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Las Vegas, Nevada - November 12, 2001 - Castlewood Systems today announced its newest generation of 5.7 Gigabyte removable external drives. Castlewood's newest generation of ORB drives include 5.7 GB EIDE internal and 5.7 GB 1394/FireWire and USB external drives, designed for both Macintosh and Intel based systems. ORB 5.7 GB 1394/FireWire and USB drives will be available in December 2001. The suggested retail price for the drive is $399.95 and $59.95 for the cartridge.

The ORB 5.7 GB challenges DVD-RAM to become the best storage solution for the range of digital convergence applications, including digital video recorders, smart televisions, set-top boxes and PC-TVs. It not only provides users with a significant storage capacity of 5.7 GB with high-speed data transfer rate of 17.35 MB/sec but also a cost lower than a DVD-RAM. It becomes the only storage solution that can swiftly download a full-length movie, perform time-shift recording, and replace both a hard drive and a DVD.

"The 5.7 ORB makes digital convergence a reality at work and at home. It presents the perfect storage solution for users wishing to merge PC functionality with consumer electronics," said Syed Iftikar, CEO of Castlewood Systems. "The ORB instantly increases your ability to store a significant amount of data, audio and video files - for example, MP3 music files or digital photography - in a medium that's infinitely archive-able and re-writable, and that can be quickly and easily accessed." ...Castlewood Systems profile

Menlo Park, CA - November 12, 2001 - Ancot Corporation, a leading provider of Fibre Channel and SCSI test products, is pleased to announce the release of a new version of the industry-leading FCAccess™ family of Fibre Channel Analyzers. The new FCAccess 2000A Notebook Companion is a small, lightweight and low-cost version of Ancot's FCAccess 2000A Fibre Channel Analyzer. With a weight of only 3.5 lbs, the Notebook Companion offers all the power and sophistication of Ancot's top-of-the-line FCAccess 2000A. Key features include trace memory of up to 4 GigaBytes, data recording speeds in excess of 540 MBps, all data recording in native 10B code, support for both 1.0625 and 1.215 Gbps speeds, and Client/Server architecture that allows remote operation over any IP network (e.g., Ethernet, Internet).

"The Notebook Companion is introduced in response to growing customer demand for a highly portable and low-cost analyzer that still provides the power and feature set needed to troubleshoot advanced Fibre Channel devices and networks", said Jan Dedek, President and Founder of Ancot Corporation.

The Notebook Companion is small and lightweight (only 3.5 lbs) and can be easily carried along with a notebook computer. The Notebook Companion attaches to the PCMCIA port available on virtually all notebook computers, and supports the full Java Client/Server software of the FCAccess Analyzer family.

"The Notebook Companion allows a field engineer to troubleshoot problems on equipment in the field, and the Client/Server architecture of the FCAccess allows a remote service specialist or development engineer direct access to the analyzer. This flexibility allows the on-site engineer to quickly obtain help from support experts located anywhere in the world," said Dedek. "The problem can be solved by placing the most capable engineer available directly in control of the analyzer from his own desktop system."

The FCAccess 2000A Notebook Companion is available now, with pricing starting at $17,300. Please call Ancot at (650)322-5322 for more information. ...Ancot profile

LAS VEGAS, Nev. - November 12, 2001 - Leading the DVD recording revolution, QPS, Inc. is the first manufacturer to ship advanced DVD burners with integrated support for the ultra-fast USB 2.0 and FireWire IEEE 1394 interfaces. They include: Que! DVD Burner (DVD-R/DVD-RAM); Que! DVD Burner Plus CD-RW (DVD-R/DVD-RW/CD-R/CD-RW); Que! DVD Burner+RW (DVD+RW/CD-R/CD-RW).

The Que! DVD Burner is the professional choice for DVD video editing and mastering. It is the only drive in the industry that brings true random-access editing power to high-capacity DVD media. Built-in support for DVD-RAM and DVD-R media allows professionals to store and edit up to 9.4GB of dynamic video contents on DVD-RAM media, and master the final cut on single-sided industry-standard 4.7GB DVD-R media. The cost: less than a penny per megabyte.

The Que! DVD Burner Plus CD-RW is the perfect tool for those who demand true versatility from their mass storage devices. It combines support for 4.7GB DVD-R (write-once format), DVD-RW (rewritable media that allows users to rewrite data and DVD contents up to 1,000 time), 700MB CD-RW (recordable media that allows users to master data and audio CDs), and DVD playback functions. The generated disks can also be played and read on all CD-ROMs as well as on most existing DVD players and DVD-ROM drives.

Que! DVD Burner+RW is the first drive that delivers true playback compatibility with all DVD-ROM and TV set-top players. This versatile drive combines the support for 4.7 GB DVD+RW rewritable media, which allows users to rewrite data, DVD and video content up to 1,000 times along with 700MB CD-RW capabilities for mastering data and audio CDs. It also plays DVD videos.

Software included with all Que!DVD Burner models enables users to capture, transcode, pre-author, author, pre-master and master high-quality DVD disks that rival those made in Hollywood. In addition, MedioStream neoDVD authoring software simplifies DVD burning for excellent results every time. ...QPS profile

Oslo, Norway - November 12, 2001 - Tandberg Data today announced the introduction of the Tandberg DLT VS Autoloader, a 2U rackmount form factor DLTtape™ autoloader utilizing the Tandberg DLT VS80 half height tape drive. The Tandberg DLT VS Autoloader will be available through Tandberg Data's global sales channels during January 2002. The Tandberg DLT VS Autoloader developed by Benchmark Storage Innovations and offered by Tandberg Data provides the industry's first 2-unit high DLT autoloader providing 640GB of compressed capacity and a transfer rate of 21.6GB per hour (6MB/s).
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Serial ATA - Auntie Wanda
Serial ATA on
Megabyte's Auntie, Wanda Spellerbyte, liked to use a mixture of traditional and new technology when gadding about her relations.
Nibble Re: Solid State Disks

Readers of STORAGEsearch have increased their interest in Solid State Disks (SSDs) this year by a staggering 500%.
  • In January/February 2001, 1.3% of readers visited the SSD pages.
  • In October 2001, over 6% of readers visited the SSD pages.
As we've got a larger readership than any other enterprise storage portal, and because SSDs are a well established feature on this site (since 1998), it's reasonable to assume that the growth in reader interest is significant and probably indicates a real market trend.

SSDs are not new (the first SSDs appeared in military systems in the 1980's), but I'm speculating that there are two likely reasons for the recent surge in interest.
  • the increasing use of SANs. SAN's give higher throughput and better network utilisation of storage assets, but... response times are slower than using directly attached storage. SSDs enable users to cache time critical parts of their network storage to overcome this problem.
  • the Sun installed base of servers has been starved of faster processor clock speeds in 2001, with most new SPARC systems typically offering 900MHz instead of the 2GHz which the market actually needs. Traditionally many Sun users would have upgraded their servers by now. Market data shows that has not happened. The Sun server market declined much more steeply than the Intel Pentium server market. The only realistic options for Sun users who needed application speed ups have been to buy more of the (slower) processors, or tune their system performance using products like SSDs.
The first analysis above (SAN), suggests that SSDs will eventually become mainstream network storage tools. The second (lack of fast enough SPARC upgrades) would result in a temporary increase in SSDs as a system speed up. We'll report on this again later to see how the trend is going.

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Zycko Ltd, is Europe's largest high-end networking accessories vendor.
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The Tandberg DLT VS Autoloader design is optimized to meet the IT industry's move toward efficient footprints for servers and storage. The high capacity provided by the industry's only half-height DLT tape drive combined with the new 2U autoloader provides unique data density when implemented in rack-optimized installations. news image Tandberg DLT VS Autoloader
The Tandberg DLT VS Autoloader utilizes 8 DLTtape tape cartridges that rotate in a carousel around the center-mounted DLT VS80 tape drive. There is a cartridge slot for each day of the week and an additional slot that can be used for a Tandberg DLT VS cleaning cartridge. The DLT VS Autoloader utilizes DLTtape IV media and is backward read compatible to DLT1 and DLT4000 tape drives. This provides customers with a clear migration path into automation at a price point comparable to some single tape drive technologies. ...Benchmark Storage Innovations profile, ...Tandberg Data profile

Atlanta, GA and Cork, Ireland – November 12, 2001 - Raidtec Corporation today announced the availability of its SNAZ SAN Virtualization Appliance, SNAZ SVA, and SNAZ InstaView snap shot software for mid-range to enterprise SANs.

Storage Virtualization is an innovative technology that dramatically changes the way storage is deployed, used and managed. Virtualization allows heterogeneous servers to share a variety of storage devices transparently. SNAZ SVA connects to the SAN and presents all attached storage as one or more global storage pools. It allows any number of volumes to be created, expanded, assigned and replicated to any number of hosts. The Asymmetric (Out of Data Path) Storage Virtualization architecture of SNAZ SVA provides a central storage management point, while data is directly transferred between the host computer and storage devices, thus facilitating truly heterogeneous SANs.

"The key drawbacks to Symmetric (In the Data Path) Storage Virtualization architectures are the limits on performance and scalability, requiring more costly hardware resources and higher switch port counts to allow comparable levels of performance and redundancy to Asymmetric Storage Virtualization approaches," stated Noel May, CTO, Raidtec Corporation. "SNAZ SVA provides scalability, higher performance, lower cost and increased reliability and security."

SNAZ SVA is ideally suited for Video Editing and Broadcast, Database and Data Warehouse, Call Center, Online Transaction Processing, Enterprise B2B, XSP and almost any Enterprise Computing Environment. ...RAIDTEC profile

November 12, 2001 - Exabyte Corporation (NASDAQ: EXBT), a performance leader in network backup systems, and Ecrix Corporation, a provider of value-leading tape storage solutions, announced today the closing of their previously announced business combination. The combined company now operates under the Exabyte name and offers high value, high performance tape drive and tape automation products with an emphasis on customer support and quality for the midrange storage market. In the transaction, Exabyte issued 10 million shares of its common stock. At the same time, Exabyte sold 9.65 million shares of its newly issued Series H preferred stock for $9.65 million to certain parties related to Ecrix.

"With the finalisation of this transaction, we expect to see increased efficiencies in manufacturing, marketing and sales; stronger support for additional OEM and channel business; and a product roadmap that positions the company as a leader in the midrange tape market," stated Bill Marriner, chairman, president and CEO of Exabyte Corporation. "Additionally, the return of Juan Rodriguez and Kelly Beavers to Exabyte's executive management team brings further storage marketing and technology expertise which will be instrumental in achieving our future growth plans."

Juan Rodriguez, former CEO of Ecrix, joins Exabyte as chief technologist. Kelly Beavers, former president of Ecrix, joins Exabyte as VP of marketing. Mr. Rodriguez and Mr. Beavers' collective career experience represents more than 50 years in the storage industry and includes the co-founding of StorageTek in 1969 and Exabyte in 1985.

"Exabyte now has a full range of tape storage products spanning the entire midrange computing market," stated Juan Rodriguez. "Our value-oriented VXA­ product line is positioned for the lucrative DDS replacement market and our MammothTapeT line is poised for growth in the 8mm high-performance market. Our automation products, offered in VXA, MammothTape and LTOT UltriumT, are perfect for data intensive environments that require unattended backup."

According to analyst firm Gartner Dataquest, the current installed base of DDS (DAT) tape drives at the end of 2000 was 6.2 million. DDS shipments totalled more than 1.5 million units in 2000. (Gartner Dataquest 2001 Industry Storage Report, Fara Yale).

"With DDS technology at the end of its product lifecycle, there is an opportunity for a high-value tape technology like VXA to replace DDS technology," stated Rodriguez. "With the addition of the VXA product line to the existing lines of drives, media and tape libraries, Exabyte is well poised to benefit from the drive and automation growth opportunities in the tape storage market."

"With virtually no product overlap between the two companies, this merger is classic synergy. It is an excellent move that extends Exabyte's reach in the midrange storage markets and provides their OEMs a wider range of tape product offerings," said Bob Abraham, president, Freeman Reports. Exabyte will provide a merger and mid-quarter update on November 28, 8:00 a.m. MST via a conference call (+1 800 540 0559, ID: EXABYTE) and webcast. ...Exabyte profile

LAS VEGAS, NV - November 12, 2001 - COMDEX -InfiniCon Systems, Inc. will preview the industry's first InfiniBand-enabled intelligent sharable I/O subsystem at COMDEX this week. InfiniCon Systems is the first company to demonstrate an intelligent, integrated I/O architecture that brings together InfiniBand, Ethernet, and Fibre Channel networks into a sharable I/O subsystem.

According to a May, 2001 report from industry analyst firm IDC, there will be over eight million servers shipped in the year 2005, with 83% of these being InfiniBand capable.With the move toward these InfiniBand-enabled server farms, a potential issue for enterprise users is the growth and management of multiple network types in the data center; InfiniBand for server-to-server connections, Fibre Channel for storage area networks, and Ethernet networks for LAN/WAN access. Utilizing InfiniCon Systems' technology, standard servers supporting existing applications can continue to use existing Ethernet and Fibre Channel networks, while benefiting from InfiniBand's low latency and high bandwidth architecture, all with only a single network connection, without modification. InfiniCon Systems will demonstrate how sharable I/O exploiting InfiniBand technology reduces complexity, improves manageability, and lowers total cost of ownership.

InfiniCon Systems will provide a live demonstration of their sharable I/O subsystem and InfiniBand form-factor Ethernet and Fibre Channel line cards showcasing software technology from suppliers such as IBM in the form of WebSphere and DB2. The servers involved in the demonstration will use InfiniBand links exclusively to attach to InfiniCon's sharable I/O subsystem. The servers then have access to Ethernet and Fibre Channel traffic from InfiniCon's I/O drivers via the sharable I/O subsystem. InfiniCon's unique software architecture accomplishes this by creating logical Network Interface Card (NIC) and Host Bus Adapter (HBA) definitions on the hosts, thereby allowing transparent attachment to existing Ethernet and Fibre channel networks.

"In essence, what we are demonstrating is the ability to achieve seamless, non-disruptive integration and the creation of a heterogeneous operating environment without the need for modification," said Todd Matters, cofounder and CTO, InfiniCon Systems. "This is very significant. We understand and are addressing what real data centers with real users need to be effective, thereby helping businesses to be more competitive. Sharable I/O will result in significant financial benefits including reductions in hardware, improved productivity, increased availability and enhanced responsiveness to business requirements." ...InfiniCon Systems profile

SANTA CLARA, Calif. -November 12, 2001 - Atempo, Inc. (formerly Quadratec Software) has signed a technology supplier agreement with Compaq Computer Corporation. Under terms of the agreement, Atempo will supply to Compaq a best-in-class NDMP (Network Data Management Protocol) interface for Compaq's StorageWorks NAS. Atempo's extensive knowledge of NDMP will be tapped to provide the Windows 2000 NDMP interface. The new interface will allow Compaq and its customers to perform backup and restore of StorageWorks NAS data without loading any software on the system while leveraging the latest NDMP functionalities.

"Managing the continued explosion and availability of data for critical applications by using solutions based on open-standards such as NDMP is becoming increasingly important for our customers," said John Young, vice president and general manager for Compaq Enterprise Storage Group's Network Attached Storage Division. "In order to provide the required best-in-class NDMP support for Compaq StorageWorks NAS, we are teaming up with Atempo to deliver a wealth of combined technology expertise."

David Swafford, vice president, strategic alliances at Atempo, echoed Young's remarks: "Since its inception, Atempo has been committed to open, interoperable storage networks, as evidenced by our involvement in the NDMP consortium as well as the Open Storage Networking initiative. Over the years, we have gained a strong expertise around storage networking and NDMP, and we are very pleased and proud to have been selected by Compaq to co-develop this high performance NDMP interface." ...Atempo profile, ...Compaq profile

HSICHIH, TAIWAN - Nov. 09, 2001 - AnexTEK today announced that it has officially opened a branch office in Shanghai, China. Under the direction of Jacky W. Chen, formerly Anex-TEK's Greater China sales director, the new branch will handle the sales & marketing of AnexTEK products and technical support for AnexTEK's Mainland vendors.

"The storage industry is really taking off in the West, but it's at its infancy in Mainland China," says Alex Kuo, AnexTEK's President. "By entering the lucrative Mainland Chinese market at an early stage we have a greater opportunity to make an impact. And since we share a common language and culture, we should be able to inte-grate into the market at a quicker rate than our competitors."

The Shanghai branch will promote AnexTEK's storage products as well as leverage its partners' products to create flexible storage networking solutions in order to meet the specific needs of its local customers. AnexTEK Shanghai will target heavy consumers of storage technology such as Internet Data Centers, Storage Service Providers, Internet Service Providers, Application Service Providers and Multimedia Providers.

AnexTEK's new office is located in the heart of Shanghai across from the famed Shanghai opera house. Fea-turing a fully functional lab and training center, the office is expected to be AnexTEK's main distribution arm in the Mainland market. The new branch will be launching an all-Mandarin-Chinese web site soon which will cater to its local customers ...AnexTEK profile

TUSTIN, CA - November 8, 2001 - NewTech Infosystems, Inc. (NTI) will introduce NTI Backup NOW! Deluxe, the newest version of its award-winning backup and recovery software, at Comdex next week. Backup NOW! turns a CD-R drive into a complete PC backup solution that protects the operating system, applications and files. Backup NOW! Deluxe is compatible with all Windows operating systems -- including Windows XP.

"We are pleased to be able to offer XP compatibility so quickly," said Bill Yao, NTI president and CEO. "CD-R drives are standard equipment on many PCs now - and they are ideal for doing easy, very reliable, inexpensive backups. Once you have a drive, all you need are CD-R or CD-RW discs and our Backup NOW! software."

NTI Backup NOW! offers backup flexibility. It is the only software package that provides full-image and file level backups using CD-R/RW discs. Users can create a full file backup and then, in future sessions, backup only new or changed files. In the worst case scenario, if the PC is stolen or destroyed, the backup discs can easily recreate the entire system on a new computer. Of course, Backup NOW! can also recover/restore individual files that have been lost or damaged. NTI Backup NOW! Deluxe is compatible with more CD-R/RW drives than any other backup software. It will be available in early December through distributors and popular high-tech retailers at a suggested retail price of $79.95. ...NewTech Infosystems profile

SCOTTS VALLEY, Calif. — 08 November 2001 — Seagate Technology today announced a milestone in data storage technology with a world record-breaking areal density demonstration of more than 100 billion data bits per square inch (100 Gb/in²) using a fully integrated magnetic recording head and multi-layer antiferrogmagnetic coupled (AFC) disc. Seagate's series of ongoing technology demonstrations will lead to new storage capabilities that can fulfill growing marketplace demands and fuel exciting new applications. The achievement means that 125 gigabytes of capacity can be put onto a single 3.5-inch disc drive platter, compared to currently shipping products holding 40 gigabytes per platter.

"This milestone significantly surpasses any industry announcement to date," said Tom Porter, Chief Technical Officer at Seagate. "As in all previous Seagate areal density achievements, we have used fully integrated components that are close in design to volume producible devices." ...Seagate profile

Houston and Hopkinton, Mass.- November 8, 2001 - Compaq Computer Corporation and EMC Corporation the two largest global enterprise storage providers, have agreed to cross license storage system application programming interfaces (APIs). The technology exchange will facilitate each company's development of storage management applications capable of managing both companies' storage systems.

Mark Sorenson, Vice President of Compaq Enterprise Storage Group's solutions and software division, said, "This agreement from the two leaders in enterprise storage will deliver on customer demand for solutions that work together and can be managed centrally. The licensing of these APIs will enable both companies to tightly integrate storage and storage management products for the benefit of their customers."

Don Swatik, Vice President of Alliances and Information Sciences at EMC, said, "This exchange is a major step towards meeting customer requirements for open integration in multi-vendor storage environments. This agreement gives both companies the capability to help mutual customers better manage their information."

Under the terms of the agreement, Compaq and EMC are cross licensing APIs to support the development and delivery of storage management products that will support both companies' disk arrays. In addition, the companies will define cooperative support levels so that end users of the new storage management products can be assured that each vendor will provide support for its configurations....Compaq profile, ...EMC profile

Editor's comments:- this agreement will accelerate the grrowth of the SAN software market, because it reduces the risk of making the wrong choice of underlying standards for major users.

BOXBOROUGH, MA - November 8, 2001 - Eurologic Systems will develop, co-validate and market high-quality, Serial Advanced Technology Attachment (S-ATA) network storage solutions for the enterprise and departmental-level markets with Intel. Serial ATA is a high performance connectivity interface to connect disk drives within storage systems. Eurologic and Intel will integrate Intel's S-ATA I/O building block technologies, including I/O processors and S-ATA silicon, into Eurologic's cutting-edge storage systems technology.

Nick Thickins, director of applications marketing for Eurologic, said, "Both parties are bringing their core competencies to the equation. Eurologic's proven storage technology and Intel's innovative S-ATA-based I/O building block technology will provide customers the performance, simplicity and cost advantages of S-ATA."

Wendy Vittori, general manager of Intel's I/O and Bridges Division, said, "With its greater range of features and improved performance at significantly lower cost, Serial ATA will create a profound shift in storage systems and appliances, where value is a key driver. By combining the strengths of our core competencies, Intel and Eurologic are enabling OEMs to come to market early with complete and validated Serial ATA solutions that take advantage of this shift. OEMs can offer their end-users more storage in dense packaging and at increased price/performance ratios while also protecting their IT infrastructure investment."

Eurologic and Intel will demonstrate S-ATA technology at COMDEX, next week. ...Eurologic profile, ...Intel profile

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