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Pretec Electronics

Pretec™ ( offers a complete spectrum of small form factor memory cards and card readers, USB flash drives, communication peripherals, and industrial storages. As the 2nd company in the world offering CF card since 1995 and the company to create CF I/O and SD I/O cards since 1998, Pretec has consistently revealed the highest capacity and fastest flash cards in the world. Not only pioneering speed and capacity for memory cards, Pretec has also presented the world's smallest USB flash drive and the most reliable industrial solution on Earth. The company has more than 200 patents granted or filed.

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Pretec mentions from SSD market history

In March 2009 - Pretec Electronics started sampling a 128GB ExpressCard SSD for the notebook market with 38/30MB/s R/W speeds and hardware encryption.

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"Many of the important and sometimes mysterious behavioral aspects of SSDs which predetermine their application limitations and usable market roles can only be understood when you look at how well the designer has dealt with managing the symmetries and asymmetries which are implicit in the underlying technologies within the SSD."
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