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storage news - 2004, February week 3

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Softek Wins Multi-Million Dollar DoD Contract

SUNNYVALE, Calif. - February 19, 2004 - Softek today announced that it has been awarded a multi-million, five-year contract by ViON to support the Defense Information Systems Agency Computing Service's Assured Computing project.

Under terms of the agreement, Softek will supply its Softek DR Manager software to meet the Agency's requirements for a reliable, responsive and cost-effective data replication solution for OS/390 and VM environments at up to five Defense Enterprise Computing Center locations. Softek DR Manager will assure data recoverability and certify data availability for applications, while also reducing the amount of staff time and resources needed to perform backups.

The solution also will utilize Softek TDMF software, which DISA already owns and uses, to enable data migration between systems without disrupting application availability. ...Fujitsu Softek profile, ...ViON profile, military storage

LSI Logic Moves Closer to Spin Off Systems

MILPITAS, CA - February 19, 2004 - LSI Logic Corporation took another step today toward the separation of its storage systems business from its semiconductor, storage adapters and associated software businesses with the filing by its subsidiary, LSI Logic Storage Systems, Inc., of a Form S-1 Registration Statement with the SEC.

The filing provides for an offering by the storage systems subsidiary of up to $250 million of its common stock. In the S-1 filing, LSI Logic reaffirmed its intention to pursue the separation of its wholly owned subsidiary into an independent public company providing modular, high-performance, disk storage systems and sub-assemblies primarily to server and storage OEMs.

The IPO of the storage systems company is anticipated to be completed in the first half of 2004. At the completion of the offering, LSI Logic will continue to own the majority of the outstanding common stock of the storage systems company. All of the net proceeds from the storage systems company's IPO are expected to be paid to LSI Logic.

After the separation, LSI Logic's strategic focus will be on its semiconductor businesses targeted at global Consumer, Communications and Storage Components markets. Included in these LSI Logic businesses are ASICs, standard products, HBAs and internal RAID adapters. ...LSI Logic profile

HP Reports Lower Storage Revenue

PALO ALTO, Calif. - February 19, 2004 - HP today reported financial results for its first fiscal quarter ended Jan. 31, 2004.

First quarter revenue was $19.5 billion, an increase of 9% year-over-year. GAAP operating profit for the quarter was $1.1 billion an improvement of 30% year-over-year. Storage growth in high-end and midrange arrays was 14% year-over-year, led by strong customer acceptance of the midrange HP StorageWorks Enterprise Virtual Array, which grew 112%. This was offset by weakness in the high-end and a 5% decline in the tape business, reflecting HP's decision to exit the OEM library business. Total storage revenue declined 2% year-over-year. ...HP profile

PacketMaker Simplifies SAS/SATA Testing

San Jose, CA. - February 18, 2004 - Data Transit Corporation and Extreme Protocol Solutions have signed an agreement to integrate Extreme Protocol Solutions products with the Packetmaker II for SAS/SATA development.

PacketMaker II is a flexible traffic generator capable of creating and modifying frames at the low and high levels of the SAS/SATA protocol. The bundled product will be known as the PacketMaker Development System and will provide unprecedented ease of use to Data Transit's PacketMaker II hardware through Extreme Protocol Solutions' graphical user interface and high level scripting language. PacketMaker II's industry leading functionality will now be made accessible to everyone regardless of prior programming experience or SAS/SATA expertise. This powerful combination will reduce the overall expenditure of time and resources for SAS product development.

Companies introducing a new storage protocol based product will typically spend several months developing new test scripts for it. These new tools not only provide scripts but a superior test environment allowing for hundreds of devices to be run simultaneously. Anyone testing SAS/SATA devices or hosts in a development or manufacturing environment will find these tools essential. ...Data Transit profile, ...Extreme Protocol Solutions profile

Garth Gibson to Keynote Network Storage Conference

San Jose, CA - February 18, 2004 - Peripheral Concepts, Inc. today announced that Garth Gibson, founder and chief technology officer of Panasas, will provide the keynote address at the upcoming Network Storage Conference.

Gibson will present his keynote speech on "Objects: Next Generation Network Storage" on March 8, 2004, at 8:30 a.m.

"With his pioneering work on RAID and object-based storage, Mr. Gibson is recognized throughout the industry as a true visionary," said Farid Neema, president of Peripheral Concepts. "As one of the year's premier events, NSC showcases innovative, forward-thinking leaders in the storage industry. We are excited to host Mr. Gibson as he presents his perspectives on storage trends and technologies that promise to reshape the industry."

Gibson's ground-breaking work on Redundant Arrays of Inexpensive Disks (RAID), first published in 1988, now provides the organizing principles for all enterprise storage products. Gibson is also the founder of Carnegie Mellon University's Parallel Data Lab and an IEEE award winner. Gibson will offer his perspective on emerging storage trends including the evolution of object-based storage as the next major network storage technology. ...Network Storage Conference

VARs Sign up for InfiniBand

King of Prussia, PA - February 17, 2004 - InfiniCon Systems announced today that it has signed partnership agreements with six companies to market and sell its InfinIO family of InfiniBand-based networking solutions, through InfiniCon's Authorized Solutions Alliance Providers program.

The additions to the ASAP channel partner program expand InfiniCon's market presence significantly across North America, and includes Appro, Aspen Systems, CME, Rackable Systems, and RackSaver. Kraftway (Russia) joins the program as an international channel partner.

The ASAP program trains and certifies partnering companies on the functionality and deployment of InfiniCon's complete family of switching and shared I/O systems, which leverage the high-bandwidth (up to 30Gbps) and low latency attributes of InfiniBand to provide a superior networking infrastructure for supporting fabric/grid models of computing. Through the approach of the ASAP program, InfiniCon will benefit from the focused efforts of a highly qualified network of integrators that can present the value of InfiniBand-based solutions to a broad range of vertical, HPC clustering markets that include biomedical, climate simulation, defense and aerospace, education, and geophysical modeling.

"The initial group of companies in our ASAP program are established leaders in developing robust solutions for the high performance and dense computing markets," said InfiniCon vice president of sales, Bill Maxwell. "Their expertise and experience in large-scale deployments are a natural fit for bringing InfiniCon's highly scalable fabric computing solutions to HPC customers worldwide." ...InfiniCon Systems profile

Seagate Launches 2.5" 10K RPM Enterprise Disk Drive

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. - February 17, 2004 - Seagate today introduced Savvio, the world's first family of 2.5-inch enterprise-class disc drives.

Savvio disc drives enable a new category of high I/O density storage solutions designed to provide space-constrained data centers with higher IOPS performance in small form factor system configurations with the highest levels of reliability. Savvio was unveiled publicly today at the Intel Developer Forum and is being showcased in live operational demos all week. The Savvio disc drive's small size makes possible the creation of mission-critical, smaller footprint servers that can deliver 50% more IOPS on an IOPS/U basis over today's servers with 3.5-inch enterprise drives.

Savvio 2.5-inch, 10,000 RPM disc drives offer a number of advantages over 3.5-inch drives including: size (70% smaller); weight (1.12 lbs less); power (40% lower); drive seek time (15% faster); interface (3 options - Fibre Channel, Ultra320 SCSI and SAS); and reliability (1.4 million hour MTBF). These advantages translate into system level benefits never before seen in a 10K drive. ...Seagate profile

Emulex Firmware Upgrade boosts FC HBA Speed 40%

IDF, San Francisco, Calif. - February 17, 2004 - Emulex Corporation announced today a firmware upgrade for its large installed base of LightPulse Fibre Channel connectivity solutions – that delivers up to 40% more performance to previously purchased Emulex HBAs.

Emulex HBAs and embedded I/O controllers feature a firmware-based architecture that enables customers to enjoy ongoing value-add and investment protection by enabling new features and capabilities to be downloaded to previously installed hardware. The Emulex LP9802 and LP10000 HBA product families can utilize this new high performance firmware, which is available for all supported operating system environments, including Windows, Linux and Solaris. The ability to upgrade full feature firmware is a by-product of Emulex's service level interface architecture, which provides isolation between the software drivers and the firmware, using a consistent model that enables multiple product generations to benefit.

"Providing a 40 percent performance boost to previously purchased HBAs is a terrific example of our unique ability to provide increased value to our HBA and embedded I/O controller customers," said Mike Smith, executive vice president of worldwide marketing, Emulex Corp. "With more than one million field-deployed connectivity solutions, Emulex's flexible firmware-based architecture, which is exclusive to our LightPulse family of HBAs and I/O controllers, enables us to continue delivery of enhanced functionality and performance to our customers, while protecting their existing hardware and software investments." ...Emulex profile

NovaStor Helps e-Backups Create New Profit Center

.SIMI VALLEY, Calif. - February 17, 2004 - NovaStor Corporation today announced that its NovaNet-WEB online backup software has been selected by e-Backups as the core component of its Business Alliance Program

The e-Backups Business Alliance Program is a service that enables ISPs and VARs to efficiently enter into the off-site backup and disaster recovery marketplace and offer a premium service without the capital investment other solutions require. It includes a branded landing page to facilitate online ordering, billing, commission tracking, interactive sales, tech support, marketing and advertising. Everything is supported by the complete infrastructure, including hardware and software.

According to David Gambino, e-Backups president and CEO, in the course of performing their due diligence, they researched competitive software and determined that NovaNet-WEB was simply light years ahead. "This is hands-down the best solution out there," Gambino explained. "Just as important, NovaStor has been wonderful to work with. They have a great support staff and, most importantly, they're accessible. This is absolutely essential for us because our clients expect us to solve their problems. If anything goes wrong, we've got a lot riding on NovaStor's ability to quickly solve the problem - and they don't let us down. They've been a great partner. And that allows us to be a great partner to our subscribing companies." ...NovaStor profile

LSI Logic launches 8 Port PCI-X SATA RAID

IDF, San Francisco, Calif. - February 17, 2004 - LSI Logic Corporation today launched the industry's first PCI-X enabled hardware based eight-port SATA RAID solution.

The MegaRAID SATA 300-8X is a point-to-point scalable PCI-X SATA RAID controller offering data transfer speeds of up to 300MB/s per port. Combined with the technology of the Intel IOP331 I/O processor and 128MB of embedded DDR 333 memory, the MegaRAID SATA 300-8X delivers a world-class SATA II storage solution. Extensions and enhancements to SATA I include native command queuing, port multiplier, and enclosure management support.

"Serial ATA II extends the performance and functionality of SATA, improving and extending its applicability in low-cost enterprise storage environments," said Phil Bullinger, vice president and general manager of the LSI Logic RAID Storage Adapters division. "Native Command Queuing, Enclosure Management and Port Multiplier support are key new features that enable our customers to employ robust RAID solutions in a variety of cost-sensitive storage applications. ...LSI Logic profile
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