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Computer Expertise Group ran here on in February 2004.
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Computer Expertise Group - 2004

CEG, based in Torrance Calif., is a specialist supplier of refurbished solid state disks. CEG provides custom-tailored hardware, software, and service solutions designed to fit business needs and budgets. We focus our service delivery to organizations with 500 to 50,000 employees. Computer Expertise Group has extensive working knowledge and enabling experience in the server and storage markets with mid-to-large size enterprises and institutions. CEG's commitment to customer service, breadth of solutions, and representation of innovative, compelling, and unique companies ensures well thought out solutions that respond to the need for improved IT operations at moderate to low investment.

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the Top 20 SSD companies....................
Editor:- Which companies do you absolutely have to include in your thinking if you've got any new projects involving SSDs?

And which SSD companies are most likely to succeed?

With hundreds of manufacturers already in the SSD market - and hundreds more soon to enter - you have to know where you should prioritize your valuable time and attention.

For over 4 years has published the quarterly list of the Top 10 SSD companies - which has accurately predicted the ebbs and flows of existing vendors and has been sensitive enough to recognize the industry's new rising stars from the background noise of the SSD bubble's hype.

Unlike editor or analyst pick lists - this is based on the scientific method of tracking and analyzing the search volume of the most important people who will decide the future of the SSD market - the millions of people - who like you have been reading our SSD content.

Each edition of the list includes a list of the top companies and a review an analysis of key SSD market milestones in that quarter. By comparing successive listings you can also see - who is on the way up and who is on the way down.

The listings have been recently expanded to include the top 20 SSD companies.
these are the SSD companies you have to consider on any buyers shortlist - this quarterly series predicts future market winners by tracking search volume of millions of SSD buyers This gives you better visibility of companies are hot on the heels of the leaders in top market segments. the article

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