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Storage Networking - No Upturn in Revenue Expected
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Storage Networking- No Upturn

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earlier news (archive)
Disk to disk backup
D2D - Disk to disk backup
"I'm impressed by your new hotSTOR disk to disk backup" said Megabyte to Cheaperbyte . "Does it make coffee too?"
Nibble:- Don't put all your eggs in one basket.

A rat, or virus may chew up everything you've carefully stashed away.

A few days ago a nasty virus managed to zap my email inbox, even though it had already been detected by my up-to-date virus checker, and was in the process of being deleted when the actual damage occurred. Until then it had been years since I was last seriously affected by such a problem. It was a good reminder about the kinds of data threats which are out there. The incident shook me up a little, because I realised that something nasty had got through my defences. But it also sharpened up my thinking about data protection.

Anyway I restored my inbox from my offsite backup, and didn't lose anything apart from an hour of valuable time. I'd already dealt with all my incoming email when the problem occurred, and the few missing incoming emails were duplicated in my replies which were still safely sitting in my sent folder. But it got me thinking again about whether my backup strategies are really bulletproof enough.

Sometimes we're seduced into thinking that a new technology alone will solve all our problems. Will that new gadget or software make everything easier?

A new data protection solution launched August 21 by CMS Peripherals looks like a great solution for users of Windows notebooks. If your hard drive crashes or gets trashed by a virus you can just reboot off the internal duplicate backup disk. If you use notebooks a lot that sounds like a great idea. But it's almost certain that some people, who run their own business, and buy this product to save time, will find it so convenient compared to other backup methods, that they may be tempted to use it as their primary form of data protection. That'll work fine until the day that their notebook is stolen, along with the backup disk sitting inside.

Even traditional backup methods have their drawbacks. If you use the wrong kind of backup software, which is often supplied free with the backup system, then a single media error in a long string of partial backups can be enough to stop any of your backed up data being usable. You'll hit that problem when you really have no other choice, and it's long after the warranty on the hardware has expired, and the software package is probably no longer being marketed in that particular version. Personally, I never do incremental backups. But I'm lucky in being able to compress all my critical data into a couple of gigabytes. I don't bother with backing up applications, and to save recovery time have complete systems ready to run in several locations.

Write once media appears to be a good form of last resort data archiving. If the viruses get through everywhere else, then reloading from optical media seems like a good insurance policy. So I was a little concerned at what I discovered when reading a recent article on this subject called Think Twice Before you Write-Once - by Pegasus Disk Technologies. Not all optical media offer the same protection, and you need sound archiving software to get the best results out of the best type of media.

It seems there are no perfect solutions to all our data protection problems. On top of that there isn't enough time to investigate all the available new technologies, and there isn't enough budget to buy everything we would like to buy. But of one thing you can be sure. If you don't have more than one type of recovery strategy, then you are vulnerable. Don't put all your eggs in one basket. A rat, or virus may chew up everything you've carefully stashed away. In fact rodents have been known to eat backup media. But ours are carefully trained and don't do that.

We're going to have some more editorial on how to keep vermin out of your data storage in a new directory about data security starting soon.

MCA Computer
MCA Computer, based in Irvine, California, has been delivering savings on leading brands of memory, RAID and tape drives to corporates, government and universities for more than 10 years.
Santa Barbara, California - August 27, 2002 - Overall 2002 storage revenues will not see any significant upturn, according to a report published by Peripheral Concepts, Inc.

In calendar year 2002, a number of companies will show a lower revenues than 2001 just because their first half of 2001 was still very strong. But storage networking is suffering less than the rest of the industry. SAN and NAS systems, software and components are expected to grow about 20%, while the overall storage system revenue will only reach in 2002 its 2000 level of $24 Billion, as shown in the following table
Storage spending in Billions of US dollars: source Peripheral Concepts, Inc.
1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004
DAS 17.2 18.4 18.8 16.5 15.3 14.3 13.1
NAS 0.4 0.8 1.7 2.3 3 4 5.2
SAN 0.8 2 4 4.7 5.8 7.5 9.8
Total 18.4 21.2 24.5 23.5 24.1 25.8 28.1

The economy slump has not hindered designers ability to innovate. The past eighteen months have seen a surge in the number of well funded start-ups; over one hundred companies are identified in the report.

"New technological advances are about to completely change the landscape of storage networking. No vendor can ignore this movement, as some of the technologies that seemed promising last year may end up being stop-gap short term solutions" says Farid Neema, president of Peripheral Concepts, Inc. and author of the report The most significant advances are happening in three areas that may overlap.

First is a family of new hybrid devices that combine the functions of a server, a multi-protocol low latency switch, and a virtualization engine. They are called intelligent/routing switches, appliances, or global controller. They may end up to be the best vehicle to fulfilling the convergence of SAN and NAS. The second area of major changes is in data acceleration techniques, involving parallel processing combined with grand scale silicon implementations. Thirdly, come virtualization and aggregation engines which are overcoming some of the most serious shortcomings of NAS and SAN.

SAN and NAS continue to offer a very strong market opportunity, concludes this report that covers major technologies, applications, revenues and market shares. The report titled "SAN and NAS- Infrastructure, Products and Market Opportunities" contains 400 pages and costs $2,895. It identifies over 50 companies that are leading the development of SAN and NAS. Characteristics of over 40 products are detailed in feature matrices that allow comparison. ...Peripheral Concepts profile

BOULDER, CO - August 27, 2002 - Exabyte Corporation today announced the premier of VXA-2 tape drives in two of its market-leading automation products: the entry-level Exabyte AutoPak 1x7 tape autoloader and the mid-range Exabyte 430 tape library.

The AutoPak 1x7 accommodates a single VXA-2 drive and seven data cartridges in a removable magazine. Delivering over 1TB of storage capacity at transfer rates up to 43.2GB/hr., the AutoPak 1x7 rewards users with industry-leading capacity and affordability.

The Exabyte 430 tape library with VXA-2 provides up to 4.8TB of compressed data storage in a compact, rack-mount configuration. It accommodates up to four VXA-2 tape drives and 30 data cartridges.

The Exabyte AutoPak 1x7 with VXA-2 has an MSRP of $3,299 and will be available in October 2002. The Exabyte 430 with two VXA-2 drives has an MSRP of $11,357 and will be available in September 2002. ...Exabyte profile

Butte, MT - August 27, 2002 - Portlock Software has released a new feature in Portlock Storage Manager, allowing users to restore images from a web server. This feature has been added to Portlock Storage Manager 3.01, released today. This feature is most significant in the area of disaster recovery. In the event of disaster or hardware failure, the image can be accessed via their web server, from any location. The location of the image can reside on the internet, intranet, or an ISP. Portlock Storage Manager, which also supports imaging to tape, DVD, and hard disk, is now able to pull images from a web server - leading to quick, efficient restores from a highly-available source. ...Portlock Software profile

editor:- August 27, 2002 - the mouse site,, will be a media sponsor for Storage Visions 2003 which will be held in January 7-8, 2003 at Las Vegas, Nevada. This conference will focus on content creation, content distribution, content reception, and data storage. The organisers are currently looking for additional speakers, exhibitors, and sponsors for the 2003 two day event. If you're interested phone 805 898-3845, or email

San Jose, Calif. - August 27, 2002 - Solid Data Systems, Inc., announced today the launch of a major new initiative to expand its reseller sales channel. The company currently sells its products primarily through vertical integrators in the financial and telecom markets, as well as server OEMs and system integrators such as Hewlett-Packard, Sun Microsystems and IBM Global Services. The new channel initiative will add specialty VARs and system integrators in new markets such as federal and local governments, biomedical, manufacturing and supply chain integration. In addition, the Company is implementing an educational and referral program for performance tuning experts and database architects. Under this program, qualifying consultants will be kept informed of new benchmarks conducted by the Company and new applications where the use of solid-state technology provides significant benefits.

As part of the channel program, Solid Data will provide attractive price and availability terms for its entry-level, 1U rack-mountable file-caching appliance, the E100L, now with up to 4 Gbytes of solid-state storage capacity

"Our new channel program aims to expand both the types of VARs who resell our products and the types of applications we get involved in," said Gary Taggart, Solid Data's Vice President of Sales and Support. "We are looking for the more technically-aware, regional integrators who recognize that just adding new servers or RAID systems to applications requiring more performance or faster recovery times is often a poor approach," says Taggart. Qualifying resellers will receive an extensive menu of support services from Solid Data, such as on-line technical support, after-hours support, installation and service training, co-op marketing and sales collateral. ...Solid Data Systems profile

editor:- August 27, 2002 - a new article published today on by Jim Wheeler at Pegasus Disk Technologies takes a critical look at optical media technologies for data archiving. "Think Twice Before you Write-Once" examines what happens down at the bit level in CD-RW and DVD-RAM technology. The differences in sector and non-sector based optical archive media are examined in detail, and some worrying conclusions come out regarding data integrity and long term performance. If you're looking at optical jukebox technology as part of your archiving strategy and think that all optical media are pretty much the same apart from capacity, this article written from the perspective of a company which has been supporting this technology for 15 years will put you right. ...Pegasus Disk Technologies profile

BOULDER, Colo. - August 26, 2002 – Spectra Logic today announced that it has joined the Cisco AVVID (Architecture for Voice, Video and Integrated Data) Partner program as a Storage Networking Solutions Member. Through the membership in this program, Spectra Logic can now provide broader connectivity options for servers utilizing iSCSI technology. Spectra Logic libraries have met the Cisco AVVID Partner program requirements for interoperability with the Cisco SN 5420 Storage Router v. 2.1. This enables customers to connect both their iSCSI and Fibre Channel attached servers to the same library, providing customers the ability to centralize all tape-related activities. Additionally, customers' investments are protected by allowing rapid, consolidated local backups, as well as remote backups for disaster recovery, in a single tape library. ...Cisco Systems profile, ...Spectra Logic profile

Hoboken, NJ - August 26, 2002 - NSI Software today announced another quarter of revenue growth with the close of Q2 2002, which represented a 12% increase over Q1 2002 revenues. The company is also celebrating the one-year anniversary of its Xcelerate Partner Program. In Q2, NSI Software's 29 charter reseller partners and its direct sales force capitalized on demand for NSI's Double-Take® replication product to land deals with 203 new customers and initiate 26 new professional services engagements.

Exemplifying the demand for Double-Take and the critical role of its resellers, Xcelerate partner Synegi experienced a 190% increase in sales of Double-Take between Q1 2002 and Q2 2002. The increase makes apparent the significant need for affordable, accessible and easy-to-use data replication products for companies of all sizes worldwide. NSI Software experienced explosive growth during Q2 with international sales increasing 416% over Q1 2002. The company's Q2 2002 revenue represents a 144 percent increase over Q2 2001.

"Data replication technology is emerging as the key to achieving 24x7 business operations based on its affordability and reliability," said Don Beeler, president and CEO of NSI Software. "Our partners are key to fulfilling and satisfying market demand for our replication products. Moving forward, we look to their continued dedication for ongoing success and revenue growth." ...NSI Software profile, ...Synegi profile

ALISO VIEJO, Calif. - August 26, 2002 - QLogic Corp. today announced that its SANbox2 16 Port Fibre Channel switch outperformed all competitive offerings in tests performed by QLogic and conducted with Spirent Communications' SmartBits 6000B and SmartFabric testing tools, the industry-first product for evaluating network switch performance. Using the SmartBits 6000B with FBC-3602A test modules and the SmartFabric application, the SANbox2 16 port switch achieved the maximum wire-rate throughput of 2GBits/sec Fibre Channel simultaneously for all ports (aggregate of 3,362 Mbytes/sec). In addition, the QLogic SANbox2 performed with up to 96% less latency (the amount of delay added by a device) compared to all competitive switch products. The SANbox2 demonstrated minimal and predictable latency under peak traffic conditions, which is a key performance requirement for most storage applications such as OLTP (On-Line Transaction Processing), database transactions and video streaming/authoring.

"The SmartBits performance analysis products from Spirent were an obvious choice to test our SANbox2 switch in a variety of traffic load scenarios," said Mike Knudsen, senior vice president, QLogic Network Storage Group. "SAN designers and administrators require consistent and predictable switching performance for nominal and peak traffic cases. This testing confirms that the SANbox2 switching architecture provides industry-leading performance at the lowest cost in the market." ...QLogic profile, ...Spirent Communications profile

Taipei, Taiwan - August 26, 2002 ­ IEI today announced the launch of its ultra slim NAS Server series, the NAS-101R and the wireless NAS-101RW. With a wide array of advanced features, these new products, aimed specifically at the SoHo and personal user markets looking for an entry-level storage device, offer exceptional storage capabilities, as well as integrated network hardware to make compact, multi-functional all-in-one units. Ease of installation and configuration with software developed in-house also mean that once out of the box, all the user needs to do is connect a single computer or multiple PC's up to the unit, and go through a simple ten-step process using the pre-installed configuration software, and up to 120GB of additional storage space is available for all users.

With the slim NAS units, IEI has brought a new definition to mobile storage it even comes with its own colorful carrying case. The NAS-101R and NAS-101RW offer faster data transmission rates than traditional USB v1.1 and IEEE 1394 storage devices, and because they support dynamic DNS, other users are able to access files and data stored, no matter where it is taken in the world. Just hook it up to a cable or DSL connection, and access to all shared files and applications is possible. Competitively priced and colorfully designed the NAS-101R and NAS-101RW are ideal companions and solutions for people looking for a great value storage device. ...IEI profile

SAN DIEGO, Calif. - August 26, 2002 ­ Astute Networks Inc., still months away from official launch, announced today that it has licensed its storage networking technology to Agilent Technologies Inc.

"High density, high-performance technologies are driving today's storage networking solutions," said Martin Scott, vice president and general manager of Agilent's Storage and Networking Division. "Astute's technology contribution is a major step forward in our program to develop an extensive portfolio of feature rich silicon products."

"We are pleased that our vision of silicon-empowered storage networking has already won high-level support from an industry leader such as Agilent, even before we are ready to publicly launch our technology," said Tom Sennhauser, Astute's president and CEO. "Our intelligent storage silicon will, for the first time, give storage OEMs new competitive advantages by allowing them to build their proprietary storage applications onto all storage protocols."

Astute Networks is still in stealth mode with plans underway to launch before the end of the year. ...Agilent Technologies profile, ...Astute Networks profile

SANTA ANA, Calif. - August 26, 2002 ­ I/OMagic Corporation announced today that for the third consecutive quarter it was ranked the top seller of CD-RW drives in North America, as reported by NPD Intelect, the computer industry's leading point-of-sale tracking service. NPD Intelect also reported that industry sales for CD-RW drives reached more than $100 million dollars in Q2 2002.

"We are especially proud of again earning this number one market share ranking because it is based on sell-through, surpassing competitors, such as Sony, TDK, Creative Labs, Memorex and Philips," said Paul T. McCauley, vice president of Marketing for I/OMagic Corporation. "We believe this achievement clearly demonstrates strong consumer confidence in our CD-RW products, which are sold under all three I/OMagic brands, I/OMagic, Hi-Val and Digital Research Technologies, across all of our major accounts, such as Best Buy, Circuit City, CompUSA, Costco, Office Depot, OfficeMax, Radio Shack U.S. and Future Shop of Canada.

"Furthering I/OMagic's continued dominance in the data storage arena, where CD-RW drives lead our optical storage product mix, the Company now also offers a new technology platform -- the DVD+RW/+R drive. This latest platform is a technological next-step from the CD-RW drive, giving users the ability to easily store movies and videos, as well as back-up and archive huge amounts of data at about 6.7 times the capacity of a CD-RW disc. In addition, consumers will now also be able to easily create home movies, photo discs or music CDs, as well as have the ability to watch their favorite DVDs on their computer." ...I/OMagic profile, ...NPD INTELECT profile

SANTA ANA, Calif. - August 22, 2002 - SimpleTech, Inc. today announced that its 512MB SD (Secure Digital) memory cards are available for immediate delivery. SimpleTech's 512MB SD card is next-generation removable flash storage, combining fast data transfer rates of 10MB/sec. and high capacity in a slim, compact design, making it the ideal solution for SD-compatible handheld devices, including cameras, video recorders, PDAs, MP3 music players and smart phones, as well as digital projectors, photo printers and voice recorders.

The 512MB capacity is the latest addition to SimpleTech's family of SD memory cards, at manufacturers' suggested retail price of $389. About the size of a postage stamp, the SD memory cards measure 24mm x 32mm by 2.1mm (LWD) and weigh only 3 grams. ...SimpleTech profile

BOXBOROUGH, MA - August 22, 2002 - Eurologic Systems today announced the advancement of its IP-SAN initiative with the introduction of the Elantra iCS2100, the first member of the Eurologic Elantra IP-SAN solutions family. IP-SAN technology brings the benefits of SANs to a wider audience, making adding and managing storage resources much simpler, more cost-effective and improves the reliability, scalability and security of storage by leveraging Ethernet technology. Application areas include companies wanting to aggregate or consolidate their storage, as well as Exchange back-office implementations, web servers and secondary storage systems for remote data replication.

The iCS2100 provides all the benefits of shared fibre channel SAN storage systems at an affordable price point. The iCS2100 allows users to take advantage of the availability and scalability offered by shared storage configurations, as well as the large skill base and low cost infrastructure of existing IP based Ethernet networks. The system is easy to install, is totally secure and is interoperable with a number of software and hardware initiators. The iSC2100 is the precursor to the launch of a range of IP-SAN solutions late this year. Targeted at the early adopters of the iSCSI solutions from small and midsize businesses to research departments within large companies that are looking for increased flexibility of Ethernet based SAN systems.

The iCS2100 is the first product from Eurologic's Elantra IP-SAN solutions roadmap, and is a highly flexible storage solution demonstrating a number of features such as target-based virtualization, the ability to export multiple logical volumes (up to 512), dynamic expansion capabilities, sharing of block storage between servers, target security and support for zoning of storage between applications. ...Eurologic Systems profile

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