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Storage news - 2007, November week 3

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UK Tax Agency Puts Millions of Identities at Risk

Editor:- November 21, 2007 - yesterday it was revealed that the UK government's tax collection agency had lost personal records (including bank details and social security numbers) for 25 million citizens.

The data had been sent unencrypted on 2 disks via the mail. It was not the first time this had been done.

There is more than enough personal information in the lost files to enable criminals to successfully access bank accounts, or use the data to set up new credit card accounts based on stolen identities.

The Prime Minister and Chancellor of the Exchequer have issued apologies regretting the concern that this will cause millions of families.

But instead of pious apologies it would be nice to hear a tone of anger about the incompetence of IT management which has enabled multiple breaches of security on this scale.

How about sacking a swathe of people in the systematically failing departments? That would show that the problem is being taken seriously. Storage Security

TrayFree Converts Bare Hard Drives into Removables

WICHITA, KS - November 19, 2007 - WiebeTech has released its newest RTX Single SATA drive enclosure with TrayFree Technology.

The RTX100-SJ features an eSATA and USB2 connection for wide compatibility. The unit is available for $99.95 retail. TrayFree Technology takes us back to the ease of floppy disks. Pop in a floppy and immediately all of the antique 1.4 Megabytes were readable on your computer. The RTX uses WiebeTech's new TrayFree technology the same way. Insert a bare SATA hard drive into a bay and close the door. No trays are required! The specially designed SATA drive interface is built to withstand thousands of drive insertions, and the sturdy aluminum case provides excellent heat dissipation and rutted durability. A built-in lock keeps drives secure, and the fanless design means silent operation. ...WiebeTech profile, Storage Boxes

Nirvanix Expands Exec Team

SAN DIEGO - November 19, 2007 - Nirvanix today announced the hiring of industry veterans Major Horton as CFO, Jonathan Buckley as Chief Marketing Officer and Michael Landesman as VP of IT and Data Center Operations.

"Our ability to attract top talent to the Nirvanix management team is a clear indication that we have already achieved an emerging leadership position in the industry and that there is tremendous business potential in delivering our innovative Storage Delivery Network to businesses and developers around the world," said Nirvanix CEO Patrick Harr.

Horton previously served as the Senior Vice President and CFO of Rackspace Managed Hosting. Prior to Rackspace, Horton held a variety of Vice President posts at Dell Financial Services.

Buckley comes to Nirvanix from PowerFile where he served as the company's VP of Marketing. Before he was VP of Marketing for the software, internetworking and blade switch businesses lines at McDATA.

Landesman brings more than 20 years of infrastructure and data center management expertise to Nirvanix. For the past decade, he has held senior leadership roles overseeing data center operations for Exodus Communications (acquired by) Cable & Wireless (acquired by) Savvis and Rackspace Managed Hosting. ...Nirvanix profile, online backup and storage, Storage People

New Maxtor Disks Were Infected by Virus

Editor:- November 15, 2007 - Seagate's Technical Support page confirms that a virus was installed on new Maxtor branded disks produced by a subcomtractor.

Apparently some infected units were sold to the public before the problem was detected. I was sceptical about this when I saw earlier reports but it shows that you can never be too paranoid about protecting your data. Big markets tend to be lost by oems shooting themselves in the foot rather than being grabbed by nimble competitors. ...Seagate profile, Hard disk drives, Storage Security
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UK Tax Agency Puts Millions of Identities at Risk

TrayFree Converts Bare Hard Drives into Removables

Nirvanix Expands Exec Team

New Maxtor Disks Were Infected by Virus
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Megabyte didn't always understand the signposts
he saw on the trail to the new storage frontier.

read the article about SSD integrity written by SandForce
Data Integrity Challenges in flash SSD Design
Editor:- November 2009 - published a new article called - Data Integrity Challenges in flash SSD Design - written by Kent Smith Senior Director, Product Marketing, SandForce.

Since bursting onto the SSD scene in April 2009, SandForce has achieved remarkably high reader popularity. How did a company whose business is designing SSD controllers achieve this? - especially when the direct market for its products today numbers less than 1,000 oems.

The answer is - that if you want to know what the future of 2.5" enterprise SATA SSDs might look like -you have to look at the leading technology cores that will affect this market. Even if you're not planning to use SandForce based products yourself - you can't afford to ignore them - because they are setting the agenda.

Reliability is the next new thing for SSD designers and users to start worrying about.
read the article about SSD integrity A common theme you will hear from all fast SSD companies is that the faster you make an SSD go - the more effort you have to put into understanding and engineering data integrity to eliminate the risk of "silent errors." the article

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