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Targa Systems

Targa Systems, L-3 Communications Canada Inc., founded in 1981, is a leading supplier of ruggedized solid-state data storage products for the military and aerospace markets.
Targa Systems Division
Targa provides COTS, as well as custom and modified- COTS storage solutions and operates a quality system compliant to NATO Industry Standard AQAP-4; US MIL-I-45208, and to ISO-9000.

Targa Systems' solid state data storage products are flying on an impressive number of military and aerospace platforms worldwide. The market for Targa's products encompasses data storage applications where extreme shock, vibration, temperature or other environmental conditions prohibit the use of conventional data storage products, such as disk drives. Targa's customers are military prime contractors, military services, aerospace and avionics agencies

Targa's storage products are available with a wide range of interfaces including:- SCSI, ATA, SATA, USB, Ethernet, Serial RS422/485 etc.
Targa removable storage module for avionics with 3 interfaces  ethernet   USB and RS-422 for SWAP  under 5W
fits in the palm of your hand
removable 128GB rugged military storage
Ethernet+USB+RS-422 SWAP < 5W power
Series 6 RSM - from Targa Systems
Targa Series 4 - 2.5 inch SCSI flash disk
2.5" removable military SSDs
for airborne apps - GbE / SATA / USB
from Targa Systems
Targa - addresses and links
Corporate Facilities

Targa Systems
L-3 Communications Canada Inc.
2081 Merivale Road Ottawa, Ontario
K2G 1G9
tel:- +1 (613) 727-9876
fax:- +1 (613) 727-1705
see also:- Targa Systems - editor mentions on
  • editor's comments:- October 2017 - Targa Systems started advertising its rugged removable flash drives here on in August 2005. Since those days - the number of interfaces they support has grown - as too has the capacity of the drives.

    Targa has added details of many customer projects on its applications page which show examples of how COTS SSDs have been used in various named plane and helicoptor systems to perform specific functions.

    A bugbear for military avionics - which goes right back to the earliest integrated circuits - is that the commercial life of electronics components and related systems is much shorter than the operating life of the military projects they go into. Being able to maintain serviceability of complex subsystems such as storage drives for example can be a real pain for military customers.

    Some of the examples in Targa's applications page show how new Targa SSD systems were designed to be form fit replacements and exact emulations for older and (now obsolete, unavailable or less rugged) optical and tape storage systems which had been integrated into the original legacy aircraft design blueprints.

    This type of business activity isn't as glamorous as designing high speed accelerator SSDs for new markets - like 2.5" PCIe SSDs - but in many respects the ability to extend the operating life of legacy high value military platforms by integrating COTS SSDs is just as worthy - and can be just as technically challenging.

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