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Editor:- Below you can see details of the RamSan-500 -which was launched in September 2007.

This was the first flash SSD system from Texas Memory Systems - which in the following years transitioned from its long history as a RAM SSD vendor into being a predominantly flash-based enterprise SSD company.

Several years later TMS also became a leading supplier in the PCIe SSD market.
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4U 100,000 IOPs 2 terabyte flash SSD from TMS
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An In-depth Look at the RamSan-500 Cached Flash Solid State Disk (pdf)




Texas Memory Systems RamSan-500 Upto 2 terabytes of high performance flash SSD storage in a single 4U rackmount with Fibre Channel or InfiniBand connectivity.

The RamSan-500, TMS' 9th generation solid state disk, is the most important advance in solid state disk storage in the last 20 years. The system is designed for high IO data warehousing, high bandwidth data acquisition, and rich media environments. The RamSan-500 is a hybrid of DDR RAM and Flash Memory (NAND-SLC). The judicious use of DDR RAM cache and advanced Flash Memory architecture extends the usability of this hybrid device into applications with large block sequential or random writes, small block synchronous sequential writes and any read-intensive application.

The DDR RAM cache (16-64GB) provides sub-20 microsecond cache hit times and shelters the flash memory from small random data accesses. The data in DDR RAM is protected with ECC and Chipkill. The DDR RAM cache is battery-backed up with redundant batteries.

The Flash Memory (1-2TB usable capacity) is arrayed in 9 RAID-5 protected hot swappable modules. The reliability of each module is further enhanced with ECC memory layouts, wear-leveling, and bad-block retirement. The RamSan-500 uses NAND-SLC flash memory, the highest quality of flash memory available on the market. The RamSan-500 is designed from the ground-up to protect data from the problems inherent to traditional flash storage.
  • 1TB to 2TB Flash RAID.
  • 16GB to 64GB DDR Cache. 100,000 random I/Os per second sustained (reads from flash)
  • 2 GB per second sustained bandwidth (to flash)
  • Full array of hardware redundancy to ensure availability.

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