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This is an archived page which shows an example of a Hard Disk Sanitizers ad here on STORAGE search .com as it looked in Q3 2008.

Hard Disk Sanitizers

Hard Drive Degaussers sanitize disks  even when they can't be erased using software

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StorageHeaven V660 HDD

The V660 HDD Evo (shown above right) is a high energy, bulk eraser especially designed to tackle the erasing of hard drives.

Software based disk erasers don't work if there is a fault in the disk controller. This means users are vulnerable to the risk of sensitive data being illegally extracted when the disk is repaired or using data recovery tools.

The V660 HDD erases hard disks in a fast 5 second erase cycle - which can be operated safely by remote control to protect the operator from high strength magnetic fields.

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StorageHeaven PD-8400

The PD-8400 Physical Destroyer physically breaks the hard drive ensuring the information contained on the hard drive is no longer accessible. The PD-8400 is Designed to physically destroy hard drives in order to prevent persons from being able to "spin" the hard drive up to retrieve data. The PD-8400 will automatically bend, break and mangle the hard drive making the hard drive easily distinguishable from non destroyed hard drives - ensuring the disposal of the correct hard drive.

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StorageHeaven OMD-100

The OMD-100 provides a systematic method for the destruction of CDs containing private and confidential information before disposal. This Optical Media destroyer, does not rely on software and will permanently destroy the physical data storage layer of each CD.

The OMD-100 automatically destroys data, audio, and video from CDs by grinding the upper three layers (i.e., label layer, protective layer, and reflective layer) from CDs. The remaining polycarbonate layer of the CD is recyclable and is completely free of data and labels.

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