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Editor:- July 7, 2006 - UK distributor JPY is running a survey to see whether there's a significant difference in the backup behavior of Windows, Mac or Linux users. The survey is aimed at readers in the UK. Responders to the survey will be entered into a draw to win an iPod of their choice. JPY Managing Director, John Yardley commented, "We suspect that not all operating systems are treated the same way when data is backed up or archived. This survey should help us understand better the habits and attitudes of people using different platforms." ...take part in the survey, ...JPY profile

Editor's footnote:- This is a quiet week for real news because of the July 4th Holidays. I'm inviting any US backup software vendor to let me know of a similar survey (or results) - which we might mention here in the early part of next week.

Editor:- July 6, 2006 - Seagate published an interesting story yesterday about how their disk drives fared on a recent high altitude climb in the Himalaya. The team's notebook computer, which featured an EE25 Series hard drive, endured hundreds of miles of jostling on torturous dirt roads from the ancient Tibetan city of Lhasa to the base of Cho Oyu. From there, the notebook traveled in a duffle bag strapped to a yak. The team used the Seagate-enabled computer to check and send email, search the Internet for vital weather forecasts and to update its Web site and expedition blog.

"We were very impressed that Seagate's hard drives worked perfectly at all altitudes and weather conditions," said team member Linda McMillan. "We'd heard that other expeditions had trouble with hard drive failures, and some people had to rely on PDAs using chips instead of computers with hard drives. The vibrations, jolts and dust really put the notebook to a wicked test of endurance."

Seagate's EE25 Series hard drives are specified for operation in just such conditions, from minus 30 degrees to 85 degrees Celsius. ...Seagate profile, Removable Storage, Military Storage

Editor:- July 5, 2006 - reports that in the first half of 2006 pageviews and readership grew 40% and 42% respectively compared to the year before period.

"With over 460,000 unique readers viewing STORAGEsearch in the past 6 months, and our high reader growth rate we'll easily exceed our goal of more than one million readers in calendar 2006" said editor and publisher Zsolt Kerekes. "September will be the 8th anniversary of starting this site, but we're still adding new strategic directory subjects like the recently launched storage reliability page. With the storage market surging towards $200 billion in 2007 - there are always new topics and applications for readers to learn about. Although the sexy side of the storage market is in the fast growing segments like flash, solid state disks and iSCSI - some long established old timers like storage security have seen innovations this year which are more significant than anything in that segment in the past 5 years."

The top 3 subjects viewed by readers in June (out of 70 storage categories on our home page) were once again:- Hard disk drives, Solid state disks and NAS. For more information on the top subjects, articles etc see Market research

TOKYO - July 5, 2006 - it was announced today that two of Japan's top oems, I-O DATA and Elecom, will sell U3 smart drives made by Msystems. The U3 smart drive fuses the power of software with the USB flash drive.

Osaka-based Elecom is currently bundling a U3 smart mobile computing software application from Migo Software onto its "MF-UU2" Series U3 smart drive, which will be available soon in a variety of retail locations.

In addition to Migo software, Kanazawa-based I-O DATA is currently bundling ACD Systems' ACDSee photo viewing and editing software, CyberLink's PowerBackup backup software and RoboForm's Pass2Go password portability software onto its "EasyDisk U3" drive. ...M-Systems profile, Storage Resellers in Japan, Flash Storage

Editor:- July 5, 2006 - SiliconSystems has published a white paper which describes new applications made possible by its recently announced SiliconDrive Secure disks. The features in the new disks such as- read / write access zoning, fast disk sanitization (1Gbyte / sec), password protected areas and the ability to render data unreadable except by the original system on which it was created - will enable a new class of products and market opportunities to be created which were not hitherto economic or technically viable. Examples of how the new features can be used in embedded products are noted for the voicemail, gaming and point of sale terminals. But the article will trigger ideas for new applications in a wide range of industries. the article (pdf), ...SiliconSystems profile, Storage Security

Editor:- July 5, 2006 - has an advertising offer for vendors of RAID systems. It's very rare for this ad slot to be advertised. It's only become publicly available on a handful of occasions in the past 9 years, and in most cases - there was an advertiser already waiting to grab it. If you work in sales and marketing in a RAID or NAS company - this could be a great opportunity to get wider exposure for your products. If you're interested, then hurry. Ad slots like this usually get gobbled up within a few days of becoming available. ...more info

PARIS, France - July 4 2006 - Arkeia Software is giving a preview of of Arkeia Network Backup v6.0 this week to its distribution network in Europe. More than 40 resellers, from 10 European countries will meet on July 6 and 7, in Montmartre, Paris. ...Arkeia profile, Backup Software, Storage Events

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Snugly nestling in a RAID system in your datacenter - maybe. Now what about when those self same drives are in some one else's mitts - because they've been replaced, sold or stolen?

The Trusted Computing Group has been working with storage manufacturers and other industry trade bodies to create a standard model and framework for extending security into the storage drive - using extensions of the SCSI and ATA command sets - and by extending the features originally designed for internal error logging. Although at an early stage, readers may be interested in reading and commenting (to TCG) on the draft document - which is published here as part of their market liaison exercise. the article, ...Trusted Computing Group profile, Storage Security, disk sanitizers
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