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IRVINE, Calif., July 31, 2000— The Computer Systems Group (CSG) of Toshiba America Information Systems, Inc. (TAIS) today announced plans to leverage the growing success of its Server Division and enter the fast-paced storage market. Starting as early as Q3 2000, Toshiba will offer, install and support external storage business solutions. "As server technology progresses toward smaller profile computing devices, external storage requirements are growing in importance," said Joe Formichelli, executive vice president, Toshiba CSG. "Toshiba views entering the storage market as a major business opportunity to grow market share and offer increasingly important networking capabilities to businesses nationwide."

"In an age where e-business and the power of the Internet drive the marketplace and truly make or break the way companies do business, the increasing need for storage products is inevitable," said Steve Andler, vice president, marketing, Toshiba CSG. "By entering the storage market, Toshiba is continuing to demonstrate its commitment to providing customers with compelling solutions that meet today's evolving business needs." ...TAIS profile

MOUNT LAUREL, NJ - JULY 31, 2000 -INRANGE Technologies Announces Agreement To Acquire Computerm Corporation. INRANGE Technologies announced today that it has agreed to acquire Pittsburgh-based Computerm Corporation, a provider of high-performance channel extension products and services. The agreement is subject to customary conditions, including antitrust approval.

With a suite of channel extension offerings that now include Computerm's 8800 Series RemoteCopy and the Computerm 8200 Series Channel Extenders as complements to INRANGE's 9801 and 9095 Storage Networking Systems, INRANGE expands its IN-VSN Virtual Storage Networking family of channel directors, optical multiplexers, and channel extension products and services. The IN-VSN family enables users to build highly scalable storage networks and extend them beyond traditional geographic boundaries. ...INRANGE profile

SAN JOSE, Calif., July 27, 2000 - Cisco Systems, Inc., today announced a definitive agreement to acquire privately-held NuSpeed Internet Systems of Maple Grove, Minnesota. NuSpeed Internet Systems' technology connects storage area networks and Internet Protocol networks. With this strong foundation of storage area network expertise, Cisco will be able to offer its customers a solution to converge data and storage networks into one infrastructure.

With the explosion of the Internet Economy, storage area networks have become vital for companies to store and quickly retrieve data on demand, as well as back up their systems. NuSpeed Internet Systems enhances Cisco's storage area network strategy by creating new applications for customers on IP networks and is part of Cisco's continued effort to drive an open, standards-based model to address customer's end-to-end requirements.

NuSpeed Internet Systems technology will be implemented in Cisco solutions to interconnect storage area networks with metropolitan area networks (MANs), wide area networks (WANs) and local area networks (LANs). NuSpeed Internet Systems is a leading company in implementing the iSCSI protocol that provides a way for the two disparate networks to communicate. Customers benefit by managing a single, common network infrastructure as opposed to two separate and distinct environments.

NuSpeed Internet Systems was founded in 1999. The 56 employees will be led by NuSpeed Internet Systems CEO Mark Cree and will operate in the Enterprise Line of Business led by Senior Vice President James Richardson. ...Cisco Systems profile

SAN DIEGO, July 26, 2000 -JNI Corporation announced the release of its new FibreStar™ FCE-1063 and FCE2-1063 Fibre Channel SBus host bus adapters for general shipment today. These cards are targeted at the installed base of millions of older Sun Microsystems workstations and servers. Sun introduced the SBus in 1989 and replaced it with PCI in 1996. The new FibreStar FCE-1063 processes data at rates up to 200 MB/sec, giving it the highest realized throughput of any SBus HBA on the market today.

The FCE-1063 is configured with either fiber optic or copper connectors. It complies with all Fibre Channel topologies (switched fabric, arbitrated loop and point-to-point), and supports Class 3 standards for data delivery, the de facto standard in the industry today. All JNI Solaris products including the FCE-1063 HBA support Dynamic Reconfiguration on Sun servers. It also enables remote booting from another system. The Solaris 4.0 driver for the FCE-1063 supports Solaris 2.6, 7 and 8. ...JNI profile

Sunnyvale, Calif. - July 26, 2000 - Marvell today announced that it is offering an I/O core compliant with the new Ultra ATA/100 standard to allow for faster, more reliable data storage applications. Marvell's new Ultra ATA/100-compliant interface I/O solution features unparalleled dynamically adaptive transmission line drivers, which boost data integrity and reduce electromagnetic interference (EMI) beyond standard specifications, enabling system manufacturers to overcome problems associated with high-noise environments. Marvell's new Ultra ATA/100 solution was developed for integration into its integrated data storage electronics system-on-chip (SoC) platform. Marvell's SoC platform integrates the read channel, hard disk controller, microprocessor, and system memory functions on to a single piece of silicon, and is targeted at next-generation, high data rate storage devices utilizing single-chip electronics.

The Ultra ATA/100 standard has been recently adopted by Intel and other leading microprocessor chipset makers, as well as by major data storage OEMs including Quantum, Seagate and Samsung. The interface, developed primarily for the high volume desktop storage market, is also utilized in RAID servers, entry-level NAS applications and consumer A/V devices such as set-top boxes and personal video recorders (PVRs). Marvell's Ultra ATA/100 I/O technology allows OEMs to step up data transfer rates without compromising data integrity, thus meeting the requirements of these demanding storage applications.

Marvell's Ultra ATA/100 I/O solution is the newest addition to its extensive family of electronic components for data storage devices, including Partial Response, Maximum Likelihood (PRML) read channel physical layer devices. To date, Marvell has shipped over 40 million read channel products. "The speed specified by this new interface will allow end-users to benefit from data rates which, up to now, have only been available in enterprise-class applications where the Fibre Channel and SCSI interfaces are used," said Dr. Alan Armstrong, Marvell's Vice President of Marketing for the Data Storage Group. "The data rates provided by our Gigabit-class read channel physical layer devices can now make their way to desktop-class applications."

As data rates climb to those specified in the new Ultra ATA/100 standard, data storage subsystem manufacturers are struggling with the various transmission line effects that accompany high speed signaling, such as signal ringing and reflection. Marvell provides a solution to system manufacturers with the dynamically adaptive transmission line drivers of its Ultra ATA/100 I/O, which address these and other common problems on both the transmit and receive ends of storage subsystems. Availability Marvell's integrated data storage SoC products are currently sampling to customers, and its Ultra ATA/100-enabled integrated solution will sample in Q4 of this year. Marvell's integrated SoC platform is designed to be easily modified to accommodate customer requirements. ...Marvell profile

BETHESDA, Md., July 25, 2000 – OTG Software, Inc. today announced net income and record revenues for the quarter ended June 30, 2000. Revenues for the quarter rose to $9.6 million, representing a 73% increase from revenues of $5.6 million in the second quarter of 1999.

"We are extremely pleased with our strong financial and operating results which validate our ability to execute OTG's business plan and allowed us to deliver net income one quarter earlier than the analyst consensus," said Richard Kay, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of OTG Software. "Demand for our DiskXtender™ storage solutions remains strong, and we are proud of the recent launch in June of an exciting new product called EmailXtender™, that we believe will have broad market appeal and will make OTG a leader in e-mail management. We also launched on schedule this past quarter™, a new web-hosted storage solution for customers who prefer to outsource their storage and data management systems. With these new additions to our core technology, OTG has extended its management solutions for the data explosion that is driving the demand for data storage and access." ...OTG Software profile

Phoenix, Arizona - July 25, 2000 - Microtest, Inc. today introduced the next generation LinuxZerver. Now available on Microtest's Cyclone platform, LinuxZerver delivers a high-performance, Linux-based, small form factor application hosting server that provides a customizable, scalable, and manageable network-attached solution for OEM and Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) who want to deliver storage and application appliance solutions to their customers.

LinuxZerver builds on Microtest's expertise in the NAS market and over 3 years of Linux experience to deliver a solution with best-in-class performance and scalability that allows the OEM or ISV to maintain pace with the accelerating technology curve. Designed as an application hosting platform to support database, web caching, backup and archival, tape library, and CD/DVD-ROM/DVD-RAM Jukebox solutions, LinuxZerver can support up to 15 SCSI and 4 EIDE attached devices, including hard drives, CD-ROM, DVD-ROM and CD-R drives, supporting storage capacities in excess of one terabyte. LinuxZerver is sold in either a 5-¼ inch sled form factor, or board version, allowing for easy integration and customization.

Microtest is actively partnering with manufacturers and ISVs to deliver next-generation storage solutions. One such relationship is with DISC, a leading provider of automated library solutions for enterprise storage. "We are extremely pleased to partner with DISC and share in their vision of network attached libraries. The combination of ease of use and lower cost of ownership is exactly what library customers have been demanding," indicated Kurt Lanthier, Business Development Manager of Network Appliances and Storage at Microtest.

"LinuxZerver, combined with storage management software, will enable DISC to offer its customers an all-in-one network attached library that provides an easy to use browser-based user interface at a lower total cost of ownership than a dedicated server-based solution," explained Bob Riland, VP of Marketing at DISC, Inc. in Milpitas, California. "Microtest's compact form factor, simple and seamless installation, and support of the Linux operating system were critical factors in DISC's selection of Microtest as a technology partner." ...Microtest profile, ...DISC profile

Longmont, Colo., July 25, 2000 - Chaparral Network Storage, Inc. today announced it has been selected as the sole source to supply Industrial Light & Magic (ILM) with a high performance, fully integrated Fibre Channel RAID controller. The product was specifically designed to address high performance bandwidth requirements necessary for HDTV video production. Chaparral, in partnership with Quantum Corporations Hard Disk Drive Group & Storcase, enhanced the design to optimize digital video production for ILM.

ILM will provide a demonstration at Siggraph 2000 in New Orleans (July 25 -27, booth # 2043) of this HDTV video server including: digital capture, editing, playback and production of HDTV. The demonstration will take place in Quantum's tradeshow booth in conjunction with Chaparral. ILM's will discuss this solution twice each day at 11:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m.

ILM chose Chaparral's Fibre Channel RAID solution because "ILM strives to offer only the best in production quality," said Gary Meyer, chief engineer of video engineering for ILM. "Every advantage in this competitive market is critical to our on-going success. Chaparral was able to deliver performance and reliability that was timely and cost effective - essential to this leading-edge application."

"The opportunity to develop a unique product for ILM, a leader in digital video production, further strengthens Chaparral's position in the digital content market," said Lorne Wilson, executive director, North American OEM sales for Chaparral Network Storage. "Chaparral's SCSI & Fibre Channel products address the increasing need to move large amounts of data at extremely high speeds in both RAID and Storage Area Network (SAN) applications." ...Chaparral profile

Founded in 1975 by George Lucas, ILM is the leading effects facility in the world, serving the motion picture, commercial production and attraction industries. ILM has created visual effects for over 120 feature films, including The Perfect Storm, Star Wars: Episode I, Saving Private Ryan, and Jurassic Park.

Waltham, MA- July 25, 2000 StorageNetworks, Inc. today announced its STORwidthSM family of services, the world's first global platform for intelligent storage distribution. STORwidth Services create an entirely new layer of value for the Internet by leveraging the StorageNetworksSM global infrastructure and management expertise to seamlessly integrate storage for distributed computing applications. STORwidth services are designed for content delivery/distribution providers, ASPs, streaming media and media asset management companies whose applications require a storage platform optimized for economical, rapid growth across multiple geographic locations. StorageNetworks currently offers two STORwidth services: STORwidth-CORE and STORwidth-EDGE:

STORwidth-CORE Service — is an economical, high capacity storage offering for companies with applications that are capable of performing content distribution management. These applications require vast amounts of storage with distinct price-performance characteristics. Potential customers include content distributors or enterprise applications, such as medical imaging, that possess their own replication schemes and networks and need to quickly move images or applications out from predetermined metropolitan areas to their end customers. STORwidth-CORE pricing is based on managed terabytes (MTBs), with a minimum of two MTBs across all sites. STORwidth Core service will be generally available this quarter.

STORwidth-EDGE Service — combines STORwidth-CORE service in at least two geographic locations with distribution software intelligence and network connectivity via the StorageNetworks GDSN. Target STORwidth-EDGE customers include companies that seek to integrate their distributed application environment seamlessly with a managed, intelligently distributed storage platform. Examples would include a company that offers Web-based file hosting and/or management services, or a streaming media services company that seeks to leverage private networking and managed, replicated storage in multiple locations. STORwidth-EDGE pricing is based on managed terabytes (MTBs) and GDSN utilization fees based on capacity and bandwidth consumed. ...StorageNetworks profile

Bothell, WA, July 24, 2000 -Vixel Corporation announced today a technology collaboration with Network Appliance, Inc. focused on extending the scalability, performance, and manageability of Fibre Channel storage solutions. At the core of this collaboration is Vixel's Hydra 'loop switch on a chip' ASIC technology. Network Appliance is working with Vixel to enhance the Hydra ASIC technology for use in embedded storage systems, enabling Network Appliance to provide larger scale storage solutions and enhance the performance and resiliency of Fibre Channel loops.

"Vixel's ASIC technology enables Network Appliance to provide larger, more scalable systems which meet the levels of performance and availability required by our customers' most demanding applications," said Mark Santora, senior vice president of marketing at Network Appliance. "Our collaboration with Vixel reflects another milestone in Network Appliance's effort to deliver multivendor interoperability and simple solutions to customers."

"Over the course of the last eight months, we have been working together with Network Appliance to validate opportunities for the two companies to capitalize on each others' respective strengths and technologies. Now, with this partnership in place, we can go forward to create solutions and bring them to market," said Jim McCluney, president and CEO, Vixel Corporation. "Network Appliance's position of leadership in the network-attached storage field and reputation for innovation are well recognized, and their choice of Vixel as a technology partner underscores the viability of our Hydra ASIC technology. For Vixel, this partnership also serves to validate our strategy of leveraging our technologies into new applications and areas of functionality." ...Vixel profile, ...Network Appliance profile

MOUNT LAUREL, NJ, JULY 24, 2000 - INRANGE Technologies Scales Operational Capacity Through Alliance with Sanmina Corporation . Leveraging strategic relationships has become an imperative for today's industry leaders, bringing efficiencies of scale and allowing focus on core competencies. To embrace this paradigm, INRANGE Technologies today announced a strategic alliance with Sanmina Manufacturing for key products in the company's IN-VSNä family of Virtual Storage Networking. Under the agreement, Sanmina will provide outsourced manufacturing of INRANGE's newly introduced FC/9000 line of Fibre Channel Directors for Storage Area Networks.

The FC/9000 Fibre Channel Director will be manufactured primarily in Sanmina's Manchester, NH location, with a site for secondary line capability to be selected soon. INRANGE will continue to manufacture its other product lines in its ISO-9001 qualified facility in Mount Laurel, NJ. This will allow INRANGE to focus on Research and Development and discrete manufacturing, while leveraging Sanmina's capability for volume purchasing and production. ...INRANGE company profile

SCOTTS VALLEY, CA — 24 July 2000 — Seagate Technology, Inc. today announced the launch of its Reseller Marketplace, the storage industry's first, collaborative, e-commerce marketplace offering resellers the fastest, most efficient online purchasing process for Seagate storage solutions. The Reseller Marketplace at, an exclusive service for resellers participating in the Seagate Partner Program (SPP), is designed to streamline the purchasing process of Seagate solutions and provide unprecedented value to Seagate's resellers through real-time pricing and availability, fast and easy comparison shopping, and seamless integration with key distributors for a one-stop shopping experience. This initiative went live on July 17, 2000 and is currently serving the reseller community through Seagate's distributors including Bell Microproducts, Ingram Micro, SYNNEX Information Technologies, and Tech Data. Additional channel partners are expected to participate in the Reseller Marketplace in the future.

Here's how the Seagate Reseller Marketplace works: · When an authorized SPP reseller accesses the Seagate Reseller Marketplace web site, they will be able to acquire product information and support as well as browse for Seagate manufactured product based on flexible, user selectable, criteria (i.e. capacity, speed, etc.). · After filling their shopping cart with Seagate products, the reseller is prompted to select a distributor of their choice (based on authorized Seagate Distributors) for real time pricing and availability. Resellers can also comparison shop in the channel for the best price and availability. · Based on authentication, the distributor, as well as Seagate, knows who the reseller is and can provide custom pricing and promotional information to sell additional, complimentary products (i.e. boards, processors, peripherals, etc.). This provides the ability for channel partners to stand out from their competition and bring value to the interaction. · When finished, the reseller submits their shopping cart to the desired distributor's web site, where they are offered the ability to continue shopping for complimentary products. Once completed, the distributor processes the financial transaction and fulfills the products based on the existing business relationship with that reseller. ...Seagate profile

MINNEAPOLIS, MN, July 21, 2000 – Ciprico Inc. announced today FibreSTORE RAID has passed the SANMark and Fabric Build test tracks at the SAN Interoperability Plugfest in Durham, NH. SANMark is an FCIA program which provides Fibre Channel product manufacturers the framework for testing their products for standards compliance in a multi-vendor environment. Ciprico, a provider of high performance digital storage solutions to visual imaging companies worldwide, tested the FibreSTORE RAID system to measure the product's performance and functionality compared to the Fibre Channel protocol standards.

Twenty-seven companies participated in the SAN Interoperability Plugfest in one or more of the six testing tracks that were available. Interoperability is one of the key concerns of a SAN customer; SANMark testing measures the compatibility of products with others.

"A key factor in the design of our products is the compatibility with other products. In a SAN environment, it is critical our products are interoperable," said Stacy Kelly, Product Manager. "As a result, the SANMark approval demonstrates our dedication to the industry and our customers that Ciprico products achieve the highest performance and functionality as possible." ...Ciprico profile

Campbell, CA -- July 19, 2000- SAN Valley Systems, Inc. today announced that it has raised an additional $25 million in it's second round of funding, bringing the total financing to over $31 million since the Company's inception in August, 1999. SAN Valley will use the funds to execute its product strategy aimed at delivering Internet Protocol (IP) based SAN optical edge access products that enable seamless connectivity over Internet Protocol (IP) based Metropolitan and Wide Area Network infrastructures.

SAN Valley's mission is to deliver SAN products to connect storage networks over optical MAN and WAN infrastructures, breaking down distance, cost, performance and connectivity barriers that exist today for SAN interconnection. SAN Valley products, which will be in customer trials in the fall, will seamlessly interconnect enterprise and service provider networks for digital content, disaster recovery, data backup and replication applications. ...SAN Valley Systems profile

Macworld Expo, New York, NY - July 19, 2000 - MicroNet Technology, Inc., today announced new configurations of its award-winning SANcube, the industry's first FireWireTM SAN. The new 450GB, 4-user SANcube provides nearly half a terabyte of online storage and delivers up to 33MB/sec. data throughput. Two new dual-channel SANcube X-stream arrays, in 270GB and 450GB capacities, provide even faster throughput, by striping data across two FireWire busses to achieve up to 65MB/sec. sustained throughput. The SANcube serverless storage network is engineered to provide much faster-than-typical network performance for digital content creators in the DV, multimedia, and prepress markets who collaborate on large video and image files on Power Mac G4, Power Macintosh G3, PowerBook, and iMac DV systems with built-in FireWire. SANcube incorporates up to six high performance hard drives in a sleek, compact cube (approx. 10x10x10 inches), which weighs less than 30 pounds and has a stunning design which complements the design of these powerful Apple systems.

Users can configure SANcube as a single volume by striping the data (RAID 0) across the drives for enhanced performance and capacity, or duplicate or mirror the data (RAID 1) at high speeds for increased data protection. Since SANcube is stackable and hot-pluggable, the system expands and reconfigures easily as workgroup storage requirements increase. Pricing & Availability The 450GB, 4-user SANcube will be available in August 2000 for $5,999. The dual-channel SANcube X-stream arrays, designed for high-end digital video users, will ship in August 2000, priced at $4599 for the 270GB, and $6999 for the 450GB. ...MicroNet Technology profile

SANTA ANA, California, July 18, 2000 - Simple Technology, Inc. is now shipping 30 GB portable hard drives compatible with notebook computers from Compaq, Hewlett Packard, IBM, Toshiba and other notebook manufacturers. These hard drives offer consumers affordable enhancements to their current systems while offering resellers a simple upgrade solution for the portable computer market. Additional features of the Simple Technology hard drives include a plug and play design for easy installation and unlimited toll-free technical support. Software bundled with the drives includes EZ Drive®. This single-step software utility for hard drive installation and setup provides data mirroring and backward-compatibility of the new hard drive to older generation laptops.

The 30 GB hard drives are 12.5mm in height and feature ATA-5 interface with an average seek time of 12ms. Estimated MSRP for the 30 GB hard drives is approximately $1250. Additional notebook-ready portable hard drives offered by Simple Technology include 25 GB, 18 GB, 12 GB, 6.4 GB, and 4 GB capacities. Simple Technology drives feature a three-year limited warranty. ...Simple Technology profile

San Jose, CA, July 18, 2000 - Fujitsu Computer Products of America, Inc. (FCPA), today announced that it is expanding its magneto-optical (MO) product line with the 1.3GB DynaMO 1300 series. The new DynaMO 1300 series includes the DynaMO 1300SF + USB, a 1.3GB external MO drive with dual USB and SCSI interface, and the DynaMO 1300SZI, a 1.3GB internal SCSI kit. These new drives join the currently shipping DynaMO 1300FE, the 1.3GB MO drive with FireWire interface, offering some of the most reliable and cost-effective sources of high-capacity removable storage in the industry.

"With the addition of 1.3GB drives to the DynaMO family, Fujitsu now offers a removable storage solution that's large enough for today's intensive applications," said Dan Dalton, Director of Business Development at FCPA. "Fujitsu's 1.3GB MO drives are available in FireWire, USB and SCSI configurations and are compatible with both Mac and PC platforms. Magneto-optical technology is simply the best choice for data archiving, transferring data, and ensuring documents are safely stored even under extreme conditions."

The new DynaMO 1300SF + USB is a 1.3GB MO drive with a dual interface, SCSI and USB. Known for its ease of use and wide acceptance, USB is a standard interface on Apple's iMac, G4 and G3 systems. Like the DynaMO FireWire drives, the DynaMO 1300SF +USB is hot-pluggable meaning the computer will recognize the drive when it is connected so users do not have to reboot their systems before using their MO device. This new drive is also compatible with any PC with a USB (ver. 1.1) port running Windows 98. For high performance applications, the drive will attach to any SCSI-2 port with the addition of a SCSI cable. The DynaMO 1300SF + USB will be available in July and has a suggested price of $449. ...FCPA profile

MOUNT LAUREL, NJ, JULY 17, 2000 - INRANGE Technologies Expands Global Presence For Enterprise Networking Solutions. The growth in networking, driven by e-business and the Internet, has unique implications for global businesses that rely on their data and storage networks on a 24 x 7 x 365 basis. These mission-critical enterprise networks require suppliers with a worldwide marketing and support presence to ensure successful implementation and project management. To meet this need, INRANGE Technologies today announced the acquisition of two European systems integration firms with a combination of 40 years of experience in storage and data networking.

On June 30, 2000, INRANGE Technologies acquired TCS of France and STI of Switzerland, as well as their subsidiaries in Belgium and Luxembourg, respectively. Both TCS and STI had maintained a reseller relationship with INRANGE prior to acquisition. These investments will serve to expand INRANGE's direct sales and service presence in key European geographies, covering France, Switzerland, Belgium and Luxembourg.

"Our customers are among the largest users of data and storage networking technologies in the world, and they prefer to work with a company that can manage their mission-critical implementations," said Greg Grodhaus, President of INRANGE Technologies. "These acquisitions give us a stronger global presence for those of our customers with worldwide operations, and a greater ability to penetrate these geographies to assist our customers with a dedicated sales and service force."

As a result of the acquisitions, all employees of TCS and STI have been retained as INRANGE employees. ...INRANGE company profile

SUNNYVALE, Calif., July 17, 2000 — Silicon Image, Inc., a leading provider of high-bandwidth semiconductor solutions, today unveiled its strategy for entering the data storage market. This move signals the company's intent to enter its next mass market and the expansion of Silicon Image's multi-layer integrated circuit (IC) technology to applications beyond the digital display arena—the company's initial market focus. Silicon Image has defined a dual storage market strategy focused on the interconnect between the host system and storage devices. As storage capacity increases, the transmission rate between the hard disk and the host system becomes a gating factor. Initially, Silicon Image intends to address the system interface between the CPU and the internal hard disk, an area receiving increased attention by PC OEMs and disk manufacturers alike. A high-speed serial interface offers a logical and efficient alternative to the existing parallel interface.

During the second quarter, Silicon Image acquired Zillion Technologies, a developer of high-speed transmission technology for data storage applications, to help execute the first prong of its storage strategy. Zillion contributed in drafting the preliminary Serial ATA specification. The Serial ATA Working Group is developing the specification and pursuing Serial ATA as a successor to parallel bus technology. Silicon Image is a contributor to the Working Group, which counts Intel Corp., leading PC manufacturers, disk drive manufacturers and an adapter manufacturer among its promoters. Zillion also developed the serialization and de-serialization logic for the Serial ATA prototype demonstrated at the February 2000 Intel Developer Forum. Silicon Image believes the cost of Serial ATA technology can ultimately be on par with today's Parallel ATA technology, much as the cost of the digital display interface is comparable to analog.

The second element of Silicon Image's storage strategy is the interface between host systems and external storage devices—a market growing faster than the internal storage market. This market growth is being fueled by the increased storage requirements for markets such as e-commerce and digital video editing/production, as well as storage area networks and network-attached storage. Initially, Silicon Image intends to apply its MSL architecture, which lies at the core of the company's innovation, to storage area network fabrics. Silicon Image believes this approach to multi-gigabit semiconductor solutions will help achieve significant performance benefits and cost reductions. MSL includes a physical layer, coding layer and protocol layer—all on a single chip. Each of these layers is optimized for the particular application being addressed. By implementing the MSL architecture in low-cost CMOS technology, Silicon Image is able to deliver low-cost, high-bandwidth solutions for high-volume applications. ...Silicon Image profile

SUNNYVALE, Calif.- (BUSINESS WIRE) - July 17, 2000 SST (Silicon Storage Technology, Inc. and Apacer Technology Inc., an Acer Group company, today announced that the two companies have entered into a strategic partnership which in part will allow Apacer to second source SST's flash ATA-Disk Chip (ADC) product (announced on July 10). This move underscores the anticipated widespread adoption of SST's ADC products in the embedded mass data storage market as a replacement for conventional IDE hard disk drives, especially in Internet Appliance (IA) applications. ...Silicon Storage Technology profile, ...Apacer Memory America profile

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Squeak! - Animal Brands and Metaphors in the Storage Market
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