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Whiptail's Accela and Invicta - circa 2012

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Editor:- September 10, 2013 - Cisco today announced its intent to acquire privately owned WhipTail for approximately $415 million. SSD ad - click for more info
Editor:- June 7, 2013 - Whiptail recently announced imminent availability of its Infiniband based INFINITY high end controller architecture. A 30 node INFINITY cluster - consisting 6 x 72TB INVICTAs - can provide a 360TB, 4 million IOPS, 40GB/s system. The company also announced details of a new entry level ($20K floor price) fast-enough 1U iSCSI SSD - which is aimed at the branch office environment. The WT-1100 offers 100K IOPS with upto 4TB capacity and will be available via resellers and systems integrators.

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Editor's introduction:- Whiptail is a Top 10 SSD Company. Whiptail's Accela and Invicta (launched in May 2012) are fast rackmount MLC SSDs which can deliver significant performance speedup and latency improvements to most enterprise users - who are running typical VM and database apps on legacy hard drive network storage arrays (FC, 10GbE, iSCSI, IB) - by simply replacing their old storage systems with a new silicon storage array.
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Whiptail Whiptail's entry level system - the 2U Accela - has 1.5TB to 12TB capacity and 250K / 200K R/W IOPS with 4KB blocks. Two Accela units can be configured with asynchronous replication.

The high end Invicta (which uses the same internal technology and can interoperate with Accela units) scales upto 72TB of usable SSD storage (88TB raw) in a 6 node 14U rack configuration capable of delivering enough performance (650K IOPS, 7GB/s bandwidth, 200 microseconds latency) to support over 10,000 virtual desktops - which according to one Whiptail customer - gave them better user performance on virtual desktops than real ones.

One of the key features of Whiptail's SSD systems is the ease of integrating them into traditional storage setups and managing resources. High availability features include LUN mirroring, LUN striping, async replication, internal RAID, hot spares and multiple data paths for the critical blades in the system.

However much you can read and satisfy your questions and value comparisons in abstract conceptual form on the web, and at trades shows and by talking to other people you trust (a time consuming and complex decision making process which can't be safely rushed) at the end of all that shortlisting and scoring and filtering there's no substitute for trying out an enterprise SSD system to see how well it works in your own environment and how easy it is to manage.

When you think you're ready you'll be reassured to know that Whiptail can supply free evaluation systems for upto 15 days to users (subject to discretion and availability) to help you all the more sooner to experience the benefits of what they call - "data at the speed of life".

Introducing Whiptail's Accela and Invicta silicon storage arrays (video)

Editor:- November 29, 2012 - Whiptail today announced a new up-scale option for its Invicta (rackmount SSDs) which will be available in the next quarter. The so-called INFINITY option elevates the ceiling from 6 to 30 nodes and up to 360TB flash.

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