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storage history - 2000, December week 2

GiantLoop Network Executive to Speak at SAN Conference
WALTHAM, Mass. - December 14, 2000 - GiantLoop Network, Inc. today announced that Jon Oltsik, vice president of corporate marketing, will speak at next month's SAN Solutions conference.

Oltsik will address the growing need for enterprises to implement optical technology in storage environments. GiantLoop Network recently announced Optical Storage Networking (OSN), the merging of storage and fiber-optic technologies to create high-bandwidth storage networks that remove speed and distance limitations from storage resources, applications, and services.

In his speech, titled "Fiber Optic Networks: Storage at the Speed of Light," Oltsik will explore the impact of fiber optic networks on storage business and technology. He will also discuss the relationship between storage, servers and networks, including how optical networking will open the market to various service providers. As a former Forrester analyst covering storage and networking, Oltsik is uniquely qualified to discuss the ultimate impact of optical technology on the storage industry. ...GiantLoop Network profile

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Infineon Invests $30 Million in Ramtron

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO — December 14, 2000— Ramtron International Corporation announced today that Infineon Technologies AG has agreed to make a $30 million investment in the company.

Earlier this year, Infineon also made an investment in Ramtron's DRAM product subsidiary, Enhanced Memory Systems, Inc. Infineon will provide Ramtron with $10 million in cash and $20 million in Infineon stock, in exchange for an approximate 20% stake in Ramtron. The companies also entered into a separate cross-license agreement that provides Infineon with a nonexclusive license to Ramtron's FRAM memory technology, and Ramtron with access to certain Infineon technologies relating to the fabrication of FRAM memories.

"This investment is a major endorsement of Ramtron's FRAM memory technology," said Ramtron Chairman and CEO, L. David Sikes.

FRAM memory is a next-generation, high-performance memory that retains data without power. The combined features of FRAM memory are not available in any other single semiconductor memory product. Ramtron currently markets a full line of memory products, including seven new products introduced during the last 12 months. Current applications for Ramtron's products include electronic power meters, smart cards, test instrumentation, factory automation, laser printers, security systems, and other systems that require reliable storage of data without an external power source. The technology is also ideally positioned for emerging mobile-computing and communications applications. ...Infineon Technologies profile, ...Ramtron profile

Overland Becomes #1 in Europe

14 December, 2000 - in a press release issued by Overland Data in the UK today, the company announced it has become Europe's number one supplier of midrange tape automation products.

Figures just released by IDC for the third quarter of 2000 show Overland leading the Europe, Middle East & Africa (EMEA) market in terms of units shipped with a share of around 25 percent.

"We are delighted with this endorsement by customers," said Nick Charles, VP for Overland EMEA. "Our channel partners have done an excellent job and we have always been convinced that our reputation for quality, reliability and versatility would bring market success." IDC's figures for the last quarter also reveal that when shipments were counted by manufacturer of origin, as opposed to vendor, Overland's lead was increased to a 31 per cent market share.

"Overland had an excellent third quarter," said Zarah Damji, storage analyst with IDC. "They have been steadily increasing their market share for many quarters now." Midrange libraries include DLT, DLT1, 8mm (AIT, Mammoth and VXA) and SLR drive technologies. ...Overland Data profile

Editor's note:- see also Market research & STORAGE analysts

CA and EMC Form SAN Management Alliance

ISLANDIA, NY AND HOPKINTON, Mass. - Wednesday, December 13, 2000 Computer Associates International, Inc. and EMC Corporation today announced an alliance to offer customers enhanced enterprise SAN management and security solutions.

Under the alliance, the two companies are cooperating on a number of initiatives, including joint integration of their respective storage software products. This integration will extend across CA's broad range of eBusiness solutions, enhancing the value of solutions from CA and EMC with world-class enterprise management, security and predictive analysis technologies.

CA has joined the EMC E-Infostructure Developers Program™ (EIDP), which facilitates the integration of independent software solutions with EMC Symmetrix® Enterprise Storage systems and software through a range of EMC application programming interfaces (APIs). EMC will continue its support of CA's SANITI initiative. Both companies will collaborate to develop open SAN standards and software APIs for storage and SAN management.

As part of this alliance, CA and EMC will host joint educational seminars and technology initiatives in early 2001 that will underscore the breadth and scope of these new offerings. Among the first set of integrated solutions resulting from this relationship is CA-Vantage. As a premier, storage resource management solution, CA-Vantage now supports EMC Symmetrix. This storage resource management solution provides continuous availability of information through industry-leading monitoring and automation functions.

"As the deployment of SANs becomes more prevalent in business enterprises, offering integrated tools for optimal management and security is imperative," said Don Swatik, EMC's Vice President of global alliances. "CA, which offers security solution leadership, and EMC are working together through EMC's E-Infostructure Developers Program to provide customers with the tools they need to manage their current and emerging e-Business storage requirements." ...Computer Associates profile, ...EMC profile

OTG Software Joins JNI SANpartners Program

BETHESDA, MD., December 12, 2000 – OTG Software, Inc. today announced that it has joined JNI® Corporation's SANpartners™ program.

As a JNI SANpartner, OTG will certify through interoperability testing its SAN storage software products, SANXtender and DiskXtender 2000, with JNI's family of Host Bus Adapters (HBA), including certification with JNI's 2 Gigabit-per-second technology in Q1 2001. JNI is the fastest growing Fibre Channel host adapter manufacturer and was the first to introduce 2 Gb/s technology to the market. OTG joins more than forty other leading SAN companies in the SANpartners program, including ADIC, Brocade, Chaparral, Quantum/ATL, Legato, Hitachi, McData and others. ...JNI profile, ...OTG Software profile

ADIC Expands Service Offerings

December 12, 2000-Redmond, Washington. Advanced Digital Information Corporation announced today that it has more that doubled the reach of its customer support program, and now offers complete enterprise service support-including same-day on-site service-in more than 180 countries worldwide.

This extension is part of an on-going ADIC program to expand service options for an increasingly global customer base. The expanded program links ADIC Technical Assistance Centers (ATAC), which provide 24-hour dispatch service, to teams of help-desk resources, customer engineers and logistics centers on six continents through an integrated, globally accessible database.

"Service is a central part of ADIC's mission of helping organizations store, manage, and protect their most critical asset-the**ir digital data," commented Rob Swanson, ADIC vice president of Worldwide Customer Support. "ADIC has shipped more than 70,000 automated tape libraries and last year had the world's second largest unit market share in the segment." ...ADIC profile

INRANGE Technologies Announces FICON for ESCON

MOUNT LAUREL, NJ, DECEMBER 12, 2000 - INRANGE Technologies today announced the ability for fibre channel and FICON storage networks to coexist with legacy ESCON storage through a single SAN director.

This unique storage networking capability is provided with the release of the IN-VSN Fibre Channel Port Adapter (FCPA) for CD/9000® ESCON Directors. According to International Data Corporation (IDC), up to 70% of the world's corporate data exists on legacy mainframe systems, most of which use storage networks based on the IBM ESCON storage protocol. Once the most advanced interconnect available, ESCON is migrating to IBM's new FICON interconnect, which blends ESCON control with the new technology of fibre channel storage networking. IBM has begun FICON channel shipments that are expected to be the replacement technology for these very large ESCON-based systems. This technology 'refresh' means that thousands of customers that have ESCON storage networks are faced with a total replacement of those networks, if unable to upgrade to the new technologies.

Using the IN-VSN FCPA feature, up to 128 new FICON and fibre channel ports can be added to existing or new INRANGE CD/9000 256 port capacity ESCON directors, even while ESCON storage and servers are attached. This allows for a coexistence of all three storage network types in a single director footprint, providing a more seamless migration path to these new technologies. No other vendor has announced product or plans for this type of technology.

IBM began shipping FICON channels in their S/390 in 1998, and more recently these channels are included in the new IBM zSeries of servers announced in October. With FICON channel rates of 100MB/s compared to the ESCON rate of 17MB/s, and distance limitations eased from 3km to 100km, these enterprise systems are now capable of larger, faster I/O networks to support exploding e-business infrastructures.

Availability of the IN-VSN FCPA for the CD/9000 is scheduled for January 2001. All current installed systems and newly shipped systems can take advantage of this upgrade/feature. ...INRANGE Technologies profile

AlphaStor Introduces New Storage Management Paradigm

CINCINNATI, Ohio. December 11, 2000 — SCH Technologies today announced general availability of AlphaStor™, an enterprise media management system.

AlphaStor provides open systems environments with mainframe-class media management; device and library sharing in a SAN environment; and a universal interface for managing day-to-day operations from a single web-based console. AlphaStor represents a new approach to managing removable media. Unlike most media managers that are compatible only with vendor-provided backup products, AlphaStor was designed to coordinate device requests, enable the sharing of tape devices and libraries and provide media life cycle management across various backup and other data mover applications-all from one product. Data movers are defined as applications that write to removable media, such as backup/recovery, HSM, archiving, and others.

For many years SCH Technologies has served some of the world's largest data centers, gaining valuable information about the enterprise-class functionality required by customers, yet not provided by traditional open systems storage management software products. This advanced functionality has now been incorporated into AlphaStor. Some of the customer issues addressed by AlphaStor include:
  • Underutilized storage resources, due to inability to share resources across multiple backup applications.
  • Lack of media policies, device failures, lost tapes, and unpredictable resource usage.
  • Multiple operational interfaces for different backup applications — all of which must be monitored and managed — thereby increasing personnel and training costs.
  • No consolidated reporting or visibility of media, devices or library usage.
These issues have now become critical. Organizations are learning that they must address these issues not only for cost containment, but also to fully benefit from new technologies. For example, the inability to manage media across multiple data movers or lack of full library and device sharing makes customers unable to realize the full potential promised by Storage Area Networks (SANs). In addition, SCH created AlphaStor using products like Computer Associates'® CA-1® as a guideline, ensuring AlphaStor's objective of providing comprehensive mainframe-class functionality to open systems environments. ...SCH Technologies profile

Combination of Maxtor and Quantum's HDD Unit Cleared to Proceed

Milpitas, California, December 11, 2000 - Maxtor Corporation (NASDAQ:MXTR) and Quantum Corporation (NYSE:DSS) (NYSE:HDD) today announced that the waiting period applicable to the pending combination of Maxtor and Quantum's Hard Disk Drive Group under the U.S. Hart-Scott-Rodino Antitrust Improvements Act expired on December 9, 2000.

The two companies also announced that, on December 8, 2000, the European Commission issued its approval of the combination under the European Union's Merger Control Regulation.

The two companies further reported that they have filed today with the Securities and Exchange Commission a registration statement of Maxtor covering the shares to be issued in the transaction and a joint proxy statement-prospectus for the special meetings at which the respective stockholders of both companies will be asked to approve the transaction. Maxtor's securities will be offered, and proxies will be solicited by both companies, only pursuant to the version of the registration statement that is declared effective by the SEC and the definitive version of the joint proxy statement-prospectus that has been cleared with the SEC.

As announced by the two companies on October 4, 2000, holders of Quantum HDD common stock will receive 1.52 shares of Maxtor common stock for every Quantum HDD share they own. The companies expect the transaction to be completed in the first quarter of 2001. ...Maxtor profile, ...Quantum profile

Imperial Technology's SSDs are eBay's Holiday Helpers

El Segundo, CA - December 11, 2000 - eBay has selected Imperial Technology as a strategic technology provider in ensuring high-speed transaction processing throughout and beyond the holidays.

"Imperial's products are an essential component of eBay's mission-critical infrastructure," said Marty Abbott, vice president of operations at eBay. "Imperial has demonstrated to us their commitment to quality and ability to deliver a robust product. MegaRam solid state disks deliver the performance we need in many of our response time-critical transactions."

"Imperial Technology's MegaRam Solid State Disks are high-speed, random-access storage peripherals. Often, mounting only 3% of an application on a solid state disk is enough to realize the desired performance improvement, making a sound economical sense," said Farid Neema, president of Peripheral Concepts, a leading storage consultancy based in Santa Barbara, CA. "It is no surprise that one of the largest eBusiness sites finds this technology to be a strategic IT resource."

"Solid state disks have been around for a long time but are now experiencing a renaissance," stated Robert David, Imperial's senior vice president of sales and marketing. "With the explosion of web content and delivery, and the huge increase in eBusiness transactions, solid state disks are no longer being seen as an exotic technology, but as an enabling technology that allows companies to achieve a competitive advantage, as is the case with eBay." ...Imperial Technology profile

Editor's note:- see also - Solid state disks which includes some articles about this subject.

Vicom Systems Announces Alliance with StorageNetworks

Fremont, Calif., December 11, 2000 Vicom Systems, Inc. today announced that Vicom and StorageNetworks, Inc. have entered into an engineering development alliance under which Vicom and StorageNetworks will develop storage virtualization technology for StorageNetworks' Global Data Storage Network (GDSN).

The joint engineering activities are intended to tailor Vicom products so that they specifically meet the rigorous requirements of StorageNetworks' GDSN. Technologies co-developed by the two companies will be made exclusively available to StorageNetworks for a period of time.

Vicom also announced today that StorageNetworks has made an equity investment in the company for an undisclosed amount.

Samuel Tam, CEO of Vicom Systems, said that Vicom Systems is seeking similar technology agreements with other companies engaged in Storage Area Networking. "We are eager to form joint development partnerships and OEM agreements with leaders in all areas of storage networking, such as servers, switches, storage subsystems, and file management systems," Tam said. "We believe we have the ideal technology platform for providing storage on demand efficiently and easily." ...StorageNetworks profile, ...Vicom Systems profile

Toolex and Constellation 3D enter into strategic alliance

Eindhoven, December 11, 2000 - Toolex International N.V. and Constellation 3D Inc. ("CDDD") Inc. announced today that they are in the final stage of negotiations to enter into wide scope alliance to co-develop the manufacturing processes and associated equipment for production of optical data storage media incorporating CDDD's fluorescent Multi-layer Disc (FMD) and Card technology.

Industrialisation of multi-layer disc systems and optical cards using the FMD technology requires out-development of several media production processes. Among them are thin layer technologies, embossing thin layers or sheets, pit filling technologies, thin layer and sheet handling, moulding and assembling. The agreement is envisaged to combine CDDD's expertise in the development of FMD technology with Toolex's industrial leadership in the development and industrialization of processes and equipment for manufacturing of optical storage media. CDDD and Toolex will develop the processes and equipment to be used by manufacturers of optical data storage devices in the production of FMD media, with the intention of facilitating the commencement of large-scale industrial production of FMD media within 18 months. This alliance will implement specific development plans as well as embody specific partnerships in achieving the appropriate industrial and marketing base for the FMD concept.

Toolex' new President & CEO Leon Giesen said : "This optical technology is, among other technologies, one of the contenders for going to next generation high volume data distribution and storage systems. All these technologies require new thin film and thin layer production technologies for their media. Given the status of the FMD concept, we decided to intensify our partnership with CDDD towards an alliance". ...Constellation 3D profile, ...Toolex profile

Grau Data Infinistore Available with New AIT-3 Drives

LOUISVILLE, Colo. ­ December 11, 2000 ­Grau Data Storage Inc. today announced that its Infinistore® series of network storage solutions will support Sony's new AIT-3 drives. Mike Holland, President of Grau Data, said, "The Infinistore Virtual Disk (IVD) will take full advantage of the reliability and performance of the AIT-3 format. These new drives nearly double the capacity and performance of the already impressive specs of our IVD, while maintaining an unbeatable price point."

Grau Data's IVD provides simple plug-and-play attachment to any network topology, providing seamless cross-platform file sharing for UNIX and Windows NT/2000 data using NFS and CIFS protocols. The unique design allows users to scale capacity from 2.5 TB totoday to 35 TB with AIT-3 drives. The system can be configured with Fibre Channel, ATM or Gigabit Ethernet connects for performance-intensive applications.

The entire storage capacity of the IVD appears to network clients as a single logical disk that can be partitioned for different applications. The IVD system is based on a two-tier storage hierarchy, combining up to 1 TB of RAID-5 disk storage and up to 20 TB of uncompressed capacity using tape storage to deliver a dual level of high volume data protection. The system is intended to substantially reduce total costs of managed storage plus enable larger amounts of data to be made accessible, affordably, without human intervention. The Infinistore with AIT-3 drives will be available in mid-2001. ...GRAU Data Storage profile

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