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FT. LAUDERDALE, Fla. - February 21, 2005 - DataCore Software today announced that Nestor Corporation is building and shipping SANmelody Disk Server based appliances and complete systems. One of the key market segments targeted will be the cost-sensitive small to medium business sector that is now able to take advantage of low-cost Ethernet/LAN connectivity to improve storage management and utilization. After extensive testing, SANmelody software was selected for its ease of use and price performance advantages - SANmelody recently set the price performance mark for disk subsystems and iSCSI in the Storage Performance Council's rigorous SPC-1 Benchmark. Nestor decided to incorporate DataCore's disk server software technology as well as NAS file serving capabilities from Microsoft Windows Storage Server 2003 into its product portfolio to address performance and enhance consolidation. In addition, SANmelody added the necessary flexibility and functionality to produce a range of solutions to address disk-to-disk backup, disaster recovery, auto-provisioning, replication and capacity expansion over SANs and LANs. ...DataCore Software profile

Editor:- February 18, 2005 - a new article is published today on STORAGEsearch, written by Robb Dennis from the Association of Storage Networking Professionals - it's called "Privacy and Security Regulations, and How they Impact Storage Systems".

What are the legal regulations covering the type of storage system, backup and disaster recovery and encryption mandated for companies operating in the US?

This article answers those questions and is a sound starting point for anyone having the duty of care and responsibility for their corporate data. Because regulations change so quickly it's worth considering the impact of these best practises on your own organisation even if you think you are currently outside the scope of these laws. That will reduce the level of panic when they creep up on you. the article, ...ASNP profile

SUNNYVALE, Calif. - February 16, 2005 - Network Appliance, Inc. today announced that Sun Java System Messaging Server now supports the NetApp implementation of the Network File System (NFS) protocol. Through NetApp unified storage customers of the Sun Java System Messaging Server can now reduce the complexity of message storage, execute rapid backup and recovery, and lower their total cost of ownership of archiving and storing messages.

"Sun support of NetApp NFS with Sun Java System Messaging Server enables customers to capitalize on the latest NetApp technology advances, including the newly released Data ONTAP 7G software, which powers the entire family of NetApp storage systems" said Patrick Rogers, VP of Partner and Alliances Marketing at Network Appliance. ...Network Appliance profile, ...Sun profile

Editor's comments:- this is an astonishing coup by NetApp on two counts. First - Sun invented the original version of NFS - which by the early 1990s had already been licensed by hundreds of network computer manufacturers. Second - Sun is a Die Hard case when it comes to adopting any technology which it didn't develop internally. The acknowledgement that NetApp has done a better job in Sun's core competence technology of IP may be a sign that Sun wants to play ball by the new rules in which it is just another server company.

PALO ALTO, Calif. - February 16, 2005 - HP today reported financial results for its first fiscal quarter ended Jan. 31, 2005. First quarter revenue increased 10% year-over-year to $21.5 billion. GAAP operating profit for the first quarter was $1.2 billion. Enterprise Storage and Servers reported revenue of $4.0 billion, up 9% over the prior-year period. On a year-over-year basis, industry-standard server revenue increased 19%, business-critical systems revenue declined 2% and networked storage revenue was down 1%. HP OpenView revenue increased 16% year-over-year. ...HP profile

Editor's comments:- HP's 1% decline in network storage revenue is in marked contrast to Network Appliance's 39% increase reported yesterday. But HP's storage software business is nearly on a par with the 19% growth for the whole storage software sector in 2004.

Editor:- February 16, 2005 - a report in today says another HP exec - Allison Johnson - who was HP's senior VP of corporate marketing is leaving this week to join Apple. HP is due to report its quarterly results after market close today. The expectation is that the numbers will not look good compared to its main rivals in the storage market. Some analysts have been reported as saying that the stock market values HP's business outside its world leading printer business - as having no shareholder value whatsoever. That may be an extreme view - but a break up of the company and a spin off of standalone divisions is becoming a real possibility.

HP's storage business, which is operating system agnostic, is a good candidate for this type of split. But the convergence of HP and Compaq's storage interests was one of the main reasons given for the two companies merging back in May 2002. STORAGEsearch is running a survey asking reader views about an HP storage spin off. See also:- article:- Remember Compaq?

MILPITAS, Calif. - February 16, 2005 - LSI Logic is the first to qualify a Serial Attached SCSI component for Microsoft's "Designed for Windows Server 2003" logo. With this certification, LSI Logic's 4-port SAS host bus adapter will also be listed in the Windows Server Catalog, designed to help customers easily identify products that are built for the Microsoft Windows Server 2003 family. LSI Logic SAS components were tested by Microsoft's Windows Hardware Quality Lab to prove compliance with Microsoft standards for Windows compatibility.

"This is a critical milestone for LSI Logic SAS product development," said Bill Wuertz, vice president for the LSI Logic Storage Standard Products division. "Proven compatibility with Windows Operating Systems further validates acceptance of Serial Attached SCSI as the industry's enterprise technology standard. Our OEM customers can now pursue their own Windows logo qualification as they bring SAS platforms to market." ...LSI Logic profile, Serial Attached SCSI, Record Breaking Storage

Irvine, CA - February 16, 2005 - ADTX announces their number 1 status in ATA/SATA disk storage systems from the results of an independent IDC Japan study. According to the report "Japan ATA/SATA Disk Storage Systems 2005-2008 Forecast and 2004 Review" published by IDC Japan, ADTX is the leader based on terabytes shipped and revenue earned for the first six months of 2004.

Additional results from this report show that; in Japan, not only did ADTX have the best figures for terabyte shipments and revenue for the first half of 2004, but ADTX held the highest ATA/SATA system based revenue for the entire year of 2003 as well. Based on statements from the report, ATA/SATA external disk storage systems will reach 47% of total terabyte shipments in 2008. The report also forecasts that in the Japanese market ATA/SATA revenue will increase at a compound annual growth rate of 28% from 2004 to 2008 and that ATA/SATA terabyte shipments will have a 96% CAGR over the same period.

"It is great that we are still recognized as the leaders in ATA and SATA based RAID systems," said Fusahiko Hasegawa, ADTX President and CEO, "We work very hard to produce storage solutions that are superior while being affordable at the same time."

Naresh Chadha, President of International Operations for ADTX adds, "The goal now is to achieve the recognition from the rest of the world for ADTX's status of designing and manufacturing the 'Best in Class' ATA/SATA RAID solutions." ...ADTX profile

BOULDER, CO - February 16, 2005 - CreekPath Systems announced the appointment of Matthew Baginski to the position of senior VP of worldwide sales. In this role, Mr. Baginski will oversee CreekPath's sales expansion efforts and help further penetrate the Fortune 2000. He will expedite CreekPath's aggressive market expansion strategy by bringing his enterprise software sales experience to CreekPath's storage automation solution. Most recently, Mr. Baginski was senior VP of worldwide sales for Vivecon, an enterprise supply chain software company. ...CreekPath profile

ALISO VIEJO, Calif. - February 15, 2005 - SiliconSystems, Inc. today unveiled its strategic roadmap for future product development of its SiliconDrive solid state disks. The company is positioning itself as the leading supplier of flash based solid-state storage technology for the enterprise system OEM market.

The company's patented SiliconDrive products incorporate technologies to ensure data integrity and storage system availability. SiliconSystems offers industry-leading 6-bit ECC and patented technology that virtually eliminates data corruption during power disturbances. SiliconDrive products are enhanced by integrating application-specific technologies such as data sanitization and purge, secure write protection, and enhanced transfer speeds for small data file transactions.

Currently the company offers an industry-leading 16 gigabyte (GB) capacity in its SiliconDrive PC Card form factor. The company shortly plans to announce 64GB 2.5" drive, 32GB PC Cards, 8GB CF and 4GB module form factor versions of its SiliconDrive products.

"A rapidly growing concern in the market is the limited availability of certain form factors widely used by enterprise system OEMs such as PC Cards and 2.5 inch drives," said Gary Drossel, director of product marketing at SiliconSystems. "SiliconSystems will continue to support these mainstay form factors and understands the adverse impact, including the high cost of re-qualification, resulting from product revisions and abbreviated lifecycles. To provide our customers additional assurance, we back our products with a 5 year warranty. ...SiliconSystems profile, Solid state disks

3GSM World Congress, CANNES, France - February 15, 2005 - Adtron today introduced the Adtron EA8R iSCSI storage blade, a first for the telecommunications industry. The Adtron EA8R Bladepak device delivers an enterprise-class solution optimized for networked storage in an industry-standard PICMG 3.0 AdvancedTCA form factor. The blade utilizes Adtron ActiveRAID technology. Incorporating 4 enterprise-class hard disk drives the blade provides up to 292GB of RAID0 capacity or 219 GBytes of RAID 5 capacity in a single ATCA chassis slot.

The Adtron EA8R iSCSI storage blade uses the Intel IOP321 I/O Processor with Intel XScale technology running iSCSI Target software to provide the I/O processing on the storage blade over the GigE interface. Adtron's EA8R delivers high performance and the ability to manage data storage and retrieval with support for multiple hosts. Two backplane connected Gigabit Ethernet interfaces ensure redundancy in a dual star configuration. Gigabit Ethernet and iSCSI provide a storage device that is not dependent on a particular operating system. Platforms based on the Motorola HA-Linux, Sun Solaris or Microsoft Windows operating systems benefit from the flexibility of Adtron's new EA8R storage solution.

The blade is very well suited to serve a myriad of high capacity, high availability wireless and wireline telecom applications that can benefit from networked storage including VoIP, MMS, CRBT, HLR/VLR and Prepaid Services. Shipments will begin in 2Q 2005. ...Adtron profile, SPARC SBCs - compactPCI

SUNNYVALE, Calif. - February 15, 2005 - Network Appliance, Inc. today reported results for the third quarter of fiscal year 2005. Revenues for the third fiscal quarter were $412.7 million, an increase of 39% compared to revenues of $297.3 million for the same period a year ago and a 10% increase compared to $375.2 million in the prior quarter. For the third fiscal quarter, GAAP net income increased 50% to $60.1 million compared to the same period in the prior year. Revenues for the first nine months of the current fiscal year totaled $1.1 billion an increase of 38% year over year.

"This quarter's strong, well-rounded results demonstrate that our investments in sales, services and innovation are paying off, both in product and services revenue growth," said Dan Warmenhoven, CEO of Network Appliance. "Customers' increasing need for data protection, including compliance, disk-to-disk backup, and business continuity solutions, is one of the key drivers of our growth this quarter. In addition, we expect our leadership in emerging technologies such as iSCSI, virtualization, and the storage grid to increasingly contribute to our growth over the long term." ...Network Appliance profile

DES MOINES, Iowa - February 15, 2005 - Accordance Systems today announced the availability of its ARAID 1500 Dual Mode and ARAID 2000 Dual Mode RAID devices to enable IT managers and businesses to easily migrate their data storage systems from IDE storage to Serial-ATA (SATA). The ARAID devices slide into a PC chassis and connect easily to either IDE or SATA drive ports. The new ARAID 1500 Dual Mode supports 3.5" IDE disks and the new ARAID 2000 Dual Mode supports 3.5" SATA disks. By using the ARAID 1500 Dual Mode, existing users of legacy IDE hard drives can upgrade to new SATA equipped computers. By installing the ARAID 2000 Dual Mode, users with legacy machines with only IDE drive ports can now use new SATA drives.

"Although storage technology continues to advance, hard drives can still crash," says Steve Johnson, president and CEO of Accordance Systems USA. "Our ARAID Dual Mode device brings affordable and reliable RAID1 data protection to both new and legacy computers. The Accordance ARAID 1500 and 2000 Dual Mode capability provides the greatest RAID1 flexibility for any IDE/SATA-based computer and ensures that ARAID users will never lose data in the event of a disk crash."

Each ARAID Dual Mode is hosted into two drive bays and can be installed into any PC, Mac or Linux computer. The ARAID device connects and looks like a hard disk drive to the system. RAID1 simultaneously mirrors all read/write operations to two hard drives. Should either drive fail, duplicated data is still available on the remaining drive. ARAID Dual Mode informs the user of a failed drive through audio alarm, email notification and with SNMP traps across the network. List price for the ARAID 2000 Dual Mode is $370/each the ARAID 1500 Dual Mode is $365/each. ...Accordance profile

Geneva - February 15, 2005 - STMicroelectronics has announced a range of security initiatives for NOR Flash memories which will provide protection against unauthorized access to stored data and program code. These will be promoted under the Krypto™ banner. Now designers will be able to choose from a range of enhanced security techniques that can block hardware replacement attempts and prevent unauthorized reading and duplication of the memory content. ST is one of the world's largest suppliers of NOR Flash devices.

The non-volatile Krypto hardware and software technology offers different levels of protection depending on the application and the customer's requirements: Its main benefit is the protection provided when accessing the memory content which could represent a definitive step towards guaranteeing complete code protection for a mobile system. Access is allowed only after mutual authentication between the NOR Flash and the CPU, thus preventing illegal or forbidden operations via any interface inside or outside the system. In addition, the technology includes a read protection mechanism aimed at preventing unauthorized reading of the memory or duplication of its data in pirate devices, so safeguarding Intellectual Property and the stored program code. ST's Krypto technology will become available on ST's NOR Flash devices introduced during 2005. ...STMicroelectronics profile, Flash Memory, Storage Security

LinuxWorld, BOSTON - February 15, 2005 - Arkeia Corporation announced today the release of its fully integrated backup solution for Netline Internet Service's Open-Xchange Server. Netline's Open-Xchange Server is a modular, standards-based communications tool that provides businesses with flexible groupware functions including e-mail, calendar, contacts, tasks and real-time document storage.

Arkeia backup for Open-Xchange Server is a modular solution which includes the hot backup of the LDAP server and the PostgreSQL database, as well as Open-Xchange specific data. The backup solution is compatible with Arkeia Network Backup and Arkeia Server Backup products. Because Open-Xchange Server is based on the same technology and architecture as Novell's SUSE LINUX Openexchange Server, the Arkeia Open-Xchange Server solution is compatible with fully integrated groupware solutions offered by Novell. The Open-Xchange Server backup is easily configured through the Arkeia GUI. Equally convenient, restoration granularity can go down to the individual document level, including versioning management. The email server protection allows incremental backup and restores down to mailbox folder level.

The Open-Xchange backup solution is priced at $690. A total data protection solution for Open-Xchange and Slox users, including Arkeia Server Backup, the automatic Disaster Recovery module and one year of technical support, is available for less than $1,700. ...Arkeia profile

Cupertino, California and Tokyo, Japan - February 15, 2005 - Today Neterion, Inc. announced that it has signed a distribution agreement with Hitachi High-Technologies. HHT is a global company with 22 offices in Japan and 77 offices outside of Japan in 24 countries. HHT will lead the customer adoption of Neterion products by targeting server/storage OEMs, developing distribution channels and creating a customer support network. In return, HHT will have exclusive rights to market Neterion products in Japan.

Japan features the world's largest vendors outside the U.S. As a technology leader, Japan is on a fast track deployment of fiber to the home for broadband Internet access. These high-speed networks will require advanced server and storage products that can leverage Neterion's 10 Gigabit Ethernet capabilities. With prices rapidly declining, all major switch makers are manufacturing products with 10 Gigabit Ethernet capabilities and the server/storage technology is rapidly moving from high performance computing labs into enterprise data centers. Driving this movement is the fact that many companies are seeing the amount of data they process double every six months.

Neterion has already announced customer contracts with U.S. server vendors including SGI, Cray and HP. Sun Microsystems has also entered into an agreement with Neterion to develop the next generation of 10 Gigabit Ethernet products for server/storage connectivity....Neterion profile, iSCSI

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Hard Disk Duplicators - click for expanded image
Hard disk duplicators
Spellabyte's disk duplicating process worked OK, but he wondered if in future, he should color code the barrels to avoid getting them mixed up.

All Aboard the 4 Gigabit Train? - by Steve Gardner, Director of Product Marketing, Engenio
The future of 4 Gigabit Fibre Channel technology is here and by 2006 it will be widely adopted by organisations around the world.
Just 6 -months ago that statement would have been met with heavy skepticism; but today, industry analysts, customers and manufacturers all agree that 4 Gbps technology will be available from the world's leading IT vendors by mid-2005.

Companies with high performance computing needs, such as scientists, engineers, artists and others who need access to large amounts of data to solve complex problems, will be the first to adopt the technology. Four Gigabit Fibre Channel technology will enable auto manufacturers to reduce time to market and improve the safety of vehicles by making testing and simulations less time consuming. Energy companies will be able to conduct more iterations of analysis thereby improving the bidding process and increasing their probability of finding petroleum. Companies that aren't considered "traditional" high performance computing customers will also benefit. Food manufacturers, for example, will be able to redesign and improve packaging in less time by using 4 Gbps technology.

The entertainment industry will produce higher quality animated movies, in less time, when they adopt 4 Gbps technology. The producers of Polar Express, an animated film that was a holiday hit, used a new technique called "Performance Capture" that allows an actor to be covered in hundreds of tiny computer chips. The data from these chips contains precise information about all of the actor's movements, including facial expressions. Production of the graphics involved in the endeavor required millions of time consuming calculations. Had 4 Gbps been available, the time required to produce the movie could have been reduced significantly.

The most frequently asked question regarding 4 Gbps technology is "Why do I need this?" After all, most users still aren't taking full advantage of all that 2 Gbps SANs have to offer. The answer is twofold: technology and economics. As technology advances components become smaller, faster and less expensive. Vendors push improvements to differentiate and create competitive advantage. As a by product, the new technology can drive lower costs, creating an economic incentive for buyers to use the latest technology, even if their need is not immediate. When you add the fact that the new 4 Gbps technology will be compatible with 2 Gbps and 1 Gbps installations. There will be no need to uninstall 2 Gbps investments, and customers will be able to seamlessly plug into the improved infrastructure. This understanding changed the question from "Why do I need this?" to "When can I have this?"

It's important to remember that 4 Gbps Fibre Channel Technology is only part of the computing equation. If your performance bottleneck is the server horsepower for example, adding 4 Gbps infrastructure won't produce improved results. 4Gbps technology is just around the corner. The speed is impressive, and the costs are attractive. This train will be leaving the station soon. Don't be left behind. ...Engenio profile, Fibre-channel adapter cards, SAN, article:- Fibre-Channel SAN History

See also:- another article by Steve Gardner - Disk to Disk Backup versus Tape - War or Truce?
click to see company profile for Engenio

SiliconSystems provides industrial-grade solid-state storage solutions engineered exclusively for the high performance, high reliability, multi-year product lifecycle requirements of the Enterprise System OEM market.

SiliconDrives from SiliconSystems
2.5" SiliconDrives
from SiliconSystems

Olixir Technologies' rugged portable hard drive survives over 75 drops from 3 to 6 Feet
Low Cost Rugged Hard Drives
from Olixir Technologies

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Serial Attached SCSI - Delivering Flexibility to the Data Center - article by LSI Logic and Maxtor

If you think you already know SAS because you know SATA and traditional SCSI then think again. Sometimes disruptive technologies wear an unassuming disguise. In fiction, Clark Kent, Frodo Baggins and Buffy Summers at first seem harmless, but we see them change into Superman, the Ring Bearer and the Slayer.

SAS too comes cloaked in plain garb - with a physical layer which looks a lot like SATA. But like the Incredible Hulk there are muscles rippling under that shirt - and you would be wrong to dismiss SAS so lightly. There's a lot more inside this interface than it says on the box as this informative article reveals. the article, ...LSI Logic profile, ...Maxtor profile, Serial Attached SCSI

Should HP Spin off its Storage Business?
HP's network storage business is declining in revenue, while rivals NetworkApp and EMC have been growing at over 30%. We're asking readers...

"Do you think HP's Storage Business would work better if it were spun off as a separate business?"

What do you think?

yes... no... don't know
Looking Ahead at Portable Consumer Disks

The market for small-form-factor disk drives - for use in music players, digital cameras, mobile phones, PDAs, notebook PCs etc - represents the biggest growth opportunity of any storage segment.

Industry analyst firm TrendFocus expects that 1.8-, 1.0- and 0.85-inch drive shipments will grow from 2.6 million units in 2003 to 100 million units in 2008 for a compound annual growth rate of more than 125%. ... from a featured press release by Agere Systems
What's the User experience with Solid State Disks? surveyed SSD users in the 4th quarter of 2004.

65% of SSD users surveyed said "It greatly exceeded expectations - I advocate others to try"

The survey also asked why people use SSDs, and asked about user preferences on a whole range of subjects from interface and packaging options to how vendors could improve their communications, user education and marketing of these products. the article, Market research, Solid state disks

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