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COSTA MESA, CA - August 21, 2002 - CMS Peripherals today announced the availability of the internal ABSplus, the industry's first internal restore and backup system designed specifically for the secondary bays of notebook computers.

The internal ABSplus is compatible with Compaq and Dell manufactured notebook computers, with compatibility for other major manufacturer's notebooks forthcoming.

The inclusion of complete system bootability protects users from interruption of workflow in the event of hard drive failure. In the case of complete hard drive failure, the notebook will automatically switch to the ABSplus system, providing an entirely failsafe solution with zero downtime and virtually no interruption to the user. If a user's hard drive crashes due to operating system or virus issues, the notebook can be reconfigured through the BIOS and redirected to boot off the internal ABSplus. Users will find all of their applications, configurations and data intact as stored to the ABSplus since the last backup.

Industry analysts are beginning to tout the importance of portable hard drives for the extra security and quick data recovery they provide notebook users. "The best protection from data loss is a second bootable hard drive," said Nick Allen, vice president of Gartner Inc, a Connecticut-based research firm. "Users should evaluate bootable backup hard drives and balance the extra cost against the cost of a notebook disaster."

The new, internal notebook ABSplus is now shipping with a 3-year warranty in capacities of 20GB, 30GB, 40GB and 60GB solutions. Pricing starts at $349.00. The new ABSplus units are compatible with Windows 98/Me/2000 and XP. ...CMS Peripherals profile

Editor's comments:- this sounds like a useful product but make sure that it's not the only form of backup protection you're using. If your notebook is stolen then knowing that your backup has disappeared as well is no consolation.

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA - August 21, 2002 - BakBone Software announced today support for UnitedLinux, a new initiative that will streamline Linux development and certification around the world.

UnitedLinux is the collaboration of industry leading Linux companies that will develop an industry standard version of Linux, lead by Caldera, Conectiva, SuSE and Turbolinux. UnitedLinux addresses enterprise customers' need for a standard, business focused Linux distribution that is certified to work across hardware and software platforms, accelerating the adoption of Linux in the enterprise.

"BakBone Software has always been dedicated to providing our customers with the widest support for Linux in the industry. With over six Linux platforms and over forty Application Plugin Modules, BakBone is the leader in secure backup and recovery solutions with our NetVault product," said Randy Batterson, vice president of strategic alliances and OEMs, BakBone Software. "The advantages with UnitedLinux are that instead of certifying to multiple distributions of Linux, ISVs and IHVs we can now concentrate on one major business distribution - UnitedLinux. Therefore, we can provide our business customers the latest Linux technologies much faster. We are pleased to be supporting UnitedLinux, the next evolution of Linux." ...BakBone Software profile, ...UnitedLinux

SAN JOSE, Calif. and LOUISVILLE, Colo. - August 21, 2002 - StorageTek today introduced the next-generation of its industry-leading V2X™ Shared Virtual Array™ disk storage system at Storage World (Booth #310) today.

The V2X Shared Virtual Array (SVA™) disk storage system is the latest offering in StorageTek's V-Series family of virtual disk storage systems for both mainframe and open systems environments and is designed to eliminate the under-allocation and over-purchasing of disk storage capacity that is required with conventional enterprise disk storage systems.

The StorageTek V2X SVA disk storage system is an enterprise-class disk storage system that provides a cost-effective solution for the key IT challenges of protecting, sharing and managing information. Built on StorageTek's advanced virtual architecture, the V2X SVA disk storage system allows customers to utilize 100 percent of a their purchased disk capacity, making pressured IT budgets stretch much further. The V2X SVA disk storage system marks a significant technology gain in StorageTek's V-series product line. It includes a new switched fibre architecture to provide better reliability and performance, increased addressing, cache and capacity to meet current and future storage needs, as well as faster fibre channel connectivity cards for increased Open Systems performance.

"The cost to manage disk storage today is approximately four to ten times the original price of a disk subsystem and typically only 30 - 40 percent of that disk capacity is actually used," said Ed Broderick, principal analyst, Robert Frances Group. "Yet with data volumes still continuing to grow rapidly, enterprises clearly need ways to address their storage demands without increasing the burden on existing IT staff and resources. With StorageTek's enterprise disk solution, companies can take advantage of 100 percent of their purchased capacity- and only the data that is written to the disk system consumes space. The V2X SVA ddisk storage system brings an impressive set of enhancements (over the V960 SVA) to the marketplace and an equally impressive roadmap of more to come in the near term." ...StorageTek profile

MINNEAPOLIS, MN, AND HOPKINTON, MA - August 21, 2002 - CNT announced today that EMC has qualified CNT's UltraNet Edge Storage Router for use with EMC's MirrorView remote replication software.

This new offering makes disaster recovery and business continuity solutions affordable enterprise-wide by leveraging new technologies from both CNT and EMC along with cost effective IP networks.

EMC MirrorView provides real-time mirroring of critical data between two or more CLARiiON FC4700 or CLARiiON CX600 networked storage systems. CNT's UltraNet Edge Storage Router, the only storage networking platform that supports MirrorView software for EMC's CLARiiON systems, extends MirrorView to allow reliable, proven data mirroring over longer distances across less expensive, readily available IP networks. CNT's UltraNet Edge Storage Router's intelligent, fault-tolerant architecture includes data compression to dramatically reduce the cost of bandwidth and patent pending technology to ensure data consistency. The combination delivers a new business continuity and disaster recovery solution with significantly lower total cost of ownership, enabling companies to protect more of their business critical data.

"Using MirrorView over IP, businesses of all sizes can leverage their existing IP network infrastructure to extend their storage networks cost-effectively, improve data protection and streamline network management," said Mark Knittel, group vice president of worldwide product operations at CNT. "Companies have realized that they need to protect more of their data, more reliably. With this joint offering from CNT and EMC, we give them the ability to meet their business objectives-including remote data mirroring-in a way that's highly affordable." ...CNT profile, ...EMC profile

FREMONT, CALIFORNIA and MELVILLE, NEW YORK - August 21, 2002 - Rhapsody Networks and FalconStor Software, Inc. today announced that they will deliver an advanced solution to help enterprises more effectively manage large and growing corporate data requirements.

The companies believe that the solution will bring unprecedented efficiencies to storage administrators responsible for the ongoing management and protection of corporate data attached to SANs.

Based on patent-pending XPath ™ technology and architecture, the Rhapsody family of Storage Application Directors allows the execution of the storage application software to be located within the SAN itself, not just on the host or storage systems. Storage application software running in the SAN has significant cost and scalability advantages over traditional approaches. Rhapsody platforms provide robust hardware and system support to ensure that leading storage applications achieve unprecedented performance and scalability within the SAN, thereby extending end-user storage management efficiencies.

According to Rhapsody Networks president and CEO, Mike Klayko, the FalconStor agreement continues the Rhapsody strategy of partnering with the leading and most innovative storage application providers. "FalconStor has outstanding enterprise visibility and exceptional support from a number of key storage vendors. Together with our intelligent network platforms, the IPStor solution will deliver increasing value to enterprises worldwide," Klayko said. ...FalconStor Software profile, ...Rhapsody Networks profile

PITTSBURGH - 21 August 2002 - Seagate has decided to use a HAMR to cram more and more bits of information per square inch into hard disc drives, pushing the limits of magnetic recording even further beyond what was ever thought possible.

The Company today demonstrated its revolutionary Heat Assisted Magnetic Recording (HAMR) technology, which records data magnetically on high-stability media using laser thermal assistance. This demonstration took place during the grand opening celebration of Seagate's new 200,000 square foot, state of the art research center located in Pittsburgh, PA.

HAMR, combined with self-ordered magnetic arrays of iron-platinum particles, is expected to break through the so-called superparamagnetic limit of magnetic recording by more than a factor of 100 to ultimately deliver storage densities as great as 50 terabits per square inch.

"With this demonstration of HAMR, Seagate has offered us a glimpse of future magnetic recording technology. Technologies such as HAMR will continue to keep disc drives as the preferred mass storage device for mainstream computing for many years to come," said Dave Reinsel, research manager at IDC.

HAMR technology will significantly extend the capacity of modern magnetic disc drives that use magnetic heads to read and write digital data onto spinning discs. If the storage density (the number of data bits stored on a given disc surface) continues its phenomenal growth rate, within the next five-to-ten years the data bits will become so small that they may become magnetically unstable due to a phenomenon known as superparamagnetism. The solution is to use a more stable medium, however today's magnetic heads are unable to write data on such media. HAMR solves this problem by heating the medium with a laser-generated beam at the precise spot where data bits are being recorded. When heated, the medium becomes easier to write, and the rapid subsequent cooling stabilizes the written data. The result of this heat-assisted recording is a dramatic increase in the recorded density that can be achieved. ...Seagate profile

Hopkinton, Mass. - August 21, 2002 - EMC Corporation today announced that The Army National Guard has purchased more than 200 terabytes of EMC networked storage systems and software and services to automate and streamline administrative functions and increase focus on war fighter operations.

The National Guard will implement EMC SANs in more than 50 data centers across the United States and four U.S. territories to allow for dramatically more open and efficient information management. Each Guard data center will deploy EMC ESN Manager software, a key product in EMC's AutoIS strategy, to achieve more centralized and more efficient management of both EMC storage and non-EMC storage such as Compaq, Dell and Xiotech solutions. ...EMC profile

UK - August 21, 2002 - Ideal Hardware has secured a new deal with Iomega, to distribute its NAS product range in the UK.

Plans are also in place for a roll-out into other European territories via Ideal's sister company, Bell Microproducts Europe. The partnership aims to develop Iomega's presence and increase its share of the NAS market, with a particular focus on the SME (SMB) sector.

"We're delighted to be working with Ideal because of its proven track record in growing the NAS market, and experience in the SME sector," said Esther Bayes, UK distribution account manager at Iomega. "More than ever, today's SMEs are looking to manage their data efficiently. They don't need an expensive general-purpose server to accomplish this," she continued. "Ideal has the contacts, logistical expertise and experience to take our products to market effectively." ...Ideal Hardware profile, ...Iomega profile

MILPITAS, Calif. - Aug. 20, 2002 – Quantum Corp. today announced an OEM agreement with Sun Microsystems to provide its ATL M-Series automated tape libraries to customers branded under Sun StorEdge L100 and L25 tape libraries.

Quantum's ATL M-Series libraries provide enterprise-class features for the mid-range market and incorporate flexible performance and capacity, modular scalability and unbeatable density.

"With the addition of the new tape libraries, Sun has once again raised the bar in delivering data continuance solutions to our customers," said Kathleen Holmgren, vice president of marketing, Sun Microsystems, Inc. "Partners like Quantum enable us to deliver products beyond Sun's core competencies to provide the comprehensive offering needed to meet our customer's complete storage requirements."

The Sun StorEdge L100 Library scales from one to 12 tape drives with up to 648 GB/hour performance and scales up to 200 cartridges, providing up to 20 TB capacity when configured in a two-"module" stack. Two Sun StorEdge L100 libraries can be configured in a standard Sun storage rack to be managed and function as a single integrated library by utilizing the StackLink™ pass-through mechanism.

The Sun StorEdge L25 library scales from one to 14 tape drives with up to 756 GB/hour performance and expands up to 175 cartridges, providing up to 35 TB capacity, when configured in a seven-"module" stack. Up to seven Sun StorEdge L25 libraries can be configured in a standard Sun storage rack to be managed and function as a single integrated library utilizing the same StackLink mechanism as the L100. ...Quantum profile, ...Sun Microsystems profile
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