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StorageNetworks Announces Liquidation Plan

Waltham, MA - July 31, 2003 - StorageNetworks, Inc. announced today that its Board of Directors has approved a plan of liquidation of the company and that it will file a proxy statement seeking shareholder approval of such plan.

In connection with the plan of liquidation, the company also announced that it has terminated all remaining employees of the company with the exception of a small transition team that will oversee the wind down of the business. Paul Flanagan, CEO and president, also announced that he is leaving the company immediately, but plans to remain on the Board of Directors through the liquidation period.

As the company executed on its plan to exit the managed service business, the company and its investment bankers ran a full and extensive sales process seeking out third parties that would be interested in acquiring StorageNetworks. In addition to its efforts to find a buyer, the company also worked extensively with another investment bank exploring opportunities to acquire technology or companies with technology.

"We evaluated a number of opportunities," stated Flanagan. "In each case we determined, based on valuation, the state and maturity of the technology and market, and the funding required to support the technology or company, that the opportunity was not one that we felt was the right investment for StorageNetworks and its shareholders."

The company also evaluated the opportunity to continue as an independent software vendor in the SRM space. "To be successful in the SRM space, we would need to incur a significant cash burn rate beginning in the third quarter and going forward for a significant period of time to support development costs and the purchase of expensive, rapidly depreciating and ever- changing storage equipment necessary to ensure that our software was compatible with that equipment. Even if we were to emerge successfully from the crowded field of competitors, which includes all of the major storage technology companies, the realization of a meaningful return on this investment is uncertain and could take years," stated Flanagan. acquired, dead, renamed, merged & gone away storage companies

SimpleTech Files Patent Infringement Lawsuit Against Staktek Corporation

SANTA ANA, Calif. - July 31, 2003 - SimpleTech, Inc. today announced that it has filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Staktek Corporation in U.S. District Court for the Central District of California.

The lawsuit alleges that Staktek's recently introduced "Value Stack" memory stack module infringes SimpleTech's U.S. Patent No. Re. 36,916, issued in October 2000. The asserted patent relates to SimpleTech's IC Tower stacking technology which allows multiple memory and logic chips to be stacked together to provide increased memory and storage densities that provide enhanced capacity and functionality without increasing the size of the footprint of the memory modules.

"SimpleTech is committed to bringing innovative products to the market through its ongoing focus on research and development. SimpleTech is equally committed to protecting our intellectual property associated with those innovations," said Manouch Moshayedi, SimpleTech's CEO. ...SimpleTech profile

IBM Selects Emulex HBAs for pSeries Linux Servers

COSTA MESA, Calif. - July 31, 2003 - Emulex Corporation today announced that IBM intends to use the Emulex LightPulse 2Gb/s host bus adapter to provide a Fibre Channel connectivity solution for its IBM eServer pSeries systems running Linux.

The selection of high performance, feature-rich Emulex HBAs supports IBM in expanding its PowerPC-based Linux Fibre Channel implementations. ...Emulex profile

EMC Delivers Native iSCSI Support for High-End Storage

Hopkinton, Mass.- July 30, 2003 - EMC Corporation today announced it has added native iSCSI connectivity across the entire Symmetrix DMX series.

iSCSI enables enterprise customers to use their existing network infrastructures to cost-effectively consolidate and connect more servers into their SAN environments. Driving a protocol-agnostic approach to managing and storing information, EMC's addition of native iSCSI connectivity to the Symmetrix DMX series enables its customers to add IP-based storage networks incrementally to their existing storage infrastructures.

While Fibre Channel has become the storage interconnect of choice in data centers, a large population of servers still exists for which the cost of Fibre Channel has been a barrier to consolidation on a SAN. With announcement of the world's first native iSCSI connectivity for high-end storage, EMC now provides customers with a low-cost method for consolidating and networking these previously stranded servers. This method enables IT organizations to extend the benefits of networked storage using iSCSI.

EMC also announced EMC E-Lab Tested solutions for iSCSI, accompanied by EMC-provided assessment and support services, enabling customers to deploy iSCSI quickly and easily in their environments. Symmetrix DMX iSCSI support will be available in September 2003. ...EMC profile

Spinnaker SpinServer Sails Through LSI Logic Storage Systems Certification

MILPITAS, Calif. and PITTSBURGH, Penn. - July 30, 2003 - LSI Logic Storage Systems, Inc. announced today that the SpinServer NAS gateway product from Spinnaker Networks has achieved compatibility certification.

The LSI Logic Storage Systems Certified Compatible process requires extensive testing to assure functionality, stability, interoperability and fault tolerance using real loads and real traffic.

"Spinnaker is very pleased that the SpinServer family of products has achieved Certified Compatible status with LSI Logic Storage Systems technology," said Deborah Jones, director of strategic alliances, Spinnaker Networks. "This certification is a strong validation of our NAS gateway technology."

SpinServer serves files directly from SAN attached storage, such as those based on LSI Logic Storage Systems' technology, via NAS protocols including NSF and CIFS in a direct-attached, multiple disk array environment. This eliminates the expense of purchasing and managing a stand-alone, conventional NAS appliance by consolidating NAS file serving capability into a single storage system.

"LSI Logic Storage Systems looks forward to working with Spinnaker to provide cost effective, industry-leading next generation NAS solutions to end users through our partners," said Julie Ryan, manager of alliances, LSI Logic Storage Systems. "With Spinnaker as part of the Certified Compatible program, LSI Logic Storage Systems has broadened its NAS capabilities to continue to meet the storage needs of large enterprises." ...LSI Logic Storage Systems profile, ...Spinnaker Networks profile

AppIQ Announces Release 2.0 of AppIQ Solution Suite

BURLINGTON, Mass. - July 30, 2003 - AppIQ today announced release 2.0 of AppIQ Solution Suite which is witnessing broad customer adoption in the Financial, Insurance and Media Markets including Nielsen Media Research, Boston Stock Exchange and The Weather Channel among others.

AppIQ Solution Suite is an integrated storage utility management solution that increases application storage infrastructure total value of ownership through a standards-based platform excelling in ease of deployment and rapid time-to-value.

With release 2.0, AppIQ Solution Suite builds on a comprehensive management platform and adds business policy automation, risk analysis advisors, automated provisioning and integrated asset management and chargeback. Additionally, for the first time, customers can build on top of the AppIQ Solution Suite platform with OpenRAD - a set of open development tools that allows customers to extend the AppIQ Solution Suite management platform. The result is an integrated application-to-storage solution enabling the management of your storage as a utility where storage is provided as a seamless service to the application.

"With release 2.0, we've delivered an integrated solution for managing the storage utility that let's our customers not only get storage management costs under control, but at the same time align costs with service levels for maximum total value of ownership," said Ash Ashutosh, EVP and CTO at AppIQ. "In this release, AppIQ's addition of an integrated set of business tools and business policies has now provided our customers the ability to reach the utility vision." ...AppIQ profile

Network Appliance Named on "2003 Employers of Choice 500" List

Sunnyvale, Calif. - July 29, 2003 - Network Appliance, Inc. today was named on the "2003 Employers of Choice 500" list by, a division and publication of RCI Media.

The ranking demonstrates that Network Appliance continues to be one of America's top employers of choice. The editorial staff of RCI Media, which is overseen by Michael Moore, president, and Jim O'Hara, senior vice president, examined over 10,000 companies that have been recognized during the last 12 months in various publications for their employment practices. ...Network Appliance profile

BiTMICRO Releases Solid State Storage Performance and Capacity Management Solutions Suite

SAN DIEGO, Calif. - July 29, 2003 - At SIGGRAPH 2003, BiTMICRO Networks announced today the availability of the E-Disk SafeCapacity software suite to complement its entire E-Disk solid state storage product line.

In most storage systems, a small set of data files account for a disproportionately large amount of disk I/O. When identified, these "hot" files will most often be database log files, heavily hit indices and tables - all excellent candidates for migration to solid state storage. SafeCapacity-Hotfile determines the most often accessed files and displays a list of these files in a descending order of access. Using SafeCapacity-Migration, administrators transparently relocate these hot files to the fastest storage available in their environment.

The fact that files are relocated to faster devices is completely unobservable to both users and applications. The appearance and attributes of the files remain the same, while access to these files is transparently redirected to the high-performance storage without any performance degradation. This approach eliminates the need to reconfigure databases or applications while increasing I/O throughput. End-users and IT staff will notice faster database access, much improved response times and faster batch processing.

"IT managers have long since accepted the fact that solid state storage technology offers one of the best returns in terms of throughput and latency over any other type of secondary storage. However, determining optimum SSD capacity and which hot files had to be relocated used to be an involved and hit-and-miss exercise. With the advent of E-Disk SafeCapacity, BiTMICRO's customers will now be able to unlock the potential of deploying E-Disk SSD through a systematic and best-practices approach to attaining a well-balanced storage architecture," says Rudy Bruce, President of BiTMICRO Networks. ...BiTMICRO Networks profile

Editor's comments:-
in a nibble last year I commented that the SSD market was challenged by a lack of software tools which could automate their successful integration without specialist skills. In May this year Imperial Technology released two software products, WhatsHot and Serv2Stor, to deal with this issue. Today's news from BiTMICRO confirms this encouraging new trend to help users get the benefits from SSDs without having to become storage Einsteins.

See also:- auto-caching SSD software

Fujitsu Streamlines North America Operations

Santa Clara, CA - July 29, 2003 - Fujitsu today announced plans to streamline its North America operations to better focus on customers needs.

As part of the streamlining process, Fujitsu PC Corporation and Fujitsu Technology Solutions Inc. are scheduled to integrate on October 1, 2003. ...Fujitsu profile

Texas Memory Systems Launches Fastest RAID Cache Ever

Houston, Texas - July 29, 2003 - Texas Memory Systems, Inc. released today the RamSan-330 external storage cache.

The RamSan-330 turbo charges storage by caching the most popular data and distributing it at maximum rates of 3 gigabytes per second bandwidth and 250,000 I/Os a second. The RamSan-330's four to eight 2Gbps Fibre Channel ports can be flexibly allocated to servers, switches or storage products. This means that a single RamSan-330 can simultaneously serve as a cache for multiple Fibre Channel RAID, JBOD or other storage devices.
"Solid state disk has an impressive history of boosting application performance. Some customers, however, need to dynamically accelerate all their data rather than a few gigabytes," said Woody Hutsell, Executive Vice President with Texas Memory Systems. "With the RamSan-330, we applied our solid state disk technology as an independent cache for Fibre Channel storage subsystems. We are offering it as a performance-enhancing solution for customers looking to balance high performance and capacity at a reasonable cost." Texas Memory Systems Launches Fastest RAID Cache Ever
The RamSan-330 is transparent to the operating system. It automatically caches frequently accessed blocks in its high-performance memory subsystem, improving read and write performance. Three cache modes are available for each cached storage device: write-through, write back, and read-ahead. The system is battery-backed and will flush cache on external power failure simultaneously to the cached external storage devices and to internal hard disk drives. The system includes hot swap power supplies, hot swap backup hard disk drives, redundant fans and redundant batteries.

The Texas Memory Systems RamSan-330 is immediately available to storage manufacturers and solution providers worldwide. Pricing starts at $46k for a system which includes 4 x 2Gbps Fibre Channel ports in addition to the full suite of TMS cache software. ...Texas Memory Systems profile, Using SSDs to Boost Legacy RAID and Database Performance

NSI Software Achieves Eighth Consecutive Quarter of Revenue Growth

Hoboken, N.J. - July 28, 2003 - Adding to seven quarters of revenue growth, NSI Software today announced its Q2 2003 revenue is up 64% compared with Q2 2002.

The company attributes its solid growth to escalating demand for its software internationally and by Fortune 500 companies, increased engagements by its professional services organization and repeat sales within its existing customer base. ...NSI Software profile

HELIOS releases free Xtar utility, the ultimate UNIX batch tool to backup/clone Mac OS X disks

Garbsen, Germany - July 28, 2003 - HELIOS Software GmbH announced the release of HELIOS Xtar for Mac OS X.

Available as a free download from the HELIOS web site, the HELIOS Xtar utility can be used to clone a Mac OS X system disk, and backup and restore disks, files and folders, all with full HFS support.

While the HFS disk format stores data and meta-data (e.g. Finder and Resource info) within one file, standard UNIX applications can only see the data part, and the Resource information is lost using standard UNIX-based tools, such as "cp", "tar", "dump", "pax", "cat", "dd", etc. This means that the copies will be incomplete and many files will not work. For example, booting will not work, previews from EPSF files are missing, applications will not detect their own files anymore, etc. The HELIOS GNU-based Xtar saves each HFS file as two files in the standard tar container format to preserve all special attributes and additional information. During a restore with "Xtar" on an HFS volume, the resource and finder information are restored into valid HFS files containing all information and the volume is bootable after being restored.

Just like HELIOS LanTest, a popular free utility for testing network throughput, HELIOS Xtar will likely become the de facto standard for "tar" on Mac OS X, and further demonstrates the leadership and expertise of HELIOS on the UNIX platform. ...HELIOS Software profile

CATC Announces Serial Attached SCSI Analyzer Supporting "Wide" Links

Santa Clara, Calif. - July 28, 2003 - CATC today unveiled a powerful new product for Storage Protocol analysis named the SASTracer.

The industry's first Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) analyzer that supports "wide" links, CATC's SASTracer system will also be software upgradeable to support SATA II protocol analysis.

Serial Attached SCSI is the next evolution of the ubiquitous SCSI storage interface and adoption is expected in mid-2004. In addition to improved performance and scalability, Serial Attached SCSI shares a common physical interface and attaches seamlessly to serial ATA devices. CATC's new SASTracer analyzer is designed to address both of these development environments with a single flexible system offering plug and play analysis between SAS and Serial ATA links operating at 1.5 or 3Gbps.

"Serial Attached SCSI enables a new breed of storage system by delivering Serial ATA compatibility at the connector level. CATC's SASTracer represents an important enabler for storage system vendors driving this transition to high performance serial technologies," said Harry Mason, director of Industry Marketing for LSI Logic and president of the SCSI Trade Association.

Compact and highly portable, the CATC SASTracer analyzer can record and analyze out-of-band signaling problems, rate matching and timing deltas between ALIGN bursts. With full support for SSP and SMP protocols, SASTracer can decode and display all SAS Link Layer primitives up through SCSI and Management Application layers. CATC is now accepting orders for the SASTracer protocol analyzer with delivery starting in September of 2003. ...CATC profile

Procom's NetFORCE Certified CA Smart

IRVINE, Calif. - July 28, 2003 - Procom Technology announced today that its NetFORCE line of NAS filers has been certified ca smart with BrightStor Enterprise Backup 10.5 from Computer Associates.

Ca smart solutions are certified to integrate seamlessly with CA's industry-leading technologies, providing customers with substantial and immediate business benefits. Engineers from Procom and CA worked closely to ensure product compatibility.

"The flexibility of CA's BrightStor suite, coupled with the modularity of NetFORCE, provides the benefit of scalable data protection," said John Hamrick, Procom's director of marketing. "We are pleased to add BrightStor Enterprise Backup to the list of ca smart certified solutions for our mutual customers." ...Computer Associates profile , ...Procom Technology profile

STORServer and Spectra Logic Sign OEM Agreement

COLORADO SPRINGS - July 28, 2003 - STORServer has formed an OEM agreement with Spectra Logic to incorporate the company's full line of high-density tape libraries into STORServer's S Series Backup Appliances.

STORServer changes its status to OEM partner after serving two years as a value added reseller of Spectra Logic products. The S Series Backup Appliances are compact and start at $20,900, and are ideal for small to mid-size businesses. S Series models are highly scalable, making this series a great solution for larger companies as well because models in this series can handle over 30TB of customer data.

"(The OEM agreement with Spectra Logic). ..allows us to continue to provide our customers the best in data protection to simplify their storage needs," says STORServer President John Pearring.

"STORServer's "all-in-one -appliance" business model makes this an ideal relationship for Spectra Logic," says Spectra Logic's vice president of business development, Nick Harper. "STORServer's dedication to simplified storage management and integration regardless of amount of data fits in with our business plan since our philosophies are similar."

STORServer was impressed that Spectra Logic's enterprise libraries also simplify storage for customers, offering a hot swappable interface through proprietary Quad Interface Processor boards. QIPs allow customers to easily switch out SCSI, fibre channel and gigabit Ethernet interfaces to adopt new technology without replacing the library itself. ...Spectra Logic profile, ...STORServer profile publishes - Solid State Disks Buyers Guide

Editor:- July 28, 2003 - today published its Solid State Disks Buyers Guide which surveys products and prices in the range from $50 upto $2 million.

Solid State Disks were the #1 most popular subject accessed by STORAGEsearch readers in Q2 2003. But it's only recently that prices have dropped to the level where they can fit into the budget for most users. Most of the suppliers already in the market are specialist SSD companies, and therefore unknown to users who have never bought these products or systems before. So who do you choose? And how do you save time researching possible suppliers?

One way - is price... I contacted every manufacturer of SSDs in June to get contributions for this article - which is based on inputs received by our publication date. It's organised into 3 main price bands, with lowest cost at the top. Just scroll down the article until you see a budget, technology or application which best matches your situation. the article

ASACA and SGL Software Team to Provide High Density Digital Data Storage for Avid Users

SAN DIEGO, CA - July 28, 2003 - ASACA Corporation and Software Generation Limited (SGL), teamed together today to announce combined support for Avid users that will enable video editors and media asset managers to easily create, share and archive gigabyte-sized digital files.

Integrating ASACA's award-winning FireFly DM Series of digital virtual libraries, SGL's FlashNet Archive Manager software and the Avid Unity TransferManager ensures video editors and media asset managers have virtually on-demand random access to very large, high-resolution video files at a total solution cost close to that of many tape-based solutions.

Ideally suited to requirements of the video editing industry, SGL's FlashNet archive management software seamlessly manages the flow between the video server and the library, providing direct to archive, drag-and-drop file export allowing files to be quickly and easily searched and retrieved at the discretion of the video professional. Integrating as many as 192 SATA disk drives and delivering up to 48 TB of data per library at an unprecedented 400MB/s, FireFly redefines the near-line storage expectations required by today's video professionals. FireFly users can cluster as many as 10 cabinets together for up to 480TB of data storage. The FireFly DM starts at $100,000.

"Paired with SGL's FlashNet and Avid's video editing solutions, the ASACA FireFly is fully equipped to address every aspect of the professional video production process," said Steve Atkinson, Vice President of Sales for SGL. "In fact, the level of reliability, simplicity, and flexibility offered by these combined solutions easily translates into a new definition of quality and overall efficiency for Avid users." ...ASACAP, ...SGL

Softek and GlassHouse Technologies Collaborate to Deliver Enterprise Storage Solutions

London, UK - July 28, 2003 - Softek today announced it has signed a strategic services agreement with GlassHouse Technologies.

The agreement will enable Softek and its partners to deliver powerful solutions that combine a fundamental understanding of enterprise storage challenges with Softek's award-winning storage management product line. Softek will leverage the GlassHouse Storage Management Lifecycle (SMLSM) model to help customers and partners identify the people, processes and tools required to simplify and optimise multi-vendor storage infrastructures. Based on the growth of stored data within the enterprise, companies have built up massive quantities of storage, along with multiple storage architectures that are difficult to manage and expensive to operate.

"Managing storage continues to be a nightmare for most enterprise customers and in the current economy IT managers can no longer afford to simply add more capacity to their data centres," said Steve Murphy, President and CEO of Fujitsu Softek. "To help our customers and partners, we are adopting the Storage Lifecycle Management approach into the DNA of our entire organisation to help our customers improve the effectiveness and return on investment of their storage infrastructures."

The GlassHouse Storage Management Framework is a framework and supporting methodologies that define the activities, policies and procedures necessary to establish and support a comprehensive storage environment. The SML encompasses the various phases IT managers must navigate as they design, implement, operate and support enterprise storage. IT departments that have adopted the SML into their enterprise environments have successfully achieved greater efficiencies and return-on-investment in the areas of demand planning, provisioning, operations and maintenance and customer care.

Softek's implementation of the GlassHouse SML is based on a holistic approach to understanding storage management issues from demand planning, provisioning, operations and maintenance to retirement. Assessments from the company's direct sales force and network of channel partners will identify key activities, processes and procedures that can be automated using Softek's comprehensive suite of storage management software.

"We created the SML as a filter for IT organisations to help them validate that technology solutions map to their requirements," said Mark Shirman, president and CEO of GlassHouse Technologies, Inc. "We're pleased to be working with Softek, who have chosen the SML as a strategic frame of reference through which to present their products to their customers. We believe widespread adoption of the SML will simplify storage management and product selection for all parties," Shirman continued. "Softek's adoption of the SML sets them apart as a forward-looking provider of storage technologies committed to delivering value to their customers." ...Fujitsu Softek profile, ...GlassHouse Technologies profile

GST and InoStor Team up on Tandberg Data's iSeries SLR Solutions

Lake Forest, California - July 24, 2003 - GST, Inc. has entered into a technology alliance with InoStor to implement Tandberg SLR tape technology with GST's advanced tape solutions on the IBM iSeries.

GST engineers integrated Tandberg SLR drives with the company's dual-drive subsystems and the Tandberg SLR100 Autoloader. This enabled GST to provide mirrored backup and fault-tolerant backup using the dual-drive solution, and week-long backup with the autoloader. GST's Mirrored Backup function on the Dual SLR Tape Subsystem is part of the company's Commander tape controller that provides Server-Transparent Media Duplication delivering identical sets of backup tapes with software overhead or performance degradation. Duplicate backup sets permit safeguarding one set off-site for strengthened DR while retaining a second set on-site to speed restores.

GST's Commander controller is uniquely designed to interface directly with the IBM iSeries, interfacing with the OS/400 operating system. The longstanding experience of GST engineers working with the iSeries platform resulted in seamless connectivity of GST's SLR dual-drive and autoloader solutions for the iSeries. GST products connect natively with LVD and HVD SCSI connections, and with Fibre Channel through GST bridges and routers.

David Breisacher, CEO and Chairman for GST, Inc, reported, "We selected Tandberg SLR drives because the SLR technology has already has a long and successful track record as the internal drive on the iSeries. We wanted to augment the upgrade path for SLR on the iSeries. Our advanced functions for Mirrored Backup and Fault-Tolerant operation fit nicely with a dual-drive and an autoloader tape solution using SLR." ...GST profile, ...InoStor profile

Western Digital Announces Intention to Acquire Substantially All Assets of Read-Rite Corp

LAKE FOREST, Calif. - July 24, 2003 - Western Digital Corp. today announced that the bankruptcy court presiding over the assets of Read-Rite Corp. approved the sale to Western Digital of substantially all of the assets of Read-Rite Corp., including its wafer fabrication operation in Fremont, Calif. and an option to purchase its operations in Thailand.

The assets are being acquired for cash consideration of approximately $95.4 million. The Thailand operations have un-negotiated debt obligations of approximately $62 million. Western Digital said it intends to fund the acquisition through working capital. The transaction is expected to close within 10 days, subject to the terms of the sale order issued by the bankruptcy court.

Western Digital indicated that the planned acquisition is aimed at improving its access to recording head technologies over the long term and increasing its operational flexibility. In the near term, the company has secured adequate supply of recording heads for the foreseeable future, including 80 GB technology, from merchant market suppliers. ...Western Digital profile

Emulex Expands Worldwide Manufacturing

COSTA MESA, Calif. - July 24, 2003 - Emulex Corporation announced today that it has selected Benchmark Electronics, Inc. to provide electronics manufacturing services for production of Emulex's industry-leading HBAs.

Emulex will also continue its strategic manufacturing relationship with Manufacturers' Services Limited ...Emulex profile

BakBone Announces First NetVault Online Discussion Forum

POOLE, UK - July 24, 2003 - BakBone announced today the availability of the first BakBone online discussion forum and mailing list.

Chaired by Dutch application service provider and user of NetVault, Vertis, the discussion forum is independently run and is open to all worldwide users of BakBone NetVault software to exchange views, opinions and news about their usage of the software.

EMEA Managing Director Andrew Unsworth, commented on the announcement of the user discussion forum by saying: "I am delighted that our customers as well as companies testing NetVault now have an independent, open forum where they are free to exchange views with other users from all over the world. From experience, users of our NetVault software like to hear from other users directly. This online forum is the perfect place for them to do so." ...BakBone Software profile

FalconStor Software and Network Engines Collaborate to Offer a Virtual Tape Library (VTL) Appliance

MELVILLE, N.Y., and CANTON, MA.- July 23, 2003 - FalconStor Software, Inc. and Network Engines, Inc. today announced a collaboration to deliver a Virtual Tape Library Appliance powered by IPStor.

Leveraging industry standard disk and Fibre Channel or IP SAN, the VTL Appliance is designed to accelerate the backup and restoration of data with minimal operating cost and quickest return on investment.

The Virtual Tape Library Appliance increases the speed and reliability of existing third party backup applications by using disks to emulate industry standard tape libraries. The VTL Appliance transfers data to and restores it from a disk-based virtual tape at ultra high speeds, and maximizes reliability by removing robotic mechanical failures and physical tape media errors. Remote vaulting and offsite tape storage can be performed using the VTL Appliance to provision virtual tape media and libraries over an IP network. Data movement between the VTL Appliance's disk-based virtual tapes to physical tape media is accomplished as a secondary task, and can be done at any time of the day without impact to the application performance. The VTL Appliance can also be configured in pairs, ensuring end-to-end path/appliance/storage high availability for non-stop backup and restore operations. MSRP starts at U.S. $15,900. ...FalconStor Software profile, ...Network Engines

See also:- Disk to disk backup

Constant Data to announce new product at LinuxWorld

Hopkins, Minnesota - July 22, 2003 - Constant Data, Inc. will be demonstrating a new product at Linux World San Francisco next month.

Constant Data delivers continuous real-time bidirectional data replication and high availability software solutions for Linux and Unix. The software enables business continuance and content distribution. The unique real-time data replication technology of the Constant Replicator product line provides continuous backups of critical data to allow businesses that operate in a Linux, Solaris, or AIX environment to keep up-to-date hot standby servers off-site and online. Constant Replicator increases the availability of an organization's data. ...Constant Data profile, ...Linux World

Crossroads Connects HP's SCSI Tape Libraries to FC SANs

AUSTIN, Texas - July 22, 2003 - Crossroads Systems, Inc. today announced delivery of its next generation Fibre Channel connectivity options for HP's enterprise and mid-range tape libraries.

The Crossroads embedded storage routers feature increased performance throughput, added support for SCSI Ultra160, and twice the port density for enterprise-class solutions.

"With this latest generation of connectivity for our ESL and MSL tape library families, our customers benefit from improved scalability and utilization of the newest tape drive technologies, including second generation LTO tape drives," said Bob Wilson, vice president and general manager, Nearline Storage Division, HP Network Storage Solutions.

For external connectivity of tape libraries, Crossroads also supplies both the HP StorageWorks Network Storage Router M2402 for enterprise Fibre Channel solutions and the N1200 for mid range solutions.

Crossroads market-leading storage routers connect SCSI devices into Fibre Channel architectures, including SANs, enabling customers to consolidate existing and new infrastructure investments for an improved return on assets. Crossroads storage routers enable tape libraries with LAN-free backup/restore capabilities, adding valuable support for disaster recovery and business continuity solutions. ...Crossroads Systems profile, ...HP profile

StorageTek Announces Second Quarter Revenue And Earnings Growth

LOUISVILLE, Colo. - July 22, 2003 - StorageTek today announced second quarter 2003 revenue of $527.3 million and net income of $30.1 million.

These amounts compare to revenue of $491.9 million and net income of $19.1 million for the second quarter of 2002. Revenue for the first six months of 2003 was $1.0 billion compared to $947.8 million for the first six months of 2002. Net income for the first six months of 2003 was $46.6 million compared to $25.1 million for the first six months of 2002.

"We had a strong quarter in all sectors of our business," said Patrick J. Martin, StorageTek chairman, president and chief executive officer. "We executed well in Storage Services and in Online Solutions, and we gained market share in our Automated Tape Solutions." ...StorageTek profile

LSI Logic Ultra320 SCSI market share tops 80% worldwide

MILPITAS, Calif. - July 22, 2003 - LSI Logic Corporation announced today that its Ultra320 SCSI server market share has topped 80%, based on server market sockets available for design wins.

LSI Logic annually supplies over $1 billion of storage products, from controllers to RAID and from storage host bus adapters and bus expanders to storage subsystems. LSI Logic is uniquely positioned to provide category-defining products worldwide, from silicon to systems.

"We're working with LSI Logic to further Ultra320 SCSI technology storage solutions as one way we can better enable customer migration to new technologies. Their Fusion-MPT architecture offers a compelling value to customers including broad driver support," said Jeff Richardson, general manager of Intel's Enterprise Platforms and Services Division.

"Being recognized by key server OEMs as a server building block component provider clearly helps secure our place as the industry's principal storage technology provider," said John D'Errico, LSI Logic executive vice-president of Storage and Communications Components. "This position better enables us to meet customer expectations and respond to new business opportunities, particularly as next-generation Serial Attached SCSI technology evolves." ...LSI Logic profile

CMS Appoints Transtec as European Distributor for ABSplus Backup Systems

COSTA MESA, Calif. - July 22, 2003 - CMS Peripherals Inc. today announced it is expanding its marketing presence in Europe with a distributor partnership with Transtec AG.

Headquartered in Germany, Transtec will market and sell the CMS line of ABSplus automatic backup systems to its end customers and other European IT resellers. With Transtec locations in Germany, Austria, Belgium, France, the Netherlands, Switzerland and the United Kingdom, CMS will achieve wide visibility for its advanced backup and storage solutions.

"This partnership allows us to pursue our goal of increasing CMS' presence in the European marketplace, while allowing Transtec to expand its portfolio of innovative solutions," said Ken Burke, president of CMS Peripherals. "The CMS ABSplus systems will also benefit Transtec customers by providing them with a return on their IT investments as a result of the ABSplus' ability to protect and restore data without assistance from the IT department."

The ABSplus is available for both notebooks and desktops and supports backup, archival and restoration of data with one of the market's lowest total cost of ownership. The portable ABSplus is available with a choice of PCMCIA, USB 2.0 or FireWire interfaces and comes standard with a 3-year warranty in capacities ranging between 20GB and 80GB. The desktop ABSplus is available in capacities ranging between 40GB and 250GB with either FireWire or USB 2.0 interfaces and includes a 3-year warranty. ...CMS Peripherals profile, ...Transtec profile

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