of funding. Woodside Fund led the financing round, with additional investments from Merrill Lynch, QLogic Corporation, JT Venture Partners, Credit Suisse First Boston, Spring Creek Partners, and Finisar Corporation. TrueSAN will use the funding to expand its sales, marketing, and recruiting efforts as well as accelerate engineering initiatives that will enable the company to take a dominant position in open storage infrastructure solutions.

In an interview, for, editor Zsolt Kerekes asked TrueSAN's CEO, Thomas Isakovich how the company would address the marketing problem of channel (reseller) recruitment. In the old style, pre-web economy, many manufacturers of storage products such as RAID systems found that their growth was limited by their ability to develop reseller channels. That led to some storage companies offering badging deals with computer companies which made the original source invisible and backfired later, when the computer companies bought out their own storage products. "Do you think that a fast growing storage oem in the new web economy, like TrueSAN faces the same problems today, or can you bypass the channel and go directly to the market via the web?"

Thomas Isakovich replied - "Bottomline, customers want solutions. The only time a storage company should look to OEM is if their product does not offer a complete solution and must be integrated, or if building an internal sales force backfired. Either way, storage solutions are ending up at customer facilities thanks to effective direct sales forces. Storage is too strategic, complex, and critical to the enterprise for vendors to win end-user customers without classic face-to-face interaction. Using the web appropriately, however, can augment the direct sales effort by lowering costs and improving win rates. All that said, I would not rule out the web taking over as a preferred medium for purchasing storage in the future. Few people probably ever believed a single vendor could sell millions of dollars worth of routers everyday online, but it's happening today."

So it looks to our editor that "feet on the street", rather than web marketing on its own, will be an important part of implementing TrueSAN's planned growth strategy, and this will be substantially aided by the new investment. Another part of their press release today seemed to confirm this.

"We are honored by the tremendous show of support by this impressive list of investment partners," stated Thomas Isakovich, Founder, President and CEO of TrueSAN. "This validation will help us continue to recruit top engineering talent, build a world-class direct sales force, and strengthen our brand presence in enterprise and service provider accounts. Combined with the knowledge and experience of our talented team, we now have the tools necessary to execute on our vision for more scalable, more manageable, and more cost-effective storage networking solutions."

TrueSAN's next-generation storage solutions are designed to meet the unrelenting and unpredictable demand to store endless amounts of data. TrueSAN's core technology is designed to overcome the major limitations of existing storage solutions. ...TrueSAN profile

SUNNYVALE, Calif. – Jan. 15, 2001 - QuickLogic Corp announced today that Emulex Corporation will use the QuickPCI QL5064 controller in the company's LightPulse LP8000S SBus Fibre Channel host bus adapter (HBA) to provide PCI-to-SBus functionality. QuickLogic's QuickPCI devices are designed to provide flexibility and performance in leading SAN solutions.

"QuickLogic's QuickPCI controller allowed us to create an SBus HBA that is based on our market-leading LP8000 family of host bus adapters," said Mike Smith, executive vice president of worldwide marketing at Emulex. "We selected the QuickPCI device because it provides the flexibility we needed to achieve performance and time-to-market requirements."

QuickLogic's high-performance PCI controller offers three 64-bit buses through programmable logic and provides data transfer rates up to 528 MB per second for busses running at 66MHz. At the maximum speed of 75MHz (which exceeds the current maximum PCI specification), QuickPCI devices can achieve up to 600 MB per second data transfer rates. In addition, its ViaLink metal-to-metal integrated circuit technology delivered the highest possible degree of logic utilization. ...Emulex profile, ...QuickLogic profile

See also:- SBus Product Directory, article:- SBus, SCSI, PCI, compactPCI and other busses used in SPARC based systems

SAN JOSE, Calif. - January 16, 2001 - Connex™ today announced that it will implement Brocade Fabric Access™ to enhance Connex SAN application functionality over Brocade-based SANs. Connex has become a Brocade Fabric Access partner, providing the company with access to the value-added features of the Brocade Fabric operating system (Fabric OS™), an intelligent distributed operating system for Brocade-based SANs. This new enhancement to SANavigator will allow customers to modify the connectivity and zoning of the storage devices and servers connected through a Brocade SilkWorm® Fibre Channel Fabric switch in a storage area network through SANavigator's simple user interface, called "Data Path Zoning."

SANavigator is the only comprehensive SAN management application to support all Microsoft Windows platforms (98, NT and 2000) in addition to Solaris and Linux. SANavigator enabled with Brocade Fabric Access will begin shipping to customers in February of 2001. ...Brocade profile, ...Connex profile

Princeton, NJ - January 16, 2001 - Dataram Corporation today announced the immediate availability of memory for Compaq Computer Corporation's new ProLiant DL320 server. The DL320 is a single processor, 1U high server, and the newest addition to the Density Optimized ProLiant (DL) family. Ultra-dense server designs enable customers to quickly deploy and manage web hosting (server farms), video streaming, and other Internet related applications. The server will support up to 2GB of Dataram ECC-protected memory. Click on the link above for pricing info. ...Dataram profile

Studio City, CA., Jan. 16, 2001 - Archion today announced that Aspect Television, a division of Aspect Ratio, has chosen the company to network its Avid NT non-linear edit bays. The announcement was made by Reuben Lima, Archion's President/CEO. Aspect Television currently provides creative, off-line, on-line and post- production services in conjunction with promotional trailers for eleven CBS Television primetime and dramatic series every week. The new Archion storage network will be used by Aspect for its CBS projects, as well as providing digital storage for the on-air promos for the company's vast array of other clients which include ABC, Discovery, Disney, FOX, NBC and Universal Studios. ...Archion profile

PALO ALTO, Calif., Jan. 16, 2001 Hewlett-Packard Company today continued its commitment to service providers and corporate data centers with the announcement of the HP Netserver LP 1000r and HP Netserver LP 2000r systems, the HP Surestore Disk System 2100, the HP Surestore Tape Array 5300 and HP Surestore Ultrium 215. Editor's note, today's product announcements include rackmount PC servers, and of more interest to our readers:- new rackmount storage systems.
  • The HP NetRAID 1M and 2M disk array controller that delivers Ultra3 SCSI performance and cost-effective data protection for internal and external storage.
  • The HP Surestore Disk System 2100 is a 1U rack-optimized, 4-slot disk system that provides a flexible, compact solution for desk-side, desktop and rack configurations, allowing customers to easily expand their storage capacity in a variety of environments.
  • HP Surestore Ultrium 215, part of the open standard Ultrium tape drive family, addresses data protection needs by providing 1U/2U customers with an entry point to high-performance, worry-free backup. Enhancing the Ultrium 215 is the HP Surestore Tape Array 5300 scalable rack enclosure, which allows between one and four Ultrium 215s to be racked in a 3U space.
Pricing and Availability:- The HP Surestore Tape Array 5300 is expected to be available April 1, 2001. The HP Surestore Disk System 2100 rack mount tape drive is expected to begin shipping on March 1, 2001, with an estimated U.S. street price starting at $5,100. ...HP profile

EDEN PRAIRIE, Minn., January 15, 2001 - XIOtech® Corporation today announced that it has reorganized its sales force to put major resources in place to win large national and multi-national accounts. Large organizations that will be targeted include Fortune 500, government, private companies and application service providers whose multiple sites or offices have a consistently growing need for data storage.

Former XIOtech Eastern area vice president, Sal Gerardo, has been appointed to the position of vice president of strategic accounts, reporting to Dennis Johnson, executive vice president of sales for XIOtech. With more than 20 years of experience in the storage and technology industry, Gerardo has been leading XIOtech's Eastern area sales effort for more than a year, growing sales in that territory by more than 400 percent while developing sales and support infrastructure. In his new role, Gerardo will be responsible for creating a strategy to target, win and support the large accounts, as well as developing a team to target and support global opportunities.

"In the last year, our unit sales increased five-fold, and we want to match that gain this year. To meet this aggressive growth target, we will continue to build our first-class sales organization, and we will broaden our reach to include large corporate accounts," said Dennis Johnson. ...XIOtech profile
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The Future of Storage

by:- Farid J. Neema - President of Peripheral Concepts, Inc

The future of storage networking is contingent upon the evolution of SAN and NAS architectures, the distribution model for storage, and the advances in telecommunications techniques. These in turn will create new applications demanding higher levels of performance, very scalable interoperable systems, and universal data access. Storage beyond 2003 will inter-operate with the rest of the IT and IP environment

SAN and NAS Architectures

The frontiers of SAN and NAS are rapidly growing and evolving making it increasingly difficult to identify separate markets. Ultimately, much of the differing functionality of the two architectures will merge. NAS will find a way to overcome the slow nature of TCP, and take advantage of the higher Ethernet speeds, as NAS appliances scale and layer in additional software functionality SAN will overcome its interoperability problems, will incorporate both caching and heterogeneous data sharing, while moving to easy-to-install, low-cost products. The road to NAS and SAN convergence will go through some "SAN over IP" solution

The exact outcome of SAN and NAS merger is not clear at this point. The most likely outcome is that FC prevails in the mid-term for the metropolitan area, a SAN file system emerges as a standard, and bridges are built to either encapsulate FC (or SCSI) over IP or to translate FC into IP for WAN connections. IP protocol will prevail in the long term with the advent of 10-gigabit Ethernet, its advantages override FC merits, and many SAN products will be implemented based on IP.

Just like in any major new development, there won't be one technology that fits everyone's needs. There will be complementary technologies that address different market segments. The proper solution will likely differ by application, connectivity requirements, scalability, performance, and price sensitivity. Fibre Channel SAN has acquired enough momentum to ensure its continued high acceptance rate for the next three to five years. For any architecture to be successful, it will have to guarantee continuity/ integration with Fibre channel.

Storage Distribution

The profile of distribution channels is changing, driven by service providers. Service providers represent a very significant discontinuity in the way storage is distributed and the way vendors interact with their users and channels. They will constitute a great market opportunity and create a new business model for storage. A data tone model will prevail. Storage will be provided as a utility by service providers, except for larger corporations that will be very reluctant to give away all of their data to someone else to manage. To succeed, a VAR will need to offer a complete solution and service.


The Internet revolution is causing businesses to rethink every interaction with customers, suppliers and partners. While the Internet is merely the trigger, the real effect lies in the better use of corporate information, leading to broader market reach and additional business. Corporations will aggressively invest in the development of more efficient and optimized IT infrastructures to leverage new and existing data. Mobile business, consumer retail purchase, entertainment, combined with multi-media support, will drive the creation of an infrastructure where content is independent of the data format and the storage location. In such an environment, data security will grow to a become a vital necessity.

Industry and Industry Leaders

The storage leader in year 2003-2005 will:

  • Provide reliable, scalable solution to open storage that is easily managed
  • Stay closest to his customers
  • Execute in a timely way
  • Offer a high Quality of Service
  • Have very high software, system and network skills

Industry consolidation will continue, many storage vendors will disappear, and a new breed of companies will emerge as storage leaders.

click to see STORAGEsearch's predictions for the 10 biggest storage companies in 2003...

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