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Phoeniz, AZ - February 14, 2005 - Semico Research announced today that Jim Handy, Director of Nonvolatile Memory Services, will participate at the 2005 IDEMA Symposium titled "Small Form Factor HDD & Flash Memories: Coexistence or Competition." The symposium opens on February 17, 2005, at the Santa Clara Westin Hotel in Santa Clara, California, and will focus on the attributes of both magnetic hard disk drives and semiconductor flash memories for specific applications, and will attempt to answer the question on how these two technologies will either compete or coexist in today's market.

"Tiny disk drives have suddenly started to show up in markets that were previously reserved for flash memory," said Handy. "This leaves some flash companies wondering what lies in store for them - will tiny hard drives eventually displace the majority of flash?"

Mr. Handy's talk, which is titled, "Flash HDD - What Will Consumers Want?", will compare and contrast how both flash and HDDs solve the consumer's needs, and how the increasing storage capacity of both technologies will cause applications to migrate from one technology to another, and perhaps back again. ...Semico Research profile, Market research, Storage Events, Hard disk drives

BURLINGTON, MA - February 14, 2005 - AppIQ, Inc. today announced that the company has expanded its support for Europe, Asia, and Latin America to satisfy growing customer demand for AppIQ storage area network management and storage resource management software. To support the increasing number of its customers outside the US new regional sales managers have joined AppIQ in all three regions, and additional services and support personnel have also been added in Asia and United Kingdom.

AppIQ's expanded staff will assist AppIQ Solution Partners and strategic OEM partners Engenio, Hitachi Data Systems, SGI, and Sun Microsystems as they sell, service, and support AppIQ software.

AppIQ European operations can be contacted by telephone at +44 (0) 161 285 3299 or by e-mail at ...AppIQ profile

PALO ALTO, Calif. - February 14, 2005 - Atempo, Inc. today announced the appointment of Stephen Terlizzi as vice president of global marketing. In this position, Terlizzi is responsible for leading Atempo's global marketing initiatives to further accelerate the company's rapid rate of growth.

"Steve comes to us with impressive credentials and great industry knowledge," said Rick Wojcik, chief executive officer of Atempo. "As part of our growth into a truly global company, Steve will bring together all of our marketing functions on a worldwide level and provide the leadership and execution on our strategy and vision for Atempo's data lifecycle management software suite."

With a career spanning 17 years, Terlizzi has extensive sales and marketing management experience, including more than 13 years in the enterprise storage industry. ...Atempo profile, People

HOUSTON, TEXAS - February 14, 2005 - Texas Memory Systems, Inc. today recognized its OEM partner, Dynamic Solutions International, for its success in selling high-value solid state storage with the "SSD Century Award". Since 2003, DSI has installed over 100 solid state disk systems, mostly to help financial and government customers accelerate common database applications.

"Our clients depend on the speed and reliability of the TMS SSD products," said Chris Johnson, Vice President of Storage Systems at DSI. "The immediate need for information drives demand for high-performance storage. SSD's high speed removes I/O bottlenecks, thereby enabling IT managers to improve performance using their existing infrastructures, thereby escaping the high cost and complexity of adding servers."

"DSI clearly understands the SSD value proposition," said Woody Hutsell, Executive Vice President at Texas Memory Systems. "We are delighted with their achievements and proud to have them as an OEM partner."

TMS solid state storage uses a combination of DDR RAM and conventional RAID and UPS to create nonvolatile, fiber-attached super-fast storage. Solid state disks can accelerate database applications up to 25 times. Common applications include OLTP, OLAP (online analytical processing), modeling, and data acquisition.

"TMS and its partners succeed thanks to the product's high quality and performance. We are excited about the accelerating adoption of SSD - it confirms the high market potential. Many enterprises have not yet heard of solid state disks. Yet when they learn about and try our SSD, they love it," according to Hutsell. "Our customers have seen a great payoff from their investments in solid state disk." ...DSI profile, ...Texas Memory Systems profile, Solid State Disks

Simi Valley, Ca. - February 14, 2005 - NovaStor Corporation has released NovaBACKUP 7.2 which enables data backup and recovery for consumer and small business PCs and servers. The new version boasts a new user interface, simple-to-use wizards and integrated disaster recovery capabilities. Today, NovaBACKUP has been installed on over 5 million PCs and servers.

NovaBACKUP 7.2 offers a powerful and complete Disaster Recovery module with a simple and automated wizard to help users create a Disaster Recovery Compliant Backup and Disaster Recovery Boot Disk for systems running Windows XP, 2000 or 2003 operating systems. Customers can now easily build a disk/CD/DVD to recover from a complete system loss or failure.

NovaBACKUP 7.2 is available in two different editions. The Professional Edition (priced at $69.95) runs on Windows workstation environments such as Windows 98, Me, NT Workstation, 2000 Professional and XP. NovaBACKUP 7.2 Server Edition (priced at $149.95) runs on Windows NT, 2000 and 2003 server platforms and can perform scheduled backups securely while the administrator is logged out and the server is securely locked down. ...NovaStor profile

MILPITAS, Calif. - February 10, 2005 - With its SATA II RAID launch at LinuxWorld, LSI Logic Corporation today announced orders are being accepted worldwide for the MegaRAID SATA 300-8X, a point-to-point scalable 8 port adapter. Optimized for use in Linux RedHat and SuSE environments, the MegaRAID SATA 300-8X will be demonstrated at LinuxWorld February 15-17 in Boston at the Hynes Convention Center along with Ultra320 SCSI, Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) and Fibre Channel Host Bus Adaptersoffering Linux OS support.

"LinuxWorld Boston is the ideal venue to launch the LSI Logic MegaRAID SATA 300-8X, the first enterprise-class SATA II RAID controller in the world, " said Kerry Reid, senior director, worldwide channel sales at LSI Logic. "LSI Logic continues to meet the demands of the industry by supporting system architectures and operating systems on its market-leading MegaRAID and HBA families of SATA, SAS, Fibre Channel and Ultra320 SCSI adapters. With the support of Linux, customers can implement our solutions in a wide range of server applications."

The bridge to enterprise storage, SATA II provides several new features including native command queuing for faster disk access, SAF-TE full enclosure management and 3Gb/sec. (twice the speed of SATA I RAID adapters). The storage adapter also provides full backward compatibility to SATA I drives and a seamless migration path to future Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) drives. ...LSI Logic profile

February 9, 2005 - HP today announced that Carleton S. Fiorina has stepped down as chairman and CEO, effective immediately. Robert P. Wayman, HP's chief financial officer, has been named chief executive officer on an interim basis and appointed to the board of directors. Patricia C. Dunn, an HP director since 1998, has been named non-executive chairman of the board, also effective immediately. The board will begin a search for a new CEO immediately. ...HP profile

Editor's comments:- as I've said in these pages many times in past years, HP has been involved in many segments within the storage market and has failed to achieve leadership or benchmark level growth rates in any of them. Being #2 or #3 in a market is not in itself a bad thing - but that has to be reflected realistically in how your company is marketed.

HP's big marketing problem for which Fiorina must take a full share of the blame is that the company has positioned itself as a leader rather than a follower in technology innovation. When you talk nonsense like that - then users stop listening and discount everything else you say thereafter. Marketing your company as if it is the #1 - when clearly it is not - wastes resources and deflects them from the important strategies to which a #2 company can successfully aspire.

See also:- article:- Washington Post - HP Forces Celebrity CEO to Quit, article:- CNN Money - Fiorina out, HP stock soars

Hayes, UK - February 9, 2005 - Fujitsu Europe today announces its next generation MHV2100AH mobile hard disk drive. The new Fujitsu drive offers 100GB capacity with 5400 RPM functionality giving users more performance compared to 4200 RPM hard disk drives, but with low power consumption increasing the time that users can spend away from a power outlet.

"The emergence of 100GB mobile drives greater than 4,200rpm is significant for the hard disk drive industry," said Dave Reinsel, program director of storage research at IDC. "Disk drives continue to shrink while at the same time increase in capacity and processing power. A mobile 100GB, 5400 RPM hard disk drive is a configuration that should fuel the development of disk drive-based consumer entertainment applications and dramatically improve the performance of laptop PCs." ...Fujitsu profile

MILPITAS, Calif. - February 9, 2005 - Maxtor Corporation announced today that its Atlas 15K II and Atlas 10K V enterprise hard drives joined its MaXLine III drive as best-in-class hard drives on's LeaderBoard, in their respective categories. The independent testing site awarded the Atlas 15K II drive top honors in the Server-Performance category and the Atlas 10K V drive the top position in the Server-Capacity category. The Atlas 15K II drive also received the distinction of being named by Storage the World's Fastest Hard Drive.

"The Atlas 15K II is the only drive, of the current SCSI wave now entering the channel, that actually delivers across-the-board performance improvements over the scores turned in by its prior generation," said Eugene Ra, editor of "It sets new records against competing drives for read access time and data transfer rates and raises the bar when it comes to server performance (IOPS)." ...Maxtor profile, Storage portals and online publications

MELVILLE, N.Y., - February 8, 2005 - FalconStor Software, Inc. today announced financial results for its fourth quarter and fiscal year ended December 31, 2004. The Company reached profitability for the first time in the fourth quarter of 2004. Revenues for the quarter increased 87% to $9.5 million, compared to the same period a year ago. Net income for the fourth quarter of 2004 was $0.3 million compared with a net loss for the fourth quarter of 2003 of $2.2 million.

For the twelve months ended December 31, 2004, revenues increased 69% to $28.7 million compared with $16.9 million for the year ended December 31, 2003. Net loss for 2004 was $5.9 million. The Company achieved positive cash flow for the first time, closing the quarter with $34 million in cash, cash equivalents and marketable securities, an increase of $1.1 million compared with the previous quarter. ...FalconStor Software profile, iSCSI

Editor's comments:- These are very good results for FalconStor whose software is used by a lot of oems in the disk to disk backup and iSCSI market. There's still a lot of headroom available for future growth in these two sectors of the storage market.

Newbury Park, Calif. - February 8, 2005 - iQstor Networks announced that they are enhancing their Information Lifecycle Management and tiered storage solutions for small to mid-size businesses by partnering with CaminoSoft Corporation to supply Managed Server HSM software for use with the company's intelligent Fibre Channel and SATA-based storage systems.

CaminoSoft is a leading provider of ILM solutions for Microsoft Windows 200X and Novell NetWare environments. The company's Managed Server HSM software reduces IT overhead and provides lower total cost of ownership by relocating seldom-accessed files from high-performance disk to lower-cost storage pools. When combined with the highly intelligent, policy-driven iQstor Storage Systems, the resulting solution brings SMBs an affordable, extremely easy to use ILM solution to maximize information availability, safeguard data and automate the movement of seldom used data to lower cost storage. ...CaminoSoft profile, ...iQstor Networks profile

LOUISVILLE, Colo. - February 8, 2005 - StorageTek today announced that Brenda Zawatski will join the company as vice president and general manager of the company's Information Lifecycle Management Solutions group. Zawatski will join the executive management team under Chairman, President and CEO Pat Martin. Prior to joining StorageTek, Zawatski served as vice president of Product and Solutions Marketing for VERITAS Software, where she was responsible for strategic messaging and campaigns for all products, solutions and acquisitions as well as for direct management of the company's business and marketing strategy. ...StorageTek profile, People in the Storage News

MILPITAS, CA - February 8, 2005 - today Engenio launched its 6998 storage controller with 4Gb/s Fibre Channel SAN technology which follows in the footsteps of the industry's first Fibre Channel controller introduced by Engenio in 1995. The 6998 controller is targeted at data-intensive environments such as High Performance Computing. The 6998-based systems include eight 4 Gb/s host-side and drive-side ports, doubling the connectivity of its predecessor and providing more interfaces into a SAN. The 6998 4 Gb/s technology also provides backward compatibility to existing 2 Gb/s and 1 Gb/s Fibre Channel infrastructures, protecting existing investments.

"As an industry leader, Engenio knows what end users expect. Our XBB architecture and 6998 controller are being announced as we enter our third decade as a leader in storage innovation," said Steve Gardner, Engenio Director of Product Marketing. "Our new 6998 controller delivers the connectivity and performance demanded by HPC environments." ...Engenio profile

See also:- Storage History, article:- Fibre-Channel SAN History - the First Decade

SAN JOSE, Calif. - February 7, 2005 - it was announced today that Sony is bundling version 10.0 of VERITAS' Backup Exec QuickStart Edition software with numerous models of Sony's branded tape drives. The bundle comes with a variety of pre-defined backup templates that enables users to begin backing up critical data right out of the box.

"Bundling Backup Exec QuickStart with Sony storage devices... makes it even easier for customers to gain access to leading backup and recovery solutions from VERITAS. We are excited to have Sony on board as one of our first OEM partners for this new product." said Jeremy Burton, executive VP, Data Management Group, VERITAS Software. ...Sony profile, ...VERITAS profile

Burlington, MA - February 7, 2005 - XOsoft today launched WANSyncCD, a content distribution platform which leverages the company's WANSync offsite replication products. WANSyncCD may be used to deliver, synchronize and consolidate complete corporate information repositories among multiple locations and branch offices around the world, keeping thousands of enterprise servers and users up-to-date in real time. WANSyncCD incorporates replication technology to provide a flexible and cost-effective solution for information sharing including real-time updates of vital corporate information, collaboration between remote branch offices, or consolidation of data from distributed locations for centralized backup processing. Unique features include advanced tree topology architecture, delegated security, content-aware distribution, non-intrusive content update, and policy-based management infrastructure.

"WANSyncCD creates value by ensuring that employees always have access to the latest and most accurate information," said Leonid Shtilman, XOsoft Founder and CEO. "By fully utilizing and optimizing an enterprise's existing hardware infrastructure or network connections, WANSyncCD provides enterprises with a cost-effective content distribution and consolidation option to ensure that all information is equally accessible by both headquarter employees and remote branch offices scattered around the entire globe." ...XOsoft profile

CARY, N.C - February 7, 2005 - Arsenal Digital Solutions announced today a $15 million senior debt facility from Wells Fargo Foothill. Arsenal will use the funding to fuel its growth in 2005. The company has now raised a total of$101 million of equity and debt funding since its inception in 1998. Arsenal claims to be the fastest growing provider of data protection, business continuity and regulatory compliance services in North America. ...Arsenal Digital Solutions profile, Storage Services, Venture funds in Storage

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Should HP Spin off its Storage Business?
HP's network storage business is declining in revenue, while rivals NetworkApp and EMC have been growing at over 30%. We're asking readers...

"Do you think HP's Storage Business would work better if it were spun off as a separate business?"

What do you think?

/ yes / no / don't know /, ...HP profile
All Aboard the 4 Gigabit Train? - by Steve Gardner, Director of Product Marketing, Engenio
The future of 4 Gigabit Fibre Channel technology is here and by 2006 it will be widely adopted by organisations around the world.
Just 6 -months ago that statement would have been met with heavy skepticism; but today, industry analysts, customers and manufacturers all agree that 4 Gbps technology will be available from the world's leading IT vendors by mid-2005.

Companies with high performance computing needs, such as scientists, engineers, artists and others who need access to large amounts of data to solve complex problems, will be the first to adopt the technology. Four Gigabit Fibre Channel technology will enable auto manufacturers to reduce time to market and improve the safety of vehicles by making testing and simulations less time consuming. Energy companies will be able to conduct more iterations of analysis thereby improving the bidding process and increasing their probability of finding petroleum. Companies that aren't considered "traditional" high performance computing customers will also benefit. Food manufacturers, for example, will be able to redesign and improve packaging in less time by using 4 Gbps technology.

The entertainment industry will produce higher quality animated movies, in less time, when they adopt 4 Gbps technology. The producers of Polar Express, an animated film that was a holiday hit, used a new technique called "Performance Capture" that allows an actor to be covered in hundreds of tiny computer chips. The data from these chips contains precise information about all of the actor's movements, including facial expressions. Production of the graphics involved in the endeavor required millions of time consuming calculations. Had 4 Gbps been available, the time required to produce the movie could have been reduced significantly.

The most frequently asked question regarding 4 Gbps technology is "Why do I need this?" After all, most users still aren't taking full advantage of all that 2 Gbps SANs have to offer. The answer is twofold: technology and economics. As technology advances components become smaller, faster and less expensive. Vendors push improvements to differentiate and create competitive advantage. As a by product, the new technology can drive lower costs, creating an economic incentive for buyers to use the latest technology, even if their need is not immediate. When you add the fact that the new 4 Gbps technology will be compatible with 2 Gbps and 1 Gbps installations. There will be no need to uninstall 2 Gbps investments, and customers will be able to seamlessly plug into the improved infrastructure. This understanding changed the question from "Why do I need this?" to "When can I have this?"

It's important to remember that 4 Gbps Fibre Channel Technology is only part of the computing equation. If your performance bottleneck is the server horsepower for example, adding 4 Gbps infrastructure won't produce improved results. 4Gbps technology is just around the corner. The speed is impressive, and the costs are attractive. This train will be leaving the station soon. Don't be left behind. ...Engenio profile, Fibre-channel adapter cards, SAN, article:- Fibre-Channel SAN History

See also:- another article by Steve Gardner - Disk to Disk Backup versus Tape - War or Truce?
click to see company profile for Engenio
What's the User experience with Solid State Disks? surveyed SSD users in the 4th quarter of 2004.

65% of SSD users surveyed said "It greatly exceeded expectations - I advocate others to try"

The survey also asked why people use SSDs, and asked about user preferences on a whole range of subjects from interface and packaging options to how vendors could improve their communications, user education and marketing of these products. the article, Market research, Solid state disks

Arkeia is a leading provider of enterprise network backup solutions, noted for its early and comprehensive support of the Linux operating system.

eRAID 300 - low cost 4TB of iSCSI RAID in 3U rack space
3U 4TB iSCSI RAID with near wire speed
performance from StraightLine

rugged external disk drives from Olixir
rugged USB 2 / FireWire / SATA external
backup hard disks from Olixir Technologies

Looking Ahead at Portable Consumer Disks

The market for small-form-factor disk drives - for use in music players, digital cameras, mobile phones, PDAs, notebook PCs etc - represents the biggest growth opportunity of any storage segment.

Industry analyst firm TrendFocus expects that 1.8-, 1.0- and 0.85-inch drive shipments will grow from 2.6 million units in 2003 to 100 million units in 2008 for a compound annual growth rate of more than 125%. ... from a featured press release by Agere Systems

click to read article click to read article

Serial Attached SCSI - Delivering Flexibility to the Data Center - article by LSI Logic and Maxtor

If you think you already know SAS because you know SATA and traditional SCSI then think again. Sometimes disruptive technologies wear an unassuming disguise. In fiction, Clark Kent, Frodo Baggins and Buffy Summers at first seem harmless, but we see them change into Superman, the Ring Bearer and the Slayer.

SAS too comes cloaked in plain garb - with a physical layer which looks a lot like SATA. But like the Incredible Hulk there are muscles rippling under that shirt - and you would be wrong to dismiss SAS so lightly. There's a lot more inside this interface than it says on the box as this informative article reveals. the article, ...LSI Logic profile, ...Maxtor profile, Serial Attached SCSI


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