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Storage news - 2003, August week 1

Megabyte's selection of storage news

the Solid State Disks Buyers Guide
Short History of Disk to Disk Backup
the Fastest Growing Storage Companies
Who's Eating Whom in the Storage Market?

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Palo Alto, Calif - August 7, 2003 - HP today introduced the next generation of its tape library architecture, which is designed to meet the specific enterprise SAN requirements for high reliability, interoperability and advanced functionality. The HP StorageWorks Extended Tape Library Architecture brings a layer of intelligence to tape drives and the SAN for increased levels of data protection and offers customers the foundation to transform their businesses into adaptive enterprises that manage storage as a utility. ...HP profile

Redmond, WA - August 6, 2003 - ADIC announced today that the company has expanded the monitoring and alerting capabilities in its Scalar i2000 library to further reduce end users' overall system ownership costs, improve diagnostics, and reduce the need for service. The new capabilities gather and analyze drive and media status information, provide users with detailed diagnostic information, and turn the data into email or pager alerts for IT administrators and the library service team. The new function helps users and service personnel more easily differentiate between drive and media faults, and it will provide a mechanism to actively warn users when supported media is approaching the end of its active life. The new, intelligent capabilities can help users to reduce the need for service calls, shorten system down-time, and better manage use of their storage resources to reduce overall costs.

"A significant amount of information is potentially available about drives and media from internal sensors, but there hasn't been a good way of capturing it, making sense out of it, or using it for decision making," said Lisa Clarke, ADIC Vice President of Global Services. "ADIC has now changed that with the Scalar i2000. We have linked the status data to our proactive alerting system so that users and service personnel can be notified directly when media is bad, for example. And we present all the information about the library system-including drives and media-through a single management interface to make diagnostics and service easier." ...ADIC profile

New York, NY- August 6, 2003 - EMC Corporation today outlined its strategy for growth and continued leadership and reviewed its recent achievements at the company's annual financial analyst meeting, providing its outlook for improved revenue growth and gross margins through the end of 2004. Bill Teuber, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, said, "EMC is uniquely positioned to capitalize on information lifecycle management. We believe our solid financial position, together with our best-in-class product and services portfolio, expanded partnerships, and sharpened go-to-market strategy, will drive strong, profitable growth."

Teuber outlined EMC's current business model, including its significantly lowered cost structure and strong financial position, and provided its business outlook through the end of 2004... EMC expects its revenue growth rate to be in the mid-teens for the second half of 2003 and Fiscal Year 2004, compared to the prior comparable periods. EMC expects its gross margins will continue to improve to 48% or greater by the fourth quarter of 2004. However, gross margins may fluctuate from quarter to quarter based on varying rates of revenue growth. ...EMC profile

PITTSBURGH, PA - August 6, 2003 - Spinnaker Networks today announced support for LEGATO NetWorker 7.0 NDMP backup. NetWorker protects and reduces management overhead of business-critical data of enterprise customers by simplifying, centralizing, and automating backup and recovery operations across heterogeneous environments.

"Backup is a critical management tool for all administrators charged with protecting NAS-based data assets," said Deborah Jones, Director of Strategic Alliances and Channels at Spinnaker Networks. "Spinnaker is committed to offering our customers fully tested third party backup solutions. Adding support for LEGATO NetWorker gives our customers the ability to choose LEGATO's high performance NetWorker to back up and restore their enterprise data." ...Legato Systems profile, ...Spinnaker Networks profile

Austin, Texas – August 5, 2003 - Cicada Semiconductor Corporation and PALTEK Corporation, a leading silicon and electronic solution supplier in Japan announced today that they have entered into a distribution agreement for the Japanese market. With this distribution agreement, PALTEK will strengthen its product portfolio for Gigabit Ethernet LAN and SAN markets. ...Cicada Semiconductor profile, ...PALTEK

MILPITAS, Calif. - August 5, 2003 - Maxtor Corporation today announced that the company's DiamondMax and MaXLine Serial ATA (SATA) hard drives have been validated by VIA to work with its new VT8237 South Bridge chip. Featuring the world's first integrated multi-configuration Serial ATA/RAID, VIA's VT8237 chip gives PC OEMs, white box manufacturers and system builders a choice to integrate one or two high-capacity, high-performance Maxtor SATA drives in a RAID for added performance, capacity and data protection.

"The validation of Maxtor's SATA hard drives with our new VT8237 South Bridge is key to driving Serial ATA technology mainstream. Our new South Bridge will be incorporated into a broad array of VIA and other manufacturers' motherboards worldwide. Having Maxtor, a leading hard drive manufacturer, on our compatibility list aids in driving SATA technology into the PC marketplace," said Richard Brown, associate vice president of International Marketing, VIA Technologies, Inc.

Maxtor's SATA drives are available in industry-leading capacity points - 60GB to 250GB - to support a wide range of applications. The combination of a VIA VT8237-enabled motherboard and two DiamondMax Plus 9, 250GB SATA drives in a RAID 0, gives gamers, graphic artists and video enthusiasts one half of a terabyte of storage in a single PC system. Maxtor's SATA drives are designed to offer higher data transfer rates, a more reliable connection, simpler RAID integration and faster HDD installation than parallel ATA drives. They also offer hot-plug compatibility and allow for smaller system designs.

"Serial ATA will continue to penetrate mainstream PCs as leading companies such as VIA ship their Serial ATA technologies in volume," said Mike Williams, vice president of product marketing at Maxtor. "As for RAID, it is becoming more and more popular due to its performance and data integrity benefits. Users can easily plug a Maxtor SATA drive directly into a VT8237-enabled motherboard for single, SATA hard drive performance, or install two drives for a RAID 0 or RAID 1 configuration for a significant performance improvement or added data protection." ...Maxtor profile, ...VIA Technologies profile

San Jose, CA - August 5, 2003 - Snap Appliance announced today that independent firm VeriTest, a division of Lionbridge Technologies Inc., completed a comprehensive analysis of NAS performance. The conclusion? - the flagship Snap Server 4500 outperformed competitive NAS devices from Dell, HP, and Iomega, generating as much as 264% more throughput and 327% faster response times in laboratory testing.

Snap Appliance commissioned VeriTest to compare the performance of the Snap Server 4500 NAS solution to Dell's PowerVault 725N, Hewlett Packard's StorageWorks NAS 1000s, and Iomega's NAS P440m using Ziff-Davis Media's NetBench 7.02. NetBench measures the throughput of a file server using a test bed of clients generating file I/O requests. For the testing, VeriTest used the standard NetBench Enterprise Disk Mix suite and tested all units in their default shipping RAID 5 configuration. VeriTest conducted two NetBench test runs for each NAS configuration to ensure repeatability and accuracy of the test results.

In the test configurations, the Snap Server 4500 produced the highest throughput scores of the NAS devices tested posting an average peak throughput score of 267.831 Mbits/second compared to 213.719 Mbits/second for the Dell 725N, 103.44 Mbits/second for the HP 1000s, and 101.660 Mbits/second for the Iomega P440m. The Snap Server 4500 also exhibited the best average response time peaking at 5.080 milliseconds with 60 clients. This compares to 8.975 milliseconds for the Dell 725N, 12.612 milliseconds for the HP 1000s, and 16.643 milliseconds for the Iomega P440m.

"Today's results are indicative of Snap's commitment to remain the worldwide leader of Network Attached Storage products and technology," says Eric Kelly, CEO, Snap Appliance, Inc. "The Snap Server 4500's success is a great example of innovative software and technology built on the Linux platform, which delivers considerable cost and performance benefits to enterprise storage customers." ...Snap Appliance profile

San Francisco, Calif. – August 05, 2003 – Western Digital Corp. today announced it is showcasing an ESATA (Enterprise Serial ATA) demonstration at this week's LinuxWorld. Underscoring the rapidly growing ESATA infrastructure, the display features a multitude of host bus adapters, system storage cases, and applications running on Western Digital's 10,000 RPM WD Raptor or 7,200 RPM WD Caviar SE SATA hard drives.

"The reliability, availability, cost-efficiency and performance of enterprise Serial ATA has driven extremely high levels of interest in our 10,000 and 7,200 RPM offerings," said Richard Rutledge, vice president of marketing at Western Digital. "For example, a server based on WD Raptor hard drives offer performance and reliability once only associated with SCSI, but at a lower cost than the competitive SCSI comparison."

Highlighting SATA-compatible products from companies such as 3Ware, Intel and others, Western Digital's ESATA showcase at LinuxWorld Expo will demonstrate that the components to build and sell Serial ATA systems are readily available and optimized for enterprise applications. Western Digital's booth demonstrations will include a sampling of Linux-based servers and DAS and NAS subsystems with storage capacities ranging from 144 GB to over 3 Terabytes. ...Linux World, ...Western Digital profile

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO – August 05, 2003 – Ramtron International Corporation today introduced and began sampling the first FRAM (ferroelectric random access memory) built using 0.35-micron design rules. The FM25CL04 is a 4-kilobit SPI interface nonvolatile RAM that operates at 3 volts and runs up to 20 MHz, providing fast data access and simplifying the interface to high-performance processors. When combined with FRAM's virtually unlimited write endurance, the FM25CL04 is an ideal data storage memory.

The FM25CL04 is best suited for two categories of systems: First, applications operating from batteries or limited power sources benefit from its extremely low power operation; second, applications needing frequent or rapid writes such as office equipment and automotive applications benefit from the speed and high endurance.

"The 0.35 lithography of the FM25CL04 exhibits ferroelectric's ability to scale effectively," said Mike Alwais, vice president of FRAM products. "This new process enables Ramtron to develop highly integrated products in smaller packages, which increases functionality and value for our customers."

The product reads and writes continuously at bus speeds of up to 20 MHz with no write delays. Similar EEPROM devices require long millisecond write delays, write polling software, and have endurance limited to less than 1-million write cycles. It offers 10 years of data retention and is rated over the industrial temperature range of –40 to +85 degrees C. Samples of the FM25CL04 are available immediately in 8-pin SOIC packaging. Pricing starts at $0.59 in 10K quantities. ...Ramtron profile

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. - August 5, 2003 - Arkeia Corporation announced at LinuxWorld Expo here today that it has signed a reseller agreement with Interstate Software, the only Gold MySQL training, support and consulting partner in North America and the only authorized MySQL training center in the United States. The agreement reaffirms the Carlsbad, Calif.-based software vendor's commitment to offering fully certified network backup solutions through the channel that take advantage of high-performance MySQL database applications.

"Our partnership with Interstate Software validates our technology leadership and ability to provide an effective sales channel," said Phil Roussel, Arkeia CEO. "The combination of Interstate Software's authorized MySQL training, support, and consulting, combined with the Arkeia backup and recovery solutions for heterogeneous networks, will raise the performance bar for the next generation of enterprise networks."

"The collaboration between Arkeia and Interstate Software will enable us to not only resell the leading Linux network backup solution, but provide our state-of-the-art training and consulting programs as a value-added reseller," said Dr. John Horn, Interstate Software CEO.

Arkeia's MySQL plug-in is easy to install and configure: databases and table backup/restore are selected via the convenient Arkeia GUI navigator. The plug-in is compatible with versions of MySQL starting from 3.21 to 3.23, and versions 4.0.x. It functions with all table formats. Arkeia MySQL plug-in is available for the following operating systems: Linux (IA32, IA64, PowerPC, SPARC), Windows, AIX, Solaris, UnixWare, Irix, Tru64, Mac OS X, FreeBSD, NetBSD and OpenBSD. ...Arkeia profile, ...Interstate Software

SCOTTSDALE, Arizona - August 5, 2003 - The TOLIS Group, Inc., today announces the availability of a white paper titled: "BRU's Support of Regulatory Governance". In recent years the U.S. Government has instituted major regulations that define the treatment of key organizational data. Most organizations focus their compliance on the moment, and can be at significant risk downstream. The white paper details how TOLIS' BRU technology assures availability and accuracy of archived business decision data to support compliance with the regulations.

Regulatory policy such as the Health Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA), and the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (Sarbox) each mandate how an organization's data must be treated. Yet, according to Michael Karp, senior analyst at Enterprise Management Associates, "99% of IT sites in North America don't know how much of their backup data is actually recoverable." This realization is in direct discord with an organization's ability to produce key records when required to do so.

"A variety of technology approaches such as disk mirroring can be implemented to protect runtime data. But what happens when information that was current last month is needed to defend a position next month," poses Tim Jones, president of TOLIS Group. "Trouble lurks when it's not available and places CEO's, CFO's and Directors alike under magnifying-glass scrutiny and liability." the article, ...TOLIS profile

SAN DIEGO, Calif. - August 5, 2003 - BakBone Software announced today it has successfully ported NetVault, its backup and restore software, to Red Hat "Enterprise Linux AS" for Intel's Itanium 2 Processor.

"This new migration to Intel's Itanium Processor family confirms BakBone's commitment to work with leading vendors," said Peter Eck, vice president of marketing for BakBone Software. "With this new port, NetVault proactively provides the highest level of availability, stability and performance for high-end data center computing." ...BakBone Software profile, ...Red Hat profile

New York, NY - August 5, 2003 - XOsoft today announced that Kennedys, an international law firm, has chosen WANSync Exchange as the mission-critical Business Continuity solution for their newly migrated Exchange infrastructure. Kennedys appointed Make IT Simple, a UK-based information technology integrator, to carry out a migration from Novell NetWare and GroupWise to a Microsoft Active Directory and Exchange 2000 Server environment. As e-mail is the law firm's most business-critical application, with a maximum downtime of no more than two hours permitted, a cluster was implemented to provide resilience against hardware failures. However, it would not provide sufficient protection in the event of corruption of the main data store.

Following a successful trial, XOsoft's WANSync Exchange was installed in the law firm's production environment, providing real-time replication between production and standby servers. In the event of a failure of the live server, the standby server could replace it (with all users automatically redirected to the standby server by DNS2). Alternatively, replication could be reversed, allowing data on the failed server to be recovered from the standby server.

"The WANSync Exchange solution chosen by Kennedys is the most advanced business continuity platform of its kind available for Microsoft Exchange today," says Gil Rapaport, Vice President of Marketing at XOsoft. "WANSync Exchange secures entire Exchange servers, backs them up and constantly synchronizes them with either local or remote replicas in real time. Should an Exchange server fail for any reason, either a local or a geographically remote WANSync Exchange replica will take its place to provide practically immediate recovery." ...XOsoft profile

SAN JOSE, Calif. - August 4, 2003 - Cypress Semiconductor Corporation today announced availability of the world's highest-density and highest-performance dual-port RAM. The FLEx72 18 Mbit DP RAM is a synchronous, pipelined dual-port memory that provides two times the density of comparable devices in the market today. The FLEx72 DP RAM is the first dual-port memory to provide 72-bit wide ports enabling up to 19.2 Gbps of bandwidth. With this unprecedented combination of performance and storage capability, Cypress's FLEx72 DP RAM is the optimal solution for the increasing line rates and processing speeds required by next-generation communication systems (wireless basestations, SAN sub-systems) and video and image processing systems.
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STORAGE IC pilot fab
Storage interface ICs on
Megabyte had read the market size forecasts and wanted to get into the STORAGE interface IC business. He was benchmarking the pilot fab for his new sticky electron process using 300 mm pizza with a 14 layer topping.
Is 200+ Gone Away Storage Companies Necessarily a Bad Thing?
In the early part of 2000, I added a new category to STORAGEsearch - to list acquired, dead, renamed, merged & gone away STORAGE companies.

Experience with my ancient Sun focused directory had shown that buyers try to track down suppliers upto 5 years after they have gone bust or disappeared. It's frustrating when a customer actually wants to buy more products but can't locate the original supplier. Often the products (or their successors) are available, but the company has been acquired and is operating under a different name on a new web site and it's hard to make the connection.

Part of my thinking in setting up the gone away storage companies list was also defensive... because it would reduce the number of email inquiries I would get about this subject. I never dreamed this would be popular feature... but it's not unpopular either with nearly 30,000 visitors a year.

In July 2003, the gone away companies list went past the 200 mark. That represents about 20% of the top 1,000 storage companies.

Is this a good or bad thing?

If you're closely connected and work in a company which has just gone bust, or own their shares, or are a supplier who is not going to get paid, you'll say it's a bad thing. But from a more distant perspective, if you're a competitor or looking at the health of the storage industry as a whole - you might take the opposite view.

The first time that the company you work for disappears comes as a bit of shock. But if you're lucky you may soon find another job in the same industry, which is better paid. Your new employer benefits from the trial and error experiences in your old company. Your old company took risks, some worked out, others didn't. But you can apply those lessons in the new company. That makes the new company more efficient and more effective.

You could say that the best of the business DNA from the gone away companies gets picked up and adapted by those companies which survive. Markets evolve. Sometimes they go in unwise directions - like the craziness at the peak of the dotcom era. But when rationalization comes, it doesn't erase the best ideas from the past. It cherry picks them at low cost and recycles them, sometimes in a different form.

It's sad when companies disappear, or an exciting business experiment fails. But it would be worse if lumbering dinosaurs were allowed to continue long beyond their proper time. This business evolution is what makes the breed stronger. So I would say on balance - 200 gone away storage companies is probably a good thing for the storage market. We all benefit from their failures and achievements.

See also:- gone away storage companies, venture funds in storage
As a true dual-port memory, the FLEx72 DP RAM provides simultaneous access to any location in the memory - either port can write and read data into and out of any memory location at the same time. This feature, combined with the ability to run both ports in two independent clock domains, enables the buffering of large packets of data between two processing elements in a system. It also eliminates bus contention issues by enabling system architects to create a distributed bus architecture. By providing the market's first product of its kind, Cypress has set the industry pinout for 18 Mbit x72 dual-port memories. news image Cypress Semiconductor DP RAM
Samples of the FLEx72 DP RAM (CYD18S72V) are available today and production quantities will be available in September 2003. The 18 Mbit devices will be priced as low as $130 per unit in quantities of 10K units per year. ...Cypress Semiconductor profile

King of Prussia, PA - August 4, 2003 - InfiniCon Systems today introduced the InfinIO 3000 Switching Series - the most powerful, densest switching solution available for building scalable Database Cluster and HPC fabrics. The InfinIO 3000 provides thirty-two 10Gbps InfiniBand ports in 1U of rack space, delivering up to 640Gbps of non-blocking, full bisectional bandwidth in the industry's smallest form factor. Boasting switching latencies that are as much as 45% faster than competitive offerings, the InfinIO 3000 is the ideal interconnect for building high performance computer clusters from groups of commodity servers.

In addition to the unprecedented performance and density levels that the InfinIO 3000 brings to data center networking, the family also incorporates InfiniCon's exclusive new "Ports On Demand" technology. The base InfinIO 3000 Switch offering has 16 of its 32 ports active; through softkeys, customers have the flexibility to expand the InfinIO 3000 in 4-port increments, paying for ports only as they are needed and without disruption to the switch fabric.

The InfinIO 3000 Series is a family of models that allow price/performance optimization for different tiers of large HPC fabrics. Each plays a key "building block" role in constructing multi-tier fabrics that are able to achieve the productivity and performance metrics desired as HPC applications scale, while greatly reducing fabric complexity. Combined with InfiniCon's complete host software environment, measured performance results illustrate an industry-leading 5.5 microseconds end-to-end latency for computationally intensive, MPI-based applications.

By utilizing the appropriate InfinIO 3000 models within tiers of a large port-count fabric, InfiniCon's 'intelligent building block' approach utilizes literally hundreds fewer switching chips than competitive switch architectures - a design advantage that slashes costs and combats latency by dramatically lowering fabric 'hop counts'. Even in mid-sized fabrics, InfinIO 3000 building blocks can reduce latency by nearly 600% over alternative design approaches - a productivity measure that is especially key to HPC users such as research laboratories, oil and gas concerns, and universities that have been on the vanguard of deploying InfiniBand for computationally-intense applications. ...InfiniCon Systems profile

UK - August 4, 2003 - Infortrend Technology, Inc. has announced that it is now shipping the latest generation of the SentinelRAID controller series. Designed for fast and flexible RAID operation, the SentinelRAID series offers users Ultra 160 SCSI and Fibre channels with a high performance 64-bit PowerPC CPU and Infortrend's own sophisticated RAID ASIC. Infortrend's SentinelRAID series transfers data between the host and the drives via a high-speed 64-bit data path at a burst rate of 1,064MB/second, resulting in a controller which excels in applications that require both high sustained data rates and fast I/O turnaround. All SCSI channels can be defined as either a drive channel or a host channel, allowing users to change host and drive deployment for connecting multiple host systems through independent channels.

The SentinelRAID series also provides full support for SAN environments, with all necessary protocols for SAN applications. These include extended LUN (Logical Unit Numbers) capabilities such as SAN mapping or masking. The SentinelRAID has 64 disk array partitions with 128 LUN filter entries per controller supported.

"The SentinelRAID series is ideal for mixed Fibre-to-SCSI solutions with the flexible connectivity of arbitrated loop, point-to-point and switched-fabric," said Alex Young, technical manager, Infortrend Europe Ltd. "By combining a pure Fibre or Fibre+ SCSI daughterboard with the controller's base channels, the controller is ideal for SAN environments where features like LUN masking and multi-RAID partitioning can be applied." ...Infortrend profile

KFAR SABA, Israel, - August 4, 2003 - M-Systems today announced that its 3.5" Fast Flash Disk products have received "Solaris Ready" Certification from Sun Microsystems. To earn the "Solaris Ready" designation, M-Systems' 3.5" Ultra-Wide SCSI and 3.5" Narrow SCSI FFD products passed rigorous independent testing and are now certified as compatible with Sun equipment and the Solaris operating system.

"Customers considering M-Systems' rugged and reliable SCSI flash disks for their Sun workstations and servers running Solaris now have the peace of mind of knowing that interoperability is certified," said Ofer Tsur, M-Systems' Fast Flash Disk marketing manager. "Successfully passing Sun's stringent compliance tests will encourage potential customers to use the FFD products on Sun's platforms, which are commonly used throughout military, telecom and automation industries." ...M-Systems profile

SAN DIEGO, Calif. - August 4, 2003 - JNI Corporation announced today that the FibreStar FCX-6562 and FCX2-6562 Fibre Channel host HBAs with the new No-Reboot 5.3 Solaris driver have been verified as interoperable with Brocade-based SAN infrastructure in testing conducted through the Brocade Fabric Aware Program. Testing was conducted at the Brocade interoperability labs, which are state-of-the-art facilities supporting end-to-end interoperability and performance testing of SAN products in multi-vendor and large fabric SAN environments. The Brocade Fabric Aware Program has added more than forty members since its launch in 2000. In addition, as part of its investment in SAN interoperability, Brocade actively supports its members' interoperability initiatives.

"Brocade's extensive testing of JNI's latest Fibre Channel HBAs and No-Reboot driver with Brocade's family of SilkWorm switches helps ensure the highest levels of interoperability for Solaris-based SANs," said Phil Brotherton, Vice President of Marketing for JNI. "With interoperability testing complete, Solaris SAN customers can now reach a historic level of system uptime using JNI HBAs, our unique No-Reboot driver, and Brocade SilkWorm fabric switches." ...Brocade profile, ...JNI profile

CARY, NC - August 1, 2003 - Arsenal Digital Solutions today announced a special offering for StorageNetworks customers. StorageNetworks Inc. announced yesterday that it would close its doors after failing to find a suitable buyer for its technology. To help ensure data protection and business continuity, Arsenal Digital Solutions offers StorageNetworks customers the following data migration path:
  • 15 days free environmental assessment consulting
  • 50% discount for data migration and infrastructure relocation
  • 30-day, 24-by-7 backup and restore monitoring service to ensure fail-safe data protection
In recent months, Arsenal has participated in numerous data migration and infrastructure relocations of StorageNetworks customers as well as other enterprise customers moving between outsourced hosting locations. These migrations have been accomplished without data loss or disruption ensuring business continuance for our customers. ...Arsenal Digital Solutions profile, ...StorageNetworks profile

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