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Aberdeen is a leading provider of fact-based research and market intelligence that delivers demonstrable results. Having benchmarked more than 30,000 companies in the past two years, Aberdeen is uniquely positioned to educate users to action: driving market awareness, creating demand, enabling sales, and delivering meaningful return-on-investment analysis. As the trusted advisor to the global technology markets, corporations turn to AberdeenTM for insights that drive decisions.

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  • editor's comments:- February 2011 - among other things - Aberdeen has published several papers on virtual storage and offsite data archiving and recovery. Because their website doesn't have a single link for data storage related content you'll have to use the IT infrastructure one I listed above or use their site search. I couldn't fing anything worthwhile on their site about SSDs. FAQs for connected IT marketers

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  • Branding Strategies in the SSD Market - Few people cared much about the solid state disk market during most of the 20 years I reported on it. In 2010 it became a multibillion dollar market. In 2019 it could be worth $100 billion / year. A lot more companies which had never even heard of this market until recently are starting to take notice.
  • Rethinking the Banner Ad - remember it's a guaranteed communication and doesn't have to be an ad. There are 2 sets of viewers who see you banner ad, and you should cater for both. The most important are the 94% to 99.5% who are going to see the banner, but not click on it (at that moment in time). What impression are they left with after seeing the banner?
  • Customers Search Differently - customers (who want to find suppliers and buy stuff) search differently to marketers (who want to promote their companies and sell stuff). That's why most search marketing misses the best targets.

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