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Web-Feet Research

Headquartered in Monterey, California, Web-Feet Research provides business consulting and market research services in the memory and storage markets, with a focus on nonvolatile memory and solid state storage technologies and small form factor hard disk drives.

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Web-Feet Research recent mentions in SSD market history

In November 2009 - Web-Feet Research published a quarterly update to its annual report ($7,500 annually) on SSD Markets and Applications, (MS300SSD3-29).

This update encompasses performance acceleration options in enterprise systems that include DRAM, PCIe attached, Flash plus DRAM, rack mount flash systems and SSDs.

This report (available as a single report or part of the quarterly series subscription) explores where in the enterprise architecture these systems and devices can be deployed and the attributes and limitations of each. SSDs in client applications are examined in detail in 7 categories: Desktop, Nettop, Traditional Notebook, Ultra Low Power Notebook, Netbook, Smartbook, and Mobile Internet Device with forecasts and SSD adoption rates for each of these platforms.

Also examined are SSD and HDD storage options for these platforms, with SSD and HDD pricing by capacity and forecasts by quarter to 4Q 2010 and by year to 2015. In addition, Web-Feet Research compiles aggregate SSD shipments and revenue by form factor and application markets covering 1Q 2009 to 3Q 2009. SSD supplier profiles are provided for vendors supplying products to the market place.

In March 2010 - Web-Feet Research published a quarterly update to its 7th annual report on SSD Markets and Applications (annual price $9,000).

This update focuses on the SSD market dynamics for the year ending 2009 covering the Client, Enterprise, and Commercial markets.

In March 2011 - Web-Feet Research said they expect the embedded flash drive market to approach $17 billion annual revenue in 2015.

In Web-Feet 's usage - "EFDs provide internal storage functions in mobile, consumer and some compute applications. They are the non-removable Flash storage positioned between Flash cards, found in many of these same applications, and SSDs. As the EFD evolves they take on many controller features found in the low end SSDs."

More details about their predictions are in their annual report (130+ pages, $6,500, outline pdf)

In April 2011 - Web-Feet Research added a quarterly SSD company SWOT market analysis service to its range of SSD reports.

In April 2012 - Web-Feet Research published the 2011 Non Volatile Memory Market Shares by Vendor report ($2,500) includes market shares by vendor for total nv memory (all types) and includes breakdowns by vendor and forecasts.
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Editor:- February 20, 2013 - Web-Feet Research expects revenue in the embedded flash drive market to reach $15 billion in 2017 - "driven heavily by mobile handsets, tablets, portable media players, digital camcorders, GPS, digital radio along with the adoption of flash cache in notebook and desktop PCs."

In this context EFDs and cards are defined as sub-systems of solid state storage ranked below SSD.

The company recently published a new report Embedded Flash Drives, eMMC and emNAND: 2010-2017 (134 pages, $5.5K) which includes forecasts for EFD applications and related markets.
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